MONSTER HUNTER - Official Trailer (HD)

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Did you see that? 🤯 Watch the trailer for #MonsterHunterMovie, based on the worldwide phenomenon. In theaters December. 💥

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Behind our world, there is another: a world of dangerous and powerful monsters that rule their domain with deadly ferocity. When an unexpected sandstorm transports Captain Artemis (Milla Jovovich) and her unit (TI Harris, Meagan Good, Diego Boneta) to a new world, the soldiers are shocked to discover that this hostile and unknown environment is home to enormous and terrifying monsters immune to their firepower. In their desperate battle for survival, the unit encounters the mysterious Hunter (Tony Jaa), whose unique skills allow him to stay one step ahead of the powerful creatures. As Artemis and Hunter slowly build trust, she discovers that he is part of a team led by the Admiral (Ron Perlman). Facing a danger so great it could threaten to destroy their world, the brave warriors combine their unique abilities to band together for the ultimate showdown.

Based on the global video game series phenomenon MONSTER HUNTER.

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Iona wahooo
Iona wahooo 8 daqiqa oldin
When you lost ideas for your next movie, and became stupid. This is the result.
iGee Vibes
iGee Vibes 24 daqiqa oldin
damn , I Love this Movie.... the quality, the actors, CGI perfection.. for me this is better than great
三瓶弘輝 Soat oldin
STUDY & FACTS 2 soat oldin
This is not just movie ,this is masterpiece 😘😘😘. Can't wait to watch this.
Rose Marie Basiga
Rose Marie Basiga 2 soat oldin
Yay! Milla in an isekai movie!
Erin Starlight
Erin Starlight 3 soat oldin
i see milla,auto SUCK👎👎
Kyte Ansarty
Kyte Ansarty 3 soat oldin
Why US military? Why Isekai plot? Why not start the story with Anon MC living in Monster Hunter world since the beginning? Whatever, I'm still gonna watch it though since Monsters look bop.
Karn RTMC 5 soat oldin
It's actually that part of MGS Peace Walker lol Anyone up for grinding materials?
lucky bon
lucky bon 6 soat oldin
if your going to transport people to isekai please use a bus
SeventeenMidgets 6 soat oldin
This looks awesome. I've never played Monster Hunter, but I love Milla Jovovich since she was in 5th Element. Will see. Monster Hunter fans can go make their own crappy anime about their shit. This is my Monster Hunter.
Dustin Dixon
Dustin Dixon 7 soat oldin
people take movies and games way to seriously, this looks like fun!
Chetra Skyline
Chetra Skyline 8 soat oldin
All Cambodia people please boycott this movie the one actor look down Khmer martial art from Angkor wall
playtrix 1
playtrix 1 9 soat oldin
I think the aspect of this movie is cool but I wish it had a different like twist so there would be monsters that would come to different times and destroy different villages and they would have to save The villages and the the towns and stuff I I think that would be cooler
L.Q 10 soat oldin
Honestly this is one of those movies that I shouldn't be stopped down to the generic military plot but then again I also think that it's just one of those game series that just shouldn't be a movie because of the kind of game it is some movies work and some don't I think monster hunter is just one of those that I don't think work which is why I can understand y they went the military route however to begin with they just shouldn't have made the movie
KuroWezzer 10 soat oldin
I have a feeling this is going to be shit
Nadia Wijaya
Nadia Wijaya 11 soat oldin
Mobile legend live action 😂😂 alucard & Layla first look
Azzuki 11 soat oldin
Fans: We want a MH movie! Sony: Sure, It'll be like MH to the last detail Also Sony: ADD MORE GUNS
mrbrainchild76 11 soat oldin
The Monster Hunter is now in the U.S. military with rapper T.I. Got it. 🤮🤮
mrbrainchild76 11 soat oldin
I can't wait to never watch this
Gellister SBB64
Gellister SBB64 12 soat oldin
American Military "isekaied" into Monster Hunter... Why? Are humans who live in a fantasy world just not as relatable as humans who live on earth? What's the point? You could've literally just had the film be based in the world of Monster Hunter with human characters and you'd still get pathos and, atop that, a lot less questions from the audience. Man, the more I think about it the more I realize Hollywood can and will screw up anything with unnecessary plot elements, often for no reason.
Mario D Garcia
Mario D Garcia 12 soat oldin
Guys don't you know this is the next game in the series 😂😉
James Ward
James Ward 13 soat oldin
Imagine if the Witcher series had American soldiers in it
Shadow Dancer
Shadow Dancer 14 soat oldin
Good job Hollywood another game movie done wrong.
roger escobar
roger escobar 15 soat oldin
Another videogame saga that Mila butchers
Dj Aguens
Dj Aguens 15 soat oldin
Mouhahahaha this is a a really good comedy, not monster hunter...
Xao Thao
Xao Thao 16 soat oldin
It’s a game series for all the people who didn’t know. They did a great job making the monsters look exactly like they do in the game. I like Milla. She’s a great actress. 😊
AnimeMo 17 soat oldin
Before, I am playing this game .. what if it has a movie.. after 7 years they just did
D D 18 soat oldin could just get one of the game producers on board instead of throwing out the money for Milla Jovovic and another generic Pacific Rim/Transformers story
大混子小炮儿 18 soat oldin
For those people who haven't play Monster Hunter: No, this is not Monster hunter.
MEHUL MAKWANA 21 soat oldin
Blockbuster movie
MEHUL MAKWANA 21 soat oldin
I love to watch mila movie
Nixon Rexzile
Nixon Rexzile 21 soat oldin
Having T.I. in just ruined the movie for me
Sckullie 23 soat oldin
As a fan of the game, just wanted to leave a dislike. L8r.
TedTed Gaming
TedTed Gaming 23 soat oldin
Look how they massacred my franchise
Ivan Ricci
Ivan Ricci Kun oldin
When you gotta make a movie out of a videogame and the only thing you know about it its the presence of big monsters
Voracious T
Voracious T Kun oldin
well this just came out of nowhere
Thana_k Ice
Thana_k Ice Kun oldin
Ashbox Kun oldin
why god why
ZIP ZIK IN Kun oldin
ALICIZATION,,,, Hollywood need a more isekai
rh3medy Kun oldin
Who keeps giving these guys the keys to the car? Lol. Already mehh'd
sinnohen Kun oldin
After seeing this, part of me wishes that Paul W.S Anderson directs an Earth Defense Force film. I feel like it would be right up his alley, as that franchise's style totally vibes with his films.
Israel G
Israel G Kun oldin
que asco
Nether Cookiez
Nether Cookiez Kun oldin
Monster Hunter Fans: No please don't destroy our beloved franchise! Resident Evil Fans: First time?
foreveruseless Soat oldin
Yeah lol
Javier Gonzalez
Javier Gonzalez Kun oldin
Alice no descansa terminó con resident evil y todos los zombies....y ahora viene por monster hunter....😎😁😁
milk Kun oldin
Bruh you think they could come up with something better than "The bigger they are, the harder to kill"
Erwin Ganteng
Erwin Ganteng Kun oldin
here we go again. Ruining a perfect game by Milla Jovak. Feels like i've been here before.
Jason Roach
Jason Roach Kun oldin
The bigger they are, the harder to kill. Rajang : Am I a joke to you?
saadd Kun oldin
Will watch this in a cinema - lol
Scott Perry
Scott Perry Kun oldin
Idk. This kinda looks bad. No, that's wrong. It looks really bad.
Tamer Kun oldin
i didn't know Michael bay could direct a poaching documentary
Cheezy McPardin
Cheezy McPardin Kun oldin
Next up... Sekiro: Shadows die twice Directed by Paul W S Anderson Starring: Milla Jovovich
あやのりたま Kun oldin
Alan S.
Alan S. Kun oldin
Looks like a video game with one boss after another.
bill withers
bill withers Kun oldin
Anyone complaining that this movie "doesn't get what monster hunter is about" doesn't get what monster hunter is about. It's about hunting giant monsters with ridiculous weapons. The end. Putting ANY more thought into the series than that is just a waste of brain power. This movie seems to really capture that: A) there are giant monsters and B) that there are ridiculous weapons. So we're already 90% of the way there. And the ridiculous weapons seem to be used against the giant monsters, so that puts us like 99% of the way there. Also, it's a video game movie, so complaining about it being cringy just means you've literally never seen a video game movie in your life. Name one without cringe. I'll wait.
Loli Shadow
Loli Shadow 22 soat oldin
yes an m4 and a gatling gun really fits into the more or less primitive monster hunter world ..??
Bernard Espinoza
Bernard Espinoza Kun oldin
I'm I literally the only one that notices that these guys are not even the U.S military, these guys look more like private contractors
James Clayton
James Clayton Kun oldin
The filmmakers succeeded in creating the most generic action movie
oussama jops
oussama jops Kun oldin
You could've skipped the gate and stupid us army plot and started directly the plot in the monster world, u know something like world of warcraft movie or anything else.
coloneldd Kun oldin
those americans know how to make B-Movies...
Loli Shadow
Loli Shadow Kun oldin
why do people think "if we add guns into it, even if it doesnt fit at all it'll make the movie 100% better" Monster is just, youre a hunter and theres something threatening the village so you gotta work yourself up and go kill it guns literally dont make sense at all in monster hunter the closest you get to a gun are the bowguns
neonxrunner Kun oldin
6 things to learn and a solution: 1. How to destroy a franchise 2. How to make your fans upset 3. How to make your non fans upset (me) 4. How to make a bad movie 5. How to destroy your sexy waifu acting career 6. Thank me later. Solution: Dont watch this shit, learn and waste your precious money on something else useful and better.
no Kun oldin
thats pretty cringe ngl
Grosse Coq
Grosse Coq Kun oldin
Why it is so poor?
ㅤㅤ Kun oldin
Milla: What are we going to do this time, Paul? Paul: The same thing we do every time, honey: create a boring and soulless movie adaptation of a beloved videogame series.
mathias rømer
mathias rømer Kun oldin
This looks so fucking awesome
RazorO2Productions Kun oldin
*Tencent Pictures* So, avoid this one?
FREDDICE Kun oldin
hey remember when monster hunter is about fighting monster to craft stronger weapons? well apparently not with this film since they're using military weapons
Welcome Pasaribu
Welcome Pasaribu Kun oldin
just one word.. PATHETIC. totally ruined it.
Royce loves his shotgun
Royce loves his shotgun Kun oldin
Milla look back over the shoulder Jovovich
Niko Savila
Niko Savila Kun oldin
Dan H
Dan H Kun oldin
Any movie with TI as a main cast member just screams cringe
Lua Cabs
Lua Cabs Kun oldin
It's that a isekai?
only danaerys can control it.!!
Thecrowrip1 Kun oldin
Milla Jovovich already ruined the Resident Evil movie series whitch was suppose to be more based on the games, and now she still ruin a other video game movie adaptation. But its mostly her husbands fault (the director)
Detective Angelo
Detective Angelo Kun oldin
What is this... This is not Monster Hunter, it's a rip off of it.
Dreamwelch Kun oldin
this is good movie😏
ninjademon61 Kun oldin
I can't wait to see this it looks hilarious if that's what they were going for then it's gonna be the perfect comedy but I don't think that was the plan
GIB Kun oldin
In 2018 i became a fan with MHW in 2019 I became in love with MHW with iceborne in 2020 i became dissapointed with this movie
Kumo meme
Kumo meme Kun oldin
why they must include modern shit, gun, airplane and stuff. cant they just make it only fantasy world? they destroyed the movie before it even screening on cinema.
MrDubzaster Kun oldin
It's gonna be so bad that it's gonna be good, and I'm gonna pay money to see this because it pisses off social justice pussies. Can't wait. :D
“The bigger they are the harder to kill”, Kirin and Rajang left the chat..
WtF is this? You don’t have fucking RPG’s and helicopters in MHW?? LIKE REALLY WTF??
Omeslot 1994
Omeslot 1994 Kun oldin
Tony Jaa brought me here
NarrowPath Kun oldin
I have an idea for everyone complain about how much they don’t like this. “Don’t see it.”
SC0RN Kun oldin
How are there about 35k likes... I bet those where people pressing the like button before watching and that they just forgot to change It to a dislike afterwards.
Là je suis PRESSÉ!!!
Deividas Kalnikas
Deividas Kalnikas Kun oldin
Cursed movie
lens boi
lens boi Kun oldin
wtf Jovovich? Id rather have Alicia Vikander than that old hag and what's with the Modern Army stuff?? More importantly, WHERES THe PALICO!!!!!
Ryetz Kun oldin
Literally Monster Hunter PS2 Cinematics right there.
Impetusk Kun oldin
I have so many questions about this...
Oscar Dahlberg
Oscar Dahlberg Kun oldin
delete this
WurstBee Kun oldin
And I thought Uwe Boll was the worst that ever happened to movies based on videogames...
William Zhang
William Zhang 2 kun oldin
Me:"Can we just copy/paste the story from the source material into the movie? " Director:"No! It may not have worked the 91953th time, but I know this time it will be successful!"
DethTroll 2 kun oldin
Someone did not read hunter's notes before going out with this fire dual blades huh.
Prabhdeep Singh
Prabhdeep Singh 2 kun oldin
Sony : We made a Monster Hunter movie. Milla : Oh!... So you mean it was not the next Resident Evil movie?
ramza awaji
ramza awaji 2 kun oldin
Only Diablos and Rathalos? Hold my Kirin Longsword.. Leave it to my Gunlance..
Gede Julio
Gede Julio 2 kun oldin
literaly this couple will destroy every game adaptation into movies like this, i mean wth is tony jaa brought? is that Great Sword or a Woodcutter axe? lol
Sahrul Romadon
Sahrul Romadon 2 kun oldin
Auto nonton
Kishimoto confirmed Yamcha would one shot Kaguya
Kishimoto confirmed Yamcha would one shot Kaguya 2 kun oldin
Pretty lame
Randy Hariadi
Randy Hariadi 2 kun oldin
No tigrex =f**k this movie
Yuli Srirahayu
Yuli Srirahayu 2 kun oldin
apa judul pilm ini yang sesungguh nya.
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