Minecraft, but if I laugh I die

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Episode 00 of my Minecraft Let's Play where I beat the game
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Minecraft, but if I laugh I have to restart but I stopped doing that halfway through lol

Aiden 12 soat oldin
Sparky 14 soat oldin
His Minecraft gf is 14
gurnops lol
gurnops lol 20 soat oldin
minecraft but if i laugh or don't laugh i will become a groomer
Nash Risovic-Manning
Nash Risovic-Manning Kun oldin
T_0K0 2 kun oldin
The Sauce Giver
The Sauce Giver 2 kun oldin
Man he looked so innocent back then
perp 3 kun oldin
something tells me we wont be seeing the new minecraft lets play for awhile
-Ugly.Motherfucker- 3 kun oldin
Spain but the s is silent.
Anvesha Samaddar
Anvesha Samaddar 3 kun oldin
This is the ultimate try not to laugh challenge
Akali YT
Akali YT 4 kun oldin
10:30 in Carson's mind:"Australia be like", what he said:"why did that make me laugh?"
Jason Hong
Jason Hong 4 kun oldin
Everytime I come here and watch his videos, I feel nothing but pain.
Pika-Sans 4 kun oldin
Shiny Latias
Shiny Latias 4 kun oldin
In chimps, water will drown.
Game Freak
Game Freak 2 kun oldin
Jake Gillis
Jake Gillis 4 kun oldin
How could u bro
ShadowMist 2k01
ShadowMist 2k01 4 kun oldin
Jake Gillis
Jake Gillis 4 kun oldin
Be such a gamer
Ragah Pal
Ragah Pal 4 kun oldin
2:00 "We will always love you"
Bon miguel
Bon miguel 4 kun oldin
Tf i laughed at every clip
Bean no nose
Bean no nose 4 kun oldin
Yeah... This is funny
Wii Are Soldiers
Wii Are Soldiers 5 kun oldin
Alejandro Canto
Alejandro Canto 5 kun oldin
in beninginin beninin ninb
The Man
The Man 5 kun oldin
don’t mind me just putting flowers on the grave
Vivid Mango
Vivid Mango 5 kun oldin
Anyone know the seed for the water pool next to the lava pool?
Prof. Poggers Pumpkin
Prof. Poggers Pumpkin 4 kun oldin
Your mother
‘ CCK5018 ‘
‘ CCK5018 ‘ 5 kun oldin
Guys he LITERALLY didn’t do anything illegal. Edit: changed my mind when I heard the whole story. He’s vile
‘ CCK5018 ‘
‘ CCK5018 ‘ Kun oldin
@-Elias- check my edited comment
‘ CCK5018 ‘
‘ CCK5018 ‘ Kun oldin
@CIPA check my edited comment
-Elias- 5 kun oldin
He did
「Gold2006」 5 kun oldin
ight cck5018
Monke !
Monke ! 6 kun oldin
_Monke is fune_ *right?*
Monke !
Monke ! 5 kun oldin
@ManerKraner :(
ManerKraner 5 kun oldin
not anymore friend...
Conor McGregor Vevo
Conor McGregor Vevo 6 kun oldin
Carson rather stupiinnit
nevs 6 kun oldin
nevs 4 kun oldin
@UTDWafi lol
UTDWafi 4 kun oldin
@「Gold2006」 bro you’re 14 stfu
「Gold2006」 5 kun oldin
Oof Daffadill
Oof Daffadill 6 kun oldin
You child toucher
‘ CCK5018 ‘
‘ CCK5018 ‘ 5 kun oldin
He didn’t do it, this was PROVEN
Damian Vargas Malo
Damian Vargas Malo 5 kun oldin
Bro he didnt touch anyone lmfao
Brian Cruz
Brian Cruz 6 kun oldin
Carson noooooo
Logan Meagher
Logan Meagher 6 kun oldin
"Pyrocynical viewers also watch this channel" lmao
Toxion !
Toxion ! 5 kun oldin
@CallMeCarson ok carson lol
CallMeCarson 6 kun oldin
i show kids my mini ladd
Toxion !
Toxion ! 6 kun oldin
pryo didn't do it tho
Maxwell Smith
Maxwell Smith 6 kun oldin
spoonman is actually a Soundgarden song
SirFroze 6 kun oldin
Top 10 anime betrayals
CMAK 6 kun oldin
hed win now, because now he has no reason to laugh
NitroSmurphy 18
NitroSmurphy 18 6 kun oldin
This is sad
Under De water
Under De water 6 kun oldin
OrDer Me PiZzA
OrDer Me PiZzA 7 kun oldin
Minecraft but Every 60 seconds i groom a child -callmecarson
chris just sucks
chris just sucks 7 kun oldin
top 10 anime betrayals.
westongamerboi 7 kun oldin
Carson, what have you done.
Gavrilo Doderović
Gavrilo Doderović 7 kun oldin
Musa Gözaydin
Musa Gözaydin 7 kun oldin
Bro idk but Carson is getting emotional alot of times
Deviant Connor
Deviant Connor 7 kun oldin
Minecraft, but every second my career gets worse
tokyo.なに 7 kun oldin
MK 7 kun oldin
Snow06 8 kun oldin
5:36 sounds like what you’d say when your parents check your texts and find something
2uWee 8 kun oldin
1:58 That donation causes pain, do you still love him like I do?
Ben Steers
Ben Steers 8 kun oldin
As dead as your career is about to be
arianella 8 kun oldin
love how im recommended this now
Craden 8 kun oldin
The algorithm fucked up on this one
GLIZZY . CRIPPLE 8 kun oldin
Imagine ppl calling carson a pedophile but it was legal
hello, is it me u r looking for
hello, is it me u r looking for 6 kun oldin
Crazy Bros
Crazy Bros 7 kun oldin
Please stfu glitzy PLEASE for all of our sakes
dw 8 kun oldin
Minecraft youtuber stans won't like this one
CJ191 8 kun oldin
discord but if i get caught i go to jail
TheMidnightTrain 8 kun oldin
Please tell me why
Yam Adhesive
Yam Adhesive 8 kun oldin
he laughed...
Tigerfun86 8 kun oldin
sean lee
sean lee 8 kun oldin
I like men
MatteBlacke 8 kun oldin
Ben 8 kun oldin
changed his name to callmeoutofprison
Red Lasagna
Red Lasagna 8 kun oldin
BlueCobblestone Remixes
BlueCobblestone Remixes 8 kun oldin
Spoon The Guy
Spoon The Guy 8 kun oldin
Minecraft but if you laugh, your career ends
oj jo
oj jo 8 kun oldin
1:30 that's not the femur breaker, that's just the missing kids trapped in his basement
BlueCobblestone Remixes
BlueCobblestone Remixes 8 kun oldin
Jan kelp
Jan kelp 8 kun oldin
Gavin Witt
Gavin Witt 8 kun oldin
8:52 Carson: how do you do beds Fucking dies
OrangeDude 8 kun oldin
I don't know if I can laugh or if I can cry. Humor will never be the same.
Tea Man
Tea Man 8 kun oldin
You groom you lose challenge
Crazy Bros
Crazy Bros 7 kun oldin
Holy shit. Fucking love you mate
RyderPlays 8 kun oldin
Good jk
dutch tahiti
dutch tahiti 8 kun oldin
DarkJGaming 8 kun oldin
in de beningging
Retrix 8 kun oldin
this is such a good concept
josh 8 kun oldin
The damage has been done, it’s out of hands now
DioiD likes bread
DioiD likes bread 8 kun oldin
Memes, but every time Carson laughs, he grooms someone
AbsoluteR 9 kun oldin
Now, listen, I get this sounds bad, but I don't want anyone accusing me of "dEfEnDinG a cHiLd PrEdAtOr" or saying invalid responses like "I don't care, Carson is big bad guy, you are a big dumb idiot man, AbsoluteR" in the replies etc, this is my opinion. What Carson did is bad yes, using his power to gain explicit images from someone who is underage and behave in a sexual manner (that is what I have been told), but in the actual age part of this, it isn't too bad, there are tons of couples that are 17 and 18 or 17 and 19, thousands even, but since Carson is this big, famous idol we all looked up to, it for some reason became unacceptable, this example isn't in the same context as this problem, but if a guy received nudes from his 17 year old girlfriend on his 18th birthday, it would be the same thing as this, receiving nudes from a minor while you are of legal age, but without the abuse of power. As I stated before, there are many couples in the world that are between the ages of 17 and 19, and some of those couples will share nudes with each other, there are even couples that do it between the ages of 14 and 16, as well as taking part in sexual intercourse (Over here in the UK at least, where the legal age of consent is 16), and every time I ask someone about their thoughts on these age groups doing sexual things, they didn't care, as they saw it as being okay and normal, as a lot more people do it around the world. The age gap between Carson and the girl was 2 years at the time it happened, if I remember correctly, and according to google: "The UK reporting the difference to be on average about three years and the US, two and a half." - Age disparity in sexual relationships - wikipedia While, I guess, yes, the wikipedia article is talking about relationships, it generally could also go for the age between sexual interactions as well. What Carson did was wrong, I agree, but do we really need to be this angry at someone for doing something that, quite possibly, thousands of people are doing throughout the year in many states and countries? I will probably be posting what I wrote here to various other Carson videos so more people can see my opinion, and as I said, I don't want to be accused of defending him, this is just my view on the situation, if you want to reply to this with your own view on this, or if you want to talk about one of the things that I said and make me sound like an idiot, feel free, I'm open to reading what you have to say. I hope that you at least understand my view on this situation and understand the argument I have given. And if you agree with what I have said, then please, share this as well.
Tigerfun86 8 kun oldin
BlueCobblestone Remixes
BlueCobblestone Remixes 8 kun oldin
I see
Xavier 8 kun oldin
He recieved child pornography. The age thing isnt even a legal issue, but commiting a felony is
Rock Goblin
Rock Goblin 8 kun oldin
This is just a copy and paste, I’ve seen it 4 times
AbsoluteR 8 kun oldin
@Billy Thank you, Billy
Carrington Horton
Carrington Horton 9 kun oldin
Bro I used to watch Carson whenever I needed a laugh. So fucking funny also... now it's just eeeeeeeeeeeeeee nahh. What a shame.
Fat Dragonite
Fat Dragonite 8 kun oldin
i dont care
Inky Splats
Inky Splats 9 kun oldin
Lol he done goofed
Kevin Forchay
Kevin Forchay 9 kun oldin
Miss u man
Fat Dragonite
Fat Dragonite 8 kun oldin
@Relax, It's Only me ok
Relax, It's Only me
Relax, It's Only me 8 kun oldin
I dont
slurp slurp
slurp slurp 9 kun oldin
Sausage Queen
Sausage Queen 9 kun oldin
9:13 new meaning
Valium Bliss
Valium Bliss 8 kun oldin
That was weak
Bigger Cheese
Bigger Cheese 9 kun oldin
Minecraft but if you groom a minor you die
Sturges 9 kun oldin
@uncle iroh there was no grooming but yes
side account
side account 9 kun oldin
@uncle iroh yeah there was no grooming present in any of the messages. I encourage you to read them
uncle iroh
uncle iroh 9 kun oldin
@side account bruh did you see any of the allegations also it's a joke
side account
side account 9 kun oldin
Proof of grooming?
Sum Duck
Sum Duck 9 kun oldin
We love you man! You will be ok!
Holden Louie
Holden Louie 8 kun oldin
@BananaOil 420 his wording in the messages, and still partially his influence as a youtuber
gloria borger
gloria borger 8 kun oldin
lol hooe he doesnt
BananaOil 420
BananaOil 420 8 kun oldin
@Holden Louie how what did Carson do why wont you say he's innocent
Holden Louie
Holden Louie 9 kun oldin
@side account Also she isn't innocent, but neither is carson. I don't believe the grooming, but that still doesn't disregard Carson's behavior, as well as hers
Holden Louie
Holden Louie 9 kun oldin
@side account you do realize I'm trolling you, right?
Shade MC
Shade MC 9 kun oldin
Siigghhh, if only past carson knew what was about to happen...
Lawton Friedland
Lawton Friedland 9 kun oldin
We love you
Katie Martin
Katie Martin 9 kun oldin
:( this hurts i wish things didn’t end up like this
What's Ligma?
What's Ligma? 8 kun oldin
He did nothing wrong you innbecile
Gator Guy
Gator Guy 9 kun oldin
Can’t wait till these comments fill up with Carson’s grooming
The Color Red
The Color Red 9 kun oldin
iova 9 kun oldin
6:55 it was barely illegal i dont think it counts
side account
side account 9 kun oldin
Haydz 9 kun oldin
Duck you, you have me an ad
iova 9 kun oldin
how do you use beds famous last words yet in a different context
Vermin 9 kun oldin
JaySkarf 2.5
JaySkarf 2.5 9 kun oldin
Just a big yikes
ratherande 9 kun oldin
Still gonna watch but Pain
Jasper Owens
Jasper Owens 9 kun oldin
who else got recommended this in 2021 after all that went down
Dillon Popken
Dillon Popken 9 kun oldin
"Why is it so busted" -Cuts to 30 creepers exploding
Brian Robinson
Brian Robinson 9 kun oldin
i hope you get some help man
Brian Robinson
Brian Robinson 8 kun oldin
@be_rn_al same man
travis 9 kun oldin
@be_rn_al honestly, i was so attached to etika and now im attached to carson. i really hope he gets help for whats going on and takes a step back.. i REALLY dont want what happened to etika to him. hes honestly a huge comfort to me and loosing him might break my heart dude lmao
be_rn_al 9 kun oldin
I don't wanna see him take the same path etika did
Sloshy 06
Sloshy 06 9 kun oldin
Well now we know that he was 19 and she was 17. This is so retarded to get him cancelled about it because it’s literally legal in his state. SMH🤦‍♂️
side account
side account 9 kun oldin
@sleep deprived how. Show some godamn proof because looking at the messages. Not once did he use his power.
Mac and Cheese Lord
Mac and Cheese Lord 9 kun oldin
@be_rn_al That's why I don't like people saying it's manipulation issue. In the u.s. in all states nudes are considered porn and if you're under 18 then it's considered child porn. Being illegal is being illegal. I can't say that I hate him but I am dissapointed
be_rn_al 9 kun oldin
@sleep deprived she posted that he never manipulated her in anyway shape or form
MR THE MAN 9 kun oldin
@sleep deprived that is the most retarded thing I have heard
Dry den
Dry den 9 kun oldin
You’re uneducated on law, it is illegal and it’s registered as CP
justinfighter5 9 kun oldin
2:42 well that one didn’t hold up pretty well
Mr.Superficial 9 kun oldin
@justinfighter5 ok
justinfighter5 9 kun oldin
@Mr.Superficial I was trying to hard to make big haha funny meme
Mr.Superficial 9 kun oldin
@justinfighter5 in the video the timestamp you provided and said this didn't hold up pretty well doesn't make a whole lot of sense when all he said was "oooh you said the sexy word"
justinfighter5 9 kun oldin
@Mr.Superficial what
Mr.Superficial 9 kun oldin
@justinfighter5 yes but he only said Oop you said the sexy word
simp epidemiologist
simp epidemiologist 9 kun oldin
I stayed subbed cuz if he looses subs and gets to like 1m it wont help with his condition which could result in similar things happening but also i like him but that is no exception to how he abused his power and lied to Hi friends but what i want people that are reading this to know is that like big moist said 17 and 18 is not pedophilia but as ive heard more people are coming out with new rumors about him and more people and idk about that stuff
Calroy Barns
Calroy Barns 9 kun oldin
oh no no
Jako Santese
Jako Santese 9 kun oldin
This all feels so weird now
justinfighter5 9 kun oldin
Trevor Walker
Trevor Walker 9 kun oldin
1:59 ohhh... that donation didn't hold up.
justinfighter5 9 kun oldin
Big oof
George Vasilopoulos
George Vasilopoulos 9 kun oldin
VIIXVII 9 kun oldin
He sounds so lonely and sad 😔
Chopper __
Chopper __ 9 kun oldin
Where's carson now?
The Ninja bird
The Ninja bird 9 kun oldin
He’s not in prison or jail lmao
Greave 9 kun oldin
@simp epidemiologist do you understand how the criminal justice system works or do you genuinley beleive that we wouldnt have known about a court case
simp epidemiologist
simp epidemiologist 9 kun oldin
@Greave it depends on how long his sentence is if its less than 3 years jail if mor prison but he might go to prison but he has to go to court for that when ur waiting to go to court u go to jail so its undecided
Greave 9 kun oldin
@simp epidemiologist hes not in prison, if charlie reported him when he was told and he wasnt arrested?
simp epidemiologist
simp epidemiologist 9 kun oldin
@Sk8r Gamer prison is for sentences for more than 3 years i think
Automanium 9 kun oldin
Minecraft but every minute callmecarson grooms an underage fan
Oxy 9 kun oldin
Michael Rosen
Michael Rosen 9 kun oldin
Fuck I knew that the chimps will drown would get him!
Helen 9 kun oldin
Why :( why Carson
be_rn_al 9 kun oldin
He didn't do anything wrong
Samburger 10 kun oldin
Man im gonna miss his vids 😔
Alessandro mele
Alessandro mele 10 kun oldin
Don't cry, don't fucking cry
Caleb Allen
Caleb Allen 10 kun oldin
What a shame
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