Michigan Basketball Highlight and Recap Beating Ohio State | CBS Sports HQ

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Our College Basketball experts Chip Patterson and Matt Norlander recap Michigan's impressive win on the road at Ohio State.
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Will Mallory
Will Mallory 8 kun oldin
John Ray Bey
John Ray Bey 13 kun oldin
In the college game every winning team has an ex factor. Michigan has multiple Ex factors... C.Brown, Austin Davis, and a point guard that makes shots and free throws. Strong and unpredictable influences. No disrespect to X Simpson...
Dan's Poker VLOG - Free Poker Training and Advice
Dan's Poker VLOG - Free Poker Training and Advice 14 kun oldin
Can tell these were all osu fans. First time in 5 years since they beat OSU in columbus...yeah IN COLUMBUS. We beat them a lot in the last 5 years. They talk like it's football. And osu can be a number 1 seed? PLEASE. Notice they never brought up the questionable ref calls. Michigan beat OSU AND their refs which is hard to do. Who has the best record by the way in the ncaa tournament over the last 5 years by the way? It'll be fun when we beat them again in the tournament. GO BLUE!
dezz nutz
dezz nutz 14 kun oldin
Next up # 11 Iowa on Thursday. 5 game Tough slate in 1.5 weeks with #5 Illinois and 2 MSU + Indiana, games still left to play.
Ken Wesaw
Ken Wesaw 14 kun oldin
With competant officiating that would have been a 15 or 20 pt win for michigan
William Kinnunen
William Kinnunen 14 kun oldin
Washington had 30 (career high). Liddell had 23 (7 above his average). Walker had 15 (6 above his average). And they lost by 5. The Buckeyes were playing over their head. If they played 10 times, Michigan would beat them 10 times. Hope Michigan gets to play them in the B1G tournament and the NCAA tournament. Auto-Advance
Janet Partyka
Janet Partyka 15 kun oldin
I expected nothing less from the OSU referees. Obviously, Howard had a game plan for them, too. Go Blue! Coach of the Year.
William Kinnunen
William Kinnunen 14 kun oldin
It was bad. When they called Mike Smith for a block on that And-1, I screamed so loud I saw stars!
Mercy 15 kun oldin
I think what we learned today is the polls are biased towards MSU always week 1
underratedkeymusic 14 kun oldin
abdul Hameed
abdul Hameed 15 kun oldin
Go Blue 〽️
Jon Duncan
Jon Duncan 15 kun oldin
Michigan will win the National Championship this year
Scott 12 kun oldin
We hope so.
Joseph 14 kun oldin
If they're cleaning house like this now.. imagine what the #1 recruiting class in the country for next season will do in the near future..
Jon Duncan
Jon Duncan 15 kun oldin
Michigan can beat Gonzaga
Jalen Campbell
Jalen Campbell 15 kun oldin
Michigan blew Gonzaga out by 18 last year. I know it's a new year and gonzaga has gotten better since last year but Michigan is WAY better than last season also
Zeroak 15 kun oldin
OSU really lost to Big Country, Toothless Eli, Slapped Mike, and the Michigan Wolverines
William Kinnunen
William Kinnunen 14 kun oldin
You forgot to call them the one thing that every Michigan athlete is and every Ohio State athlete will never be: literate.
Nick Neff
Nick Neff 15 kun oldin
Don't forget ol' Break a Leg Livers and What set are we Running Wagner.
King Charles
King Charles 15 kun oldin
OSU still owns the series 104-78...giggles!!
Ross Hixon
Ross Hixon 13 kun oldin
And MICHIGAN still owns the football series... Giggles!!
mohawkian2000 14 kun oldin
You OSU fans are very sad. Hope the L felt nice
Joel Benjamin
Joel Benjamin 14 kun oldin
You did the Michigan football affect lol 😂
OwenGamer513 15 kun oldin
Living in the past because ur teams is shit rn
Mr. Martini
Mr. Martini 15 kun oldin
Keep doubting Juwan Howard. He feeds off his critics.
Lightskin ShayShay
Lightskin ShayShay 15 kun oldin
We So Good lol #GoBlue 💛💙〽️💪
Harrell Williams
Harrell Williams 9 kun oldin
@Lightskin ShayShay what are you talking baby?
Lightskin ShayShay
Lightskin ShayShay 9 kun oldin
@Harrell Williams How u feelin?? Lol
Lightskin ShayShay
Lightskin ShayShay 13 kun oldin
@Mahad Hassan U a hater dismissed
Mahad Hassan
Mahad Hassan 13 kun oldin
@Harrell Williams she wishes
KacieIsAHuman 14 kun oldin
Don’t listen to the dude Harrell, you’re beautiful and never forget that🙌
Desmond Anderson
Desmond Anderson 15 kun oldin
Howard Repping Fab5
TREAL CITY 15 kun oldin
Coach of the year
kipaji 15 kun oldin
One Hail of a team! Keep improving like you have all season long as a team, and I know no one will beat us! I love you guys!
SnoBunnyPidePiper313🚬 15 kun oldin
Go blue #1 nation pidd
Mike Evans
Mike Evans 15 kun oldin
Michigan still sucks😂
Yang Xiao
Yang Xiao 12 kun oldin
Gonzaga and Baylor are two trash teams. Both overrated.
William Kinnunen
William Kinnunen 14 kun oldin
If you don't understand that winning is what counts, then you don't understand the game
chrono trigger 326
chrono trigger 326 15 kun oldin
Yo mama
SOUR YT 15 kun oldin
Prob a zags or baylor or sparty or ohio shit fan,
lloyd kline
lloyd kline 15 kun oldin
Michigan basketball beat top ten rank ohio state basketball team , they still sink,???????? hope Michigan beat ohio state basketball team again ,, in the tournament big ten tournament 2021
A Clown with a Shotgun
A Clown with a Shotgun 15 kun oldin
Goooooo blue
WUDAT 15 kun oldin
The game was a good one too bad the officials missed a lot of it. Despite the bad officiating Michigan still won by 5. Doesn't bode well for the Buckeyes if they meet again somewhere down the line, I am sure we will get a better whistle.
William Kinnunen
William Kinnunen 14 kun oldin
@Chan B The Mike Smith block And-1 was the worst
TFAW-Acewarrior11189 15 kun oldin
Chan B
Chan B 15 kun oldin
that "charge" on Dickinson was hilarious. Then the missed stepback push off on Washington. Its scary how much the refs kill Michigan against OSU.
TFAW-Acewarrior11189 15 kun oldin
Shimon Hawkins
Shimon Hawkins 15 kun oldin
Two guys absolutely going off wasn't enough to beat 〽️, that doesn't bode well for Iowa or Illinois...you pretty much have to catch everyone on an off-night or simply overlooking/underestimating an opponent like Minnesota. The games against Sparty and come to mind as being potential land mines to me...
Nick Smith
Nick Smith 14 kun oldin
@313moneyteam P our best defender was out too - Brooks
Shimon Hawkins
Shimon Hawkins 15 kun oldin
@313moneyteam P agreed but 〽️had just blown them out a game or two previously and looked like they took them a little light in that rematch...
313moneyteam P
313moneyteam P 15 kun oldin
Minnesota has a good team, and an excellent coach, he made great adjustments for that second game
famfirst718Ent 15 kun oldin
David Ellis
David Ellis 15 kun oldin
Michigan is really good. They are going to have one shining moment this spring !
Mason Schroeder
Mason Schroeder 15 kun oldin
Reaction & Review with Wesley
Reaction & Review with Wesley 15 kun oldin
يمنية تعزية
يمنية تعزية 15 kun oldin
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PunchUp not LeftRight Its a ClassWar WakeUp
PunchUp not LeftRight Its a ClassWar WakeUp 15 kun oldin
No, you shouldn't call them CuckEyes.. thats just bad sportsmanship in Arabic
Reaction & Review with Wesley
Reaction & Review with Wesley 15 kun oldin
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