Megan Thee Stallion - Body [Official Video]

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Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion

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The official video for Megan Thee Stallion's “Body” from her album ‘Good News’ - Out Now!
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A Boy In The Castle production
Director - Colin Tilley
Executive Producers - Jamee Ranta & Colin Tilley
Line Producer - Whitney Jackson
1st AD - Ev Salomon
DP - Elias Talbot
Production Designer - Wes Dogan
Choreographer - JaQuel Knight
Editor - Chris Simmons with VH Post
MTS Glam
Stylist - Brookelyn Styles
Styling Assistant - Carlos Aviles
Hair - Kellon Deryck
Make Up - Priscilla Ono
Nails - Coca Michelle
Choreographer Assistant - Darina Littleton
Choreographer Assistant - Rebbi Rosie
Dancer - Dnay Baptiste
Dancer - Ashley Seldon
Dancer - Cayla Evans
Dancer - Dominique Loude
Dancer - Taylor Terry
Dancer - Corbin Hunter
Text Megan Thee Stallion:
(832) 210-1202
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Body ody
Body crazy curvy wavy big t***ies little waist x2
Look how I bodied that ate it up and gave it back
Yeah you look good but they still wanna know where Megan at
Saucy like a barbecue but you won’t get yo baby back
Seen me in that dress and he felt like he almost tasted that
Nom nom nom nom eat up 4-play okay 3 2 1
You know I’m the hottest you ain’t never gotta heat me up
I’m present when I’m absent speaking when I’m not there
All them b****es scary cats I call’em Carole Baskins
Body ody
Body crazy curvy wavy big t***ies little waist x2
Ima hot ebony they gone click it if it’s me
All my pictures been getting these n***as through the quarantine
B***h I’m very well on my s**t as you can tell
Any h*e got beef from years ago if beefing by herself
If we took a trip on a real creep tip
B***h rule number 1 is don’t repeat that s**t
Rule number 2 if they all came with you
Better know exactly what the f**k they came to do
Body ody
Body crazy curvy wavy big t***ies little waist x2
The category is body look at the way it’s sitting
That ratio so outta control that waist that a** them t***ies
If I wasn’t me I would’ve seen myself I would have bought me a drink
Took me home and did me long ate it with the panties on
I could build a house with all the brick I got
B****es spend a life time tryna get this hot
And if her head too big I can make that pop
I’m not the one to play with like a touch me not
Body ody
Body crazy curvy wavy big t***ies little waist x2
#MeganTheeStallion #Body #GoodNews #OfficialVideo
© 2020 1501 Certified Ent LLC under exclusive license to 300 Entertainment

Natasha Mac-hans
Natasha Mac-hans 2 soat oldin
I love you so much 💗 💓 💛 ♥ 💖 💜 💗 💓 💛
Juni 2 soat oldin
She's a genius 🎶🔥🗣️💯
• Kanna Kamui •
• Kanna Kamui • 2 soat oldin
18+ but in a nutshell
Hanaan Banderker
Hanaan Banderker 3 soat oldin
The problem is that this is too short
zaro ́'
zaro ́' 3 soat oldin
Now I need to get the mop
RaVe X Akimbo
RaVe X Akimbo 3 soat oldin
Again with this horrible music😐
milky ways
milky ways 3 soat oldin
Another song making me feel like a hoe😒 not complaing tho-
Albert Boy
Albert Boy 3 soat oldin
0:08 me on my way to my exam that I don't even know the name of
IFEGRIZZLY 3 soat oldin
Megan is a bloke, but it doesn't matter, this tune is haaaard!
lucy betham
lucy betham 3 soat oldin
I can’t this with moaning
charlie min
charlie min 3 soat oldin
Korean rap rookie live How about your think?
PINK BUGAN 3 soat oldin
Unpopular opinion: Tiktok doesn’t ruin music, It introduces it to us
B-ARMY-L 3 soat oldin
Oh yes
Med Abiya
Med Abiya 3 soat oldin
Me: going to sleep My mind: body-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody
Jaemin's Strawberry Flavored Yogurt
Jaemin's Strawberry Flavored Yogurt 3 soat oldin
I ds thought the beginning was an ad for the you know what website.
w i t c h
w i t c h 3 soat oldin
Ndabenhle Phiri
Ndabenhle Phiri 3 soat oldin
Bla Bla Bla
Bla Bla Bla 3 soat oldin
Imagine the instrumental version 👁️_👁️
Flac Tha Doc
Flac Tha Doc 4 soat oldin FlacThaDoc "Hardway"
Hacks with Haeley
Hacks with Haeley 4 soat oldin
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat 4 soat oldin
Reppin the Amazon ladies 👍🏾
isabeli visscher
isabeli visscher 4 soat oldin
que fofa, fez uma música pra ariana 🥺💕
Brian OConnor
Brian OConnor 4 soat oldin
Best one yet! 😊
Green up Scottie
Green up Scottie 4 soat oldin
Can we get the biggest “😐” chain 😐
Ana Stroheim-Kujo
Ana Stroheim-Kujo 4 soat oldin
Yare yare...
Sassie Edwards
Sassie Edwards 4 soat oldin
We ignoring black chyna wholeeeee COOCHIE was out? Okay period cuz she ate ‼️
XR Drumsy
XR Drumsy 4 soat oldin
Megan sure do got a Body ody ody ody
Octavio Casas Cervantes
Octavio Casas Cervantes 4 soat oldin
Jake Paul vs Nate Robinson Fight:
Octavio Casas Cervantes
Octavio Casas Cervantes 4 soat oldin
Jake Paul vs Nate Robinson
Mason Segal
Mason Segal 4 soat oldin
I need to listen to some Mozart after this...
De’Shaun Boyd
De’Shaun Boyd 4 soat oldin
This song causes an itch on the roof of my mouth that only a shotgun can scratch🤧
Мерей Аубакирова
Мерей Аубакирова 4 soat oldin
I am sorry but... Yare yare daze
Matt 4 soat oldin
I love this woman!
3ᴱᴺᶻØ 4 soat oldin
omg clickbait
Peggi Nino
Peggi Nino 5 soat oldin
The more you hear it the better and chachier it gets
Cyancat123 5 soat oldin
I hate this So why do I keep watching it
W W 5 soat oldin
This the worst song i have ever heard 😂
Lawae' Williams
Lawae' Williams 5 soat oldin
Says 19m people....GTFOH 👉🏾
Danny Universe
Danny Universe 5 soat oldin
Kinda fire ngl
Fortnite TheGoat
Fortnite TheGoat 5 soat oldin
Watch me ne me this you
Hana Bee
Hana Bee 5 soat oldin
I'm lucky that I'm wearing a headphones when I decided to listen to this song lol
BustyBeaver 5 soat oldin
my latest song got 3 views... YES!
kunal bhor
kunal bhor 5 soat oldin
She's bosss
Danja Banks
Danja Banks 5 soat oldin
This fair
Kalela 5 soat oldin
I have no clue how this video started playing for me automatically. Not the kind of music I would ever want to listen to.
The Cat strikes back
The Cat strikes back 5 soat oldin
It's even better without even watching this video
TheBoyer Life
TheBoyer Life 5 soat oldin
Megan Thee Stallion is QUEEN!!
Saraba Zara
Saraba Zara 5 soat oldin
Too late for nicki
Ultra Instinct V
Ultra Instinct V 5 soat oldin
girlish girl
girlish girl 5 soat oldin
Why that orgadmic sound in back. Literally that spoiled the whole song
KIMMI BS 5 soat oldin
1:52 and pause
Michael Cg
Michael Cg 5 soat oldin
Why is this considered talented and glorified? Its so bad its doesn't take talent to say body yadydydydyddyd for an entire song
Trinity Edwards
Trinity Edwards 6 soat oldin
This is one of those songs that every time I hear it I can just not get up and dance 😂😍
Vicente Rodriguez
Vicente Rodriguez 6 soat oldin
Rat 6 soat oldin
words cannot express how much i love this song
Semaj Smith
Semaj Smith 6 soat oldin
bish im your bigits fan bish
halle wilt
halle wilt 6 soat oldin
Can we just agree that Megan is literally a queen, like she is so successful and such a powerful woman like ✨ yeeeeeeesss goddess show these girls how it’s DOOOOOONNE ✨
Spencer McAllister
Spencer McAllister 6 soat oldin
This song makes me wanna do magic for blind people
ART MARTINEZ 6 soat oldin
ART MARTINEZ 6 soat oldin
Vixxie Chan
Vixxie Chan 6 soat oldin
"They still wanna know where megan at" ksjsksjsjsjsjsks bye 💀💀
IAmMsHoneyBee 6 soat oldin
I'm having a free Subway gift card Giveaway!! Enter here: (link to giveaway video)
therealalexia. 6 soat oldin
Yaaas she did that!!! 🔥 periioodddd!
Spray Bottle
Spray Bottle 6 soat oldin
It's aloud on UZpost as long as some form of clothing is included in the video.
Jayden McDowell
Jayden McDowell 6 soat oldin
Omg I can’t get this out my head
I hate myself Haha i do
I hate myself Haha i do 6 soat oldin
Justice JoyceTV
Justice JoyceTV 6 soat oldin
1st *May she never lose weight* 2nd ... Come thru Taraji. Represent for the next gen & stunt after the breakup/dissolution. Be blessed, ladies.
cool snail
cool snail 6 soat oldin
the first time i heard this song i was like. ok this is annoying. but i love it now oops
Taz WRLD 6 soat oldin
I’m a guy and this made me twerk
Andony Poma
Andony Poma 6 soat oldin
Wtf is this fuckery
whilemina 》
whilemina 》 6 soat oldin
When me and my mom been doin laundry me and my mom been shaking our bodies like worms when the BODY BODY BODADADSA part came on
Ryan Wilson
Ryan Wilson 6 soat oldin
New fav!!
Libralovebeauty 6 soat oldin
I see a lot Missy in the choreography
aymen 6 soat oldin
This song needs to be deleted to society
Halina R
Halina R 6 soat oldin
You are so beautiful 😍 and talented. I don't want to sound like a creep but I just can't stop watching 😀 ( i am a straight woman btw... but not sure anymore) 😂😂😂
nadine Gutierrez
nadine Gutierrez 6 soat oldin
Hood Women Power 🖤
Teagan Holloway
Teagan Holloway 7 soat oldin
OMG Megannnnnn work it girl! This is 🔥
Ms.Kitha 7 soat oldin
Haha this video and song was shade towards that Jenner chick😂😂😂😂
Latoya Evans
Latoya Evans 7 soat oldin
xxrwillzxx 7 soat oldin
Trina re-incarnated, salute to meg
Nовинки HD
Nовинки HD 7 soat oldin
haha it's me, carola-
haha it's me, carola- 7 soat oldin
Nobody: Me in all circunstances: BODY ODY ODY ODY ODY ODY x1000
Vale To
Vale To 7 soat oldin
Áme !!
NOBRO MASHUPS 7 soat oldin
if you’re interested, please check out my new mashup channel!!
Jeremiah Charles
Jeremiah Charles 7 soat oldin
Andrea Saxton
Andrea Saxton 7 soat oldin
Them naturals hit different
Jeremiah Charles
Jeremiah Charles 7 soat oldin
cami ༺
cami ༺ 7 soat oldin
my mind 24/7: bodyadayadayadayadayada
Jeremiah Charles
Jeremiah Charles 7 soat oldin
Jay Machi
Jay Machi 7 soat oldin
Imagine doing double dutch to this
Jeremiah Charles
Jeremiah Charles 7 soat oldin
Naruto nine tails beast
Naruto nine tails beast 7 soat oldin
Megan: "Any hoe got beef from years ago it's beefing by herself" Me at 1am: Ayyyyyyyyyyyy😝😝😝😝😝
Jeremiah Charles
Jeremiah Charles 7 soat oldin
Laura Maldonado
Laura Maldonado 7 soat oldin
Sarah Laguerre
Sarah Laguerre 7 soat oldin
" Any hoes got beef from years ago, is beefing by herself." Damn
Kira Kaos
Kira Kaos 7 soat oldin
wait a minute is the lady with the red hair and hat the lady from empire
Kira Kaos
Kira Kaos 7 soat oldin
my mom started listening to this song and was always twerking and me being the degenerate i am came and found the video to see for myself
Icy Hot Todoroki
Icy Hot Todoroki 7 soat oldin
It you listen closely the "Bodyodyodyodyodyody" Sounds like "Body ari ari ari ari ari ari" with sometimes the Spanish 'r' on it.
Brooklyn Streeb
Brooklyn Streeb 7 soat oldin
Ok mrs. Stallion
Karly Bernard
Karly Bernard 7 soat oldin
Megan and Taraji 😍😍
keee milly
keee milly 7 soat oldin
bari ari ari ari ari ari ari ari ari ari ari
The Tea Hawk
The Tea Hawk 7 soat oldin
Megan at that..
Mi' Keira Jones
Mi' Keira Jones 7 soat oldin
kiddo Hydro
kiddo Hydro 7 soat oldin
Not only is this disgusting asf, but she also has no talent whatsoever
Mikinlee Jennings
Mikinlee Jennings 7 soat oldin
But on another note I wish I looked like Meg so bad... 😩
fatimah loves joon
fatimah loves joon 7 soat oldin
body ody ody ody ody ody ody ody ody ody ody ody ody ody ody ody
Joe Toe
Joe Toe 7 soat oldin
Me at 2am:time to sleep Also me watching my iPad bc it is bigger then my phone:finds this song Done listening to this song on loop for one hour: now it is really time to sleep My mind: thinking about this song
Nany bangtan
Nany bangtan 7 soat oldin
Nopuedeser, la conseguí WUUUUUUU
Nany bangtan
Nany bangtan 7 soat oldin
@Jeremiah Charles ª
Jeremiah Charles
Jeremiah Charles 7 soat oldin
Jeremiah Charles
Jeremiah Charles 7 soat oldin
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