marinating congresswoman AOC in Among Us with 3800 IQ...

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Disguised Toast

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Disguised Toast takes part in the most unexpected lobby in Among Us history with players including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar.
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Edited by: otriggad

Stryfe Gaming Online
Stryfe Gaming Online 52 daqiqa oldin
Wait the real AOC? I thought it was a joke like someone impersonating her as a funny.
ʜᴇʟʟᴏ ᴛʜᴇʀᴇ
ʜᴇʟʟᴏ ᴛʜᴇʀᴇ 9 soat oldin
22:06 song? I’ve heard this somewhere before, but can’t remember the name
ThePhoenixStorm 10 soat oldin
When the congresswoman kills you be like:
Bo Bandy
Bo Bandy 16 soat oldin
For someone advocating voting she sure down not vote a lot she could have save toaste first round
Tanner Stiverson
Tanner Stiverson Kun oldin
7:23 9:30 24:45 27:00 And here I thought politicians preached about the importance of voting. Tsk tsk.
Quyen Luong
Quyen Luong Kun oldin
I con’t beleeve yoo’ve don thisss Toast
Anthony Ciaccia
Anthony Ciaccia Kun oldin
i really don’t like aoc from a political stance but watching her play is entertaining af
Eisen ._.
Eisen ._. Kun oldin
i was confused cuz i keep seeing the character named gus and thought who it is so showing gus johnson's cam was helpful
Chaotic Phoenix
Chaotic Phoenix 2 kun oldin
Proof she can't lie...but she can be mislead easily... complete dumb blond
Adam Davies
Adam Davies 2 kun oldin
I genuinely thought this was clickbait. Seeing a member of Congress play among us is surreal, and fucking hilarious! Agree with her politics or not, it was impressive to see her connect with potential voters in such a way.
vsceglio 1013
vsceglio 1013 2 kun oldin
She said cyan, not light blue. She can stay.
Daniel Suarez
Daniel Suarez 2 kun oldin
Lol AOC took an L to the chairman of ICE . 😹
Jeeby DeeGee
Jeeby DeeGee 2 kun oldin
I won't be surprised if AOC's office term is done she'd join Offline TV
[WUT] Hope
[WUT] Hope 2 kun oldin
aoc: remember to vote! also aoc: *forgets to vote or doesnt vote*
mueez adam
mueez adam Kun oldin
Edward Flores
Edward Flores 3 kun oldin
I don't do politics, who is AOC?
Luke 3 kun oldin
The year is 2032. AOC is president. She is paranoid of her secret service agents that follow her around because she thinks shes being marinated.
Luke Spooner
Luke Spooner 15 soat oldin
If AOC becomes president I will move to Australia.
Elisabeth Tonne
Elisabeth Tonne 3 kun oldin
little mix
Frank Z
Frank Z 3 kun oldin
Valkyrae's gud.
emi 4 kun oldin
I saw AOC and I knew I had to watch this video lol
HEY STOB IT 4 kun oldin
27:05 “Nah, I think it’s cause we want to win.” “Right, Toast?” “Right.” The way Toast said “right” as the screen revealing who the imposters are showed up is terrifying.
David Decina
David Decina 4 kun oldin
What the hell is a congresswoman doing wasting her time playing a dumb video game. Shouldn’t she be earning her taxpayer salary?
Passt schon
Passt schon 3 kun oldin
afaik she was raising awareness so more people go vote. you know, since among us is all about voting
Weina Zhang
Weina Zhang 4 kun oldin
The best thing to do when you’re imposter and don’t want to be suspected,kill people for the first two rounds,and then follow different people around and make sure you stay alone with people at least five times.If they suspect you,say you finished your tasks in the first two rounds
kelly phan
kelly phan 4 kun oldin
Me: Sees title "Oh how funny, someone took the user name AOC" Me: Opens video Me: Passes out.
Brent Robinson
Brent Robinson 5 kun oldin
Yooo I mentioned AOC in a paper of mine!
Brent Robinson
Brent Robinson 5 kun oldin
Love her. More so now that she plays this game!
Marius Schedlberger
Marius Schedlberger 5 kun oldin
*plays game where you have to lie your way to victory* Trump: "I see this as an absolute win"
PP PP 5 kun oldin
Words Gaming
Words Gaming 6 kun oldin
For a congresswomen she’s a bad liar
A. Hollins
A. Hollins 6 kun oldin
Can you imagine Trump playing this 😂 "I am the greatest imposter ever. I have never been caught. I know more about Among Us than the people who made it. Many people, many say I am the greatest player of all time. I'm very humble, I'm the most humble person ever, but yes I agree when they say I am the greatest player ever. I have never been caught, not once. The lying media will tell you otherwise, but you know the truth!"
o laul
o laul 5 kun oldin
*gets voted off* "Whaat, that is fraud by the communist democrats 1!!1!!!"
Aidan Macartney
Aidan Macartney 6 kun oldin
toast is so good at among us
Diogo 6 kun oldin
Everyone: oh AOC, such an honor! Toast: which sauce should I use to marinate this mf
D Cruzn
D Cruzn 6 kun oldin
Funny that there are two imposters from the government in the group🤣 the irony is killing me
Sara N
Sara N 6 kun oldin
18:57 her face tho 😂😂
Sara N
Sara N 6 kun oldin
Toast: thinking about killing poki..... Also toast: *wants revenge on aoc for ruining his perfect “always win” videos.
Officer Foxtrot
Officer Foxtrot 6 kun oldin
If I was playing Among is with AOC, I would either a:) Kill her every time I was an imposter b:) throw her in the lava if I wasnt
Xyzzyx 6 kun oldin
She can lie so well. I think she should become a politician
Big Papa Wolpie
Big Papa Wolpie 6 kun oldin
AOC should stick to youtubing and leave politics
Zee C.
Zee C. 6 kun oldin
EVISCER8 6 kun oldin
The only Votes AOC needed not to get!
thomas mabbott
thomas mabbott 6 kun oldin
This Video alone has made AOC one of the most likeable politician out there! and more normal compared to the old out of touch politicians except for bernie!
Elijah Garduno
Elijah Garduno 7 kun oldin
Hasan is a big brain
Omer Tuğrul
Omer Tuğrul 7 kun oldin
Vatan millet bayrak turkiye aga what ever u gonna say against islam or turkey i am here to defend
jon rodriguez
jon rodriguez 8 kun oldin
"She's doing wires.." "AOC stop doing wires.." *chuckles* Iconic
Alice Morrison
Alice Morrison 8 kun oldin
Someone gets murdered by Toast: "I knew it all along!" Someone gets murdered by AOC: confused screaming
Evan Griffith
Evan Griffith 8 kun oldin
That part when valkyrae said "I think he just want to win. Right, toast?" Toast: "Right." Then the screen showed up who the impostors were. Damn. Thats like straight out off a horror movie wherein the antagonists win at the ending of the movie and the remaining protags were about to get killed.
Aaleen Asif
Aaleen Asif 8 kun oldin
Toast: You gotta get more kills! AOC: I locked myself in... tbh that happened to me once too
Silver Coin
Silver Coin 8 kun oldin
They actually have good reasons to get each other out, when I’m playing with random people they just say I’m sus for “following” them.
Melissa Essa Somthing
Melissa Essa Somthing 8 kun oldin
is the intro “this guys toast”? or “Disguised Toast”
o laul
o laul 5 kun oldin
It is disguised toast. It is iirc from TFT, thats the sound a card makes when you play it
sombrerofatcat 6 kun oldin
Ya I was wondering that too cause it sounds the same
Brokke beats Btw
Brokke beats Btw 8 kun oldin
19:53 i love how u do the same sound as the task u fake
Val FckCommies
Val FckCommies 9 kun oldin
Wow, they're both totally not a Marxist Communists now because her marketing people got them to play a game with the hip liberal kids on Twitch so they appears cool to the young folk. Totally not transparent or anything!
Val FckCommies
Val FckCommies 5 kun oldin
@sombrerofatcat A lot are indistinguishable. And yes, she's a commie.
o laul
o laul 5 kun oldin
Damn, u braindead dude
Sadie Hannah
Sadie Hannah 6 kun oldin
@sombrerofatcat why do you hate her? Just wondering not lookin to fight🙂
sombrerofatcat 6 kun oldin
Well I agree that shes a Democrat and I fucking hate them but shes not a commie
Sadie Hannah
Sadie Hannah 7 kun oldin
@Val FckCommies Hm...Those are some interesting points. I definitely see where you’re coming from in some places. Not all, but that’s to be expected for any two people. Just a side note, you’re 100% correct about the offensive opinions thing. People can choose to be offended. So I guess my new stance is that people shouldn’t post comments that are written to intentionally hurt a person. For example, I’m Christian and I support the lgbtq+ community. I’m not gay but that doesn’t mean I think they shouldn’t be allowed to get married ect. Even for people who are uncomfortable around community members, they should try and refrain from imputing. They may not like it, but the marriage of two men will not affect their lives personally. So if a comment is made that is aggressive towards their community (such as the f slur), they should be ignored or reported. Those comments aren’t made to share ideas. They’re made to antagonize someone. And honestly saying stuff like that isn’t a good way to represent Christianity. We’re supposed to treat everyone with kindness and respect so intentionally antagonizing a person or group is wrong. That’s just me though, any ideas on this, the gay community, Christianity in politics, ect?
Sam Hilger
Sam Hilger 9 kun oldin
Trump plays a video game in a time of depair Everyone:canceled
o laul
o laul 5 kun oldin
@Thais Tiemi Tamura in his own golf resorts making him richer
Thais Tiemi Tamura
Thais Tiemi Tamura 6 kun oldin
No, he plays golf at the expense of taxes payers
Jordan DeShan
Jordan DeShan 9 kun oldin
William Osman beat the US Navy in an egg drop and now this XD
Joanne Clark
Joanne Clark 9 kun oldin
Toast: gets Impostor Poki: gets crewmate Toast: So Poki has chosen death.
Marakkel 9 kun oldin
This was not quite what I was looking for when I made that google search...
Kyle Merson
Kyle Merson 9 kun oldin
Who’s aoc
o laul
o laul 5 kun oldin
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Congresswoman
k 9 kun oldin
did toast upload the video charlie was referring to in the beginning? the one where toast counted seconds and shit
Evan Anderson
Evan Anderson 9 kun oldin
Corpse BIG brain
Slimmyjimmy -
Slimmyjimmy - 9 kun oldin
Aoc lowkey bad don't @ me
sombrerofatcat 6 kun oldin
Your right also amazing profile pic mate
Makena James
Makena James 10 kun oldin
AOC deserves to lose!
Dee 10 kun oldin
25:21 Poki and Gus like 👀👀
Sam Smith
Sam Smith 10 kun oldin
This woman is soo ridiculously dumb its killing my brain cells
o laul
o laul 5 kun oldin
Yeah, suuuure
Dee 10 kun oldin
AOC is killin me XD
StonedSoldiers 10 kun oldin
It takes 10 IQ to kill aoc
o laul
o laul 5 kun oldin
It takes 10iq to kill anybody, tf u talking!?
Amar JS
Amar JS 10 kun oldin
the best part is that AOC WAS the imposter in the last game. Toast got played.
jbrunnez 10 kun oldin
whaaaaat! playing with AOC
o laul
o laul 5 kun oldin
@sombrerofatcat not really
sombrerofatcat 6 kun oldin
Ya I know how low can you go
FaerHazar 10 kun oldin
She said cyan, not light blue. She can stay.
Himanshu X-F
Himanshu X-F 2 kun oldin
@HEY STOB IT it's not the same in all the countries, like I live in India and I also didn't know that cyan was a word, no need to be aggressive..
HEY STOB IT 4 kun oldin
It’s lowkey super annoying when people say light blue or teal instead of cyan, like do they not know their colors??
Arnold Lohmann
Arnold Lohmann 10 kun oldin
Moar pls I beg
Mason Coggins
Mason Coggins 10 kun oldin
Aoc is nothing but a dirty commie
o laul
o laul 5 kun oldin
Uhm, I dont think you know what communism is
Alan Klassen
Alan Klassen 8 kun oldin
@Mason Coggins The good kind of dirty tho 😳
Milo Mccaughey
Milo Mccaughey 10 kun oldin
Awwwwww the little trumpie is sad that he lost
Kent Johnson
Kent Johnson 11 kun oldin
I legit love that Hasan was the one to call out Toast and AOC in the first round.
Creeper Queen180
Creeper Queen180 11 kun oldin
5:30 I love Poki's reaction to dying, such dignity! Also, Its great to see that even people up in Congress can relax and have fun with a simple game. I bet Innersloth is shaking in their boots-
beys •
beys • 11 kun oldin
Hasanabi gercekten hasan abi mi
•Parmesan• 11 kun oldin
i might not agree with her views, but damn she is entertaining. great video!
honkity_ 11 kun oldin
obamagaming 2.0
alim ahmad
alim ahmad 11 kun oldin
Screen Dome LSK
Screen Dome LSK 11 kun oldin
This put a smile on my face 😂😂😁
Warmage Two Crows
Warmage Two Crows 11 kun oldin
I hope you read this and don't think me crazy. I need you to have AOC contact me. Tell her I armed Pelosi with that quiver of arrows against Trump. I have national security information on Trump and his connection to Russia and the Boogaloo boys. Tell her I got info to Pelosi through CNN/MSNBC here on UZpost. This is critical, if you read this. The security of my country, and thus your country as well, are both at stake. I'll try other avenues of approach, but please do as I ask. Have her ask Pelosi about a guy giving her warning to load her quiver. Tell her I need to contact them on urgent national and global security and I'm trying to get through with as few complications as possible. Tell her that Pelosi, her, I and whomever else they deem worthy need to meet in person. I have info on Trump and the Boogaloo boys and I know how hard evidence of his betrayal can be found. Also, it'll probably put the boy of the book of face in trouble as well. This is urgent and I'm trying to prevent a coup.
hargyhealz 11 kun oldin
Toast has the hots for aoc
Tom Brady Deflates
Tom Brady Deflates 11 kun oldin
Got a damn Congress woman
k a r m a
k a r m a 11 kun oldin
Nicholas Vieira
Nicholas Vieira 12 kun oldin
it’s cuz we want to win.... right toast? right. was amazing
Alex lopez
Alex lopez 12 kun oldin
Shes a congress lady she should be used to lying jk😂😂
o laul
o laul 5 kun oldin
@sombrerofatcat you mean like every other politician in general, not even talking about the fucking President who lied more than 20k times during his term
sombrerofatcat 6 kun oldin
Not jk shes a Democrat so her lying is no surprise
Chocolate Gaming
Chocolate Gaming 12 kun oldin
In the intro, do you guys hear, “heh, this guy’s toast.” Or do you hear , “heh, disguised toast.”?
o laul
o laul 5 kun oldin
Second one, I think it is the sound of a card in TFT when you play it
sombrerofatcat 12 kun oldin
Too bad shes a Democrat and a politician unfortunately
sombrerofatcat 12 soat oldin
@o laul what the fuck does that even mean
Jose Flores
Jose Flores 12 soat oldin
Isn't a bad thing your political stance doesn't mean you worthy of a human or not
o laul
o laul 5 kun oldin
Yeah, a Trumpist would have been lengths better
Anthony Fisher
Anthony Fisher 12 kun oldin
Bruh.... AOC and Ilhan Omar are awful people.
o laul
o laul 5 kun oldin
Connor Mitchell
Connor Mitchell 12 kun oldin
Toast : we are going to marinate aoc Some ad for the Cold War cod: gentlemen is the threat real?
The Fort
The Fort 12 kun oldin
that’s C O N G R E S S W O M A N to you!!
not an op
not an op 12 kun oldin
aoc is dumb as rocks and a radical marxist
o laul
o laul 5 kun oldin
Yeah, keep living in your moms basements and talk shit about other people. I think you would really benefit your room for at least once a year, maybe then you would know what an actual marxist is
Trevor Billiot
Trevor Billiot 7 kun oldin
@Cherry Bomb you have no concept of hell if you use it as a petty insult
not an op
not an op 10 kun oldin
@Cherry Bomb rage LOL
Cherry Bomb
Cherry Bomb 11 kun oldin
And yes like your own comments
Cherry Bomb
Cherry Bomb 11 kun oldin
U mad anyways we won u can go to hell
Evan Hall
Evan Hall 12 kun oldin
Hm....not a fan of her, at all, but cool she can get off her high horse to play a game
G9 Alice Gepulla
G9 Alice Gepulla 12 kun oldin
"She's doing wires.." "AOC stop doing wires.." **chuckles** Iconic
Mr Glass
Mr Glass 7 kun oldin
@Evan Griffith yea all acting Politicians should be Gods in this game
Evan Griffith
Evan Griffith 8 kun oldin
It's kind of comforting seeing a politician have so much anxiety when trying to lie lmao
Winged Hamster
Winged Hamster 12 kun oldin
i love how half of them are licking her feet while toast is manipulating her
Dylan Flanagan
Dylan Flanagan 12 kun oldin
Aoc has no business in politics
Bogusz Mąkowski
Bogusz Mąkowski 12 kun oldin
If AOC voted for Myth they would've won
Gabriel2005_11 / gaming
Gabriel2005_11 / gaming 13 kun oldin
11:06 Valkyrae pog
Arden Cho
Arden Cho 13 kun oldin
Roasted Lemon
Roasted Lemon 13 kun oldin
I'm going to be honest, I don't like AOC as a congresswoman at all, but I do have to admit she's kind of fun to watchespecially that first scene with her being impostor with toast.
Jason Bailey
Jason Bailey 13 kun oldin
Tribies 13 kun oldin
We really shouldnt train a congresswoman to lie this well, but hey if someone can teach her to do it its Toast xD
HEY STOB IT 4 kun oldin
@sombrerofatcat knew it. Only a Republican would say something like that.
sombrerofatcat 4 kun oldin
HEY STOB IT 4 kun oldin
@sombrerofatcat are you a Republican?
sombrerofatcat 6 kun oldin
Shes a Democrat she already lies a lot
Ezz eldin saleh
Ezz eldin saleh 13 kun oldin
13:48 lol
Error 404
Error 404 13 kun oldin
Hitler also loved the youth corps
Error 404
Error 404 13 kun oldin
Don’t simp for commies. They’ll gulag you one day.
o laul
o laul 5 kun oldin
Only Problem is that the democrats have not even a single communist politician in their party
Thelma 14 kun oldin
I guess you could say that was a green new deal.... no... ok then
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