Making Couples Switch Phones Loyalty Test Pt. 2 💔 Public Interview

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Unghetto Mathieu

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Please like, comment thoughts, & I’m hungry so leave a sub. Asking strangers in Atlanta to check each other’s phone.
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I love you so much family.

Unghetto Mathieu
Unghetto Mathieu 11 kun oldin
i love ya’ll 🍯 if u loved this banger, watch THIS one too: 🐐 love ya’ll, follow my instagram @UnghettoMathieu
Jaheel Fyffe
Jaheel Fyffe 2 kun oldin
Why don't u do a collab with John bro........
Jhaliyaah Mitchell
Jhaliyaah Mitchell 3 kun oldin
VampLife Ent.
VampLife Ent. 5 kun oldin
Aye no cap u funny asf😂😂😂hit me up on ig I tryna do one of dese videos witcha@yung_vain
Vegeto Blackity Black
Vegeto Blackity Black 6 kun oldin
@Trenton Rodriguez and this: She trying to delete stuff before it's his turn to see her phone. 13:22
Gloria Hamilton
Gloria Hamilton 6 kun oldin
Kerubo Omwoyo
Kerubo Omwoyo 56 daqiqa oldin
How do you not have coronavirus 😅😂😂, with all the people you are talking to without a mask
Lifeofzay !!!
Lifeofzay !!! Soat oldin
My name zay to
Seek Benji
Seek Benji 2 soat oldin
“Why you do me like that?” LMFAOOO
LaTisha Jackson
LaTisha Jackson 5 soat oldin
Hell no neva trust a female dude🤣🤣🤣‼
Tyre D D Jefferson
Tyre D D Jefferson 5 soat oldin
Bro better go to that wedding 💙
Life of Mocha
Life of Mocha 6 soat oldin
My channel will grow💛
Quentin Norris
Quentin Norris 7 soat oldin
I like how he doesn’t try to kill marriages. He doesn’t search through the married couples phones as much
e 7 soat oldin
You doing the devils work 😭😭😭
melody anaya
melody anaya 7 soat oldin
@6:36 IS THAT TINDER OR AM I TRIPPIN?? Lower right hand corner
dr3 sosa
dr3 sosa 8 soat oldin
West look like Chris rock
Dre D1
Dre D1 8 soat oldin
How could u even dislike 🤔
Av Wilson
Av Wilson 9 soat oldin
We need ah part 3
Henry Johnson
Henry Johnson 9 soat oldin
8:30 she is bad I’m bout to get onnat 😭
Henry Johnson
Henry Johnson 9 soat oldin
Nvm she saying N:GGA
Asialena Johnson
Asialena Johnson 9 soat oldin
The last dude when he said I'm chilling made me spit on my water and start dying laughing frfr the other dude talking about some never trust a female duh 😂😂😂😂 these people be having me dead
Christina Williams
Christina Williams 10 soat oldin
VALERY ANTHONY 11 soat oldin
I love maya prosser
Iamjuniqua 11 soat oldin
You just messy😂😂😭😭😭😭yk these ppl be cheating
Franny Cat
Franny Cat 12 soat oldin
spark allatt
spark allatt 12 soat oldin
two years 🤟🏾
STARLEGEND III 12 soat oldin
he too charismatic for me
DumyBoyDex 19
DumyBoyDex 19 12 soat oldin
3:37 WOWWW! I did not expect him to say that 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Issahaku Alhassan
Issahaku Alhassan 12 soat oldin
The worst thing coulda happening to man: b00diE cHeEkS on his feed.
Samirah Fareed
Samirah Fareed 13 soat oldin
She just said the n word
claire ;-;
claire ;-; 14 soat oldin
Most of these relationships were as long as my stupid 5th grade relationships smh 🤦‍♀️
Davia Crearer
Davia Crearer 15 soat oldin
We better get them asap
Free UUilly
Free UUilly 15 soat oldin
“Don’t give me an Android” I was rolling 💀
Free UUilly
Free UUilly 15 soat oldin
Mathieu planned this to steal the girls after
Danielle Epperson
Danielle Epperson 16 soat oldin
You funny as hell that is a fact haters be hating !
A20 Fitness
A20 Fitness 17 soat oldin
Brush when he repeat How they introduce themselves bruhhh 😭😭😭
Dawson Johnson
Dawson Johnson 17 soat oldin
I do get my banklogs from *cashflukes* on telegram With cool balances and also bought some dumps with pins from him ,ain’t scamming and no red flags at all Have been dealing with him for weeks now
Sugar Packet
Sugar Packet 18 soat oldin
Have these people heard of deleting messages
oceanstar 18
oceanstar 18 18 soat oldin
Key Ali
Key Ali 18 soat oldin
I had to subscribe from part 1 . You’re hilarious 🤣😂
Dejonae’s World
Dejonae’s World 20 soat oldin
He just be out hear ruining relationships, lmao
Saucee Shaunte
Saucee Shaunte 20 soat oldin
Dang everybody on this vid got a iPhone X and up😭💀
Saucee Shaunte
Saucee Shaunte 20 soat oldin
"That’s a girl we ain’t worried"😂💀
Yomi Kehinde
Yomi Kehinde 21 soat oldin
Delin gf be tripping
goon six fifty
goon six fifty 22 soat oldin
Bruh tha sound u made with tha first mexican bih was hilarious I was literally dying
Frankie Cruz
Frankie Cruz 23 soat oldin
Lmfao 3:23
YKTV Funnuh
YKTV Funnuh Kun oldin
Woah Vicky if she would actually black
Nifemi Adebayo
Nifemi Adebayo Kun oldin
Fr you just tryn expose people 🤣
stephano mpunga
stephano mpunga Kun oldin
This stupid boy is breaking relationship 😂😂😂😂😂
Justcallme gege
Justcallme gege Kun oldin
Davita Ankrah
Davita Ankrah Kun oldin
Okay but fr when you dropping them songs like 😫
Crystal Britt
Crystal Britt Kun oldin
Zaki Minder
Zaki Minder Kun oldin
10:00 I watched a minute straight before I realized what happened
67mn76 tye5y6j
67mn76 tye5y6j Kun oldin
10:43 lol
KRplays Kun oldin
“Say no more puto”🤣
VORPSE Kun oldin
13:01 is it just me or does he look like sangwoo -
Anna sprague
Anna sprague Kun oldin
Omg 🤣🤣🤣
Cayla Johnson
Cayla Johnson Kun oldin
WE not rey skip pass dat like she aint say nigga
Cjayy1k Kun oldin
Whoever is reading this, God has a plan trust the process🙏🏽💙
catbug luver 4 life
catbug luver 4 life Kun oldin
AYEEEE Maya Prosser in this video!!!
Divinitymauve Kevinlee
Divinitymauve Kevinlee Kun oldin
6:36 you can see tinder on his Home Screen lol come on detective 🕵️‍♂️
DirtyDan _1234
DirtyDan _1234 Kun oldin
🚫🧢 Better Than Me sound like it’s finna hit🔥🔥🔥
Fuck TheLaws
Fuck TheLaws Kun oldin
We don’t care😭
Projected_Exposed Kun oldin
Secret _ TinoTinny
Secret _ TinoTinny Kun oldin
Never trust a female 💯♀️ Me : A true bro has been found.... After all these years
isra Kesa
isra Kesa Kun oldin
I only dislike the video for 4:33 how dare try 2 disrespect android. Android is the best
Lauren Theophilus
Lauren Theophilus Kun oldin
Please stop repeating their names after they say it .. that's annoying bruh 😒
K4nchas_ Kun oldin
leolitness Kun oldin
10:06 she def said nigga
Rockout Mo
Rockout Mo Kun oldin
“ we too grown fa that “ or do yall got some to hide 👀
Lavish Kun oldin
More of this please! Shit is hilarious 😆
22mybrozay animations
22mybrozay animations Kun oldin
Damn I just found out this king imprint brother
Sabreen -.-
Sabreen -.- Kun oldin
Look at the guys face at 10:55 he mad sus, he prolly deleted sum real quick
Twigy Charles
Twigy Charles Kun oldin
When little miss white girl said the n-word i fawking lost it lmao sis comfy comfy.
Jo Leigh
Jo Leigh Kun oldin
No masks?? Okay
Callie Taft
Callie Taft Kun oldin
brroooo the guy with the blue hat had tinder lmaooo and it got misseddd
Aniyah McDaniel
Aniyah McDaniel Kun oldin
8:19 omfg I’m subbed to her😭
TR S Kun oldin
You go baby love your energy
Briannas Wrld
Briannas Wrld Kun oldin
6:37 you can see tinder on his phone😭
fathi bishar
fathi bishar Kun oldin
10:07 she said the n- word :o
GxoTokyo Kun oldin
LMFAOOO Replying “Thanks” Is Considered Cheating 😂 I Love My Generation
Batuhan Zivali
Batuhan Zivali Kun oldin
After watching these videos I’m good off of relationships 😂✌🏽 yall be cheaters
samantha rodriguez
samantha rodriguez Kun oldin
He got maya in his videooooo💕💕💕💕💕
jordan baise
jordan baise Kun oldin
how y’all making ppl like this goofy famous
Kendall Simpson
Kendall Simpson Kun oldin
Did she say nigga😂🤔
lou J
lou J Kun oldin
12:05 they 8 years strong💪🏽 that’s dope asf
lou J
lou J Kun oldin
10:17 Nah she’s playing around 😂
A Final Fantasy
A Final Fantasy 2 kun oldin
Never trust a female dude. But been together for 10 years😂
Moee nae’s Tv
Moee nae’s Tv 2 kun oldin
Dang he broken up the relationship
Rachel Love
Rachel Love 2 kun oldin
I stay loyal to my boyfriend
B J 2 kun oldin
When u gonna drop them 2 🔥
Beauty is SHE Boutique LLC
Beauty is SHE Boutique LLC 2 kun oldin
10:19 dangg big tuff
T Malone
T Malone 2 kun oldin
His music 🔥need that
Ctb Bake
Ctb Bake 2 kun oldin
Drop dat song
Daesha King
Daesha King 2 kun oldin
I swear dude in the flannel had tinder on his phone and swiped right pass it 🥴🤣
Billy Blanc
Billy Blanc 2 kun oldin
Billy blanc mixtape out now
trev pond
trev pond 2 kun oldin
Ya energy make the videos king
Blessed Princessa
Blessed Princessa 2 kun oldin
First guy was smart 😂😂😂
Dervonia Edwards
Dervonia Edwards 2 kun oldin
Mane stop playing and drop the songs man😉
Aniyah Liddell
Aniyah Liddell 2 kun oldin
mathieu be wanting for find sht 😭🤚🏻
zaro gideon
zaro gideon 2 kun oldin
I highly recommend * besthack07 * on instagram, it is real and legitimate, he recovered back my disabled instagram account without delay💪💪💪 All thanks to him his the best ....
zaro gideon
zaro gideon 2 kun oldin
I highly recommend * besthack07 * on instagram, it is real and legitimate, he recovered back my disabled instagram account without delay💪💪💪 All thanks to him his the best ....
zaro gideon
zaro gideon 2 kun oldin
I highly recommend * besthack07 * on instagram, it is real and legitimate, he recovered back my disabled instagram account without delay💪💪💪 All thanks to him his the best ....
Elijah Westbrook
Elijah Westbrook 2 kun oldin
Used our football meme 😂
Shalamar Rodney
Shalamar Rodney 2 kun oldin
They gonna beat him one day 😂😂😂😂😂
Keenan Jacobs
Keenan Jacobs 2 kun oldin
Not gonna lie your music is poes kak
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