Liahona And Ammon Are Brother & Sister But Audition Separately - American Idol 2021

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American Idol

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From living in a tent with their entire family to auditioning for American Idol with an original song in front of Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan! Liahona and Ammon, two talented siblings from Hawaii, WOW the judges with their singing and their songwriting! Luke calls their audition “absolute magic,” while Katy goes as far as to say they should both be signed right now! Will Liahona and Ammon’s sibling rivalry stay friendly?
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AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.
American Idol 2021
Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest continues as host of the beloved series, while multimedia personality Bobby Bones serves as the in-house mentor.

Ahmad Doang
Ahmad Doang Soat oldin
The boys voice is so soothing
Myusernameistakenwtf 3 soat oldin
I can see "Liahona" being the future Kehlani and Jhene Aiko... She's got that fantastic R&B sound. Freaking love it
Chris Taggart
Chris Taggart 6 soat oldin
My daughters love her song “Good Day”. When they came on American idol my daughters freaked out
Ernie Logatoc
Ernie Logatoc 7 soat oldin
they are LDS. yey proud to be a mormon
Becki Smith
Becki Smith 11 soat oldin
This song has been stuck in my head all day! I love it so much!
doni d
doni d 11 soat oldin
they sing like High School Musical... :))
Rose Darrow
Rose Darrow 17 soat oldin
I love them.
Dede Fridayantara Wayan
Dede Fridayantara Wayan 19 soat oldin
I hope they can win this yearrrr! their future are bright
Nick Paguirigan
Nick Paguirigan 20 soat oldin
i like the song ! boom boom with a smooth sound to my ear 🎶🎶🎶😮
Khanyiso Mgijima
Khanyiso Mgijima 21 soat oldin
how are they not famous yet? why dont i have their songs on my phone already? they're just too good
Deeeeeyn Kun oldin
Epiha Kun oldin
I think AI is holding out, where are the individual performances, I believe this was an extra feature but we're missing the main individual parts
Catherine Cobarde
Catherine Cobarde Kun oldin
Tony Kong
Tony Kong Kun oldin
They’re so good Disney should sign the both :)
Nick Barth
Nick Barth Kun oldin
Imagine raising your children the way God intended. You all live a wholesome, pure life as a family. Then your kids find Hollywood. And the family values are ravaged. FF ten years fame, drugs, money. What was such a unique, awesome thing is now the same ol story of beast system fame. They should stay in Hawaii and keep singing by the tent.
Marshmallow 74
Marshmallow 74 Kun oldin
Y’all they set the brother up
WolfBlood808 Keanu Kanehiwa
WolfBlood808 Keanu Kanehiwa Kun oldin
You guys are both great singers. Lots of love and aloha from my family and I here in Florida and all the way in Honolulu, HI!!!
halfricasveryown Kun oldin
If they auditioned apart the brother for sure would not get sent to Hollywood. Let's keep it real yall.
Jey Cee
Jey Cee Kun oldin
Mormons? 🥺😍❤️
Fairatul Husna Daslin
Fairatul Husna Daslin 2 kun oldin
The new born of AKMU (hawaii version)😍🥰
Hanan Hanifah
Hanan Hanifah 2 kun oldin
what song is this
Learning Time
Learning Time 2 kun oldin
Boom boom boom
keybelle c
keybelle c 2 kun oldin
Are they latter day saints?!!!
Tyran Beaman
Tyran Beaman 2 kun oldin
It's good to see my people get more recognition.... good job and aloooooha🤙🏼
Ruby Tennis
Ruby Tennis 2 kun oldin
wait arent they from orem utah???
stephanie Ruiz
stephanie Ruiz 2 kun oldin
Deavy Roseita Sastrosubagiyo
Deavy Roseita Sastrosubagiyo 2 kun oldin
Wow, they both come from Indonesia...
Irving Granados
Irving Granados 2 kun oldin
The brother sounds like Shawn Mendez y’all sleeping on him
Celi Cel
Celi Cel 2 kun oldin
Aawww totally love it. These kids are so talented. I’m ready to download this song.
Rachel Waldner
Rachel Waldner 3 kun oldin
This song should be on the radio!
Jupy Gop
Jupy Gop 3 kun oldin
Amazing! Wow! Love it❤
Stephanie Ritter
Stephanie Ritter 3 kun oldin
I think that they had totally two different personalities I believe hers is definitely a lot more outgoing and a lot more confident and his will be soon to so I'll have to give it to the bro4 doing this and he's perfectly aware people of how outstanding his sister is and I'm guessing by her comment telling him good job that she's helping to build his confidence which is awesome and fabulous for siblings. I think she's a Powerhouse I think his time will come and definitely a songwriters they're both just off the hook
Jennifer Huntley
Jennifer Huntley 3 kun oldin
This is the 10th time I've watched this. Just love that song and her voice. Both together sounds so sick. I think she can win this. But together they will do so much together. Hes going to only get better
amanda roll
amanda roll 3 kun oldin
Me and my brother are the year apart in two days
John Oliman
John Oliman 3 kun oldin
Brother is more better!!
xo xo
xo xo 3 kun oldin
Filipinos?! For sure!
Jim Turpin
Jim Turpin 3 kun oldin
Keep up the good work guys good job
Nadarianne Casey
Nadarianne Casey 3 kun oldin
Wow 👏
Felipe Carioca
Felipe Carioca 3 kun oldin
Are they from the LDS church?
C M 3 kun oldin
Your Spotify version is not as good, the producer made it more generic then what it sounded like on American idol. I'd keep the piano and snappy live vibe to it, that gave it its soul. Producers can butcher peoples songs, its happened to me where my live original version was much better than the studio. You have a hit there, just needs that piano.
katrina singer
katrina singer 3 kun oldin
Disney is coming for them!
katrina singer
katrina singer 3 kun oldin
Wow wow wow OMG
Your friend Anthers
Your friend Anthers 3 kun oldin
Whoelse came here after seeing this on tiktok? Lol
Tikki Man
Tikki Man 4 kun oldin
I Think the Brother has a rly nice voice but the song choice didn't complement it well. If he gets more confident in himself he'll be slaying
S V M 4 kun oldin
Do they have siblings names, Nephi, Lehi...? iykyk LMAO
Remma Hunnit .
Remma Hunnit . 4 kun oldin
If u pay attention U can Tell By the way there lookin back and fourth at eachother singing. That’s there way of showing They got eachother At that Very Moment Cause it Can Be Nerve Wrecking Singing OutLoud I Love there Bond u can feel it It’s deeper Then The song 💯💯
Classix 21
Classix 21 4 kun oldin
Moana make way make way!!!!
Orce Tata
Orce Tata 4 kun oldin
you had to understand that he has very big emotions enormous huge very very big It can be seen from the other and more than that you can't control him You have to understand that even in the air from the mouth it doesn't let go no no and no and no no
Queenie Salahuddin
Queenie Salahuddin 4 kun oldin
I really love the song, I hope producers out there hear this and produce this beautiful song with the original singers
Arc David Delfin
Arc David Delfin 4 kun oldin
Are they Filipinos? Because their last name Olayan sounds like a Filipino surname. Feel free to correct me I don't have any intention labeling them as Filipino if they were not. Thank you!
BisharpBlade 4 kun oldin
Brother needs to add more vibrato and confidence to his voice. But it was really good. Got some Camila Cabello and Meghan Trainor from the sister
Adelle Clark
Adelle Clark 4 kun oldin
I saw this on TikTok and had to watch the entire video. I never watch America well since the first season! They blew me away!!!! 💕
Carlos ivan
Carlos ivan 4 kun oldin
Unbelievable! I love the way they both sing together. The sister sing better but the brother can sing in the choir. There just ready to record.
Cynthia Marble
Cynthia Marble 4 kun oldin
do not do not eat up these very very innocent kids!
Cynthia Marble
Cynthia Marble 4 kun oldin
ok ok ok if they are not mormons, i will eat my Hat!
Marissa 4 kun oldin
Neo- Tokyo
Neo- Tokyo 4 kun oldin
Ammon's voice is a mixed of Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes!!
Iam Zach
Iam Zach 4 kun oldin
Alicia cara duet with JustinShawn lol
jessicawearsbra 4 kun oldin
WOW their song is very catchy 😍
Naznim 4 kun oldin
both are super good talented
Nadine Moño TV
Nadine Moño TV 4 kun oldin
They look like Filipinos. .
Nast 4 kun oldin
am I listening shawn mendez and anne marie ?😁
E E 4 kun oldin
🙏😘) .
Trish H
Trish H 4 kun oldin
Most Mormon names ever
E E 4 kun oldin
🙏😘) .
Louie Adam
Louie Adam 4 kun oldin
It is charming voice, a lovable song for the kids. Lov it.
E E 4 kun oldin
🙏😘) .
Sammy TW
Sammy TW 5 kun oldin
E E 4 kun oldin
🙏😘) .
betty g
betty g 5 kun oldin
boy are you 2 good! as said earlier; you are ready for a record deal; loved your song!! keep it up; hope you are in the finale winning this. congrats. betty gordon, ames, iowa new fan ... hugs to you both.
E E 4 kun oldin
🙏😘) .
Chris Tashi
Chris Tashi 5 kun oldin
Is this new season ??!!!!how come I didn’t knew about this
Payton 5 kun oldin
This is the best version sorry but the iTunes version is little much!
Sofia Afidchao
Sofia Afidchao 5 kun oldin
I love the chemistry
Edwin Movistar
Edwin Movistar 5 kun oldin
whose song is this?
T Luc
T Luc 4 kun oldin
They released the studio version. I have it on Spotify and itunes on replay. It's called Boom by Liahona Olayan.
T Luc
T Luc 4 kun oldin
It's an original song. They wrote it together.
joven bry
joven bry 5 kun oldin
sounds like megan trainor
alexia shame
alexia shame 5 kun oldin
omg i hate having to skip it bck again and again sum1 better have them singing it on sumthin 😭
T Luc
T Luc 5 kun oldin
The studio version is available now! It's called Boom by Liahona Olayan. I got it on Spotify and iTunes😊
Jenny Garcia
Jenny Garcia 5 kun oldin
I had to rewind it a couple of times because it was so good and they’re so fun and cute ❤️
D.W. 5 kun oldin
She sounds like Audrey the UZpostr
D.W. 5 kun oldin
art in my heart
art in my heart 5 kun oldin
They wrote a great dong
Theresa Hoang
Theresa Hoang 5 kun oldin
I like this piano version better than the original. They are so good!
Bed Juliet
Bed Juliet 5 kun oldin
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KKARENTAYLOR 5 kun oldin
I love how there members of the church! The lord will definitely bless them!
Travel with Alex Wong
Travel with Alex Wong 5 kun oldin
The sister gives me some Meghan trainor vibes. The brother is kind of flat to me but it sounded good!
Brittney LaSha
Brittney LaSha 5 kun oldin
She’s a star!
lazy mazy
lazy mazy 5 kun oldin
T Luc
T Luc 5 kun oldin
They released the studio version. It's called Boom by Liahona Olayan. I have it on Spotify and iTunes😁
yesi garcia
yesi garcia 5 kun oldin
I would listen to that song right now as it is!! They are great! Someone sign them now
Abdul Barrie Impa
Abdul Barrie Impa 5 kun oldin
First thing i thought they are Filipino haha
Amy Bostic
Amy Bostic 5 kun oldin
They’re good together however she’s ready to record
Chris wasons
Chris wasons 5 kun oldin
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maddie krzewinski
maddie krzewinski 5 kun oldin
I’m literally obsessed!! I’ve watched it about 10+ times and as soon as I heard it I added the song to my Spotify playlists
Tatia Li
Tatia Li 5 kun oldin
I want this song in my playlist.
T Luc
T Luc 5 kun oldin
They released it! I got it on Spotify and iTunes😁 It's called Boom by Liahona Olayan.
DON'T YOU 5 kun oldin
Are they half Filipino?
The Official Banana Clan
The Official Banana Clan 5 kun oldin
Who's here from tiktok?
Beatriz Faria
Beatriz Faria 5 kun oldin
meghan trainor vibes from the girl
markjohnluke 5 kun oldin
Awesome guys with mormon names.
marian arguelles
marian arguelles 6 kun oldin
I think they have to stick together. Brother has to make sure his sister is OK...and they can be big without this show. Maybe happier even... They can make good music together... which might diminish if they are separated by American Idol. The inspiration is different when you both enjoy what you're doing and you're not doing it for fame. The magic is in the authentic feeling and sentiments of their song.
Renz Daniel Velasco
Renz Daniel Velasco 6 kun oldin
the boy reminds me of bailey may of now united
Ashley Chelsey
Ashley Chelsey 6 kun oldin
Ms You
Ms You 6 kun oldin
Please put this song on Spotify 😫🥰
T Luc
T Luc 5 kun oldin
It is! It's called Boom by Liahona Olayan😁
Jaida Tulikihihifo
Jaida Tulikihihifo 6 kun oldin
She goes my school 😭
Moon O
Moon O 6 kun oldin
You guys are special...
Niz 6 kun oldin
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