Lawyer & Doctor React to Grey's Anatomy Malpractice ft. Doctor Mike

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Beeoowooop. Doctor Mike is back! And this time we're dissecting a (terrible) legal episode of Grey's Anatomy. Watch PART 1 on Doctor Mike's channel:
Watch us go head-to-head, again,
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Doctor Mike
Doctor Mike 4 kun oldin
If the sponge is lit, you must acquit 🧠🧽 🔥
Matt Epp
Matt Epp 11 soat oldin
I hope this becomes a weekly thing :D
MorderElg 12 soat oldin
If the sponge is lit, you'd see it easily enought to not leave it in?
Chaitra Prabhu
Chaitra Prabhu 22 soat oldin
Does Pseudomonas infection cause necrosis is my question here 🙄🤔
Mathieu Leader
Mathieu Leader Kun oldin
Spongebong Hempants
Steve McQ
Steve McQ Kun oldin
The "Magic" sponge.
Sarah *
Sarah * 22 daqiqa oldin
I always thought Callie was negligent because she opened that letter way too late and then just told nobody about and threw it away and that was the real problem 🤔
Alastair Wither
Alastair Wither 26 daqiqa oldin
It's genuinely made me so happy seeing two people interacting normally that aren't putting people at risk because they're both vaccinated, didn't realise how much I missed it
little leeu
little leeu 56 daqiqa oldin
I'd love to see you two do a colab on grey's anatomy season 16 episode 8
animefreak120 2 soat oldin
This is the best crossover
Dust Nixie
Dust Nixie 2 soat oldin
*There are no good crossov-*
Alyssa McDonald
Alyssa McDonald 2 soat oldin
I really hope you can do the Trial of the Chicago Seven.’s...garbage. Legally, that is.
Alvilos 2 soat oldin
I don’t know where it started and if it has any validity but I have been told in multiple jobs to never apologise for anything because that is “admitting fault and liability” (I am in Australia) but I have never been able to wrap my head around the logic. Do you know how many people have said “I’m sorry” when I tell them about my dad dying? Does that mean I can sue them for my father death? Makes no sense
Amanda Pruys
Amanda Pruys 3 soat oldin
When they were counting sponges at the end of surgery they were missing one. Torres decided to close anyways after searching for it. From what I remember, they found the sponge later on someones shoe. It was never left in him
Benjamin Chen
Benjamin Chen 4 soat oldin
Schrödinger's sponge?
Annie 4 soat oldin
I’m the sponge absorbing all this expertise
Gabrielle Loth
Gabrielle Loth 4 soat oldin
i think the sponge was about drawing a portrait of her as a negligent surgeon, showing that she might have been distracted, made a mistake... so it’s not completely irrelevant
Michael Arvay
Michael Arvay 5 soat oldin
You two teaming up?? A little early for a birthday present but I'll take it
Anders Kilmark
Anders Kilmark 6 soat oldin
More please!
Cash Bayless
Cash Bayless 6 soat oldin
We need justice the sponge was wrongfully accused
bishopsmith 6 soat oldin
This is brilliant! I love both your shows - what a fantastic crossover team up! Would love to see more of these in the future.
Artistic Anna
Artistic Anna 6 soat oldin
Can you please do a lawyer reacts video about pretty little liar's court scene
Rose M
Rose M 7 soat oldin
btjohnns 7 soat oldin
You should do review on bull, a tv show starting show name dr jason bull
VICTORY 7 soat oldin
SimplyBeth 7 soat oldin
I forgot how much I hated Callie Torres lmao
Vocal V
Vocal V 7 soat oldin
Love it, I hope you guys do another one sometime in the future
Fairuz Shahar
Fairuz Shahar 7 soat oldin
still cant get over this. i lost count how many times I repeat this
Shai Yastrab
Shai Yastrab 7 soat oldin
Seriously, though, you guys have some grat chemistry together.
Faith Luce
Faith Luce 7 soat oldin
“I don’t think he’s a good lawyer” that got me rolling 💀💀💀
7th Hour Films
7th Hour Films 8 soat oldin
Mike: So, why do they keep talking about the sponge if it was never in the patient? Devin: I don't think he's a good lawyer. I don't know why but that is the most real and hilarious thing said in this video!
Honnie Bunn
Honnie Bunn 8 soat oldin
they match each other’s energy
Hind Yousif
Hind Yousif 9 soat oldin
Dr. Mike reaction @ 21:02 🤣🤣🤣
Hind Yousif
Hind Yousif 9 soat oldin
"I don't think he is a good lawyer" 😂 the summary
Stavroula Bourliaskou
Stavroula Bourliaskou 9 soat oldin
Great work on this collaboration! Even though I am a big fan of you both, it makes it SO more interesting to watch your opinions and comments! Hoping to see more joint videos :-)
Nick Jones
Nick Jones 9 soat oldin
Left the same comment on part 1... After spending 4 days in the hospital shortly followed by going to court, this is oddly relaxing. Btw, I got robbed but am otherwise fine. Lots of pain meds and annoyed having to deal with legal shit...
Karla 9 soat oldin
And the subtitle in spanish?):
Grace Farmer
Grace Farmer 9 soat oldin
"Its like getting your name wrong" soooooo, maybe just me but I spelled my name name wrong yesterday 😂😑
Camera Punk
Camera Punk 10 soat oldin
Now if we can have a lawyer, a doctor, and a priest review something really inaccurate on all fronts, that be sweet 😆
Abby B.ø.
Abby B.ø. 11 soat oldin
The two most handsome men on youtube making a colab? Oh I'm watching this!
Caitlin deAmbra
Caitlin deAmbra 11 soat oldin
One of the best experiences I had in a hospital was when a doctor came to my room and apologized. Two months prior I had a hemorrhagic cyst that needed a laparotomy. Then I had pain in the same area. They couldn't find anything wrong with my ovary, and we're going to send me home. The hospitalist told the doctor following me to keep me overnight and do a CT scan. The took me to surgery for an appendectomy, where the appendix burst as they were placing it in the tray. She came in the next day and said she was sorry for almost sending me home. I really appreciated that so much. I healed just fine, walked out the next day, no complications. I still remember her name, and would see her again. I'd rather have a doctor who apologizes than one who just plows ahead because their ego won't let them admit they are wrong.
Conor Neill
Conor Neill 11 soat oldin
Again, do it again asap
Chelsea Lake Erich
Chelsea Lake Erich 12 soat oldin
Seattle Grace Mercy Death
Kayley Richardson
Kayley Richardson 12 soat oldin
Should both do season 16 episode 8 (but would need to watch season 11 episode 21 to understand what happened also a great episode for dr Mike)
The Creative Nerd
The Creative Nerd 12 soat oldin
You thing that looked bad... try looking at the courtroom scenes from God’s Not Dead 2. They’re a doozy!
sandra sanders
sandra sanders 12 soat oldin
This is SO GREAT!!!
Josh Plant
Josh Plant 12 soat oldin
Would love to see a react to Marshall's big case in How I Met Your Mother!
misolou fout
misolou fout 12 soat oldin
My mother worked for a long time as an RN in the ICU at the local hospital. She loves watching medical dramas and pointing out the malpractice.
Aeryn Baldesion
Aeryn Baldesion 12 soat oldin
Yesss. We need more of these!
Ashley Zhu
Ashley Zhu 12 soat oldin
As a doctor mike Stan and a Leagle Eagle I WANT MORE COLLABS WITH MIKE AND LEAGLE EAGLE
misolou fout
misolou fout 12 soat oldin
This was great. Part 1 and 2. I would watch more videos on that topic, you complement each others knowledge on these issues. 👍
Robobeast 12 soat oldin
Can you do more Daredevil court scenes
Robobeast 12 soat oldin
You should do the Psych court episode
Jan-Gabriel Ruthmann
Jan-Gabriel Ruthmann 13 soat oldin
Maybe the sponge was the friends we made along the way.
Matthew Suffidy
Matthew Suffidy 13 soat oldin
Never ever hire a doctor who is using Tinder on her phone. Maybe she got smart and advertised on CraigsList.
pink menace
pink menace 13 soat oldin
You should react to more better call saul next.
Winnifred Roman
Winnifred Roman 13 soat oldin
More, more, more!!!
Robby Morning
Robby Morning 13 soat oldin
And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. (Revelation 20:15) The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good. The LORD looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God. They are all gone aside, they are all together become filthy: there is none that doeth good, no, not one. Have all the workers of iniquity no knowledge? who eat up my people as they eat bread, and call not upon the LORD. (Psalms 14:1-4)
AConsideredMoment 13 soat oldin
This was great! Thanks, gentlemen. Watch your shows enough, serve on jury a few times, and see it can sometimes be that bad in court. But, working in a hospital, sorry, never have seen it as ridiculous as portrayed on Grey's. Scrubs is far closer to the truth.
Funny Valentine
Funny Valentine 13 soat oldin
Now bring a competent writer and let them blast the script writing.
Kalin Kochnev
Kalin Kochnev 13 soat oldin
These two channels contain the sum of all human knowledge
Vincent Washum
Vincent Washum 13 soat oldin
Is this episode 72?
Emely Schouten
Emely Schouten 13 soat oldin
I would love to see you react to an episode of “Dr. Bull”. Maybe an idea for the next video? :)
_Mystical.boysss 14 soat oldin
Hey it’ll be cool if you reacted to a new korean drama show called “Law School” on netiflix. It’s really entertaining and I’ll love to have your view/ reaction on it Legal Eagle!!!!!
vale 14 soat oldin
me, half way through the second video: ... URIEL! That's where i know him.
Carmen 14 soat oldin
This was great. Part 1 and 2. I would watch more videos on that topic, you complement each others knowledge on these issues. 👍
J P 14 soat oldin
Styx Y. Renegade
Styx Y. Renegade 14 soat oldin
Maniac Gaming
Maniac Gaming 15 soat oldin
Marvel Fans: Endgame is the most ambitious crossover event in history Me, an intellectual:
TealWolf26 15 soat oldin
Watched, liked, and subscribed both videos/channels. 👍
Mark H
Mark H 15 soat oldin
That was awesome... I loved hearing the legal and medical side at the same time... Please do more
noname 15 soat oldin
I want more of this😍
WidowmakersAss 15 soat oldin
This is just Dr Mike being completely lost for 20 minutes while Devon is outraged by every bit of legal jargon spoken
Dimitri Baldauf
Dimitri Baldauf 16 soat oldin
This was fun to watch
Alberthe Wulf-Andersen
Alberthe Wulf-Andersen 16 soat oldin
loveee your videos. will you please react to modern family lawyer moments?
jillmac2000 16 soat oldin
The sad part is the average American juror gets all of their courtroom procedure education from shows like this
Jdawg Kinsey
Jdawg Kinsey 16 soat oldin
Na nananana na nananana.. Hutzman and Hibbertboy
Samuel Pierce
Samuel Pierce 16 soat oldin
Before the shoot: "Are you vaccinated?" "Yep, state law says we can be indoors together"
Dannie N
Dannie N 16 soat oldin
EMT class, we were taught NOT to say, "Sorry", even when no fault is obvious. Like, if a dead tree branch fell on you, I shouldn't say, "What rotten luck. Sorry that happened." Or if the outcome was fatal, I shouldn't say to the grieving companions, "Sorry for your loss." Sure, wouldn't mean anything in court, but we were advised to say nothing that might give one pause to seek a remedy in court.
Justin Carson
Justin Carson 16 soat oldin
The fact they seemed to do a better job on the legal angle than the medical side on a doctor show is laughable
Madi kayla
Madi kayla 17 soat oldin
I’m still not over the fact that no one looked at his leg or took his temp for weeks???
RustyDust101 17 soat oldin
I have watched both parts now, and I can truly, without any shadow of a doubt, state: I am damn bloody happy I live in Germany where no one stupid enough to enforce a JURY of imbeciles with no idea of either the law or the medical procedures would ever deign to provide a verdict over a case for or against me in any court procedure. We prefer true professionals, from doctors, lawyers, scientists, to do the jobs they are supposed to do. Even if it is in a fictional show about medical procedures. Could it happen in Germany due to malpractice that somebody looses a leg, or even both legs? Yes, it could. But would I want a jury of unknowing dimwits to provide a verdict based more or less entirely on EMOTIONAL impact instead of facts? Hell, no! Thanks, your honor, I rest my case.
Mitzi Lee
Mitzi Lee 17 soat oldin
An F- isn't even a real thing. It was THAT bad lol.
Miranda Decker
Miranda Decker 17 soat oldin
I feel like they were trying to make her look incompetent bc she left it in
TRICROTIC1 17 soat oldin
10:25 "I rest my case." "You rest your case?" "What? Oh, no I that was just a figure of speech. Case closed."
henry hernandeez
henry hernandeez 17 soat oldin
doc mike what happens if i eat a chair
Derrill Guilbert
Derrill Guilbert 18 soat oldin
You guys make a good team but Gray's Anatomy is a frikkin' mess - I almost didn't watch the whole thing because that show is just ... ugh. Next time do Scrubs. Much better show.
Smert 18 soat oldin
What a great collaboration 👏, i loved this video. Also im sure i already subscribed but found i wasn't when i watched this. UZpost wth.
사랗Lively 19 soat oldin
This vidéo was so interesting, love seeing both opinions, your conversations are so entertainment!
Vito V
Vito V 19 soat oldin
Monet X Change caused this. Those sponges...
Gali Gali
Gali Gali 20 soat oldin
I would ship them~!
Ashley Harrison
Ashley Harrison 20 soat oldin
you should react to God’s Not Dead 2!! You don’t have to make any implications of faith, but the entire movie is a court case having to do with a school and a teacher that answered a student’s question comparing Jesus to Gandhi and the school was trying to fire her after answering! I just want to know how much of the court case is just played up for TV and how much would’ve actually stood in court!
luke murphy
luke murphy 20 soat oldin
Kinda wish you done this with dr hope sick notes channel since he started doctor reviews first but I he’s English and in England so I get why but I don’t like dr mike cos of the way he acted when people asked him if he got the idea from hope
linkinpark51 21 soat oldin
Can you react to drop dead diva?
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo 21 soat oldin
I'm so thrilled they're both vaccinated and could do the episode safely together!
Razvan Strambu
Razvan Strambu 21 soat oldin
I always love episodes between the two of you. MORE!!!
BruhGamingNL 21 soat oldin
Can you react to the legal episodes in The Flash? (The trial of The Flash (S4E10) and The people v. Killer Frost (S7E8)
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo 21 soat oldin
the perfect collab
Adam Suvalskas
Adam Suvalskas 21 soat oldin
This was a nice video to watch with my mothers hip replacement surgery happening this Summer...
Emily Hill
Emily Hill 21 soat oldin
I actually wanna see him react to hot to get away with murder
tw t
tw t 22 soat oldin
Dumb TV = Dumb America.
Mr. Blonde
Mr. Blonde 22 soat oldin
Now this crossover was way too good
Chiscringle 22 soat oldin
This was a ride, all right. I loved the aside on the lawyer's style as well as the lack of medical or legal accuracy. Now that I look at your reviews, I'm surprised not to see First Monday in October, but maybe it's more judicial and less legal, so hasn't pinged your radar.
technogeekShoaib 22 soat oldin
I like this duo... I wouldn't mind more of this
Maria Isabel Baong
Maria Isabel Baong 22 soat oldin
I want to see you guys more. I have no idea in both of your fields but I enjoy watching your videos 🥰😅🤣
PANG Hoi Ki 22 soat oldin
Who agrees that they should have a channel together?
Ben DeWalt
Ben DeWalt 22 soat oldin
Please, please, please look at the episode of the flash season 7, " the people vs. Killer frost...i am fairly sure court doesn't work that way...
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