Kylie Jenner: My Mom Does My Makeup

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Kylie Jenner

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Watch my mom do my makeup.
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ESTHER 31 daqiqa oldin
I love the participation of daughter and mother
h m
h m 46 daqiqa oldin
Kylie, I like you. 🙂
Tamara Diego-Grubbs
Tamara Diego-Grubbs 2 soat oldin
Karrington Nicole
Karrington Nicole 2 soat oldin
Kris is so cute lol
Maryann Hughes
Maryann Hughes 4 soat oldin
I want to see James Charles react to this please and thanks, and then he can give Kris a master class. Thank you Kris for the the most entertaining video of my life.
fred mitchell
fred mitchell 4 soat oldin
Is it just me or does kylie look like Cameron Diaz? I know im not trippin😩
Arthur Rodrigues
Arthur Rodrigues 5 soat oldin
Kylie meu amor love you kylie♥️🇧🇷♥️🇧🇷♥️🇧🇷♥️
Princess Obispo
Princess Obispo 5 soat oldin
Ena Arguelles
Ena Arguelles 5 soat oldin
Aww thats cute she did a great job 😍☺️
Beaute Fatal
Beaute Fatal 6 soat oldin
Omgg what all that attitude for?? 😩 she so mean some time🙄 she wouldn't have had all this sucess without her mother she should give her more respect 🙄 and not laugh at her and say that she is not good she made you up well and besides you looked fake 😂 Seriously Kylie and her sister doesn't know what a mom loses she deserves her respect!💯
D K3
D K3 7 soat oldin
Black history Month in the Uk, please check this out
Sara Graham
Sara Graham 8 soat oldin
It looks ok 👌🏻
Lily Potter
Lily Potter 9 soat oldin
I too would be terrified if my mom does my makeup 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I can only imagine 😭
Veena Srivastava
Veena Srivastava 9 soat oldin
She never allow anybodyto touch her left but she is so lovely that she is OK when her momis doing it she said this in James Charles video 😃😃
Nouman Zahid
Nouman Zahid 9 soat oldin
Kris jenner looks like Nabila owner of Nabila's salon .
Laura Dempsey
Laura Dempsey 11 soat oldin
Who else noticed that Kylie covers her mouth before she laughs
emma george
emma george 13 soat oldin
Remember how Kylie said with James she doesn’t let anyone do her lips, I love how her mum is doing them for her now..
Rose TWC
Rose TWC 13 soat oldin
Kylie didn't say welcome back to my channel she said welcome back to my UZpost because she has her own UZpost. Fucking loving the fact.
Nagy Gréta
Nagy Gréta 14 soat oldin
Kris is the sweetest mama ever
Lidwin Lidwin
Lidwin Lidwin 15 soat oldin
Oh my billion dollar baby ! Treats her mom like a queen
1MILLION Gaming 15 soat oldin
#Nowadays Randoms in comments: -One of the random will be a billionaire 😂 #Meanwhile Doraemon: - wtf as*h*le Nobita gave my Time machine to them 😂😂❤️😂😂 . Btw. I also have a channel ❤️🙏❤️
Lianne Calubaquib
Lianne Calubaquib 17 soat oldin
Veronica Diaz
Veronica Diaz 17 soat oldin
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣you girls are so funny
Kæla 17 soat oldin
*it's not like you're going to the **_MET_*
Juliana Carlotti
Juliana Carlotti 17 soat oldin
I`m dying lol Kris is really funny ! Love it
Paola chavarria
Paola chavarria 17 soat oldin
their so awk LOL
Stephanie Brown
Stephanie Brown 17 soat oldin
You’re mom is so cute!!
Jaime Revis
Jaime Revis 19 soat oldin
Angie A
Angie A 19 soat oldin
i love this but i almost fell asleep lmao
ッwasabill 19 soat oldin
6:19 SOOO CUTE OMGG :)))
sooyah kim
sooyah kim 20 soat oldin
i love you Kylie
marshall hill
marshall hill 20 soat oldin
I don’t think her top lip looks good with the filler. And guessing she had something done with the cheeks?
Aliyah 20 soat oldin
Loved this video !
Ms. Michelle
Ms. Michelle 20 soat oldin
Queen Matriarch.
madie grace
madie grace 20 soat oldin
You can’t argue...this is adorable.
emre cip
emre cip 21 soat oldin
wow, very cool !
Xavier Costar
Xavier Costar 21 soat oldin
Tittle should have been. Kylie lets Kris do her make up while Kylie critiques every step of Kris
Amanda Bolanos
Amanda Bolanos 22 soat oldin
Am I the only one laughing through the video LOL goals 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Daniel Strze
Daniel Strze 22 soat oldin
The fact she let her mom do her lips when she doesn’t trust anybody with her lips.
yogorl ronnie
yogorl ronnie 22 soat oldin
LiaHD Simply Me
LiaHD Simply Me 23 soat oldin
My first time going to your channel & I love watching both of you..I
carmen ruiter
carmen ruiter 23 soat oldin
Kris Jenner is such a cutie 🥺
axjanae 23 soat oldin
Kris is so cringe but so hilarious at the same time!! 😂😂 she's so cute
Khaleesi Kimber
Khaleesi Kimber Kun oldin
Hi I’m Kylie and I’m so vain and mean to my mom
Christine Roachelle
Christine Roachelle Kun oldin
why they applying makeup over her makeup-
Yaelllie J
Yaelllie J Kun oldin
Stormi's Friend: Who's your mom? Stormi: Kylie Jenner Stormi's Friend: Your dad? Stormi: Travis Scott Stormi's Friend: Your aunt's? Stormi: Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian Stormi's friend: What about your Uncle's? Stormi: Kanye west, Scott Disick and Rob Kardashian Stormi's friend: Ok, your grandma can't be famous. Stormi: it's Kris Jenner Disclaimer: I saw this comment before so don't think I stole a comment.
Antonia Pulido
Antonia Pulido Kun oldin
I loved it !!!
Kim and Kylie
Kim and Kylie Kun oldin
Eish can we even
Amber Williams
Amber Williams Kun oldin
*packs on white* “oh thats a bit too much” *kylie looks, starts laughing* “its okay, im gonna fix it, its gonna be okay, *its the 80’s* it’s okay“ i CACKLED
Ken Dall
Ken Dall Kun oldin
I love their Bond 🍒💕
Mariam Kun oldin
7:44 hahahahah
America yatziri Orozco ochoa
America yatziri Orozco ochoa Kun oldin
Kris jenner to kylie
America yatziri Orozco ochoa
America yatziri Orozco ochoa Kun oldin
Wow those result😘😘
Tania Sofia Jiménez Barrera
Tania Sofia Jiménez Barrera Kun oldin
OMG kalie
Ramiro Diaz
Ramiro Diaz Kun oldin
Gadiell Lopez Monsivais
Gadiell Lopez Monsivais Kun oldin
thank you
Trust in Process
Trust in Process Kun oldin
She looks like the victim in a horror movie
WhoPutTheMilkInTheCabinet Kun oldin
I like how shes letting Kris do her lips
Abigail Orrabali
Abigail Orrabali Kun oldin
Karee Kiragu
Karee Kiragu Kun oldin
Joyful Cookie
Joyful Cookie Kun oldin
Khloe is crying rn lol
BLANK Hi Kun oldin
Love u hirl
Ana Nolasco
Ana Nolasco Kun oldin
"Its a new technique im trying today" 🤣🤣🤣 loved it!!
Preeti Grover
Preeti Grover Kun oldin
In James Charles video she said she trust nobody with her lips. And now she is making her lipcolor get done by her mother.
Glambyykayy Kun oldin
So what, it’s her mom? I’d rather trust my mom than someone else
Madeline Craig
Madeline Craig Kun oldin
I am not surprised that Kylie has a mirror on the back of her phone
Stacy Pagan
Stacy Pagan Kun oldin
Kris had me in stitches when she blew in Kylie’s eyes. lol
Irene Mendes
Irene Mendes Kun oldin
Hi kilye i am brazilian and we(brazil) Love you and your family
yesenia macias
yesenia macias Kun oldin
I need to know how you got your skin to glow like that babe!! Like before your mom did anything you cheeks look amazing I need the secret plus I already use Kylie skin! Was it a a sheet coat before foundation please !!!! Please show me how or comment back
yesenia macias
yesenia macias Kun oldin
yesenia macias
yesenia macias Kun oldin
Alissa Raley
Alissa Raley Kun oldin
You told James you never let anyone do your lipsss!!! 😂😂
dakota williams
dakota williams Kun oldin
kris is the female version of bob ross
meenakshi shukla
meenakshi shukla Kun oldin
This cracks me up 😂😂😂
Angelica Fermin
Angelica Fermin Kun oldin
She said she never lets anyone do her lip to james charles, lol she must trust her mom
Eesha Thakoor
Eesha Thakoor Kun oldin
Kylie: Uses her phone as a mirror 𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝒘𝒉𝒐𝒍𝒆 𝒓𝒐𝒐𝒎 𝒊𝒔 𝒍𝒊𝒕𝒆𝒓𝒂𝒍𝒍𝒚 𝒄𝒐𝒗𝒆𝒓𝒆𝒅 𝒊𝒏 𝒎𝒊𝒓𝒓𝒐𝒓𝒔!!
Lil Twitchy
Lil Twitchy Kun oldin
Kylie looks like she is probably pregnant. her cheeks are getting full, nose is getting bigger, and she is glowing💖
carlos ovalles
carlos ovalles 11 soat oldin
lol no she had a cold cup of 42 recently
Medine Ess
Medine Ess Kun oldin
I always want to see these two 🤍
Zoe Hawkins
Zoe Hawkins Kun oldin
The are so much like mother and daughter. I expected them to be more celebritie-ish, but they are really cute!
Chayenne Verburgt
Chayenne Verburgt Kun oldin
why does this have bob ross vibes
Biggo Smiggo
Biggo Smiggo Kun oldin
I feel like Kylie is the most down to earth of the sisterhood
Νενα π.
Νενα π. Kun oldin
its the 80s
Aishah Kun oldin
Ok everyone has to be honest this look is beautiful 😍
Ollie Eaglin
Ollie Eaglin Kun oldin
Ollie Eaglin
Ollie Eaglin Kun oldin
Kylie jenner I love your STYLE... #EXIST
Kolade Tinuola
Kolade Tinuola Kun oldin
This was so fun to watch😂
janaina vieira
janaina vieira Kun oldin
nini Kun oldin
"bye honey get out of my studio" I LOVE KRIS JENNER YALL
Slammer Stink
Slammer Stink Kun oldin
Why hiding likes dislikes
Honest Funny Vlog
Honest Funny Vlog Kun oldin
Both are cute :D
Sharma Xoxo
Sharma Xoxo Kun oldin
Scared of mom doing make-up. First world fears.
Makayla Gonzales
Makayla Gonzales Kun oldin
Not trying to be mean but in James Charles’s video Kylie had said she did not trust nobody with her lips but her moms doing them kinda sus
Anne Luvs
Anne Luvs Kun oldin
My mommi❤
Grace AvakNor
Grace AvakNor Kun oldin
OMG I laughed so hard. ❤️
Ariel Rayne
Ariel Rayne Kun oldin
I fucking love Kris so much lmao 😂 like she’s so funny and quirky and I love it lol
Evelyn Shei
Evelyn Shei Kun oldin
You know, the fact that Kylie calls her mother ‘mommy’ is so sweet
양채은 Kun oldin
0:42 ???
Paula Belén
Paula Belén Kun oldin
Entro a UZpost y lo primero que encuentro es a una Diosa hablando con otra Diosa y esa otra Diosa es la mamá PD:adopteme puedo ser la alfombra si quiere:(
Yelda Saeed
Yelda Saeed Kun oldin
Awwwe she let mommy do her lips. She don’t let no one do her lips!!😍😘❤️
Berenice Lopez
Berenice Lopez Kun oldin
Maquillada muy Jenner👍
Agy Soha
Agy Soha Kun oldin
It’s interesting to observe body language here. Specifically Ky covering her mouth when she laughs and when her mouth is open when Kris is putting on her lip liner/ lip stick. My Freudian thoughts are that she is conscious of her image and how she is perceived (obviously everyone has something to say about her), and her sexuality is largely linked to that. She is financially powerful but she also is placed on a pedestal as a very sexy and glamorized woman. She is clearly influencing the world, and she is redefining the “ideal” woman. Big hips, big breasts, big lips, big hair.. you know, her look (which is very specific) many people are trying to morph themselves to look like Ky because she IS the ideal right now. Placed on the pedestal and it she is very aware of that and I believe she is feeling the pressures to maintain that image and to behave a certain way ( I mean who wouldn’t when there are so many eyes on her).. even if that means she is sacrificing her own beliefs on what she truly wants out of this life and how she wants to look and behave. I think her covering her mouth is also because of “shame” that women feel about their sexuality, about their looks, about being a woman (thanks oppression and history)..She knows she’s not truly under control of her own actions thoughts and beliefs because she’s mounted on a pedestal and she has to stick to it to please others...anyway I digress. I have more thoughts on this. This wasn’t meant to be mean or to throw shade at anything or anyone. I’m just a simple normal super non famous person trying to imagine what it’s like to be THAT famous and what she must be thinking or going through.. like, my mind can’t even comprehend true fame..anywaysI’m overthinking it, thanks free time and UZpost. That’s what I get on trying to find meaning haha
Tez Kun oldin
They both are not wearing face masks( and I'm not talking about the makeup).
Jitendra kumar
Jitendra kumar Kun oldin
Do no mirror makeup challange who want's this challange like
BaBy SooS
BaBy SooS Kun oldin
it's the 80s relax 😂 idk what that means but of mivies I've seen they had such an intense make up 🤔
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