kenzie - Donuts (feat. Yung Bae) (Official Video)

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kenzie feat. Yung Bae - Donuts (Official Video)
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Verse 1
find me on Tuesday night for take off
i don’t wanna waste no time
what you want?
Doing circles going 70
dont wanna be a fine line that you zig zag
Givin you a new baseline
To tip tap
you’re still playing are you kidding me?
what you gotta say
you aint gotta phrase
(Just say you want it!)
Thought you need space
Now you at my place
Hell no
(Ok be honest)
why you playing safe
Run another base or go home
(Just say you want it)
where u goin?
Come on
I’m on sunset
you’re doing donuts
Right up my street
Yo whats the hold up
Pull up on me
Going round, and round,
going right around me
around me
Going round, and round,
going right around me
around me
You’re doing donuts
So supa sweet
sprinkle dat focus
What does that mean?
Verse 2
think it’s time to wrecking ball
the chit chat
see where all the feelings fall
You catch that
throw your body where its ‘spose to be
(In my bed)
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kenzie 3 oy oldin
#kenziedonuts is here 🍩 thank you for the love!
Murch 2020
Murch 2020 4 kun oldin
And kenize i love you so much
Murch 2020
Murch 2020 4 kun oldin
i love you keinze hope your doing well this so fucking good keep up the good work and can you post more things on youtube and if you could give me a shout out :)
Airia Ari
Airia Ari 4 kun oldin
Thank you
Nassima Guedih
Nassima Guedih 5 kun oldin
I love you song 💜
EVAN ADRIEN 22 kun oldin
I'm going in my CLOSET. Again....LOL
S&E 8 soat oldin
Anybody else see nia or was that just me
Manya Singh
Manya Singh 18 soat oldin
U r killing
Spice Gyal Lili
Spice Gyal Lili 23 soat oldin
I had no idea who this girl is, I just discovered this banging song through Spotify and loved it
imogen freestone
imogen freestone 2 kun oldin
who eles think she will look better with johnny
Katie Woodman
Katie Woodman 3 kun oldin
The puppy behind her is so cute
Sara 3 kun oldin
This song is literally so underrated!!!
Anna Yu
Anna Yu 4 kun oldin
The real star is that puppy
Christopher Jankunas
Christopher Jankunas 4 kun oldin
What a track! Well done Kenzie!!!
Fátima Rubio
Fátima Rubio 4 kun oldin
Me encantaaa 💕👁️
AHLEAYIA 4 kun oldin
ByLoveElissa 5 kun oldin
im amazed this video doesnt have 1million views yet!!! - watching from canada
Fiercedeity3101 5 kun oldin
Alright people, let's bring this to 1 millions views let's goooo
Macie Willis
Macie Willis 5 kun oldin
kenzie i love you and i hope you read this and keep smiling no matter what happens i also hope you reach biggr and better things how much you've grown makes me cry
Nassima Guedih
Nassima Guedih 5 kun oldin
I am too big a fan to say that you are only 1 years older than me I have been following you since dance moms I love too much you have voice ❤️❤️❤️❤️💖💖💖💘💘
Lourdes sinthia Arizaca aquino
Lourdes sinthia Arizaca aquino 6 kun oldin
Dhruvika Saini
Dhruvika Saini 6 kun oldin
This song is nostalgic❤..........pls sing more songs like this......I am in love with this song.....hear it everyday
abedsaul0518 7 kun oldin
Your beautiful woman
Nick lima
Nick lima 7 kun oldin
BangtanPartyzeuFM 7 kun oldin
This is catchy af
Devi Cupido
Devi Cupido 8 kun oldin
the next dua Lipa 💜😩 Love you kenzie.
Maddie Minnoe
Maddie Minnoe 8 kun oldin
Kenzie looks 30 😳
Daisy Bunny
Daisy Bunny 8 kun oldin
Did anyone see Nia in this video? Tell me when you saw her.
Me like dønuts
Me like dønuts 9 kun oldin
This is soo good
Cloudy vibes
Cloudy vibes 9 kun oldin
The thing that I most like about Kenzie is that she cares about her family and friends
Casi Angeles
Casi Angeles 9 kun oldin
Ningún comentario en español! Okey soy la primera jajja
Isla John
Isla John 9 kun oldin
I abso love kenzie and this song xxxxx
Laiba Rehan
Laiba Rehan 9 kun oldin
who's here before 1 mil views we nearly at 1 mil lets go keep streaming and watching!!!!
Arely Games
Arely Games 10 kun oldin
It’s my first time hearing this song and I love it.
Alex Mentor
Alex Mentor 11 kun oldin
first of all i searched up how to make donuts
Miraye Lippingwell
Miraye Lippingwell 11 kun oldin
Love it
Naomi Steenstra Toussaint
Naomi Steenstra Toussaint 11 kun oldin
omg Kenz I love this 😍🥺💘
Simply Starxlight
Simply Starxlight 11 kun oldin
Congrats on the masked dancer, I knew it was you! Your the best!!!!!!
jocelyn jimenez
jocelyn jimenez 11 kun oldin
why does she sound better the dixie and she’s 16!
Hannah West
Hannah West 12 kun oldin
We need to get this to 1 Mil views!!
Krew_noodles 12 kun oldin
I’m sorry but I love this song and music video BUT DIXIE IS WAY MORE POPULAR THEN THIS ACTUAL STAR Mackenzie worked for everything she got she made a name for herself she isn’t called Maddie sister anymore unlike Dixie , Dixie got popular cause of her sister and Mackenzie got popular based off her being on dance moms and being a singer NOT BECAUSE OF HER SISTER so in conclusion Mackenzie will and always better then Dixie and Maddie and Kenzie are the better sister duo ;)
Hannah West
Hannah West 14 kun oldin
She is going to go so so far💗
Hannah West
Hannah West 14 kun oldin
Still obsessed🤩🤩
Peasy Lou!
Peasy Lou! 14 kun oldin
yung bae didnt even sing
Penguin 098
Penguin 098 14 kun oldin
the intro sounds like dojo cat say so
Nisa Plays Roblox
Nisa Plays Roblox 15 kun oldin
Was that nia
Trina 15 kun oldin
besides HOT , donuts is one of the best song kenzie has released.
Nazma Qurban
Nazma Qurban 15 kun oldin
Nazma Qurban
Nazma Qurban 15 kun oldin
A fan of yo
okay alii
okay alii 15 kun oldin
This is so 70's and disco, loving it
Noah Garcia
Noah Garcia 15 kun oldin
Who’s where after Kenzie got umasked on the masked singer?
Sol ・ω・
Sol ・ω・ 16 kun oldin
✨Kenzie Has a voice from the other world✨💙💚❤️
syaura bakti
syaura bakti 17 kun oldin
arlichar11 18 kun oldin
wow.. its actually an amazing song .. and dang she sounds and looks nice too.... i had no idea
EVAN ADRIEN 18 kun oldin
Tisserova katerina
Tisserova katerina 18 kun oldin
Si ho ak go Wi so ho so go 😃
Izzy Diamond
Izzy Diamond 19 kun oldin
Ok for the haters: Mackenzie is not fat, yeah she is a teen so her body is constantly changing. She doesn't train or go to dance anymore or like once in a blue moon so it would make sense why she lost her flexibility and her body has changed. Bu she is confident and happy with her body so she doesn't listen to he haters.
megan Theeestallion
megan Theeestallion 19 kun oldin
Ummm I want her shirt soooo bad
aria hasler
aria hasler 20 kun oldin
Voice of an angel 😇💗💕
Maryam Rashid
Maryam Rashid 20 kun oldin
her songs are getting better each time.
Slaylona 20 kun oldin
I immediately went to go buy one of those butterfly tops after watching this thanks kenzie!
myahaylie Rodríguez
myahaylie Rodríguez 21 kun oldin
Im so obsessed
Delilah Feliz
Delilah Feliz 21 kun oldin
Ziyanda Ndlovu
Ziyanda Ndlovu 21 kun oldin
Open Waters ALDC
Open Waters ALDC 22 kun oldin
how does this not have 1M views, but Be Happy has 100M? this is better in my opinion. no hate on dixie, she’s an amazing singer, i just *dOnT uNdErStAnD!*
Demia Thomas
Demia Thomas 7 kun oldin
Something’s fishy about that like Kenzie has worked for years to be the singer she is today like she worked for almost close to 9 years to be a singer but people give recognition to Dixie who’s only been internet famous for over a year now thanks to Charli and gets 100 million when she doesn’t even have a good voice or any vocal training like she sung a song a being depressed and then happy I don’t get why people give these ‘ influencers’ like Charli,Dixie,etc brand deals and not give people who are more deserving and has literally worked hard for us as fans like Kenzie,Maddie,etc they’ve been in the spotlight for years and now their being pushed to the side for some wannabe artist (Dixie) and like she is a diva like why does everyone follow them and send them gifts when none of them deserve nothing like can we please leave them in 2021 and unfollow them please
Sophia Lilley
Sophia Lilley 22 kun oldin
How old are you
JDPR. 22 kun oldin
Omg mejoro muchisimo en su canto,me encantas kenzie!!
Manya Singh
Manya Singh 23 kun oldin
Was second one in beginning was that nia
julia almeida
julia almeida 23 kun oldin
Finley Baker
Finley Baker 23 kun oldin
Me waiting for Charlie d'amelio to be in the vid her her Dunkin donuts drink......😂😂🍩🍩
pastel glcw ɞ‧
pastel glcw ɞ‧ 24 kun oldin
when be happy has almost 100M views and this doesnt even hav a million
Louilla Laica Mae Magno
Louilla Laica Mae Magno 24 kun oldin
Dru Anubis
Dru Anubis 25 kun oldin
So, people actually listen to this crap?🤢🤮I guess the days of good music are truly over when this is considered it!
Aanya Uppal
Aanya Uppal 25 kun oldin
IS IT JUST ME OR DOES SOMEONE GET SERIOUS POP TATE'S VIBES FROM THIS? just me who thought it was a riverdale reference? Eh nvm just me ig
Sadie Miller
Sadie Miller 25 kun oldin
I love you and you were one of my favorite dance moms one! It was you and Maddie
K4SHOUTBRANDY 25 kun oldin
bruh i’m in love
sophia laycock
sophia laycock 26 kun oldin
Sash Hi
Sash Hi 27 kun oldin
Yaa y kenz
Tiffany Tan
Tiffany Tan 27 kun oldin
Who's excited for john and kenz's new song!🙋‍♀️🙋
bAd BlaCk biAtcH
bAd BlaCk biAtcH 28 kun oldin
I think the instrumentals are inspired by say so by dojo cat they sound very similar
Rainbow Squad
Rainbow Squad 28 kun oldin
Kenzie you are tuli from the mask dancer right tell me pls
Firat K
Firat K 28 kun oldin
Who realised Nia in the vid
Julia Oy oldin
I dont understand why she doesn’t have a million views
Eles Bearシ
Eles Bearシ Oy oldin
Nia 😄
Valad Chitze
Valad Chitze Oy oldin
"#Happy Valentine's Day 2021. Thank you for being my American best friend,& bully repellent. Thank you for defending my honour in Edmonton Ab. Canada."
Valad Chitze
Valad Chitze Oy oldin
"#Back in 2016. I love you Taylor F.M.Mackie,S.Ziegler,Gisoni, you are an amazing lyricist, & Entrepeneur."
Karlathings Oy oldin
Her music videos to be underrated
Mxddie Oy oldin
Can’t stop watching this
ALDC Gals Oy oldin
This deserves wayyy more views than it has.
Joah Yones
Joah Yones Oy oldin
i'm pissed i had no idea about this song until someone mentioned it on the dance moms subreddit. where is the promotion for this awesome song?? her vocals are on fire here! and it has an 80s/70s feel to it. absolutely love it!
Gavin Mellalieu
Gavin Mellalieu Oy oldin
I had never heard of Kenzie before this video, but I know Yung Bae inside and knew this song would be funky as hell as a result. Kenzie has a great voice and this is song is up there with the best pop has to offer. smart lady partnering up with Yung Bae. I hope this song and Kenzie blows up and it's great to see Yung Bae explore other musical avenues without abandoning his DJ roots. Congrats guys x
TAN PEI YIN Moe Oy oldin
like dua lipa
Jessica Gorbunov
Jessica Gorbunov Oy oldin
this is better than dixie damelios music why isnt it more blown up :(
Mally W
Mally W Oy oldin
This is so good, but I would’ve loved a dance break
Bread And Water
Bread And Water Oy oldin
i’m confused. This has been my favourite of Kenzie’s songs yet, and it doesn’t even have a million views! what is happening
the one and only
the one and only Oy oldin
Yung bae is like: Oh I’ll be in ur music video if I get a dog
olivia demmarc
olivia demmarc Oy oldin
Try Guys Meme videos
Try Guys Meme videos Oy oldin
du la peep
Try Guys Meme videos
Try Guys Meme videos Oy oldin
okay kenz u killed it
Gema Bravo
Gema Bravo Oy oldin
I love it🥰🎶
Anna Ethan Sister and brother
Anna Ethan Sister and brother Oy oldin
I’m sure kenzie is the star everyone is finding
Anna Ethan Sister and brother
Anna Ethan Sister and brother Oy oldin
This video makes me craving for donuts and I love the song and extra points for vintage style( my favourite) 100/100💖 I love you kenzie Have a nice day!❤️🌈🍩
Cali Vibez
Cali Vibez Oy oldin
U got Mia khalifa nose
Firdaus fun craft fashion? and more!
Firdaus fun craft fashion? and more! Oy oldin
20th time listening to this ILYSM
Isabella Tran
Isabella Tran Oy oldin
It’s look like from the 1980s
Nihal Tissera
Nihal Tissera Oy oldin
the dog is so cute
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