Jimmy Fallon Blew a Chance to Date Nicole Kidman

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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

6 yil oldin

Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman have two very different embarrassing memories of the afternoon they first met.
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Jimmy Fallon Blew a Chance to Date Nicole Kidman

P F Soat oldin
This is really an amazing exchange. Although so much is faked in these shows there is a palpable awkwardness and honesty between these two. Most guys can relate to how he reacted when he found out that "he had a chance."
Tammy Rezzoffi
Tammy Rezzoffi 4 soat oldin
This is the third time I’m watching this! It’s so funny!
Devansh Agarwal
Devansh Agarwal 5 soat oldin
I'm going into depression after this.
Michelle Nguyen
Michelle Nguyen 6 soat oldin
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Асель Каиржанова
Асель Каиржанова 6 soat oldin
It's very fun video, thanks ❤️
Robert Smith
Robert Smith 8 soat oldin
Lol, some guys have no clue when they’re young. Some catch on when they get older.
bargh70 9 soat oldin
Rick is a dumb ass.
Thomas Jordan
Thomas Jordan 8 soat oldin
This seems to be the general consensus lol! I didn't mention this in my reaction video, but would love your commentary! uzpost.info/vision/video/ft6ot6eboKdtfJ8.html
Vivien Yeow
Vivien Yeow 14 soat oldin
Girls (especially someone gorgeous like Nicole) ALWAYS remember the guy who rejected them😂 Well in this case she thought he 'rejected' her haha, she remembers it at least up to the point of that interview
Thomas Jordan
Thomas Jordan 8 soat oldin
This is super interesting! I wish I had this type of opinion in my reaction video haha uzpost.info/vision/video/ft6ot6eboKdtfJ8.html
candycane 14 soat oldin
Yeah her ex at that time was tom freaking cruise. So he probably thought no way she’s going to date him after that. Then he was hot too back then but he didn’t realized it. Plus he was on SNL. He could’ve been like pete davidson back then lol
Thomas Jordan
Thomas Jordan 8 soat oldin
You are probably right! I did a reaction video to this video and said something very similar uzpost.info/vision/video/ft6ot6eboKdtfJ8.html
aka501z 17 soat oldin
talking about "I blew it", this is a home-run, my friend.
Thomas Jordan
Thomas Jordan 8 soat oldin
Maybe he playing the long game with her lol I made a reaction video to it and would love your input! uzpost.info/vision/video/ft6ot6eboKdtfJ8.html
ahammed nasih
ahammed nasih 17 soat oldin
I watched it more than 30 times but still it's funny lol. What a chemistry. Now i remember some rom-com shits
Thomas Jordan
Thomas Jordan 8 soat oldin
lol i thought i was the only one! I even made a reaction video to it and would love your input! uzpost.info/vision/video/ft6ot6eboKdtfJ8.html
if david
if david 20 soat oldin
When your former crush says: *"I always liked you and I never told you"* Jimmy: *"Don't do that, DON'T GIVE ME HOPE"* hahahahahahaha... xD
Grodan Ramsay
Grodan Ramsay 22 soat oldin
I swear half of this videos views are just from me, this is the greatest thing ever
Thomas Jordan
Thomas Jordan 4 soat oldin
Lol me too! There’s another one with him and Bradley Cooper that’s hilarious! I actually made a reaction video to this interview and would love your commentary! uzpost.info/vision/video/ft6ot6eboKdtfJ8.html
Juan Reynoso
Juan Reynoso Kun oldin
50 years will pass... and we'll still remember this moment, it could happen to anybody, not with Nicole Kidman, but it could happen.
Marcepan541 Kun oldin
TV Gold
Angela Chu
Angela Chu Kun oldin
Honestly though interested to date or not, Jimmy was just really rude with him not talking at all to her and playing video games while a guest is this place and especially that guest being the Nicole Kidman. Smfh
Sarah c
Sarah c Kun oldin
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Julia Snow
Julia Snow Kun oldin
One of my favourite interviews of all time on the Tonight Show. Makes me laugh every time I watch it! 💕🇨🇦
Thomas Jordan
Thomas Jordan 4 soat oldin
Lol me too! Have you seen the one with Bradley Cooper? I can’t stop laughing lol! Haha noooo! I made a reaction video to this interview and would love your commentary! uzpost.info/vision/video/ft6ot6eboKdtfJ8.html
Tommy action
Tommy action Kun oldin
Maybe he is gay,, she said 😂😂😂
Christopher Mace
Christopher Mace Kun oldin
😂, When I saw the last comment, I said how great can this be!!! HOWEVER this is awesome, because we(men) have no clue how many times we didn’t catch on to a girls clue!! BUT, we “could have missed the pain, but then we would have missed the dance”.
Felisha Kun oldin
I'm so glad i found this 😭😂😂😂 this is amazing
Yousef Alsuliman
Yousef Alsuliman Kun oldin
Anybody here from 2021?
Bakhtawar Shaikh
Bakhtawar Shaikh Kun oldin
So the young Jimmy did not only look like ted moseby, he also was. Lol
gallai1 2 kun oldin
Oh, Jimmy....please stop the overacting.
Angela Peete
Angela Peete 2 kun oldin
He probably kicks himself and looks at his wife sideways lol. His friend Rick set him up !!
Rishav Chatterjee
Rishav Chatterjee 2 kun oldin
I came to torture myself again after that new Instagram interview
perviguana 2 kun oldin
This feels like the one time he is actually being genuine with his guest, and it's much more enjoyable than his usual antics
Katie T
Katie T 2 kun oldin
I’m still coming back to this and it’s 2021 now lol
Surfing The Net
Surfing The Net 2 kun oldin
2: 20 I want more of that hand touching lmao
Ivette Hernandez
Ivette Hernandez 2 kun oldin
I'm here from the IG post of Nicole & Jimmy playing yes/no 50 questions. 😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣 Best interview ever!
Moon DogSic
Moon DogSic 2 kun oldin
Jimmy, YOU BLEW IT!!!! DUDE!!! SMH
Y Zhang
Y Zhang 2 kun oldin
Oh man.....Jimmy then regrets every min after this interview :D
blueeses 2 kun oldin
1:10 It was at this moment Jimmy knew... he f00ked up
Ryan McInnis
Ryan McInnis 2 kun oldin
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McD5791 2 kun oldin
@ 3:32 - ...and she STILL managed to cop a feel when they walked past east other!!!
McD5791 2 kun oldin
if that was me and Jennifer Connelly in the same situation, I would have killed myself straight after the show.
StElmosFire Kun oldin
Julette Peque
Julette Peque 2 kun oldin
If people decided to do a Jimmy Fallon Biography fim in the future, I would be disappointed if they did not include this story.
Shavya samala
Shavya samala 2 kun oldin
Anyone back from their recent interview? lol
Cel cordero
Cel cordero 2 kun oldin
When was it?
Samriddhi Sharma
Samriddhi Sharma 2 kun oldin
🖐️ I am
tkdpower 2 kun oldin
Who’s here after watching the recent interview with Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman.
Walt Locke
Walt Locke Soat oldin
Me! 🤣
Ivette Hernandez
Ivette Hernandez 2 kun oldin
Lulu M
Lulu M 2 kun oldin
🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 this is so cute!
JAKempelly 2 kun oldin
This was really cute
Keem KardAsian
Keem KardAsian 3 kun oldin
Homegurl toppled a tank full of tea
J K 3 kun oldin
YWG 3 kun oldin
*Its Tradition to come back here to see someone could blow off Nicole freaking Kidman*
Parth Dhanawat
Parth Dhanawat 3 kun oldin
I come here time to time to remind me that I'm not the stupidest man on earth.
GMAN's Movie Zone
GMAN's Movie Zone 3 kun oldin
1:10 is when the tables turn, and Jimmy realizes his whole life has been a failure.
Delilah Atkins
Delilah Atkins 3 kun oldin
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StElmosFire Kun oldin
RoseberryGamingID 3 kun oldin
we have to admit, before we grown as a man, we lost many chance to get our love at the young age because we are stupid young man XD
Аелина Карымшакова
Аелина Карымшакова 3 kun oldin
It's fantastic show, I love it
Kori VanDerSluys
Kori VanDerSluys 3 kun oldin
Poor Jimmy :(
Liheng Wang
Liheng Wang 3 kun oldin
unbelief --> embrassment --> proud that he went on a date --> flirting --> bluffing --> saying he is taken --> maintaining his ego --> begging --> explaining he is not gay on keith --> remembering the event again --> FLIRTING --> yeah i make u laugh --> sexual chemistry
Agata Rachelia
Agata Rachelia 3 kun oldin
the best thing i watched in the middle of this quarantining !
Liheng Wang
Liheng Wang 3 kun oldin
when jennifer lawrence saw seth, seth's calm demeanor brushed it off. while jimmy's vibrant personality is just so cute
fiex 4 kun oldin
Jimmy should meet The protagonist from TENET to settle it
Jan Aballe
Jan Aballe 4 kun oldin
Deep inside , they know it could be better
Me in HD
Me in HD 4 kun oldin
I think we've all been there.
Abufaza3_Gam3r 4 kun oldin
So we need to see the worst wingman ever rick
larry otwaro
larry otwaro 4 kun oldin
This is amazing 😍😍😍
Giuseppe Porri
Giuseppe Porri 4 kun oldin
they still tryna fuuuuuck
Nestor Perena
Nestor Perena 4 kun oldin
my everyday fix... wow 57 millions times... wow ok one more time... click and play
o Limbuu
o Limbuu 4 kun oldin
Looks like Ted mosby himym
VLAD's DAD 4 kun oldin
Jimmy wentr home after that...his wife says: Jimmmyyyy!!! You Got Some 'Splainin' to Do!
B. L.
B. L. 5 kun oldin
Men are dense when it comes to these things. Even if we suspect something, we assume its our bs wishes getting in the way of reality.
Footballista 5 kun oldin
OMG !!! 08:05 her eyes are sparkling with tears !!! maybe because she laughed too much !!! wow !
Footballista 5 kun oldin
02:44 Jimmy's face expression !!! Holy shit !!! that's the whole 100% of regret and remorse feelings quantity on Earth !!!
Luiza Gomes
Luiza Gomes 5 kun oldin
Watching this in 2021 pure gold
Saodat Jalmetova
Saodat Jalmetova 5 kun oldin
noo, she does not like him. she just tryna be nice and make it less awkward to him. stop saying that she still like him.
VoodooKid 5 kun oldin
Nicole Weise
Nicole Weise 5 kun oldin
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Dehinor Vargas
Dehinor Vargas 5 kun oldin
Im watching in 2021 and still he cant believe it
Mic Pioneer
Mic Pioneer 3 kun oldin
Sami’yi 5 kun oldin
Dude that Rick friend didn't help Jimmy at all 😂
Raptorius _01
Raptorius _01 5 kun oldin
he brought Nicole Kidman TO HIS PLACE what else could he have done 😂😂😂
Carol Brotherton
Carol Brotherton 6 kun oldin
Her honk at 3:35...
David Klein
David Klein 6 kun oldin
I’ve seen this several times and it doesn’t get old. So freaking funny
jeff fung
jeff fung 6 kun oldin
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bonginkosi nkosi
bonginkosi nkosi 6 kun oldin
"Wait, did I date Nicole Kidman?" - 😂
Christine Palmer
Christine Palmer 6 kun oldin
Alternate title : Jimmy Fallon trying to flirt with Nicole Kidman again for 9 minutes and 15 seconds
Dear Diary
Dear Diary 6 kun oldin
1:18 say what now?
tanmay mishra
tanmay mishra 6 kun oldin
1:15 It took him good 5 seconds to realise that she wasn't kidding.
m bot6
m bot6 6 kun oldin
The silky straw consistently bomb because brother-in-law presumably settle to a misty halibut. handy, wonderful timer
M.Sheeraz Khan
M.Sheeraz Khan 6 kun oldin
The cutest thing I've seen on J Fallon's. Love to see them both blushing 😍😍😍
Derek Davidson
Derek Davidson 7 kun oldin
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Fidelio7782 7 kun oldin
One of Hollywood's most dazzling leading actresses!
hahha12341 7 kun oldin
"How to confess to your ex crush while you're married"
vapalaca 7 kun oldin
He was shy then I guess. Why would a superstar like Nicole have a crush on him. Fear sucks!
Belén Heredia
Belén Heredia 3 kun oldin
And NK several times said that she is shy too so.. she made a first movement going to his apartment but he didn't know that was a date.. haha
Pablo Lloyd
Pablo Lloyd 7 kun oldin
I blame Rick.
greentealover 7 kun oldin
„... And then you put on a video game or something..“ oh boy oh boy
bina TV
bina TV 7 kun oldin
super )))
Prosto Tzar
Prosto Tzar 7 kun oldin
Please help me, I can't stop watching this!
Nguyenminh Anhkiet
Nguyenminh Anhkiet 7 kun oldin
I need boy friend
Teacher Robin
Teacher Robin 7 kun oldin
Yeah, cause everyone wants a Satanic father inlaw????
087jhood25 7 kun oldin
They were attracted to each other
sineadbradyfan 7 kun oldin
Still my favourite Fallon video, ever.
Reuben Cantrell
Reuben Cantrell 8 kun oldin
audiophile man
audiophile man 8 kun oldin
I'm a Nicole Kidman fan, and if I found out what Jimmy found out during this interview, I think that I would have died! Oh man, Nicole Kidman is interested in you, and you never realize it! 🤣🤣🤣
Miguel 01
Miguel 01 8 kun oldin
If something like that ever happens to me I swear I jump off a cliff
Ebut Uoy
Ebut Uoy 8 kun oldin
8:46 did he have to say "sexual chemistry" that's so cringe
COBREGN 8 kun oldin
This is the video i go to when i want to warm my heart with a good laugh
S. W.
S. W. 8 kun oldin
Interview finished....trouble at home in 3...2...1 "fire in the hole!"
Tomás Matias
Tomás Matias 8 kun oldin
Anyone noticed Nicole's touch on Jimmy!?!?
Tomás Matias
Tomás Matias 8 kun oldin
@Nina Ahah exactly. So quick but I noticed it ;)
Nina 8 kun oldin
That little butt pat? Nope, didn't notice😋
Ali Cetiner
Ali Cetiner 8 kun oldin
Video game or Nicole Kidman? The choice is clear... That is of course if you are not imbecile.
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