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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) streamed 'Among Us' to Twitch for the first time ever to play with popular streamers like Pokimane and HasanAbi and encourage people to vote. Here are a few of the best moments.
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medini :p
medini :p 3 soat oldin
Paris Campos
Paris Campos 6 kun oldin
The only game she deserves to play is life of black tiger.
Aaron Mcfarlin
Aaron Mcfarlin 8 kun oldin
my hero academia
Althor 8 kun oldin
Freakin communist.
Debra Prince
Debra Prince 11 kun oldin
I believe in social programs. But when you talk about SOCIALISM don't you know you can count me out. Sorry Beatles
Mr Price
Mr Price 11 kun oldin
Commie plays Among Us
Teirra Watson
Teirra Watson 13 kun oldin
zackychan financial
zackychan financial 13 kun oldin
Not very professional of her to be doing this. Video games? Really?
Omairos 4 kun oldin
Calm down boomer
A. Ebi
A. Ebi 16 kun oldin
Git Sum Gaming
Git Sum Gaming 23 kun oldin
propaganda at its finest
Beth Vaughn
Beth Vaughn 24 kun oldin
Remember when Ilhan Omar bought votes for the blue? That was awesome!
LogicXx 25 kun oldin
AOC is sus doesnt matter if she plays among us or not XD
nicole deaquino
nicole deaquino 23 kun oldin
uhh okay?
Illmatic_00_ 25 kun oldin
One of those players married her brother
Dhplaz 25 kun oldin
Like one million views and 50 subs and 81 comments somethings not right
NonsensicalVids 25 kun oldin
oh god imagine if they played with XQC lol that would've be interesting
Benjamin Patrick
Benjamin Patrick 25 kun oldin
my comment got 381 likes and I told everyone and now it’s gone and I can’t show it off anymore and be annoying :(
AcidRapper01 26 kun oldin
So funny. Love her
LaLa Icyling
LaLa Icyling 26 kun oldin
Hey my comment is gone. Did you delete it ?
LaLa Icyling
LaLa Icyling 24 kun oldin
@Government Issued Memories That's kinda sus 🤔
Government Issued Memories
Government Issued Memories 25 kun oldin
Mine got deleted too. They all did. No idea why.
Martin Moreno Anderson
Martin Moreno Anderson 26 kun oldin
so confused. 65 comment, 32 followers and nearly a million views on just one video. what
Martin Moreno Anderson
Martin Moreno Anderson 26 kun oldin
what's going on?
Ryan Dietzel
Ryan Dietzel 26 kun oldin
How about no libtards pandering to gamers
Portal Memes
Portal Memes 26 kun oldin
Manuel Aleman
Manuel Aleman 26 kun oldin
This mule face hasn't done nothing for her district other than shadow crazy bernie and her twitter followers . The media has giving her props for nothing but blow make believe dreams and pixie dust out her ass. She avoids real debates. Its sad that our great country has stupid fucking air heads that support brainless fools like this Trump 2020
NerdyCat 26 kun oldin
wiping comments? that's pretty sus
Thea Javelosa
Thea Javelosa 27 kun oldin
Mr_Seasons Gaming
Mr_Seasons Gaming 27 kun oldin
The reason the comments are wiped is that this is a new channel, 19 subs.
Joe Mack
Joe Mack 27 kun oldin
dear launcher gods, please bring back Gaming with Politicians. in gene’s name, amen.
Courtland Tapp
Courtland Tapp 27 kun oldin
Comment on this comment if you still see it, I’m wondering how long til Washington Post deletes it since apparently they silence free speech 🤷‍♂️
Courtland Tapp
Courtland Tapp 26 kun oldin
@TheJesusaurus secretion
TheJesusaurus 26 kun oldin
Do you think you have a right to comment on UZpost or something?
Toby Won Kinoby
Toby Won Kinoby 27 kun oldin
I see it.
Dan August
Dan August 27 kun oldin
Imagine "Be more observant" being the last thing you say...
nagaraja b t
nagaraja b t 27 kun oldin
Wait almost 1 million views and only 31 comments and 13 subs mhmmm something ain't right
D T 27 kun oldin
929k views but 11 subscribers and 30 comments?
Stuxnet Lassa
Stuxnet Lassa 27 kun oldin
No wonder she’s dumb, she’s the imposter in the congress.
SadToBeback 27 kun oldin
I dont understand why they only have 11 subs
CyberSpace3 27 kun oldin
Wait why does this channel have 11 subs
MathisEZ 27 kun oldin
Wait somethings not right
Terddy Birddy13
Terddy Birddy13 27 kun oldin
Brug fuck that dumb bitch
Johnny Munz
Johnny Munz 28 kun oldin
nice comment wiping guys
DIO BRANDO 28 kun oldin
Why is there barely any comments??? 🧐
Jesus 4
Jesus 4 28 kun oldin
Almost 1 million views and 11 comments.
fes 27 kun oldin
@SadToBeback Yeah i never got that. Why are there only 5-6 comments on pewdiepie's older videos?
SadToBeback 27 kun oldin
@Diakòptis oh shit you know too? He has so many videos that have like 15 comments with 20 million views
Diakòptis 27 kun oldin
You haven't seen an old PewDiePie video, have you?
InfectedFox 27 kun oldin
They all got wiped out
Simplicity 28 kun oldin
If you’re reading this, you are just as confused as me
Taibah Mahmood
Taibah Mahmood 28 kun oldin
Imagine being able to say that you played among us with the president 4 years ago.
Internet surfer
Internet surfer Kun oldin
@420 420 Why do you make it sound like only kids play games? Are you not allowed to have some free time or fun?
420 420
420 420 26 kun oldin
imagine playing among us when u r an adult and the taxes actually mean something instead of rpgs... dude come on man
Taibah Mahmood
Taibah Mahmood 26 kun oldin
@Tyler Bone no shit Sherlock
Taibah Mahmood
Taibah Mahmood 26 kun oldin
@meow bow she* but yes I was indeed talking about corpse 😻
Savage Bros
Savage Bros 27 kun oldin
@Tyler Bone nahhh, he is talking about charlie
Christian Acaylar
Christian Acaylar 28 kun oldin
Grimzz _
Grimzz _ 28 kun oldin
This is peak entertainment
Internet surfer
Internet surfer Kun oldin
@mic williams How?
Grimzz _
Grimzz _ 26 kun oldin
@mic williams have you even played it?
mic williams
mic williams 26 kun oldin
What a stupid game.
Fiat Lux
Fiat Lux 28 kun oldin
... uhm, did you really wipe all the comments?! 😐
Fiat Lux
Fiat Lux 26 kun oldin
It's true, the other video links right back here, the old comments are still gone and I can't even access them via my notifications (404 error).
Joe Mack
Joe Mack 26 kun oldin
@Jackson Vermillion ok buddy. maybe aliens did it.
Jackson Vermillion
Jackson Vermillion 26 kun oldin
Joe Mack Tried finding it, couldn’t find the video unless you search up the exact title it seems. When you click on it, takes you right back to this one. So yea they wiped the comments including mine.
jovan hayes
jovan hayes 27 kun oldin
A similar thing happened with Obama’s speech that was on CNN. I went to my history to continue watching it and it was gone. Then I searched for it and found it on another channel but it wasn’t the same speech. It was roughly the same length and he was saying almost the exact same things but it was not the EXACT same video. It was like he did that 30-minute speech multiple times.
Joe Mack
Joe Mack 27 kun oldin
this is apparently a new channel. the old comments exist under the wapo one.
jacob thomas
jacob thomas 28 kun oldin
How the hell does she have time to twitch
420 420
420 420 25 kun oldin
@Magni56 so u want him do be a dictator? just curious
420 420
420 420 25 kun oldin
@FiFi i dont think she is the only 1, and name calling? really dude? grow up...
FiFi 25 kun oldin
@Tyler Bone I’m not being a hypocrite lmao. I’m calling out other Jacob’s hypocrisy.
FiFi 25 kun oldin
@420 420 you think the entire process of working on a bill is on specifically AOC’s shoulders? Lmao dumbass. Also trump and the republicans specifically said they weren’t going to be giving people stimulus bills unless trump was elected.
420 420
420 420 26 kun oldin
@mic williams if that
ZeroGrxvity 28 kun oldin
I don't like that is she using video games to pander... She obviously doesn't care about video game. And it annoys me.
Always Goin fishin
Always Goin fishin 28 kun oldin
This lady is a waste of air. Hope she chokes on a piece of celery.
Mat West
Mat West 28 kun oldin
Biden’s laptop and corruption isn’t important but the American people need to watch AOC play a stupid game. Okay
Omairos 4 kun oldin
Karl Simon Revelar
Karl Simon Revelar 28 kun oldin
She's so funny. Haha. 5:29
penosa24 28 kun oldin
JACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aka Sean. 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩That's awesome!
stupid democratic
stupid democratic 28 kun oldin
- don't used the mask is no good your heath. start used the underwear with heavy smell over 2 months cover your face or put on your mouth the virus (covid-19) go away. i am is better MORE THAN DR fauci. Where do we buy drugs? Ask biden hunter, how to Steal Best Friend Wife? asked joe biden, how do we need the promotion for free love sex but never do still at high level? Ask kamala, how to go to some hair salon destroy? ask peloci. How to stab the back? ask Schumer / obama / Hillary. how to make fake All direct votes come as Congressman? ask AOC / IIHANOMAR. How violent are we, stink of and kneel? ask the democratic party
Jacob 28 kun oldin
This video is dumb
madelyn trepka
madelyn trepka 28 kun oldin
She's so dumb
MyOpinion 29 kun oldin
This is the coolest congresswoman I've ever seen.
ketPhi1 29 kun oldin
Young people is stupid and manipulate easy
Internet surfer
Internet surfer Kun oldin
Speedwagon 28 kun oldin
@ketPhi1 cringe
ketPhi1 28 kun oldin
@ForArts ok Z O O M E R 😎
ForArts 28 kun oldin
Okey boomer😭
Xuan Nguyen Pham
Xuan Nguyen Pham 29 kun oldin
Hey she get a lot of vote for playing this game! Something she can’t do in real life.
Emma Cook
Emma Cook 29 kun oldin
Not to be gay on main but I WOULD DIE FOR HER
Kevin Dunlap
Kevin Dunlap 29 kun oldin
How this crazy person can find her way home from the grocery store is nothing short of a mystery.
Kevin Dunlap
Kevin Dunlap 29 kun oldin
She might very well have the lowest IQ on the entire house floor. the fact she has a degree in economics is proof that higher education is failing.
Someone 29 kun oldin
Everyone gangsta until WaPo becomes a stream highlights channel
8Bit Plushy
8Bit Plushy 29 kun oldin
Bruh all of these people getting political for no God Damm reason. Can we all just enjoy this?!?
ɴᴏ ɴᴀᴍᴇ
ɴᴏ ɴᴀᴍᴇ 29 kun oldin
Imagine if Trump played among us
J M 29 kun oldin
clipzz !
clipzz ! 29 kun oldin
Wow the number of haters here is insane. Y'all dont realize what a gem AOC is. God bless america🤷‍♂️
clipzz !
clipzz ! 28 kun oldin
@Salary Cap aww honey, she cares about the future is is trying to do something about it. What have you done except label progressive people in the youtube comment section lmao. also, y'all really delusional, universal healthcare isn't "radical" or "socialist". Canada has it and look at the quality of life there!
Alice Jibija
Alice Jibija 29 kun oldin
Flam3H3art 29 kun oldin
Hello fellow kids
Blackjack 29 kun oldin
I like everything about AOC except the taxes thank god I moved out of the country.
rai_osu! 29 kun oldin
Hasan was so suspicious when he said omg I think its ilhan omg I think it's him it's so suspicious
Kody Co
Kody Co 29 kun oldin
The cringe in the title is unreal
yuoop noke
yuoop noke 29 kun oldin
"I need to be more observant." Neck gets snapped
KoopaaJ 29 kun oldin
Orange type sus
JasonSwaveyy 29 kun oldin
imagine Trump playing Among Us..
Shreem 29 kun oldin
She should stick to games and leave the Congress to the grownups.
yuoop noke
yuoop noke 29 kun oldin
The future of humanity. We are safe
Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar 29 kun oldin
Alternative title Congresswoman gets to play with Jesus himself
我是一个人 29 kun oldin
Black Lopus
Black Lopus Oy oldin
I don't agree with her views but it is cool that she is going out of her way to be part of the younger generations community and encouraging people to go vote! I still support President Trump but I respect her for doing this and seemingly caring for her country in her own way.
Roland Martin
Roland Martin Oy oldin
Aoc is one of the dumbest people in politics. That being said, I think she found her calling as a gamer girl.
SamDaMan2236 Oy oldin
She's a congress member who's...normal?! She's a godsend to our corrupt, white privileged government.
Carolina Avelãs
Carolina Avelãs Oy oldin
now I want to vote.I'm not even in America. And I'm also a minor. Still want to vote. I love AOC with all my heart
Linux Agent 47
Linux Agent 47 Oy oldin
Imagine journalists keeping up with the gaming community. They're invading. They must get out.
Crossman blue V
Crossman blue V Oy oldin
Stupid OC scumbag !
htclightning 845
htclightning 845 Oy oldin
All we need now is biden,trump,putin,kim jung, the queen to play among us
htclightning 845
htclightning 845 Oy oldin
Oh yeah it's all coming together
NotFine Oy oldin
There's like 2 totally opposite types of comments here and it's funny
MrDubzaster Oy oldin
She's a lunatic.
wacko Oy oldin
Imagine being a member of a Republican Party and playing among us..
Magenta the lion-husky
Magenta the lion-husky Oy oldin
This is the most amazing thing I've ever witnessed.
Sydney Daum
Sydney Daum Oy oldin
Derpy Chan
Derpy Chan Oy oldin
My favorite twitch streamer 10/10
DTP Qart
DTP Qart Oy oldin
I like how all the comments are either very political or just having fun with the game
NotFine Oy oldin
The Deviant Developer IDW Podcast
The Deviant Developer IDW Podcast Oy oldin
Is marxism and economic collapse based on economic illiteracy sus? Yeah. Name a country with a high standard of living that's not capitalist. Name a Marxist country that's not an economic disaster with far more poor people than the former. This chick is either dumb or lying, either way you know how to vote if you don't want to transform the US into a developing country.
Path Evermore
Path Evermore 29 kun oldin
@The Deviant Developer IDW Podcast LMFAO, you totally got triggered "dear". the objective reality is you are screaming "MARXISIM!!!" about someone who voted for their own raise. this concept is about as intellectual at this cup of coffee here. also, learn to read. i already told you my favorite part about marxisim. your tears.
The Deviant Developer IDW Podcast
The Deviant Developer IDW Podcast Oy oldin
@Path Evermore haha we don't get triggered dear, we just like objective reality and proof. You should try it sometime, you know, when you are in your gulag with lots of time to think. You didn't answer my question, what do you like most about Marxism? The gulags, economic collapse or total lack of freedom? Take your time...
Path Evermore
Path Evermore Oy oldin
@The Deviant Developer IDW Podcast the best part about marxism is how triggered it makes you "intellectual" dork web idiots cry like the pansies you are.
The Deviant Developer IDW Podcast
The Deviant Developer IDW Podcast Oy oldin
​@Path Evermore I'm not a republican, I'm not even right wing. See how your brain washing affects you. Now the question is, are you able to open your eyes and your mind? What part of Marxism do you love most? The destruction of freedom, economic collapse or famine?
Path Evermore
Path Evermore Oy oldin
intellectual dark web: the dark cob webs republicans possess in lieu of intelligence.
El_Bartto Oy oldin
She's the biggest impostor of them all, pushing socialism knowing it's not going to work
Shlaghya Chaturvedi
Shlaghya Chaturvedi Oy oldin
She is adorable ngl 😁
BlazingTonk Oy oldin
1:11 can't vent press vent
Saint Abejaron Agnis
Saint Abejaron Agnis Oy oldin
It's really cool that AOC is actually playing Among Us and saying "Sus" plus the Washington Post naming the the video "Is AOC Sus?"
Monica Oy oldin
8:21 Hearing someone say, "Toast is so good" with no context is random but agreeable
ChocolateDoughnuts Oy oldin
Trump 2020
Path Evermore
Path Evermore Oy oldin
20 years in federal prison, 20 years in state!
F Oy oldin
Now this is the news I was waiting for
RUNT 29 Oy oldin
who cares.
Internet surfer
Internet surfer Kun oldin
You because you clicked and commented on this video.
NotFine Oy oldin
Tifa Oy oldin
Clearly you
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