Introducing Mrs. Jeannie Mai Jenkins: Exclusive Wedding Details!

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The Real Daytime

24 kun oldin

Jeannie and Jeezy tied the knot in a surprise wedding last month and we’re getting all the inside scoop, including details about the surprise performance from Tyrese and their unique wedding rings!

The Real Daytime
The Real Daytime 24 kun oldin
Who would you want to give a surprise performance at your wedding?
Birdie Orchard
Birdie Orchard 4 kun oldin
Jill Scott
Kimberly Brabson
Kimberly Brabson 5 kun oldin
Kci and Jojo
DÈVE 5 kun oldin
Sunshine 5 kun oldin
Samantha Rose
Samantha Rose 7 kun oldin
Wait - did she explain why she didn’t invite the ladies of The Real to her wedding? 😢
Synquette !
Synquette ! 4 soat oldin
Wait a minute not trying to be petty but things are coming back to my memory. Didn’t Loni on social media congratulate Freddy on his new marriage and baby or something like that? See now when I think about it I wouldn’t invite her to my new wedding either. I could be reaching but it’s just a thought I had.
AKANI 5 soat oldin
The show changed after I think her name is Amanda, Jeanie was bullied everytime she was talking that girl would take over, everything was about racism, Jeanie comments were never listened to
GoldenGlam 10 soat oldin
That smile that Loni is giving has to hurt along with her feelings! The smile is fake and Jeannie was the only one excited
Jada Braithwaite
Jada Braithwaite 15 soat oldin
But why loni look like shes bleaching
NA 19
NA 19 15 soat oldin
OMGGG u don’t understand she took his name!!!!!! Jeannie Mai JENKINS!! Likeeee jeezy really was the one for her! and she is gloowinnnng!!
kay taylor
kay taylor 16 soat oldin
I just heard Jeanni's reference to black men as "dark meat" who the hell is she to make such a statement on TV, she should've been fired. I hope her the best with her black dark meat husband but that statement is considered a poor judgement statement on her part and it says a great deal about her. What ever Jeanni deserves she will get "Karma" has a way of smacking you in the face, some dark meat can turn very foul quick. That's Real.
Ms P Planet
Ms P Planet 16 soat oldin
So very happy for you and your husband. Very happy 😊
Glenda Freeman
Glenda Freeman 16 soat oldin
Tasha K was right.
Zachery Wright
Zachery Wright 19 soat oldin
Listen Jeannie doesnt seem to be a bad person. When Adrienne's wedding was happening there wasn't a global pandemic happening. Plus do you all ever see how Jeannie Mai is serious about Covid Regulations!! That is basically why her and her mom fell out. It was a small intimate ceremony in the house!! Yall just like to stir up drama for no reason. If it was me i would have totally understood. I am sure when this all blows over there will be a big Ceremony and they will be there.
Joss 20 soat oldin
Seriously Happy for Jeanie. She seems really happy with Jeezy. But on another note, is self not self aware even a little at how it would hurt her friends. Didn’t hear her say wish y’all were there. And her saying there will be another wedding, just not the same.
Joss 20 soat oldin
Wow just catching up. Haven’t wanted the real in a long time. This was hard to watch. I can see the hurt in their faces. They are not just coworkers! How many segments have there been about them praising each other, expressing how much they care for each other. Although intimate, Jeanie did had a full blown wedding. Ouch, I’d be hurt too just saying.
mbali nhlapo
mbali nhlapo 21 soat oldin
No one cares
B Lashell
B Lashell 22 soat oldin
If y’all notice Loni didn’t say a word the whole time jeannie was talking 😂
Jazz 23 soat oldin
Mrs. Jenkins, it’s weird that so many people want to see your downfall publicly. There’s a pandemic; you will have another wedding when this virus clears up. How can they claim to love and desperately want to be around my Unlce/Brother Jeezy and the Jenkins family but down The Mai family. Jeanie a lot of those folk are white supremacist haters. Mother Mai made mistakes in the past but was distracted and in a trance by the government and working to have money for things! I don’t see why any of the hosts were mad when Jeanie clearly stated that Jay Wayne made her list and she made his 😂🤎💕... And Yes! Us Libras are fancy and have expensive, elegant, loving, caring sharing tastes and want our loved ones and family to share the finer things in life with us. I love that you two decided on pinky rings. That’s out of the norm, creative and loving. 🖕🏽who ever’s not genuinely happy for the Mai-Jenkins union and want to make it about them because they don’t even know the true reasoning behind hating you or other beautiful Asian women/Blasian babies. I am a slave descendant so I look just black to the untrained eye but my DNA results show that I have Asian, Latino, Black blood from love and family and tradition before being forcefully being sold into this land as slaves and Irish & German after being here, my great great great great great... grandmothers were raped by these “men” because they were their property but weren’t truly loved or cared for as a woman family member should be. The US government among many other governments only claim to worship God for materialistic gain and to create, soulless, false idols/demons for the people to follow. Tamera not hating on you, right? She has her own family to take care of and plenty money over there. She haven’t even seen her niece much, if at all during this pandemic so shouldn’t have had none to say but Loni & Adrienne tom bout it would have looked good for a check 💴 💵 well damn greedy ass queens, we are on the real everyday together shading and dragging each other. That 💩 gets draining so what’s wrong with just respectfully, risking our lives and the lives of family only, no haters.
Avionics Tea
Avionics Tea Kun oldin
This is Sooooo SHADY!!!!!!!! The Girls are not close anymore looks like. These people are rich i’m sure she got her family and his family covid tested it wouldn’t be anything to add the ladies if she wanted to. Covid or not who youu want to be around will be there. They need to stop capping and say I just didn’t want y’all there. The ladies don’t even look happy lol. I want to know what y’all got to say behind close doors.
STACEY Kun oldin
The energy in this clip is low no excitement from the co-hosts at all :(
Call me Noxolo
Call me Noxolo Kun oldin
Loni 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Shante Jck
Shante Jck Kun oldin
He knew that they were important to her so why not invite the real crew wow.
Elizabeth Mmapaseka
Elizabeth Mmapaseka Kun oldin
Loni and Adrienne aren't even interested..🤣🤣🤣 Trying to fish out complements.. " ow wow"
Elizabeth Mmapaseka
Elizabeth Mmapaseka Kun oldin
Why didn't yawl stay in hiatus?!.😥😥
Jade Soland
Jade Soland Kun oldin
I understand jeannie in saying she wanted anintinate ceremony surrounded by people who know her jeezy, but then to say they met on the show. So how don't loni and Adrienne know him ?
Jade Soland
Jade Soland Kun oldin
Loni just smiling
Angelina Adoko
Angelina Adoko Kun oldin
Its covid but they holding hands? 9:34🤔😬
Lady LaTre'viette Phantumhive
Lady LaTre'viette Phantumhive Kun oldin
Lonnie looks amazing! I’m in love with her glasses 😍 and her makeup is on point.
Dee R
Dee R Kun oldin
This is why Jeannie is not friends with the girls from the real 😬😬 they’ve never really been kind to her or even real about it. This makes me angry and sad. Jeannie has remained the same and these girls have been bullies more ways than one, I mean the show is live we seen the side eyes and faces since the first season. I’m so glad Jeannie finally found her person and is able to finally decide carefully who she wants to keep close in her life. I’m happy for her and how far she has come. ☺️✨🙌🏼
Hewa MD
Hewa MD Kun oldin
No one: Loni in this episode: 😃
Hewa MD
Hewa MD Kun oldin
Yoooo Lonis fake smile says it all 😂😂
Estefany Vargas
Estefany Vargas Kun oldin
Lmao! So awkward
Zee Wash
Zee Wash Kun oldin
Is Loni's smile glued on.
Late for the Party
Late for the Party Kun oldin
Maybe mama Mai went to high fashion in Houston. Lol
Yul Nikita
Yul Nikita Kun oldin
Yeah I would be bummed if someone told me about their wedding ceremony but didn't even invite me to it 😬 especially during covid.. I would have really been looking forward to it! She could have just blamed the invite list on the pandemic and kept it pushing.
Agustina Espinola
Agustina Espinola Kun oldin
Omg this is so awkward to watch... Adrienne’s face shows how she’s angry and upset she didn’t get invited
SIMPLY MIA Kun oldin
Loni.... Her smile..... It don't move
FaythluvsLyfe Kun oldin
Tamera gone, she brought all the positive and good energy to the table, now it’s just eww , they don’t even talk to eachother no more.. Jeannie and Tam Tam were the closet
Helen L
Helen L Kun oldin
Loni had to massage her cheeks during commercial from holding that fake smile for so long.
Helen L
Helen L Kun oldin
They met ON the show but she didn't invite her co-hosts, cause of cov yet none of her guests had a mask on, huddled together for pictures. Ok. 😒
Tub Talk with Taylor
Tub Talk with Taylor Kun oldin
Garcelle needs to go! 🙄
lynn neal sarkozy
lynn neal sarkozy Kun oldin
Happy for you Jeannie ,wishing you all the best ,u always inspire me ,congratulations darln.
Bria Barrows
Bria Barrows Kun oldin
Loni’s face 😂😁 whole time lol
Bria Barrows
Bria Barrows Kun oldin
Man, after watching this twice, I have to conclude it was shady of her not to invite them. I’m speaking only of Adrienne and maybe Loni. Adrienne invited Jeannie to her wedding and many events at her home! She was also there for Jeannie during her divorce.
Bria Barrows
Bria Barrows Kun oldin
I really like Garcelle :)
Nthabie Khakhau
Nthabie Khakhau 2 kun oldin
The show is called the Real but they are so not real to each other. They talk about everything on this show how come they can't say how they really feel about being left out.
Lashini Silva
Lashini Silva 2 kun oldin
Omg this is so awkward her talking about it without them there Lani is soooo quiet BUT asked how that guy came lol omg well ....
Lashini Silva
Lashini Silva 2 kun oldin
Why are they talking about the wedding no one is speaking other than the new girl
Sivu M
Sivu M 2 kun oldin
“Shut up Loni” Loni 👁👄👁
Kelina Webb
Kelina Webb 2 kun oldin
This is so awkward, they are trying to be happy for her because of the show. They should have been invited.....and she went to Adrianas😭
Chelsey Michelle
Chelsey Michelle 2 kun oldin
shame on Jeannie. These girls shared nothing but Love to you and they weren't invited because of the husband? wow
Maria Russell
Maria Russell 2 kun oldin
I like Jeannie but you were so wrong for not inviting them that was really f**k'ed up and it showed how they felt to have to sit there and listen to that you need to Apologize Asap!
Pink Rose
Pink Rose 2 kun oldin
This show be called the Fake thats whats up tamera was the realest one on the show now she gone
Pink Rose
Pink Rose 2 kun oldin
She liked a post somewhere saying she only sees them as coworkers so idk im disappointed i thought they were friends
gr8cious1 2 kun oldin
This wedding convo was sooo awkward
Ackeesh Hutton
Ackeesh Hutton 2 kun oldin
If it was about the pandemic,she should have at least gave them a heads
Kayy Smith
Kayy Smith 2 kun oldin
One day I hope someone accidentally leaves the mic on after cut. 😳 Cause chilleee Loni’s face...
Samantha Acosta
Samantha Acosta 2 kun oldin
Um I apologize Jeannie talking shits not inviting her cowkers just 4 of them she no REAL friend again apologize. It's her choice. GodBless🙏🏾StaySafe
iam blessed
iam blessed 2 kun oldin
woooow 7:52 that is so cool
April Dickson
April Dickson 2 kun oldin
Lonni is super mad 😡
April Dickson
April Dickson 2 kun oldin
Notice how she said a little little bit of congratulations on your wedding that’s why they weren’t invited
Tony Blue138
Tony Blue138 3 kun oldin
If this show is called “The Real”, then they should REALLY talk about it and why wasn’t the other cohost invited! Maybe we should call the show “Sometimes Real” 👀😎
Mix Ce
Mix Ce 3 kun oldin
They are get CO WORKERS not FRIENDS. Simple.
Monique Cobb
Monique Cobb 3 kun oldin
Soooooooooo weird. Telling some happy funny story and you’re the ONLY one laughing. Fake
Monique Cobb
Monique Cobb 3 kun oldin
Jeannie is the FAKEST person pretending to be REAL that’s on TV right now.
Monique Cobb
Monique Cobb 3 kun oldin
*Sitting in the break room Monday w the girl no one likes talking about her wedding she had on Saturday*
Monique Cobb
Monique Cobb 3 kun oldin
Annie Arline
Annie Arline 3 kun oldin
Dont nobody understand that we're still in a pandemic? Im pretty sure Jeannie would have invited the ladies if there wasn't a pandemic. 1 extra person and youve got a super spreader on your hands them yall would be calling Jeannie selfish for having a wedding during a pandemic. Cant win with you people yall GON 🔍 🔍 🔍 something to complain about.
glam_queen 3 kun oldin
I had a so called friend do this to me and it really hurts first i wasn't invited to the engagement party then i wasn't invited to traditional so apparently I'm invited to the white wedding but everyone else he wanted their was their so im keeping my ass at home and wishing him and his wife all the best cos when someone doesn't invite you to a important event it's for a reason.
blue bear
blue bear 3 kun oldin
to me, they were always mean to jeannie saying she does too much or talks to too much. ppl who try to supress you for being yourself is not ur real friend. and when especially tamar was bullying her no one stood up for her instead egged it on or just laughed. to me thats extremely fake and mean spirited and shows what kind of person they are. the rolling of eyes , the shade the disinterest I think adds up and hurts even the nicest ppls feelings so Im not shocked she doesnt feel like theyre her friends. plus adrienne said so herself
Angela Briellard
Angela Briellard 3 kun oldin
This is so wrong to not invite your girls from the real.Honestly If I was Loni, Adrienne or Gabrielle I wouldn't attend the big wedding.Sorry not an after thought I've never heard of guests had to be a part of both etc....
lifewithem 3 kun oldin
This was very awkward to watch, the vibe is just off 😔
Carol Black
Carol Black 3 kun oldin
Yes the vibe is off on the show and personally is she the only one in love in this marriage I'm just saying. Something definitely is not right here
Alondra Nunez
Alondra Nunez 3 kun oldin
Jeanie is so genuinely happy and just gushing🥰 it’s contagious to see!
Mohamed AlQubaisi
Mohamed AlQubaisi 3 kun oldin
Im here for Loni's fake smile
Maggie Abishai
Maggie Abishai 3 kun oldin
Nobody's really laughing at Jeannie's jokes or highlight part of her wedding stories. She just alienated her girls.
Danny D
Danny D 3 kun oldin
I’m happy for Jeannie 😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Kenray Adams
Kenray Adams 3 kun oldin
This is cringing
crisrob Uman
crisrob Uman 3 kun oldin
I think that for some reason they weren’t invited . There were way to many people for the COVID excuse, maybe they are just co-workers, and you don don’t always get along with all of them, but even with the big effort those two at the top are making, you can see in her eyes and smile that they were pretending to be cool , the real is no so real jejeje I click here because of this interesting video about this topic of the invitation and I think miss Leyla is true in her video
OhioGlamGirl_shante 3 kun oldin
Loni face was frozen 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Curly Q
Curly Q 4 kun oldin
She better be glad SOMEBODY wanted to marry her. Not really that cute to me. The makeup helps. And Tyrese was at the wedding?! Oh yeah, she fittin’ ta get real hood schooled. With dem type men? Uh o.
Jay dot.
Jay dot. 3 kun oldin
You marry someone for their looks?
Moinyaa 4 kun oldin
Jeanie is really big on following covid guidelines! Even her and her mom beefed over something like this so i don’t think it was anything malicious
miss Dee
miss Dee Kun oldin
Well now you know the truth lol
Luseko Sivenathi Diki
Luseko Sivenathi Diki 4 kun oldin
this is very awkward or its because it virtual...
Luseko Sivenathi Diki
Luseko Sivenathi Diki 4 kun oldin
Loni is just grinning!
Lesego Tlhosane
Lesego Tlhosane 4 kun oldin
The response to Jeannie's story is so weird, "wow" they don't soubd happy for her. The show has changed alot. It's like they were told to be serious all the time. It's like they strangers.
Alvin Del Rey
Alvin Del Rey 4 kun oldin
Much respect for Garcelle, Adrienne, & Loni for getting thru this awkward situation Jeannie put them through
yurygomezlove 4 kun oldin
"Wow"😐 -Adriane and Loni True colors starting to peep thru 🤨😒
Edel Ed
Edel Ed 4 kun oldin
This was Awkward and now I understand why. I wonder how you couldn't squeeze just 4 or 5 more.
Victoria Williams
Victoria Williams 4 kun oldin
Cringe 😬
Mawande' Nxumalo
Mawande' Nxumalo 4 kun oldin
She laughing by herself
Mawande' Nxumalo
Mawande' Nxumalo 4 kun oldin
She is happy by herself here the girls just talked for the show but they were checked out
Mawande' Nxumalo
Mawande' Nxumalo 4 kun oldin
When Jennie married Freddy she got married to be married but with Jezzy she married for love
Jessica marie
Jessica marie 12 soat oldin
She always Fetished black guys she never loved Freddy but married him to please her family she even said her mom was against her marrying a black man so she went and used poor Freddy but I’m glad he moved on and he looks happy with his new family. Wish him the best.
Miz Rose Adventure
Miz Rose Adventure 4 kun oldin
Not believing she did not invite her co hosts. That's BS
876ME 4 kun oldin
Jeanie said the cohosts were the first ppl apart from family to know they had a private ceremony yet she didn’t invite them to her wedding. She’s weird af and I wouldn’t gaf about talking about her wedding either.
876ME 4 soat oldin
Her wedding was in Georgia. There are no Covid restrictions there. She could have had 1000 people at her wedding if she wanted to because the Georgia government would allow that.
Davian Stewart
Davian Stewart 10 soat oldin
Covid restrictions lol
blue bear
blue bear 3 kun oldin
@Mix Ce very true.
Mix Ce
Mix Ce 3 kun oldin
... just cause they work together doesn’t mean they are friends. Y’all need to know the difference. She doesn’t have a close bond with them and for years they treat her like the odd one out.
blue bear
blue bear 3 kun oldin
covid restrictions she said is why
MsMarwalous 4 kun oldin
I know everyone is saying how you don’t have to invite ur coworkers and all which is fine but look at the real. They have been there before even her husband entered her life and hung out even after work - she had the nerve to invite tyrese and not them. Adrienne had a small wedding too but did invite them. I love Jeannie and I’m a Capricorn too but this is the first time I felt Jeannie not being a girls girl. Women always pick their husband and as a single girl with married friends - bye girl bye. As much as Jeannie can be happy with her own life, the cohosts have every right to feel a certain way and I would feel very hurt and disappointed if I was them as well.
Kenya K
Kenya K 4 kun oldin
That’s crazy they didn’t even know or get invited to the brunch the day after😳😳😳😢😢 they way they’re talking is like they haven’t been in contact with her at all!
Soulful Kisses80
Soulful Kisses80 4 kun oldin
Wow just wow weird
CONJUNCTION 4 kun oldin
How can it be “The Real” if y’all can’t keep it real??
Sha' Unique
Sha' Unique 4 kun oldin
This show is slowly fizzling....🤦🏾‍♀️
sx3todd 4 kun oldin
jeannie you don’t consider them as your true friends. actions speak.
Dee R
Dee R Kun oldin
It’s probably cause you new viewers don’t know. She’s been pretty much bullied by the ladies of the real since the first season. I think it’s normal she only wants authentic people present at her wedding. It doesn’t matter if Adrienne invited Jeannie to her wedding and Jeannie didn’t. We’ve all seen how she has been treated throughout the years. Maybe she’s finally done faking it, now that she found true love maybe she wants to keep the authenticity in her life and make her circle small. 💁🏻‍♀️ and that’s perfectly fine.
Renie Nostalgic
Renie Nostalgic 4 kun oldin
Adrienne is hurt man.
Christy Louis
Christy Louis 4 kun oldin
This is super awkward omg 🤦🏾‍♀️
gordnn 4 kun oldin
i'm watching this cause i love mama mai
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