Inside the MOST EXPENSIVE Home in Calabasas | Mansion Tour

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Enes Yilmazer

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This week we are in Calabasas, California touring the most expensive and exquisite home in the history of San Fernando Valley! Follow us on Instagram @EnesYilmazerLA , @AyersWorld , @Jaysonk0312!
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Property Address: 25354 Prado De La Felicidad, Calabasas, CA 91302
Specs: 8 Bedrooms, 14 Baths
22,000 sq ft interior space / (2,043 sqm)
1.75 acre lot / (7,081 sqm)
Listing Price: $37,999,000
Listing agent: Tomer Fridman (Dre 01750717) with Compass
Property link:
Tomer on Instagram: @tomer.fridman
Designer: Michael Palumbo - @michaelpalumbodesign
Video of Interview With Michael Palumbo:
Developer: Elite Investment Management Group
Listing Description: "Be the first to occupy this newly constructed one-of-a-kind Calabasas hillside retreat, a striking contemporary-style residence whose French Modern exterior shines in the ultra-exclusive, double-gated celebrity enclave of The Estates at The Oaks. The dwelling was conceived by Michael Palumbo Design whose impeccable craftsmanship boasts opulent finishes and materials of the highest quality. Spanning apx 22,000 sqft of grandeur and emphasizing an outdoor connection, the sprawling sun-splashed residence includes eight en suite bedrooms w/ walk-in closets, a maids quarters with separate entrance, one bedroom guest house and a chic poolside casita. Indulge in all the five-star amenities you could ask fora modern wine room, wellness spa, basketball court, putting green, 10-car garage, an elegant theater and an infinity-edge pool backdropped by breathtaking vistas. Secure your spot in the last of the sought-after view lots in The Estates, and treat yourself to the elegant life you deserve."
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Cheers, Enes Yilmazer (DRE 02077182)
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#MansionTour #ModernHome #LuxuryHomeTour #LakeTahoe #California #MegaMansion #Calabasas #HiddenHills
Created by Enes Yilmazer (DRE 02077182) - @EnesYilmazerLA
Filmed by @AyersWorld , @Jaysonk0312 , @CodyBoone
Edited by @AyersWorld , @Jaysonk0312
Time Codes:
0:00 - Intro & Exterior
1:42 - Entry, Formal Living & Dining Room
4:23 - Family Room, Kitchen & Chef's Kitchen
10:32 - Guest Suite, Powder Rooms & Office
13:02 - Basement Entry, Garage, Spa
15:55 - Movie Theater & 2 Guest Suites
19:08 - 2 Guest Suites
22:15 - Primary Bedroom Suite
27:16 - Backyard, Guest House, Patios
30:20 - Basketball Court, Pool House & Pool
34:04 - Tour at Night

Heldana Deme
Heldana Deme 38 daqiqa oldin
I love watching this I can't afford to buy. What can I say? i'm a dreamer--
Irissa Moen
Irissa Moen 3 soat oldin
Can we get a map of this house if u can get that?! I love it so much it’s unbelievable.
YRO 5 soat oldin
I really was searching hard for a thing I don't like about it, and finally there's one towards the end: If I were rich, I'd still wanna gather arround the BBQ with some friends. Having it secluded behind the pool building isn't ideal, I would probably prefer swapping the bathroom and the BBQ setup.
isiah 6 soat oldin
I’m really thankful for these videos because although I’m not poor I’d say maybe middle class but still I know in my lifetime I will never ever get to see the inside of a million dollar home if it weren’t for these types of videos I can just imagine what it might feel like to actually live there. How awesome that would be to wake up there lol But sadly I was not born into it. But that’s okay I’m happy/content with my life for the most part.
Tree Talkative
Tree Talkative 8 soat oldin
Wow- That's a nice house but - 1. Too expensive 2. Too big and takes a lot of time to clean 3. I don't NEED 8 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms just to myself. I like smaller houses better.
Tree Talkative
Tree Talkative 2 soat oldin
@Erica Jane Dalisay I know.
Erica Jane Dalisay
Erica Jane Dalisay 3 soat oldin
It's not for you though
Simon 11 soat oldin
I would be much leaner if I lived there: Lets go watch a movie! Hey? Its 5 pm, kids have to be in bed by 8, you know that, plus, we might get lost!
Crescendo 15 soat oldin
The more mansion tours I watch the more I realise that these mega rich people have 0 privacy and personal space as they need a whole army of full time staff to cater, clean and maintain their home. It's like living in an art gallery with a bunch of strangers. I couldn't do it.
Black Sparrow
Black Sparrow 16 soat oldin
Oh man, one day
Gene Best
Gene Best 16 soat oldin
Who is the designer does he have any water front properties...... The WB
YaBoyReggie 17 soat oldin
That’s TheWeekend house
Comunicación Simple
Comunicación Simple 19 soat oldin
My future amazing, great and One of my future beautiful, surprising, fascinating, enjoyable, comfortable and simple residence
Use Bitcoin
Use Bitcoin 19 soat oldin
Egon 20 soat oldin
this has got to be the most beautiful house I've ever seen
Troels 20 soat oldin
Anyone know the brand of those yellow chairs at 3:58
Dylan #93
Dylan #93 Kun oldin
That bathroom costs more to make than my whole house
G4UGamer Kun oldin
YouTube All Gaming Streamer
YouTube All Gaming Streamer Kun oldin
i love this house this house was amazing
Matilde Henriques
Matilde Henriques Kun oldin
How can I buy it!?!?!?!?!?? I have cashhhhh
Brent Cooper
Brent Cooper Kun oldin
Imagine losing ya damn phone or keys
Kim Chance
Kim Chance Kun oldin
This looks like one of the kardashians homes. Or Scott’s from the show..
Alka Gupta
Alka Gupta Kun oldin
Lukeone6 S
Lukeone6 S Kun oldin
Mark 12:7, Mark 10:29 Gal 4:7 in Jesus' name.
mp Kun oldin
yesss pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Houston Marley
Houston Marley Kun oldin
Imagine having a mansion like this? One can only have this through Crypto trading or Forex trading. Who can teach me?
Kurt Alonso
Kurt Alonso Kun oldin
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Kurt Alonso Kun oldin
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Wambui Mungai
Wambui Mungai Kun oldin
Did he say 10 car garage???
Gamerz ASMR
Gamerz ASMR 2 kun oldin
Im watching this forth time lol
Hannah Nicole
Hannah Nicole 2 kun oldin
Enes Yilmazer
Enes Yilmazer Kun oldin
I know, right?
Subham 2 kun oldin
Home or hotel ?😂
Subham 2 kun oldin
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Aaryan Singla
Aaryan Singla 2 kun oldin
Enes forbes copied your thumbnali
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My ex is back 2 kun oldin
Hello do you need help on how to get your ex back or restore someone you love specialist who helped you me out
Jackson Jett
Jackson Jett 2 kun oldin
A trend I have noticed is that rich people are incapable of purchasing attractive wall art.
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Handbag Diva
Handbag Diva 2 kun oldin
Rooms are too dark for me, not enough natural light. It’s somewhat cave like.
My ex is back
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anik ahmed
anik ahmed 2 kun oldin
What a home...
Likhaya Majola
Likhaya Majola 2 kun oldin
Why do the cars enter and exit?
Marie Michalak
Marie Michalak 2 kun oldin
Who would need all this space?
Marie Michalak
Marie Michalak 2 kun oldin
The question is, who bought this house? xD
Xerxes Tininahan
Xerxes Tininahan 2 kun oldin
Imagine touring this house and you're phone is not in your pocket
Jada Coston
Jada Coston 2 kun oldin
No one: Enes: haha i agree
Concerned Citizen
Concerned Citizen 2 kun oldin
It felt more like living in an office building than a home. And where is the room for your own personality to shine, or where do you showcase the things that you love, the antiques and the gorgeous things that you could buy if you were that rich. Seems like all the things you love would have to fall into the style of this home or they would look horribly out of place. Plus, I felt sad for the kid that had to grow up in that sterile looking room. I know that dark gray is in, but I couldn't live with those dark walls. Who am I to look down on a $50million dollar house? I'd love to have just one of those walk-in closets and the pool is cool and the views fantastic, and I live in a little nothing house..... but if I had $50 million I'd choose something else.
Crescendo 15 soat oldin
Yes these mega mansions completely lack personality and are missing the cozy homley feel. I see them as show rooms or art galleries. If you fill this with every-day stuff and collections, it's not going to look right. And this buyer has to have the same taste for those dark tones which is not everybody's cup of tea for sure.
Michelle W
Michelle W 2 kun oldin
GAMING CHANNEL 2 kun oldin
i like that
GAMING CHANNEL 2 kun oldin
good family organization starts with me they meditates
David Johnson
David Johnson 2 kun oldin
You could literally buy a decent home in every country in the world, and fly around the world to each home everyday for the price of that overinflated house.
honey honey
honey honey 2 kun oldin
I don't like houses like this. It feels like a hotel rather than a home. I don't envy people that live this way because it sounds a bit sad. There is no warmth or anything to impress a normal human being. And don't get me wrong, I like comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment. I have travelled around the world and seen a lot of nice spaces. There is no need for houses this big especially when we think about people that do not even have enough food to go by. I seriously feel sorry for people that cannot be satisfied with less...
Jaye Neutron
Jaye Neutron 2 kun oldin
What is that clock called at 7:45? I want to buy one. I want to know the same brand as that one too.
Rajdeep Singh
Rajdeep Singh 3 kun oldin
House like this you can buy 4 to 5 millions in taxes 🤣🤣
Riccardo Dessì
Riccardo Dessì 3 kun oldin
All this luxury and there's not even a bidet in the bathrooms.. they're rich but they don't clean their asses 😂 [People from Italy, Portugal, Japan know what I'm talking about]
Dante Paperinosky
Dante Paperinosky 3 kun oldin
Not knowing reason about it...while I was reading...I read "Calabria" instead of reading Calabas...ahahah. However I never spent so much money to buy an where...
Anale jiirigracias
Anale jiirigracias 3 kun oldin
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Anale jiirigracias
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Flora Kumal
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Anale jiirigracias
Anale jiirigracias 3 kun oldin
aaaww thanks.. ✅❤💯🦅🦅
Flora Kumal
Flora Kumal 3 kun oldin
WOW I PRAY FOR BIG HOME LIKE THIS❤️💯.. Only a bitcoin and forex trader can say this prayer and have big dream like this.. BITCOIN IS THE FUTURE . I want to invest in the future ❤️✅🗝🗝..
Anale jiirigracias
Anale jiirigracias 3 kun oldin
Flora Kumal
Flora Kumal 3 kun oldin
Ok thanks ma’am.💯❤️
Anale jiirigracias
Anale jiirigracias 3 kun oldin
you are always welcome bro.. him also 👇👇👉👉👉
Flora Kumal
Flora Kumal 3 kun oldin
Aaaww great.. thanks for the good news ma’am.💯💯❤️❤️
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Anale jiirigracias 3 kun oldin
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tam vuhoai
tam vuhoai 3 kun oldin
Chuyen tien mat ve cho em duoc khong em Vu hoai tam Adud
Aditya 3 kun oldin
Usually I feel it's not close to worth spending obscene amounts of money for the ridiculous stuff rich people spend on. But this, this seems worth it.
Kingfortnite 333
Kingfortnite 333 3 kun oldin
Me:knowing that I will never afford it but still thinking what if I bought it 🤔 😅
Abhishek Savant
Abhishek Savant 3 kun oldin
One of the best interior i've ever seen. That master bed room is something else.
Ana Cámara
Ana Cámara 3 kun oldin
Hi, I still waiting for the plans of the house!
King Rula
King Rula 3 kun oldin
Great video. Keep it up
aboutface102 3 kun oldin
I loooove that kitchen, amazing, so modern and sleek and the color is perfect.
Bdu Hdj
Bdu Hdj 3 kun oldin
حلو والله ما شاء
Yukon Striker
Yukon Striker 3 kun oldin
Whoever cut the cover plate for the kitchen sink drain was obviously fired.
Davvy Wavvy
Davvy Wavvy 3 kun oldin
My Question is how does Enes remember all the specs for the house? 🥵🥵🤷🏽‍♂️Like the little details of where everything is and what it is😭😭🥰Genius tingz
snowbird 3 kun oldin
How does he walk with such confidence in these homes? I’d be terrified of breaking or even getting a single fingerprint on anything.
Ana Lizi
Ana Lizi 3 kun oldin
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Graham stephan
Graham stephan 3 kun oldin
I recommended a professional broker to you guys sometime ago,can i get person who invested with her Comment below
Mia Juliet
Mia Juliet 3 kun oldin
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Jack Nathaniel
Jack Nathaniel 3 kun oldin
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Nur Anhasri
Nur Anhasri 3 kun oldin
Tell him I referred you 🖕
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Nur Anhasri
Nur Anhasri 3 kun oldin
Seeking for his contact details,his availablilty is sure on WhatsApp 👇
Lalit Kumar
Lalit Kumar 3 kun oldin
Imagine a serial killer break in at midnight with no electricity
DealMachine 3 kun oldin
Those dishwashers and cabinets though! 🤯
Lara Lara
Lara Lara 3 kun oldin
Have a nice trip. I am learning İnglisgh to better understand what you are telling. Nice hauses and good videos. Thank you so much 😍
TV CHANNEL 4 kun oldin
Luxury home !
Delisha 4 kun oldin
This is my dream home I'm 12 yrs but even I grew up still if it's not sold I'll buy it✨✨
Aspirante a música
Aspirante a música 4 kun oldin
what happened to the sofas that placed outdoor when rain came to say hello
All Blacks & Outdoors & anything marketing.
All Blacks & Outdoors & anything marketing. 4 kun oldin
My favorite house i love it 😍
Zakya Miah
Zakya Miah 4 kun oldin
One good earth quake and this house is fucked California notorious for fires and quakes !
Sami Asidi
Sami Asidi 4 kun oldin
I love the camera man
Nabeel Abdul Qahar
Nabeel Abdul Qahar 4 kun oldin
Please go back to nyc these Cali houses are so boring.
Amahle Kalest
Amahle Kalest 4 kun oldin
Nahh you guys are talking about the bills, the bathroom and everything else else.. But what would happen when rain falls.... Like just imagine all those furniture outside getting wet and you can do nth... 😭
Miraculosa 3 kun oldin
The furniture in these luxury homes is waterproof😊 there is a solution to every problem.
أيلين جين
أيلين جين 4 kun oldin
بيت لاحلام 😟
Daz Duplacy
Daz Duplacy 4 kun oldin
sale for such a great price...j
awesome models
awesome models 4 kun oldin
I am really curious to know exactly how rich people live in these kinds of houses ! And i wonder if they do silly things like sleeping in a different room everyday or trying all the bathrooms or something like that .
HOMESTEC Construction, Architecture, Etudes
HOMESTEC Construction, Architecture, Etudes 4 kun oldin
Sandra Addico
Sandra Addico 4 kun oldin
I am in love with this I love it I wish it's my
Hortence Sarafina
Hortence Sarafina 5 kun oldin
Why’s there so many seating areas?
Nonpeon 5 kun oldin
I feel like committing suicide after watching this, realizing how much of a financial loser I am. Good Lord!!...😂😂
Monda Chewon
Monda Chewon 5 kun oldin
Keep coming back to this house - real class
martha conner
martha conner 5 kun oldin
It must be designed for a man as all black snd white with no warmth in it.
Morales, Juan Carlo
Morales, Juan Carlo 5 kun oldin
when the lawn is bigger than your house........
Shailja Vishnu Priya Yadav
Shailja Vishnu Priya Yadav 5 kun oldin
After seeing this is my dream house 😍😍😍😍
Superwomen 3 kun oldin
One day me and my son will live in this kind of beautiful house..🙂🙏🙏🙏
Tony McQueen
Tony McQueen 5 kun oldin
Man! You're incredible! I love how you re-hashed at the end because we saw so much, LOL. This home will definitely get OVER asking! I can see many celebs trying to outbid each other and have THE MOST EXPENSIVE HOME IN CALABASAS!!! Congrats to you on the growth of your channel and ALL the amazing content!!!
hejjap 5 kun oldin
mükemmel bi evmiş gerçekten
Daniel MAHLD Mahlabegoana
Daniel MAHLD Mahlabegoana 5 kun oldin
the neighbor to this new homeowner is Kourtney Kardashian. I spotted her house instantly with the chimneys while the guy was taking a tour of the backyard.And I said I knew I chimneys from somewhere and I did my research 😫🤭Arg.This house is immaculate It's by far the best I've seen.And that pool 😍 and the scenery!! First class
Sarah Nowels
Sarah Nowels 5 kun oldin
Nixon’s western White House is for sale in San Clemente...biggest oceanfront estate in guys should do that place!
Dünya da Tek
Dünya da Tek 5 kun oldin
Bak bu ev güzel işte Türkiye'de aynısını 1 milyon dolara yaparsın
Joseph Danguy
Joseph Danguy 5 kun oldin
Thank you so much Enes for this amazing tour!
Andrew Edward jones
Andrew Edward jones 5 kun oldin
Aarav Aadi
Aarav Aadi 5 kun oldin
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Mai Amelia
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maurice gipson
maurice gipson 5 kun oldin
HEY Enes this has to be one of the nicest homes youv"ve shown ......GREAT JOB
Electra 5 kun oldin
tuty khan
tuty khan 6 kun oldin
Have heard a lot about online investment, but is it really profitable?
francisco ferreira
francisco ferreira 6 kun oldin
perfect house
Dilara Savcı
Dilara Savcı 6 kun oldin
Sen gezerken ben yoruldum abi
Kent Powell
Kent Powell 6 kun oldin
of course a super house - but one of the best walk throughs that i have watched, you guys did a super job
Wanted Gh
Wanted Gh 6 kun oldin
لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله ، الله يرزقنا الجنة .
Jasmine Njoki
Jasmine Njoki 6 kun oldin
This house is one of the best house l want for my future it has such beautiful details and design's that l luv ❤️
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