In a Zombie apocalypse...

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Against actual zombies I'm scrapping 😤
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Doctor Dynamite
Doctor Dynamite 12 soniya oldin
Bruh that bass drop was the perrrrffffeeeccct plot twist to us too: He came up with the idea cos his water ran out .
Baki Anime Battles
Baki Anime Battles 11 daqiqa oldin
A life for survival kinda sounds cool tho, sh*t compared to being inside the house or job doing the same thing over and over again... No wonder the zombie genre is so popular.
Burrito Boi
Burrito Boi 21 daqiqa oldin
Caleb is the only person I respect enough to actually watch when he does his sponsors
ANNA CLARA Fenyo 24 daqiqa oldin
Pffft. He's clearly just throwing bats to himself.
killua zoldyck
killua zoldyck 26 daqiqa oldin
bruh yellow jacket caleb spittin
Voltzy The Dork
Voltzy The Dork 26 daqiqa oldin
SAMUEL L JACKSON MEME: “N¥€€A that’s all you had to say”
Grave 34 daqiqa oldin
I mean honestly unless you know that someplace is actually safe like let's say a military base or another country it might be worth trying to get there but if not best bet would probably be either secure a house and farm food/dig a well maybe look for a video game store or just go out in a blaze of glory killing zombies.
Blu Stickman
Blu Stickman 35 daqiqa oldin
I feel like that ending needs a sequel
frank axe
frank axe 37 daqiqa oldin
Thanks but no thanks no wifi or food
Sketch Love
Sketch Love 49 daqiqa oldin
Tbh idk why we so obsessed with zombies gonna kill us. Did y'all forget they can't move faster than a strolling pace?
P1nyapøl 50 daqiqa oldin
*Zombie Apologize.*
OTR Bros
OTR Bros Soat oldin
The 🧢 cap
TheHarlemShake Soat oldin
Ayayayay he’s wearing beast merch, my man
mike Dragon rage
mike Dragon rage Soat oldin
I love your videos man
Kehwanna Soat oldin
All the people with net-zero energy and net-zero water houses would probably do just well through a zombie plague. Meanwhile, the rest of the world went back to the dark ages, people are burning their shelters down trying to warm up a poptart, and survivors are antagonizing each other when it would make more sense to work together. Survive the plague by going green today!
mustachio0 2 soat oldin
"Sleep in a bed?" Few seconds he was going to sleep in the floor
Natorithm 2 soat oldin
Beast merch
D.R.I.P R.A.M 3 soat oldin
S ooooo were just gonna ignore the MrBeast Merch people
Infinite Powerip
Infinite Powerip 4 soat oldin
Sick Mr. beast merch
Thomas Urech
Thomas Urech 5 soat oldin
Best place to be during a nuclear apocalypse is ground zero.
Rick_dat_boi 6 soat oldin
That mr.beast merchhh
Acceptance 7 soat oldin
If there was a zombie apocalypse, I'd honestly fight the zombies just for fun, knowing Ill die. Matter fact, Id do lots of things I couldn't do if the world wasn't ending, and that doesn't mean anything bad in particular, just things
Martian Lemonade
Martian Lemonade 7 soat oldin
Bro can I get a link to that coat?
Valkaen 8 soat oldin
Note to self: don’t have food or drink in mouth while watching Caleb city
Argento Camillé
Argento Camillé 8 soat oldin
nice mrbeast merch
feitan lax
feitan lax 8 soat oldin
the is by far by the best vid ever...
Z e r o 生活
Z e r o 生活 9 soat oldin
Nobody gonna talk about mr beast merch he's wearing
Dakota 10 soat oldin
Never trust a guy with a CAP hat dude
toxic tucker
toxic tucker 11 soat oldin
Who else think cleb should be a streamer
Koziee 12 soat oldin
what’s the ringtone you use I need that
Jayvin Jackson
Jayvin Jackson 12 soat oldin
I turn off AdBlocker before I watch Caleb
Astronaut ability’s
Astronaut ability’s 13 soat oldin
Mando With a Plan
Mando With a Plan 13 soat oldin
Time to gather green herbs
adrian saldana
adrian saldana 14 soat oldin
With coronavirus literally swept all over the world I can say a zombie apocalypse be sweeping quicker and straight up end USA while the rest of the world would have been struggling for 3-6 months then go back to their regular life style.
Usern0me 14 soat oldin
Honestly I would go mentally insane
Latriece Williams
Latriece Williams 14 soat oldin
Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. Yes. Yeah. Yes. Yeah. Maybe.
Jorden Gamez
Jorden Gamez 15 soat oldin
Wyguy Games
Wyguy Games 15 soat oldin
I love how he is wearing mr.beast merch
Clifton Shackelford
Clifton Shackelford 16 soat oldin
The last part got me😂
Ed 16 soat oldin
Need some new merch, especially that pink and light blue jacked
Muhammad Hasan
Muhammad Hasan 17 soat oldin
Can you plz play the game brawlhalla??
O. M.
O. M. 18 soat oldin
man you're amazing :)
ThatGuyMatt 18 soat oldin
I like how he was wearing a Mr. Beast shirt lol
Jaxquw Dal Pacquiaoit
Jaxquw Dal Pacquiaoit 19 soat oldin
The mr. Beast merch firreee
azietheone 20 soat oldin
100% accurate.
a_mochi 114
a_mochi 114 20 soat oldin
I'm looking at that beast hoodie
zurbherd 20 soat oldin
I like how your wearing mr beast merch but not your own
Explore The World
Explore The World 21 soat oldin
Bruh man wearing beast merch
Justin Sia
Justin Sia 21 soat oldin
i watched this 10 times already
Nasiah Gentivo
Nasiah Gentivo 22 soat oldin
😂😂😂👌🏿the last excuse is legit It’s too cool to fight zombies
Marc-Gabriel IORDAN
Marc-Gabriel IORDAN 23 soat oldin
Dude, i just thought it would be cool to fight zombies Bet, why didnt you tell me that les go
Romeo Bent Monegro
Romeo Bent Monegro 23 soat oldin
See y’all in the year 7599 when this gets recomendad to me again
Ahmad McLeroy
Ahmad McLeroy Kun oldin
Rick Mandoza
Rick Mandoza Kun oldin
I can watch archer for free too 😉😎👀👁
we re
we re Kun oldin
Zombies watches zombie apocalypse: "Wonna try my COD skills" Got bitten and infects other "COD" players *Cringe*
Judah Delaney
Judah Delaney Kun oldin
Can we just take a moment to consider that a real undead apocalypse would be over extremely fast due to the simple fact that flesh rots. Now imagine taking a rotten piece of meat and swinging/hitting it vigorously, none stop, in the sun, and in the rain, and in the dirt and snow. Yeah, it wouldn't stay together for very long.
Grimm Kun oldin
Caleb plz do when your over levaled in an RPG game I think it would be funny
Emanuel E
Emanuel E Kun oldin
He has mr best jack it
Mitchell Walther
Mitchell Walther Kun oldin
This is really well thought out lol
Guy With Glasses
Guy With Glasses Kun oldin
i see that mr beast drip
CurlsnCaramel Kun oldin
mrrrrr beeeaaaaast shooooowwwww
Htut Ko
Htut Ko Kun oldin
Need part 2
Toga Touly
Toga Touly Kun oldin
Does anyone know he has a mrbeast merch on B)
Anyone Kun oldin
We’re already in one, the virus is called “Trump Fans”
Señor M Gaming
Señor M Gaming Kun oldin
A zombie apocalyse Him: Yeah nah not doing it His friend: We need to get out of here! Him: Still no His friend: ok you know what I think it would be cool killing zombies Him: Heck yeah you should have said that in the first place. Them both killing zombies like it was doom
YeetSkeet 42
YeetSkeet 42 Kun oldin
And now, a sneak peak at 2022. Coming soon.
Invasion Kun oldin
#zombiegoboom fucking love these guys.
Invasion Kun oldin
#zombiegoboom fucking love these guys.
Invasion Kun oldin
#zombiegoboom fucking love these guys.
Invasion Kun oldin
#zombiegoboom fucking love these guys.
Invasion Kun oldin
#zombiegoboom fucking love these guys.
Torago Flint
Torago Flint Kun oldin
This is like tryna convince a 9to5 worker to start a business. Smh
Torago Flint
Torago Flint Kun oldin
I had a chic say the same thing about surviving every day. I was like what???!
Ember Blood
Ember Blood Kun oldin
Please upload more i beg you i WILL DIE if you dont
Rocky Pikmin
Rocky Pikmin Kun oldin
That ending lmaooooo
Tobi Uchiha
Tobi Uchiha Kun oldin
Stovacious Kun oldin
Thank you. I have ALWAYS thought this. ALWAYS.
The ARTIST formerly known as Promethius
The ARTIST formerly known as Promethius Kun oldin
BlindSloth Kun oldin
this is literally what i would do. i would have no chance to survive at all
tushaun Hutchinson
tushaun Hutchinson Kun oldin
Even if a zombie apocalypse broke out most of us will be infected by the virus
Bryan Pilkey
Bryan Pilkey Kun oldin
I think the zombie apocalypse would be fun
AznHammer Kun oldin
Yo where did you find the rug?
kiikills Kun oldin
i remeber that Celeb was in Mrbeast rewind and i thought wait i know that guy
Troy Cleveland III
Troy Cleveland III Kun oldin
"I just thought it would be been cool to fight zombie" "Bro you shoulda just led with that" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Animelover Kun oldin
To be honest I would love to be in one with my friends and family lol
Ian Samedi
Ian Samedi Kun oldin
Next minute they die.
BJ Stfluraent
BJ Stfluraent Kun oldin
Same here I just think it would be best to flip some shit in the zombie apocalypse
Derick Gutierrez
Derick Gutierrez Kun oldin
I had to like it immediately because of the first comment i knew it was going to be good.
Sora Rivers
Sora Rivers Kun oldin
Real wrap, this is why I could never get into the walking dead. All them people miserable and struggling 24/7. Like damn, I'd just pippity pop myself. I'm all set on a life where all I'm doing is surviving
Bop Kun oldin
dont forget thats a REAL bat
Endless Waltz
Endless Waltz Kun oldin
This is so good haha
Samuel Williams
Samuel Williams Kun oldin
I bet you that Caleb has the opinion of the guy on the floor, none of his friends agreed w him, and he made this video to see if people did.
Catalina Napoli
Catalina Napoli Kun oldin
caleb is the only youtuber who is actually funny
Sound Guy
Sound Guy Kun oldin
The ending
Bradley Venn
Bradley Venn Kun oldin
Why a zombie apocalypse is better than 6th grade camp: Vehicle ❌ Toilets ❌ Bed ❌ Warm water ❌ *SOAP* ❌ Literally any technological advancement from the past 20 years ❌ Buttt... Pedophiles ❌
melsen lie
melsen lie Kun oldin
Gotta love that mr.beast sweater
FM Youngin
FM Youngin Kun oldin
can somebody tell me what the music is at 2:32
Lordhollow 99
Lordhollow 99 Kun oldin
Bruh the fact that everything in this video is 100% fax is freaking mind blowing and the faces he made while doing it just made it all the more hilarious
crash the gaming master
crash the gaming master Kun oldin
Would you be down to collab with Kyle exum
If eye surgeons did you how barbers do.
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