Illusions of Time

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1896 snowball fight: joaquimcampa/status/1311391615425093634?lang=en
Prospective and retrospective timing:
ISOLATION - Mind Field:
(every episode of Mind Field is free to watch on UZpost!)
speed of time as we age:
FELT TIME by Marc Wittmann:
"Age effects in perception of time":
WaitButWhy article about The Lion King:
Barbara Walters for scale subreddit:
Barbara Walter world history image:
Examples of facts that challenge our chronological illusions:
My "Narrow Slice" video:
construal level theory:
Pipe Dream" -
Early smile image:
2:30am at a 7-11 near Disney World - 1987:
Great subreddit for candid video:
New York City in 1993 in HD - DTheater DVHS Demo Tape:
"Historical consciousness: the enigma of different paradigms":
Zachary Sayre Schiffman's THE BIRTH OF THE PAST:
History of twitter UI:
Effect of roads:
Talking With Attenborough Vsauce video:
archive footage from and shutterstock
MRI clips are of my brain as taken by the Stark lab featured in this Mind field episode:
--MUSIC (in order of first appearance)--
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"sweet revival" audionetwork
"passage of time" audionetwork
"desert witch" audionetwork
"facing south" audionetwork
"broadway dawn" audionetwork
"final breath" audionetwork
"tribeca" audionetwork
"carlin dream" Jake Chudnow
"martinique" audionetwork
"lazy daze" audionetwork
"imaginary sun w less voices" Jake Chudnow
"why so blue" audionetwork
"for leah" Jake Chudnow
"shona" Jake Chudnow
"moon men" Jake Chudnow
"crypt" audionetwork
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"heat and dust" audionetwork
"twisted trip" audionetwork

Jay Patterson
Jay Patterson 5 daqiqa oldin
This video is mind blowing, as I've often thought of many of these concepts, particularly about my temporal view of the past and the concept of old, judging age by the era the media was captured in and perceiving things as 'old' that were in fact not that old. Add to that the whole concept of time accelerating as we get older, I nailed that one, but at 53 did not know the statistic that at this point it should begin to plateau. I'm going to have to watch this episode several more times to unpack this - the presentation is so full, it was like when you read a book and you have to stop and go back a paragraph to figure out what the author meant in the current paragraph, because you're still processing the past one. BTW, the "Chronocentric Illusion" would be better labelled "Chronoegocentric Illusion"... you can have that BTW. You're welcome!
Bigyeezzy Yeezzy
Bigyeezzy Yeezzy 8 daqiqa oldin
At the beginning of the video I deadass thought it was floating head
B1GBUD2007 8 daqiqa oldin
Time and space are relative, if the world gets smaller then so do our lives.
Syakil Ahmed
Syakil Ahmed 15 daqiqa oldin
Im 24 years old now
The Ignored Gender
The Ignored Gender 17 daqiqa oldin
I'll watch a show and still think the characters are the same age relative to me. For example, I was a little kid when I first saw Full House . Danny, Jesse, and Joey were older than me. I am now older than they were on the show but in my mind, I still think of them as being older than me.
Daniel Does Donuts
Daniel Does Donuts 18 daqiqa oldin
Micheal actually pulled me out of an existential crisis with this lmao
Lucas Eduardo
Lucas Eduardo 21 daqiqa oldin
Thats so crazy! Love ur videos man, please do more frequentily!
Joshua Kunath
Joshua Kunath 21 daqiqa oldin
711 Disney world 1987 1993 new york
Virashan Nathan
Virashan Nathan 37 daqiqa oldin
brilliant video as usual, Michael! Thank you for taking the time to create such masterpieces every single time, #qualityOVERquantity
SachalKhan 39 daqiqa oldin
absolutely phenomenal video
Faria Ali
Faria Ali 39 daqiqa oldin
He kept changing his shirts. I was waiting for him to say at the end " note how you didnt notice how many times i changed my shirt, your mind has already forgotten the less important details for you after only 30 min." And for me to be then like " nah i gotchya"... but ya that failed thank you. Does he change shirts in all vids he makes?
yousef zayadin
yousef zayadin 41 daqiqa oldin
This video should've been posted nearly 3 months ago, but we had to wait for his beard to grow
Jonathan Brown
Jonathan Brown 45 daqiqa oldin
Oh Vsauce uploaded a video, okay anyway guys see you in 4.32 months for his next video relating to equations...
squoosetiel 47 daqiqa oldin
Micheal: how long have you been watching this video? Me. CONFIDENTLY: 10 minutes Me: *checks time* ITS BEEN 2 MINUTES
Russian Amazon Box
Russian Amazon Box 56 daqiqa oldin
Bro his beard. It do be sadge hours
Alejandro Vargas
Alejandro Vargas Soat oldin
I'm in love with your sweaters
Dr. Simpp
Dr. Simpp Soat oldin
Damn... have I really been watching for 31 minutes and 8 seconds... feels short short
Link724 Soat oldin
Vsauce: But here's another one. the Tv paradox. the short short pattern of time. . Also Vsauce: But here's another one. the short short short pattern of time. Come with me to South America and we can take a dose of ayahuasca on the way there.
Luke Soat oldin
Amazing stuff. It's interesting to play with the scale of time. Consider that everything that has happened in the past 5,000 years is only 0.0001% of Earth's history. If the history of Earth were a 2-hour movie playing at 24 frames per second, all of human civilization would be on the very last frame. Basically all of human history would be a subliminal message at the end of the credits of that movie.
Dr. Simpp
Dr. Simpp Soat oldin
Took 21:23 seconds for that iconic Vsauce music
Dank Noodle
Dank Noodle Soat oldin
I would rather die feeling life was too short that spend any of it bored out of my mind
Sam Soat oldin
Anyone else watching this now?
Juliana Arias
Juliana Arias Soat oldin
Would glass be clear if it was really big and if so what color would it be?
Famous YouTuber Noah Salmon
Famous YouTuber Noah Salmon Soat oldin
Beardless Michael is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen
Chris Schmidt
Chris Schmidt Soat oldin
Stop it stop it stop it lalalalalalalalalaaaaa
Robert Wilder
Robert Wilder Soat oldin
Please never stop making videos
Grich L
Grich L Soat oldin
How am I to find the time to be bored when I could be using that time to watch Vsauce?
Jyoshua Sanders
Jyoshua Sanders Soat oldin
Why are there so many downvotes on this video?
Ayylex Soat oldin
Personal bookmark : 5:06 Coming back to this video when my anxiety has calmed down lmao
Tiny Mike
Tiny Mike Soat oldin
MadmanJoE100 Soat oldin
Don't watch this on acid. You will probably implode!
Jakomelo 2 soat oldin
17:53 Hey Vsauce, nostalgia here.
ProNo Go
ProNo Go 2 soat oldin
Hey Vsauce Micheal here its been 5 months since I uploaded a video...
0vrStart 2 soat oldin
The irony is that the bulk of this video (all those references to actors and films) will mean nothing to people 10 years from now.
Yanzhi Aquino
Yanzhi Aquino 2 soat oldin
Yorkshireyuken 2 soat oldin
I had 1800 hours on counter strike source. I don't remember A single match
Gregg Powell
Gregg Powell 2 soat oldin
Wow VSauce.... Time is not on your side. I figured you to be not a day less than 40. Nice video BTW.
vimun 2 soat oldin
Hannah Cheng Music
Hannah Cheng Music 2 soat oldin
king shit
Joe Gibbs
Joe Gibbs 2 soat oldin
Why are educational non confrontational videos showing up in my timeline?
Steve Nobody
Steve Nobody 2 soat oldin
Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day, Fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way...
LivelyOsprey 2 soat oldin
The 80;s are as far away from us now as the WW2 was from the 80's. Insane
zwxq3 2 soat oldin
I really respect the fact that he didn't use the bearded vs shaved Michael as the thumbnail.
RaccoonsLeek 2 soat oldin
WHAT THE F*CK JUST HAPPENED!!!!!!OH AND IT’S BACK... wow 😂😅 It feels so weird seeing you without a beard... it actually looks kinda good though! 😂👌🏻
qwerty shark
qwerty shark 2 soat oldin
holy shit ur back fuckkkk
Ben 2 soat oldin
Bloody good stuff!
Locabula 2 soat oldin
At 20:13 you kinda realise when looking back at all the pictures youve seen no one actually has a full smile. you can always see something in there smile that shows something was wrong at the time of the picture. That picture at 20:13 may actually be the only picture of someone fully smiling with joy
The1Wolfcast 3 soat oldin
It's weird seeing beardless michael
Joshua_dabr54 3 soat oldin
Anyone watching in 2019?
MrGallbladder 3 soat oldin
I love the message at the end. I've been feeling this way for quite some time and thinking along the same lines
EVPointMaster 3 soat oldin
Yellow Guy: "Is time even real, does anyone know?" Duck Guy: "Maybe time's just a construct of human perception, an illusion created by..." Clock: "mep mep mep meP meP mEP mEP MEP MEP MEP MEP MEP!!!!"
Petar 2 soat oldin
Don't hug me I'm scared?
MrGallbladder 3 soat oldin
Imagine reading 25, 100+ page books just so you can extract one phrase or sentence out of it in a 30 minute video.
ToyotaCharlie 3 soat oldin
18:58 so poetic. The idea of the time zoo and the camera being a time machine, they weren't aware of. Very nice
Lincoln Savi
Lincoln Savi 3 soat oldin
how far off was everyone's guess of how long they were watching? I was off by about 6 seconds. It was 2:24 when I guessed 2:30.
john K
john K 3 soat oldin
Poggy 3 soat oldin
Hey Vsauce, Michael there... that Pipe Dream, when I was a teen, (we're about the same age) I was in Middle School band, and they used the Animusic with the percussion ensemble to sync up with the music. You can also see now that the Animusic Pipe Dream was rebuilt as an actually real thing by Intel. I never thought it was real but I have very different memories of it, where we spent a great deal of time with the 3D Animation in practices for the concert. There's also a whole bunch of other great videos by them from that era.
johchadow 3 soat oldin
Things changing faster and faster is why we have so much conflict in the world, lots of people don't want/like change, but it's inevitable.
Maive Muker
Maive Muker 3 soat oldin
Ab owo
Thom Norris
Thom Norris 3 soat oldin
Only 3 days of isolation? Did you make this video before lockdown?
TheNightJunkie 3 soat oldin
Ahhhh so this is why trump's 4 years felt like 10 lmao
Nayden Benchev
Nayden Benchev 3 soat oldin
Hey finally
Dragoon77 4 soat oldin
2020: Short short, the year
qwerty 4 soat oldin
beardless Micheal is cursed
A Ghost.
A Ghost. 4 soat oldin
michael is to smart, i always get lost within 10 mins of the video cus i start smoking and get too faded
eat hot chip and lie
eat hot chip and lie 4 soat oldin
When you realize he set up that intro 130 days in advance _just_ for this video.
Joey Mormann
Joey Mormann 4 soat oldin
I enjoy how I can briefly stop paying attention and still find the video interesting.
Reddfieldmusic 4 soat oldin
Besides being a wonderfully insightful video, let's give a moment of celebration for the wardrobe changes. Bravo.
DaliiLars 4 soat oldin
Hi, Michael there, don't call me Vsauce. Thanks. - Sincerely, we
ガス272 4 soat oldin
Kathryn Wilschke
Kathryn Wilschke 4 soat oldin
Last 30 seconds.. Truth! Life is seen in perspectives we are schooled in. Darkest days breed appreciation of our sparkling moments!🌞🎆☺ Live life fully! Love 💘 have Fun,🎉 teach and remain teachable!#!
Gans lool
Gans lool 4 soat oldin
After watching this I will shut down the computer and play guitar. Thank you Michael for reminding me not to forget to feel time!
Hm946 4 soat oldin
*Hello everyone and welcome back to having identity crisis*
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 4 soat oldin
I really missed the line: "He Vsauce Micheal Here." Thank you for being back and hairy-er than ever :D
Dockerton FPV
Dockerton FPV 4 soat oldin
I'm a simple man. I see Vsauce upload... I rub my eyes and go back to bed because that's not possible. Wait.... Omg
SirBacon8180 4 soat oldin
you are making videos to entertain people from the future
Nick The Jick
Nick The Jick 4 soat oldin
All that to think about, then remembering time doesn't exist...
Monarch SAA
Monarch SAA 5 soat oldin
He goes away for 5 months and then goes on about time and shit, what a guy
JihyoArchon 5 soat oldin
nooo not the beard
Alexander Levy
Alexander Levy 5 soat oldin
it took me 4 days to finish the video. I had to think about it piece by piece.
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 4 soat oldin
I really missed the line: "He Vsauce Micheal Here." Thank you for being back and hairy-er than ever :D
SecretLars 5 soat oldin
I didn't really want to watch this, it just came up through auto play and I let it play because it though it was too disrespectful to click away.
xxPYROxxJONESxx 5 soat oldin
I like this concept of tying up several of your older videos into a longer lecture. Its good to revise and consolidate :)
Astrid 5 soat oldin
So my friend on the other side of the world is getting messages (from me) from the FUTURE
Andrew Lovell
Andrew Lovell 5 soat oldin
Burrito 🌯
Derp- Ist
Derp- Ist 5 soat oldin
As he talks I realise that I’ve been watching for 30 mins
Riyad Rafeek
Riyad Rafeek 5 soat oldin
I remember watching him when he only had 1.5million and feeling smart or special now he's a big creator and im not original anymore 😂
google_translate 5 soat oldin
he is back
Gavin Eckhart
Gavin Eckhart 5 soat oldin
Stop fucking with my brain please
Cricket Classics
Cricket Classics 5 soat oldin
This guy works very hard for his videos. This is what UZpost was actually meant for - increasing our scientific temperament. For explaining the illusion of time, he actually took his time to create this video.
Seni 5 soat oldin
watched while high and making noodles
Joey Mormann
Joey Mormann 5 soat oldin
optical illusions... good thing we have rulers... and hands. ugh
Nathan Godin
Nathan Godin 5 soat oldin
You're onto something.. but it is actually like this.. short short long long, its double and it is cascading in a sense.. our minds are manipulating time slowly but we are understanding more and more.. and with such understanding we have breakthroughs!
Dudify 5 soat oldin
“ *So therefore your honor, you could be going through the illusion of time, and she could 18* “
Giuseppe Luisi
Giuseppe Luisi 5 soat oldin
He's backkkk! 🎉
Dudify 5 soat oldin
Michale is such a devoted content creator, he shaved off his beard just for this video. Legend
insert name here.
insert name here. 6 soat oldin
How can time be an illusion? Because I'll leave this comment here, And I'll come back later, And this comment will still be here. And the time on top of this comment will tell you when I posted it.
l u l u
l u l u 6 soat oldin
when you learn more from VSauce videos than school
Remie Tennesson
Remie Tennesson 6 soat oldin
Very thought-provoking.
Yoki Fam
Yoki Fam 6 soat oldin
This video is a short short experience for me
J.T. Franks
J.T. Franks 6 soat oldin
The Walter Show
The Walter Show 6 soat oldin
I watched this during class, no regrets
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