if Airpods Max commercials were honest

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RØB Oy oldin
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Le Chat Noir
Le Chat Noir 46 daqiqa oldin
ReconicFN 11 soat oldin
Rob ass
Renz Clan
Renz Clan Kun oldin
Jeremiah Zhakata
Jeremiah Zhakata 2 kun oldin
@rexen gaming 0p
emily maynard
emily maynard 3 kun oldin
Seriously. The sarcasm is so good I am literally dying
mohammed gamer 9
mohammed gamer 9 Soat oldin
Pedro Carlos
Pedro Carlos Soat oldin
LMAO kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkmmmmmm
Retro Cysper
Retro Cysper 2 soat oldin
Headphones for $550?. HOLY CRAP! I Could buy a PS4 in that price. No Thanks.
OrangeGT 2 soat oldin
Dude i upgraded from a 60$ head set and i feel NO DIFFERENCE
0r0b0 0s0t0
0r0b0 0s0t0 2 soat oldin
I love how I got a bill from apple when I watched the video
Nellyy Mo
Nellyy Mo 3 soat oldin
The beautiful sound of privilege 😂
Cgr95 3 soat oldin
Hi I’m rob jobs, founder and CEO of asshole *apple* LOL
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki 6 soat oldin
Wtfffff u mute out the poor people tho
PitoPinto Gorgorito
PitoPinto Gorgorito 6 soat oldin
Another android user who makes his own apps in order to be coherent with his affirmation “but android is more customisable” 🤣 I laughed with this video though
Matthew Mulekelayi
Matthew Mulekelayi 7 soat oldin
What only just realized Rob is the other dude on loveliveserve😁🔥🔥
StormKingG4L 8 soat oldin
This had me so weak I swear
Álvaro Sáenz
Álvaro Sáenz 9 soat oldin
It's like a video of Andynsane but this is in spanish, so cool the video
Zay T.
Zay T. 9 soat oldin
AirHeads Max*
Unstable Rabbit
Unstable Rabbit 9 soat oldin
2:05 man great sound quality
dudfam1212 10 soat oldin
bro what song is on the backround
n. 11 soat oldin
Yuriko Senzawa
Yuriko Senzawa 12 soat oldin
I prefer using 2dollar vido,mx500 kgis or saiyo ed series earbuds
Super Hamio 64
Super Hamio 64 12 soat oldin
They don’t have Pro in the name because the Airpods Max Pro for £800 will be out this year.
WalkWithMike 13 soat oldin
"The people that don't have airpods max are the same people who can't afford them " 🤣🤣
Squiddabeast OOFER
Squiddabeast OOFER 13 soat oldin
Josef Creations
Josef Creations 15 soat oldin
This channel has just become repetitive
iZajRes GS
iZajRes GS 16 soat oldin
Let me be a prophet here: Apple has 0% chance of this product being a success. In the next 4 years noone will remember they've ever made over ear headphones.
Mason Elsinger
Mason Elsinger 16 soat oldin
“ and who the hell chose green”
Keely Ball
Keely Ball 16 soat oldin
Hi im rob jobs founder and CEO of asshole Ummm apple ya ok that seems right ya ok
Debbie 17 soat oldin
Ugliest earphones I've ever seen, it's almost as if Apple is trolling. I'd rather wear the Orange Foam Vintage Stereo 80s Headphones Headset Earphones for Walkman
XD urbi
XD urbi 17 soat oldin
That creastal clear micro phone
Liam Healy
Liam Healy 18 soat oldin
you just know they’ll release a second set with Pro slapped on them
Nidal World
Nidal World 19 soat oldin
Neverendingpassenger 20 soat oldin
NAMAN GOURAV 20 soat oldin
The mic quality was so good 😂
Jerome White
Jerome White 20 soat oldin
instead of squares the look like mini Kias, they should've just made them apple shaped
Pedro Couto e Santos
Pedro Couto e Santos 21 soat oldin
This is funny, but... well, there are many way more expensive headphones in the market, and there have been, since Hi-Fi has existed. These are nothing shocking.
Wooshey Comics NOW!
Wooshey Comics NOW! 21 soat oldin
Hilarious! However I do consider beats to be Apple headphones still. I know they were bought out, but every time I go to The Apple store they’re always chilling there. I love my beats by Dre :-) these, not so much. (Borat voice)
Associazione Peso
Associazione Peso 22 soat oldin
airpods max look like condoms on head
Lola Howard-Simpson
Lola Howard-Simpson 22 soat oldin
the first sentence got me
😂 blam
😂 blam 22 soat oldin
😂 😂 😂 😂
Lady.Whatever 23 soat oldin
Lmao the intro
Say cheese Na bitch Kobe
Say cheese Na bitch Kobe 23 soat oldin
Lol I would never
Real HIFI Help
Real HIFI Help Kun oldin
Denzyl Casuela
Denzyl Casuela Kun oldin
Best part is that he actually has one
Josue Tesado
Josue Tesado Kun oldin
*Who the hell chose green* -Rob Jobs
Realified Kun oldin
Cameron Kun oldin
seriously, if you have 600$ to spend on headphones there are SO many better options unless your buying them for the noise canceling.
Amir Radmehr
Amir Radmehr Kun oldin
Two pairs of socks for 20$. "My merch is not expensive" My ass
Dafoodmaster Kun oldin
at least beats is gone... at least one good thing came from this. buy something that sounds nice! a nicer sennheiser, a hifiman, a beyerdynamics... anything!
Zero HH
Zero HH Kun oldin
"And to be honest, the only thing max about these airpods are the price" 🤣🤣🤣
ManKaran Singh
ManKaran Singh Kun oldin
The truth of a whole damn brand in one video 😂😂
Rajesh Sharma
Rajesh Sharma Kun oldin
Subscribed in first 5 seconds 😆
chris wheeler
chris wheeler Kun oldin
while i love my iphone (over android) ive never once found myself thinking, "gee wish i had some airpods about now!" nor, " a mac would be convenient at this particular moment!" however, i have found myself thinking, "some of yall have bit way too hard into the apple!"
Flyte Kun oldin
1:04 lmao after all that he bought it anyways. no hate bte
Ruslan Bagirov
Ruslan Bagirov Kun oldin
AirPods max. Way too overpriced to giveaway
R35PECT Kun oldin
2:03 I thought my speakers on my iPhone 10 gave out
Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith Kun oldin
Y’all just mad you don’t have a pair. They’re awesome and I love them.
nikki Kun oldin
they look ugly
Cosmic hockey
Cosmic hockey Kun oldin
Hope Steve Jobs is watching this in heaven
Samsung: We touch your feelings. Apple: we touch your kidneys
Geoffrey / ジェフリー
Geoffrey / ジェフリー Kun oldin
As a music producer it’s fact that you can’t expect to get anything close to studio quality from a pair of Bluetooth headphones... They’re great for listening to pre-recorded and mixed music, but monitoring sounds and recording is something that requires more detail. As with 99% of other headphones, I’m sure these are voiced with an EQ of a high bass, high treble and low meds. This gives the illusion of a dynamic and full-range set of tones. Again, great for pre-recorded music, but it’s still not worth $600...
Fireniner3 Kun oldin
2:03 I’m almost scared to ask, but this isn’t the real mic audio.... right?
Oranguman Kun oldin
these arenty funny anymore
Joseph Kun oldin
Cevaz_ Kun oldin
That mic sounded like my teacher mic lmao
Elliot Young
Elliot Young Kun oldin
Like WHY THE FUCK would I buy these instead of a quest 2?! Or literally ANYTHING else
Mr Chef
Mr Chef Kun oldin
Hello this is R0B, robbing the same idea from you guessed it myself for the last year or two.
Charlie Kun oldin
They should be called airphones
Freshweedstudios Kun oldin
"who the hell chose green" that got me 😂
Fireball F 123
Fireball F 123 Kun oldin
bro i genuinely thought you made up that product for this video but its actually real
Jomom Is joe
Jomom Is joe Kun oldin
Just buy a steel series headset that is just better for price
Jim Thompson
Jim Thompson Kun oldin
I have a lot of Apple stuff. A lot. I love this. Is addicted the same as subscribed?
Roglide The show
Roglide The show Kun oldin
I feel like he actually just works at Apple lmao 😂😂😂
Someone. Kun oldin
2:03 Border be like: Do not attempt to board the hellicopter
Holocron Studios
Holocron Studios Kun oldin
This video is how I actually found out that these exist
Cody Martin
Cody Martin Kun oldin
Yooo this MFKN shits got me fuccin ded 💀💀💀
Adrià No
Adrià No Kun oldin
You had me at “who-the-hell-chose green”
MrD Kun oldin
There is one thing with airpods pro that i have, when you talk to someone they here everything around you not just you, i mean come one at that price,
PKplayr Kun oldin
“The AirPods Max&Ruby” lmao
Viraj Deonarine
Viraj Deonarine Kun oldin
I wonder if he will get sued??????
SuperPlayer56 - Gaming
SuperPlayer56 - Gaming Kun oldin
Apple should hire you.
Maaz Khan
Maaz Khan Kun oldin
Do you simp anymore
hannAHA! !
hannAHA! ! Kun oldin
So glad schools are virtual so I don’t have to see pretentious rich kids wearing these around campus
JAWAHER Saad Kun oldin
هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه seriously I’m dead
Erin S.
Erin S. Kun oldin
“It doesn’t make any s{cents}e. That’s bc it makes dollars...millions and millions of dollars.”💀💀💀
Cubing Cat
Cubing Cat Kun oldin
Please stop making fun of me its making me sad
Md. Jawad
Md. Jawad Kun oldin
Is the mic actually like that?...
Chinmay Veerkar
Chinmay Veerkar Kun oldin
Good excuse to buy all the apple products
Berkay Ozturk
Berkay Ozturk Kun oldin
its 2021 and these videos still come up in my feed....
I’m me just Me
I’m me just Me Kun oldin
Does he work at Apple forreal???
Jack Dyer
Jack Dyer Kun oldin
“How expensive are they” “Yes they are”
Sonam.Sherpa Kun oldin
I am apple fans but this is funny 😄
Eesa ali
Eesa ali Kun oldin
I lie, how he said, “who the hell choose green” so true
Eesa ali
Eesa ali Kun oldin
I meant like lol
꧁ki1lsaki꧂ Kun oldin
'asshole.. no APPLE' im ded xD
Ranged Clapper
Ranged Clapper Kun oldin
The microphone part had me dying hard
Aryan Mahanth
Aryan Mahanth Kun oldin
Proof that Apple customers are the dumbest f*****s in the world 😂😂😂😂
Kumo Kun oldin
The most ironic thing about all these videos is that rob actually buy all og these for the videos
Alex lapo
Alex lapo Kun oldin
They still got a sail from you tho,😂
Pe Vo
Pe Vo Kun oldin
Unsaid in the video is the real genius. The background and the headphones are “white” ... yes. I noticed.
Oi Nerd
Oi Nerd Kun oldin
airpods 3g s plus pro max mini
Gerardo Balderrama
Gerardo Balderrama Kun oldin
He know very well these are just an excuse to buy all the newest apple products and make fun of them.
no one special
no one special Kun oldin
“Who the hell chose green” PLEASE- 😭🤚
gamer boy 5000 x
gamer boy 5000 x 2 kun oldin
me lmfao 2:17
if AirPod commercials were honest
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