Ibn Khaldun & the Muqaddimah: A historical review

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In this second part of my series about the great figures of history, I discuss the 14th century philosopher and historian Ibn Khaldun. Sometimes considered the "father of the science of history and sociology", this Muslim thinker was also a significant political advisor of his time and wrote one of the great masterpieces of Islamic history - The Muqaddimah.

Mal Colmx
Mal Colmx 11 kun oldin
I really think you should learn Arabic mate
Andy The Dishwasher
Andy The Dishwasher 14 kun oldin
I really appreciate how you refrained from comparing him to Machiavelli. Although the context of their careers led to similar preoccupations, there appear to have been essential differences in the conclusions they came to. I get the impression that Ibn Khaldun was much less personally ambitious and more exasperated with the human condition as he observed it. I do wonder how that exasperation may have come off to his peers in the political world, however. I would imagine they probably projected all of their own paranoias and suspicions onto an emotion they couldn't feel or identify due to their relative ignorance, but I would have to dig deeper into his work to confirm or refute that. Thanks for introducing me to this.
Said Kerrache
Said Kerrache 27 kun oldin
A biographical movie about the man or even a TV series would be very interesting to see.
kaleem Ford
kaleem Ford Oy oldin
I’m grateful for every episode you present and particularly the attention you gave to the racist perspective of even this enlightened man with regard to African people. You are appreciated
Mahfouz Aziz
Mahfouz Aziz Oy oldin
Maashallah. I recommend you to young people whenever I can.. may Allah make you into a great Alim.
Nina Silvia
Nina Silvia Oy oldin
I learned more watching this channel, may more people spend their time here rather than playing games. the knowledge share here is worthless. thank you Filip
BoutaHeadOut Oy oldin
i noticed that despite me being subscribed my autoplay never plays one of your videos after im done with one. Im pretty sure its that way with most channels so idk why you're the exception....? Awesome content nonetheless
ٌRami KH
ٌRami KH Oy oldin
damn the music is so nice XD
Boon Oy oldin
I love your channel omg, I want to watch all your vids. I heard that Karl Marx’s concept of historical materialism was influenced by Ibn Khaldun’s writings. Is this true?
Mahmoud Nobani
Mahmoud Nobani 2 oy oldin
so that's how it all started xD
matthew mann
matthew mann 3 oy oldin
Career Logy
Career Logy 3 oy oldin
Remove the background music
Career Logy
Career Logy 3 oy oldin
Muqaddimah talls about evolution theory way before Darwin... correct me if I am wrong, have come across muqaddimah before ..
Career Logy
Career Logy 3 oy oldin
Tawheed by Sufi and ahle e hadith difference
Ahmad Asi
Ahmad Asi 3 oy oldin
He was born in Balkh in Afghanistan and his last name is Balkhi. Abu ali sina balkhi.
Snicker Bars
Snicker Bars 4 oy oldin
I don't know why, but people watch more despicable channeld and cookery channels than this treasure. You are a living treasure for people who love history and theology.
Abdallah Zaben
Abdallah Zaben 4 oy oldin
May I ask you for a video about Mulla Sadra and his underrated role as one of the greatest philosophers of all time. Otherwise excellent work, thank you so much, God bless you bro.
Layla Begum
Layla Begum 4 oy oldin
Hi. I wanted to say thank you and your teaching captured my attention. I am striving to learn about the Muslim thinkers and I admire your style and new way of teaching others.
Nasir Ahmed
Nasir Ahmed 4 oy oldin
It would good if you can explain why muslims were so interested in Philosophy. Jazak allah khair
Amna Dhifaoui
Amna Dhifaoui 4 oy oldin
Thank you for this video and all your videos. Peace and Love from Tunisia :)
Merle Langlois
Merle Langlois 4 oy oldin
I think it's strange that when reading old figures, people feel pressured to either agree with them one hundred percent on everything, or condemn them completely. Didn't having mixed feelings used to be normal?
Azlan Ameer
Azlan Ameer 4 oy oldin
He has given vivid description of Ameer Taimor(Timerlung) when he attended his court as voicroy of Egiptian Monarch.
Azlan Ameer
Azlan Ameer 4 oy oldin
He had argued that societies is like human body.. . birth youth then old age and oblivion in the end.That means he percieved societies as organic.
Azlan Ameer
Azlan Ameer 4 oy oldin
عصبیت= ethnocity
Beef And Potatoes
Beef And Potatoes 4 oy oldin
A very beautiful introduction of Muqaddemah. Political leaders aswell as intellectuals should be familiar to the Assabeiiah theory to extend the first 2 stages of social changes. A very breleiiant theory. I am amazed how clear this young man is in understanding concepts. His videos are very useful. Thank you.
Muhammad Benjuraij
Muhammad Benjuraij 4 oy oldin
It's not pronounced "The mooqadeemah" !! Its Muqaddimah! How on earth do you think you have the right to give your opinion on it when you haven't read it! An English translation is not reading the book because Arabic is a very unique language and Islamic sciences have a vast terminology that a mere Arabic linguist just cannot fathom because it takes years of specialisation! This is why we study all of these sciences in the dars Nizaami and when we graduate as scholars its expected that we have attained the tools to understand and interpret the true intended meaning of any Islamic author ! What's more we study these books with a chain that is passed on to us by our teachers as part of our license to teach this chain being unbroken over the centuries from teacher to student until it reaches the author himself!! If it's the Quran then the chain goes unbroken to the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ the same is true of the Hadith which you love to make light of which shows how little your understanding is because if you had studied the science of Islamic narration and narrator critique you wouldn't be so flippant!! One of our most authentic scources of Hadith is the Muwatta in which many of the chains have only 2 people in between Imam Maalik and the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ one example is Maalik narrating from the successor to the companion Imam Naafi who narrates directly from Ibn Umar who saw, heard the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ say or do or approve something!! What's more Imam Maalik wrote down all his narrations despite having a nearly photographic memory! One of the first Hadith I narrated from my teachers is what is known as the golden chain Which is Imam Ahmad narrating from Imam Shaafi narrating from Imam Maalik Narrating from Imam Naafi narrating from Ibn Umar From the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ! Such a strong chain of narration! The western world has nothing comparable to it and that's why our sacred texts are preserved to the highest standards! We know which narrations are sound and which ones are fabricated because of this science of narration that is so precise that it exposed the enemies of Islam who tried to corrupt Islam by conspiring to falsify narrations yet their endeavours came to naught!! We have massive volumous books on narrators written by the Imams of Hadith in all of the generations of narration and they placed stringent conditions for a narrator to be accepted and everything was recorded his birth date and death date and his places of residence and his character. Imam Bukhari traveled thousands of miles on foot to verify the narrations of his Saheeh! What's more the Quran itself was only preserved in written format as a secondary scource because the Arabs of that time were an unwritten people and memorise EVERYTHING! They memorized massive poems of thousands of verses along side their vast lineages that they were experts at! The Quran is protected in the hearts of Muslims from then in every age until today so much so that here in the UK alone we have thousands of Huffaaz I.e., those who have memorized the Quran and its mode of recitation ! If the uk government were to burn every copy we could gather just the Huffaaz of a small town like Blackburn and rewrite the Quran word for word and dot for dash in a matter of weeks and provide an abundance of unbroken chains to the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ !! Dont believe me? Go to a Masjid in Ramadan where they recite 1 of the 30 parts of the Quran every night during Taraaweeh prayers from memory! If he makes the slightest error even in pronunciation he is instantly corrected by the 2 supporting huffaaz standing behind him! No book in the history the planet has ever came close to that sort of protection! Its little wonder why so many people like me become Muslim and yet you claim your a scholar and you haven't grasped anything! All you've done is regurgitate some English translation about things you clearly dont properly understand to impress people who are so easily impressed because the state school system numbed their brains and made knowledge uncool to their generation so much so that a few flashy sentences and they think you're a genius! I remember on another video you tried to insinuate that Ahlus Sunnah believe in fate as opposed to free will!! Ha ha ha what a big blunder you made their!! Ahlus Sunnah believe in fate yes but also in free will you see God Almighty's predestined knowledge does not compel us to take a certain path we still have free will it's just God Almighty knows beforehand which path we ultimately chose! Their a 3 main groups regarding predestination The Jabarriya who believed we are compelled and have no free will and the Qadariyya who reject predestination completely!! Ahlus Sunnah is the middle path we accept predestination and the perfection of God Almighty's knowledge and we afirm free will, however you're reading translations about stuff you have half an understanding of! If you were a real truth seeker you would of come much farther than you have but your not seeking truth infact you're seeking to mislead the Muslims with your faulty understanding. Please stop misleading people and seriously quit speaking about our religion because it's quite offensive. I know you may not like this comment but I'm afraid it needed to be said
Muhammad Benjuraij
Muhammad Benjuraij 4 oy oldin
@Let's Talk Religion happy lockdown where I am :) I remember one of your videos wherein you spoke about Imam Al-Ghazali رحمه الله and it's as if you understood that Imam Ghazali was an enemy of Ilmul Kalam. It's funny because the ultra conservatives see Imam Ghazali as an Asharite engrossed in and infatuated by Ilmulkalaam! What's more I have many of his books in my personal library because not only is he a big scholar in one of the schools of fiqh I have a license in but also because of his balanced understanding of Islam and his mastery of all 3 pillars of the religion Islam, Eeman and Ihsan. A good shelf or so of his books are all on subjects dealing with or connected to the science of Kalam and logic but with the difference of boundaries because we are Muslims and rationality and logic only go so far and cannot be strictly applied to God Almighty which is what the Mu'tazilites and others tried to do, whereas the Hanabilah totally rejected kalaam and made its learning and teaching haram. So you see Al-Ghazali was on the middle path of moderation because logic and its sciences are extremely beneficial in law and other matters that relate to humans and everyday life. It becomes harmful when it seeps into matters of belief that are strictly reliant upon revelation because intricate matters of God Almighty and his attributes can only be known through revelation because GOD ALMIGHTY is unseen and our minds as powerful as they are, cannot gain access to the unseen! Ahlus Sunnah is balanced between العقل and النقل Logical conclusion and revelation in the form of the Quran or the established sunnah. So much so that when verifying Hadith one condition is that it must not contradict sound established logic and reason then its rejected because the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ did not and could not defy reason, however that doesn't mean that we reject the generally impossible because Prophets were sent with miracles that were feats impossible for any normal person, but the impossible we cannot accept is a tall short man or an immortal mortal or a created and uncreated man because 2 opposites cannot unite ever not even by a miracle because they represent the real impossible. Imam Al-Ghazali was not a hater of logic rather he was an Imam in it and his many books detailing and teaching the subject are numerous and graduated for beginner, intermediate and advanced and the Ashari school of Aqeedah were experts in it aswell! You see amongst Muslims I'm an Athary when it comes to the essence of Sllah and his attributes and how to view them and therefore I generally see the interpretation of these attributes in a way that distorts the explicit wording of the Quran as contrary to the practice of the companions, however when dealing with non Muslims I see the permissibility of such interpretations when refuting the non Muslims and therefore I accept that in fundamentals of belief there are 3 main schools in Ahlus Sunnah which are the Asharites, the Ma'turidis and the Atharis or Hanabilah to which school I am licensed along with the Shaafi school. So Imam Al-Ghazali is seen as a big Islamic philosopher and not an enemy of philosophy which is why you need to learn Arabic because what's available in English as compared to what's available in Arabic is like the difference between being blind and full sighted! The Library in Medinah masjid has over 1 million Arabic Islamic books and the books written by Islamic scholars during the last 1400 yrs is into the millions infact the whole concept of the research paper and compilation of books into chapters, sub chapters and indexes and the like are pure Arabic Islamic inventions that the scholars of Islam get zero credit for! Even the whole license system of doctors medical and otherwise is an Arab Islamic invention, as is the university and graduation I mean even the graduation that with the tassel is a direct representation of an Islamic scholars graduation wherein a turban is wrapped around the graduating students head...
Let's Talk Religion
Let's Talk Religion 4 oy oldin
Happy Holidays!
Rebel The KhanArtist
Rebel The KhanArtist 4 oy oldin
Thank you for these videos, from the bottom of my heart. You are a blessing, brother.
Ercan Er
Ercan Er 4 oy oldin
Can you do research about Ibn Taymiyyah? Note: about that Black people from Nigeria: He simply was trying to refer people who live in hot climate to have a harsh fate, he was not actually trying to condemn them but the region they live in. Too hot and arid climates according to him (then for Montesquieu and finally Jared Diamond today) leads the people living there to be more loose in every sense while on the other hand harsher and colder climates can take men into shape above any kind of exercise. Because this descriptions he made, the quote "Geography is destiny" is mostly attributed to him. But there is I think more humourous places exist in his city management view like cutting down the trees and forests around the city so city can have a more refreshing air or how he thinks that there is nothing but water south sphere of the World because that part is all under water as if world was a soccer ball floating on a pile of water. Lastly his depiction of the sun as it shouldn't be something hot, because heath on earth only comes from reflected light on earth was very funny too.
med zied a
med zied a 4 oy oldin
Asabiyya translates to Social solidarity
Mimi Agvald
Mimi Agvald 4 oy oldin
بسیار خوب بیان شد... سپاس Thank You for your presentation 👍 it was good to remind us about this great historian who tried hard to be close to the facts as much as possible...🌞🌞🌞
George Hirsch
George Hirsch 4 oy oldin
Thank you for these videos. They will result in more understanding.
Only Gknows
Only Gknows 4 oy oldin
Suggestion . Idries Shah sufi from London England
Knowing THE TRUTH 4 oy oldin
uzpost.info/vision/video/odmotbKBmYKAbZs.html -Christianity is completely unique on the basis of Righteousness.
Tarek M
Tarek M 4 oy oldin
Wow more relatable
Andrew Charles
Andrew Charles 5 oy oldin
Ibn khaldun was a blakamoor, the images you use depicts other wise.
abudahm a
abudahm a 2 oy oldin
He literally wrote it himself that he traces his ancestry to Hadramout in Yemen
Karthadasht 3 oy oldin
Pathetic As Usual ...
Suhel Mullick
Suhel Mullick 4 oy oldin
afrocentrist bull
Dr. Syed Haider Mehdi Husaini
Dr. Syed Haider Mehdi Husaini 5 oy oldin
With respect to Ibn e Khaldun’s reference as to the behaviour of Africans, there’s no doubt that it was racist and frankly demeaning. I would just like to point out that he was trying to disprove the popular jewish notion of the black race arising from the disobedient son of prophet Noah a.s called Ham. Going by his theory of human evolution in the muqaddimah, I think he was proposing a theory to explain the skin colour and the nature of Africans. This point of view in itself was revolutionary for that time as it went against the Torah’s teachings and it was also popular among Muslims of the time. The fact that he placed his intellect (Scientific zeal) above all is commendable for that period
madmarvin99 2 oy oldin
@Knowing THE TRUTH that is not how christians behaved and persecuted pagans from the moment they took power. the whole world knows you drink the blood of christ and drown the world in blood also just like evangelicals are doing in mid east
Syed Aijaz Hussaini
Syed Aijaz Hussaini 4 oy oldin
He also described Arab tribal society as rough, crude, prone for violence similar to Mongols....
Knowing THE TRUTH 4 oy oldin
uzpost.info/vision/video/odmotbKBmYKAbZs.html -Christianity is completely unique on the basis of Righteousness.
manouch paydar
manouch paydar 5 oy oldin
Rihan Ahmad
Rihan Ahmad 5 oy oldin
The music in the background is too loud. It is disturbing. Otherwise like yr analysis.
Hakim 5 oy oldin
Lovely work.
amina 5 oy oldin
omg hi comrade!
Raymeek Williams
Raymeek Williams 5 oy oldin
Great and well thought out and well researched presentation. May Allah bless you. Ameen.
Irwin Crook
Irwin Crook 5 oy oldin
He also talks about Evolution in this book. So should be considered the "Father of the Theory of Evolution"
H S 4 oy oldin
Not really considering that evolutionary thought has been around for a very long time. For example Zhuang Zhou and Anaximander was writing about the subject some 1500 years earlier.
ayaz palekar
ayaz palekar 5 oy oldin
the fact that you don't have long podcasts exploring these topics in greater depth is "highly problematic and dangerous".. lol Anyways, awesome stuff!! Really hope you do longer videos in the future.
Knowing THE TRUTH 4 oy oldin
uzpost.info/vision/video/odmotbKBmYKAbZs.html -Christianity is completely unique on the basis of Righteousness.
Sabrina Shahab/ADMINISTRATIONBRAC 5 oy oldin
Darwin suffered from the same problem . He had a very low opinion of other races and women
Suhel Mullick
Suhel Mullick 4 oy oldin
scientists speaking the truth madam.Shockley was a genius, the winner of the 1956 Nobel Prize in Physics with two other Bell Labs scientists for co-inventing the transistor, which has been called the most important invention of the 20th century. Without it, there would be no computers, cell phones or flat-screen TVs. You wouldn't able to read this either, as there would be no Internet. But Shockley the brilliant scientist had a another side - white supremacist and eugenics proponent. He was convinced that race-based IQ differences existed and spent most of his career after the 1960s promoting his racist theories and a high IQ-sperm bank.
dan hill
dan hill 5 oy oldin
Love you brother...
Asif M
Asif M 5 oy oldin
Make a video on Ahmadiyya Islam
FB 11
FB 11 5 oy oldin
Ahmadiyya do not represent islam
ايمن عدنان
ايمن عدنان 5 oy oldin
الخوارزمي وعلم الجبر Thank you for your efforts
some one
some one 5 oy oldin
Machiavelli must be held accountable
some one
some one 5 oy oldin
One thuggery is of author of the *Prince* which is almost copy paste of great Ibn e Khaldun's masterpiece work.
some one
some one 5 oy oldin
In my humble opinion his one of the most important political subject essence *Assabiya* is and will remain relevant in all times of history especially in Eastern or Muslim world though it begs lot of time to shine light upon why today Muslims still stuck to ( consciously/unconsciously) as like Totalitarions/Dictators and what the West propagates or is thought to be presumed by whole globe i.e democracy. ( though leaving this for further debate , n 'm not gud at typing too) Second it was Assabiya I wanted to talk about in humbleness , third generation falls coz of they achieved like whatever excellence available at time so they turn towards settling in cities /arts (etc) leaving sword aside n here comes the fall when they relax, it's not their disconnection from subjects(tribes) but tribes/subjects are well immersed too in every luxury available accordingly to their status. That's y if another or some other tribe/king/dynasty comes,follows usually they won't go much far, as ppl will soon revert to royal heirs of first dynasty to have them again to continue again like their forefathers.This was Ummayads The Entrant Abdul Rehman Ad Dakhil who established Ummayads dynasty thousands of k ok kilometers away again in other continent Europe when his forefathers lost Damascus to Abbasids. North Africans choose him as their leaders being as remnant of Royal Ummayad. BTW it's excellent subject to understand Eastern /Muslims as they just inherited democracy from their being slave/colonial past,. Their forefathers actually never practiced/lived democracy but later generations( first/2nd/3rd etc which memory even faded with nxt generation that what actually they were (3rd generation of last dynasty which lost to West lived luxurious excelence period before being subject to West and their last time was just one man rule) however these 4th / 5th liberated generations got democracy which their forefathers were not used too ( but it (Asabiya/one man Rule) time n again flicker being part of their DNA
Knowing THE TRUTH 4 oy oldin
uzpost.info/vision/video/odmotbKBmYKAbZs.html -Christianity is completely unique on the basis of Righteousness.
Born Eternal Lord Allah
Born Eternal Lord Allah 5 oy oldin
Kwame Ture African Socialist used him as a example of socialism before Marx.
Omekimai Studio
Omekimai Studio 6 oy oldin
Next, Imam Al Ghazali and Mulla Shadra, ♥️🙏🙏🙏
KALAAM 7 oy oldin
4:15 the qurans translation is in Urdu my native language
KALAAM 7 oy oldin
I am currently reading the muqadima and it's so logical regarding who we humans are
Hassan Daud khan pk
Hassan Daud khan pk 8 oy oldin
Allama Muhammad Iqbal was also a Sufi and philosopher . Can you review about him . He was also a great man. In the subcontinent
Fog Shadow
Fog Shadow Oy oldin
I'm from Iraq and my college thesis was on Muhammed Igbal. I got 96% on it. Threw my research on him, I came to love the man.
Salah din
Salah din 5 oy oldin
@some one. Vaee tujh pe qurbaan ho ja,waaaan bhai
some one
some one 5 oy oldin
Khuda da wasta e mafi mang filip kolo'n jayrdi qom khud 70 ya 100 Saala'n wich na samjhi Iqbal Noo'n , Ono'n ay walayti samjhaay ga?? Khuda da khof ker aidi minat ker dobara angreizi wich k Rayn day Iqbal Noo'n . Odi mat maar dou ga, baaki aida shoq Honda tay kuj baba g Labaik kolo'n tashree'h samjh leini c, O v u TUPE nay aaasta aaaaaaawsta la daini aw... Qom jis din Qasim Shah noo'n chud k Iqbal noo'n samjh gay O din pata ni Labaik day baba g baad hon kadey aay ga v... Ja maira veer teiri haalay umer kuj ni per fer v wadda hu ja.Filip noo'n ooda kam Keran day Iqbal day magar naa'n la... khush abaad ray shabaash , ay naa'n howay Iqbal MUQADAMA case e ker day tairay khilaaf qayaamat noo'n.Iqbal noo'n goryaa'n de u TUPE da certificate ni chaayda , O Bohat waddey shey wa!
Khubaib Huda
Khubaib Huda 9 oy oldin
Seriously you're so underrated
سلمان الحركان
سلمان الحركان Yil oldin
I like you video I hope good videos
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