Ibn Khaldun, the Historiographer

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Al Muqaddimah

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Ibn Khaldun was, without a doubt, one of the greatest thinkers in human history. He has been quoted by many respected people throughout history. Ronald Reagan even tired to use him to justify his moronic economical concepts. Let's not let that ruin Ibn Khaldun's reputation. He was... I have no words. Honestly, no words. That dude was awesome!
Sorry for the delay in this video. I was busy with quite a few personal things. From now on, I'll try to maintain a schedule.
Additional Facts:
1) William McGuckin de Slane, an Irishman, was the key interpreter for the French during the colonization and he translated many of Ibn Khaldun’s and other Africa and Arabic works into French.
2) Almohad Caliphate was at its greatest extent around 1212 CE under the rule of Muhammad al-Nasir. Almohad Caliphate fell in 1269 CE.
3) The image is from an exhibition named, “Ibn Khaldun: Peak and Decline of the Empires”, held in Seville, Tunis and New York in 2006 to commemorated the anniversary of his death.
4) Mamluk Sultanate managed to defeat the Mongol Horde at Ain Jalut in 1260 CE (just two years after the sack of Baghdad), stopping them from advancing further and proving that Mongols do, in fact, bleed.
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Malik Bazaid
Malik Bazaid 10 kun oldin
One should study Ibn Khaldun's case rather than his history - "𝘈𝘭𝘭𝘢𝘮𝘢 𝘐𝘲𝘣𝘢𝘭"
Malik Bazaid
Malik Bazaid 10 kun oldin
Timur ; 𝘊𝘢𝘯 𝘪 𝘪𝘯𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘧𝘦𝘳𝘦?? 𝘈𝘭 𝘮𝘶𝘲𝘢𝘲𝘢𝘥𝘪𝘮𝘢𝘩 ; 𝘏𝘪𝘴𝘵𝘰𝘳𝘺 𝘢𝘭𝘸𝘢𝘺𝘴 '𝙅𝙚𝙧𝙠𝙨' 𝘩𝘪𝘮𝘴𝘦𝘭𝘧
Chitra Adkar
Chitra Adkar 11 kun oldin
We had Muqqadimah on our reading list during masters in sociology but no one read it😅 I think I'll revisit the book now
Omar Onn
Omar Onn 12 kun oldin
MALAY SUBTITLES Part 2 of 2 04:29 hantar bencana yang berlaku, Mongol Horde & The Black Death. 04:33 Ibn Khaldun menyajikannya cukup lama. 04:35 Namun, dia mendapati dirinya terlibat dalam intrik politik sekali lagi. 04:39 Pada tahun yang sama, 1384 CE, kapal yang membawa isteri dan anak-anak Ibnu Khaldun karam 04:44 pesisir Iskandariah, tragedi yang tidak seperti yang dialami oleh Ibn Khaldun. 04:47 Selepas itu, Ibn Khaldun bersara dari jawatan politik dan pergi mengajar di pelbagai sekolah 04:52 dan universiti di sekitar Mamluk Mesir. 04:54 Pada tahun 1400 M, Timur yang Lumpuh atau yang saya suka memanggilnya, Timur si JERK, menyerang Damsyik. 05:00 Sultan Mesir, membawa Ibn Khaldun bersamanya untuk menangani Timur. 05:03 Namun, tentera Mamluk dan sultan kembali ke Mesir, tetapi Ibn Khaldun ditinggalkan di 05:08 bandar yang dikepung. 05:10 Bagi pihak elit kota, Ibn Khaldun pergi berunding dengan Timur. 05:13 Dia menghabiskan sekitar tujuh minggu di kemnya dan membincangkan pelbagai topik dengannya. 05:18 Ini hadir dengan terperinci dalam autobiografi Ibn Khaldun. 05:21 Timur dikatakan telah memperlakukan Ibnu Khaldun dengan hormat dan bertanya kepadanya mengenai keadaannya 05:26 Maghreb, Afrika Barat Laut. 05:27 Ibn Khaldun membuat laporan yang luas tentang hal itu, kerana dia adalah kutu buku yang sangat besar! 05:32 Kerana nikmat ini, Ibnu Khaldun meminta Timur untuk memperlakukan kota dengan baik dan membiarkannya kembali 05:36 ke Mesir. 05:37 Timur membenarkannya dan kemudian dia memecat Damsyik dan membakar masjidnya yang besar kerana bagaimana lagi 05:42 akan memastikan bahawa dia dikenang sebagai Timur si Jerk. 05:45 Ibnu Khaldun kembali ke Mesir dan menjalani sepanjang hidupnya dalam pelbagai jawatan, ilmiah 05:49 dan politik. 05:50 Dia meninggal pada 17 Mac 1406 CE. 05:53 Warisan Ibn Khaldun, di dunia Eropah dan Islam, mungkin tidak seperti orang lain. 05:58 Dia menulis di Al Muqaddimah, 07:13 Dengan cara ini, Ibn Khaldun mengusulkan sistem untuk sejarah, dan bukannya siri linear 07:17 cerita yang disebarkan dari satu ke yang lain. 07:20 Pada kali pertama saya membaca buku, saya tidak dapat menjumpai cerita yang tidak saya persoalkan. 07:24 Ibn Khaldun memperkenalkan cara baru untuk memikirkan sejarah dan untuk itu, kerjanya akan dilakukan 07:28 sentiasa hidup. 07:29 Dia memberikan banyak hal kepada dunia, bahkan Ronald Reagan memetiknya untuk menyokong apa yang diketahui 07:33 sebagai ekonomi dari segi penawaran dan mengaku telah melihat idea kenabian untuk masalah fiskal 07:38 kapitalisme dalam karya-karyanya tetapi mungkin perkara terbesar yang diberikan oleh Ibn Khaldun kepada dunia 07:43 adalah Al Muqaddimah. 07:44 Tidak, bukan buku, maksud saya nama saluran ini. 07:47 Jumpa awak lain kali.
Mohamed ellouzati
Mohamed ellouzati 16 kun oldin
Ibn khaldun is AMAZIGH not arab
Sociology Oy oldin
Huh ?
Huh ? Oy oldin
Hey ! Great content, but i would love if you put sources in description or pin it in comment section
Kike Arriba
Kike Arriba 2 oy oldin
Can someone send me a link to Ibn Khaldun’s autobiography!!!
Nggaknormal 2 oy oldin
So... I guess you won't make video about timur?
lyna labadi
lyna labadi 2 oy oldin
Thanks it will help me.!
Mohsen Tabrizi
Mohsen Tabrizi 2 oy oldin
Nice episodes although Definitely not appreciating the biased narrative through the whole thing....
shyml1 3 oy oldin
Painting shown at 2:06 is of the Mughal court in India so not accurate here. Very well researched and narrated. Thank you Amer Ahmad
gogo daal
gogo daal 4 oy oldin
Timur the “lame” his name is already an insult
TimmacTR 4 oy oldin
So, you didn't say why the French invaded North Africa?
Ari Parrinha
Ari Parrinha 5 oy oldin
Could you make a video about Charles Martel and the miracle of Ourique?
houji saifeddine
houji saifeddine 5 oy oldin
you'd think that after over 600 years, people would have learned a thing or 2 from his ideas, like always checking sources and thinking about stuff logically. but no, we didn't. in fact, i think we are even further from that than the people of his era ....
rinsedpie 5 oy oldin
Very happy with your work
Vlog of Anam -যা দেখি চারিদিকে
Vlog of Anam -যা দেখি চারিদিকে 5 oy oldin
Couldn't tolerate the voice over! So so irritating! Though the subject and research is good, it seems. Kido hire a voice artist!
Anwar Shafee
Anwar Shafee 5 oy oldin
At around 2:04 you showed a picture that is clearly from the Mughal period in the Indian Subcontinent. Was this done intentionally or a mistake?
chiron14pl 6 oy oldin
I'm working my way through Ibn Khaldun's "Muqaddimah" and find it excellent and truly the origin of modern historiography.
#-gamer GC
#-gamer GC 6 oy oldin
I am on Baghdad
#-gamer GC
#-gamer GC 6 oy oldin
استمر متابعك من بغداد
KALAAM 7 oy oldin
I am currently reading Al muqadima and it's a masterpiece
Danish Fazlanie
Danish Fazlanie 8 oy oldin
Can I use this video on my page of Instagram to aware people about him ?
matthew mann
matthew mann 9 oy oldin
Many Arabs saw Sub Saharan Africa And Eastern Europe as "Slave Nations" kinda like how many Mongolians also known as The Mongols saw The Middle East And The Far East as "Slave Nations"
Nice_spear 9 oy oldin
Once again i see this damned Timur the jerk ! Can't wait to see why this guys seems to be the thanos of the midle east in one of your vidéo
Abdul Aleem
Abdul Aleem 9 oy oldin
I am happy that Muslim Polymaths are gradually getting their due recognition. I like yours videos. Regards, from India.
My Online channel
My Online channel 9 oy oldin
Good work keep it up. It use full information.
Qurat-ul-ain Fatima
Qurat-ul-ain Fatima 9 oy oldin
Thank you for this video it helped me understand my Islamiat chapter Ibn Kaldum
Htoo Doh
Htoo Doh 10 oy oldin
warren411 10 oy oldin
They said he wrote about the Voyages of Massa Musa. One of the richest king in Africa made ship voyages before Columbus. Is that in one of those seven volumes or a different book because the writings are kind of incomplete when it comes to Massa Musa
luddned 10 oy oldin
Ronald Reagan, lol
Abdul Majeed
Abdul Majeed 11 oy oldin
if you want someone to help you with researching and furnishing content on Muslim history, I can be your man
Mohammed 11 oy oldin
That quote at 6:00 pretty much sums up the state of the Muslim world today. History tends to repeat itself.
Yusuf Abdiauzan
Yusuf Abdiauzan Yil oldin
Video: "Timur the jerk!" Me, a fan of Timur: *surprised Pikachu face*
Yusuf Abdiauzan
Yusuf Abdiauzan 10 oy oldin
@gequitz He was a Mongol afterall, it is not entirely wrong to say that he is the Muslim version of Genghis Khan.
gequitz 10 oy oldin
Wait til you hear about Delhi 1398
Rayhan Muhammad
Rayhan Muhammad Yil oldin
you just earned a subscriber with this video bro, brilliant job really
Al Muqaddimah
Al Muqaddimah Yil oldin
Thanks and welcome!
Trong Huoa
Trong Huoa Yil oldin
Wow, when he says names in Arabic seems like he's so familiar with the names. unlike any other westerners who try to pronounce a Arabic name.
Digital Archive
Digital Archive Yil oldin
He's Pakistani, and Muslim. Makes sense he'd be familiar with Arabic I guess.
Ak kisam
Ak kisam Yil oldin
Can u make a video on ibn sina
Ak kisam
Ak kisam Yil oldin
Great 😂 i get a lot of information
Ahmed shah
Ahmed shah Yil oldin
Wonderful..... I will suggest my all friends to subscribe your channel
F-16 Yil oldin
"No, I don't mean the book, I mean the Channel." oKay. Okay.
Aaron Link
Aaron Link Yil oldin
Great content & presentation Just one small observation ... The castle showed in 3:10 isn't in Frenda as mentioned .. It is the the Santa Cruz Forteresse .. in Oran about 150 km North of Frenda
Александра Молчанова
Александра Молчанова Yil oldin
Just a small stylistical note: don't say 'people died THANKS to the plague', because it would seem that you're glad all those people died. Use 'because of the plague'
Pierre S.
Pierre S. Yil oldin
Timur the Jerk? I’m sensing a major Ibn Arabshah vibe here. Are you sure you ain’t related to him? 😆
Timur Podcast
Timur Podcast Yil oldin
"Timur the Jerk!!!" Haha!
N P Yil oldin
4:58 Timur: *Exists* Al Muqaddimah: *Anger*
حسن عباس جاسب جبار
حسن عباس جاسب جبار Yil oldin
Aronld toynbee the most famous historiographer in the last centuries said that ibn khaldum is most genius person on history of humanity
Ravisekhar Sridhar Reddy Nedurumalli
Ravisekhar Sridhar Reddy Nedurumalli 4 oy oldin
AT s 21 civilizations Ranke- no interpretation Neibur---- legends have a grain of truth Oswald Spengler---1Decline of the west Karl Marx----a Ll around economy or money Sociologist Darendaaj--- for power with immediate boss or authority not distant one I K---- about tribes etc
Anon. Yil oldin
Ibn-Khaldun was based. F for respect.
Kareem theeb
Kareem theeb Yil oldin
He said bad things about Arabs Berbers Africans Eu people Turks and everyone. He was not based.
Jurriën Cerneus
Jurriën Cerneus Yil oldin
Okay asking for a friend: does some one know if there is a audiobooks version of one of the of Ibn Kaldoun? If so could you send me where to find it
Al Muqaddimah
Al Muqaddimah Yil oldin
If the video was sponsored by Audible, I'd recommend looking there but they didn't sponsor me so fuck those guys!
Roy Riley
Roy Riley Yil oldin
Extra Credits History hates this guy.
Al Muqaddimah
Al Muqaddimah Yil oldin
Really? I never saw that. Can you tell me what episode?
Eastern Roman History
Eastern Roman History Yil oldin
Really interesting video. Will you do a video on Al-Tabari?
Eastern Roman History
Eastern Roman History Yil oldin
@Al Muqaddimah He is a bit like the Livy of Islamic historians.
Al Muqaddimah
Al Muqaddimah Yil oldin
Yes! I will.
overmanonfire Yil oldin
by far one of the most respected Islamic-Civilization scientists his analysis on how countries rise and fall, how dynasties rise and fall, the relationship between the city dawdlers and the Bedouins, the political analysis, and the laws of history he put, said was correct up to the age of gunpowder
The Nomadic Professor
The Nomadic Professor Yil oldin
Timur the JERK! Love it.
pax43 Yil oldin
*Taimur the jurk* Moguls would be offended! 😂😂😂
Eesha Yil oldin
Keep up the good work ! I’ve been looking for a channel that does videos on Islamic history for awhile now and your quality of content is great.
Wella Basha
Wella Basha Yil oldin
A video about Ibn Battuta and his travels would be amazing
Eastern Mapper
Eastern Mapper Yil oldin
Timur Al-Jerk knows where you stay!
No not the book the name of this channel 😂😂😂
Abdo abdo
Abdo abdo Yil oldin
Where are you from bro? 😍😍😍
Noob_donate_plz Yil oldin
Al Muqaddimah Me too
Abdo abdo
Abdo abdo Yil oldin
Bro ibn khaldoun arab descended from Companion wael ibn hajr 😁😁😁😁 @Al Muqaddimah
Abdo abdo
Abdo abdo Yil oldin
@Al Muqaddimah love from libya 😍😍😍😍😘
Al Muqaddimah
Al Muqaddimah Yil oldin
Don Yil oldin
Why such a hate against Timur?
The Ballroom • 98 years ago
The Ballroom • 98 years ago 24 kun oldin
Because they committed massacres
Takshashila Yil oldin
Do a video on Mansa Musa and the Trans-Saharan Trade.
Abu saleh Cameraman
Abu saleh Cameraman Yil oldin
Where can I find IBN khaldun book al maqdimah
Supreme Lord of the Auspicious Conjunction
Supreme Lord of the Auspicious Conjunction Yil oldin
How did i not get any notifications for this, I just remembered it's been a while since you last uploaded and checked your channel
Muslims turned out to have many discoveries in the Middle Ages or the Dark Ages for the presumption of the Western world today :v en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_inventions_in_the_medieval_Islamic_world
Donald J. trump POTUS
Donald J. trump POTUS Yil oldin
Lower the (S) sound Please it causes earrape
Where I can get a map there 0:45, is there a link address ? Can i have it, please ... Great video btw :v
Michael Ney
Michael Ney 8 oy oldin
That :v, pasti ini pasti
Al Muqaddimah
Al Muqaddimah Yil oldin
Not yet but soon, my maps will be available.
Ömer Kerem TAŞTEPE
Ömer Kerem TAŞTEPE Yil oldin
Dude why dont you have a million subs your content is gold worth.
Grigoris Karelis
Grigoris Karelis Yil oldin
Because he has apostate prophet attached so many ignorants go there and assume that this channel is a world taqiya masonic conspiracy! Yes masons are muslims promoting the idea that they are jews. Blaming the jews and covering tracks in one ;).
Al Muqaddimah
Al Muqaddimah Yil oldin
Because the world sucks. T_T
Yonatan Huber
Yonatan Huber Yil oldin
Came here from the Cynic Historian, LOVE your channel!
aminator1 Yil oldin
Im learning so much from this channel, that quote from Ibn Khaldun's book was so wise. Thank you
George Maniu
George Maniu 2 yil oldin
I love your chanel. Thank you for making islamic history accesible for us westerns.
براہمداغ 2 yil oldin
He also roughly touched biological evolution.
Kareem theeb
Kareem theeb Yil oldin
@Corporate slave He said bad stuff about Arabs, berbers, eu, blacks and indians. He was not racist. He talked about everyone.
براہمداغ Yil oldin
@Al Muqaddimah please make a video on that aspect.
Al Muqaddimah
Al Muqaddimah Yil oldin
He did. One thing I really found fascinating about him was that he talked about things, like human nature, from a very evolution-like perspective.
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dz alm 2 yil oldin
hello from land of bereber tamazight algeria 😊
Al Muqaddimah
Al Muqaddimah 2 yil oldin
Artur M.
Artur M. 2 yil oldin
Timur the Jerkass. :) Seriously though, great video! Very interesting topic and excellently presented. The detail I love the most might be that little animated timeline at the top.
Artur M.
Artur M. 2 yil oldin
@Al Muqaddimah Thank you for replying! I hope I'm not the only one who likes it.
Al Muqaddimah
Al Muqaddimah 2 yil oldin
Aw! You made me bring it back. I had actually deleted it from the next video because I didn't think people found it that useful.
Hikma History
Hikma History 2 yil oldin
Great video as usual! Gonna leave the link to my video on Ibn Khaldun here... uzpost.info/vision/video/kKuZuaaepGmkZp8.html
Arbaz Alware
Arbaz Alware 2 yil oldin
I love this channel, fucking underrated.
Takfarin Aït Khmir
Takfarin Aït Khmir 2 yil oldin
Great video. I hope that you will talk about his various roles in the politics of North Africa and Andalus. Ramadan Mubarak from Tunis.
Kareem theeb
Kareem theeb Yil oldin
What a name. Aksel ben salama😂😂😂. How did you combined both of them together?.
austin xd
austin xd 2 yil oldin
please try Islamic history in Al Andalus and India
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Alexandru B 2 yil oldin
Ramadan Kareem (Edit: ) and a good weekend for people like myself.
shri vj
shri vj 2 yil oldin
Give respect to emperors what ever they did or didn't but you shouldn't be treating them badly 😠
shri vj
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@Al Muqaddimah waiting for your reply too
shri vj
shri vj Yil oldin
@Al Muqaddimah by the way I love your videos there are several videos about the European rulers but not as many UZpost explaining about rulers of the Muslim world. Waiting for more videos from your side
shri vj
shri vj Yil oldin
@Al MuqaddimahI understand Y your emotional but this is my openion they may be bad or good but who are we to comment on a person who lived several hundred years ago the history may have been manipulated for instance let's take Genghis Khan he is a great conquerer who United large parts of Asia he was tolerant to religion promoted fare trade and ensured safe passage for travelers and his good deads continue but what the writers of history (Western world) depicts him as a tyrant because they were on the receiving side of the arrows that Mongols unleashed and Alexander the great as a great ruler where his negative deads are completely forgotten. let's take these same European people itself as example what they did to the Roman empire.they are just humans whenever we humans find opportunity we will try to do good for our ownself and not to others we are not Gods we are just humans only the fittest can survive the battle I am an Indian yes Delhi was sacked by timur but Delhi sultanate was corrupt and it paid the price as a ruler he should ensure the safety of his subjects but he didn't and the people Paid the price with there life .He(Timur) he was also a normal human he rose to power from very humble origins and you would be familiar with the story of y he got the name timur the lame. He achived great things against all odds if he is an jerk then no one would have joined his ranks as soldiers who risked there Life for him . I myself won't disrespect anyone because I myself don't know what was his true circumstances and y he killed so many people that only him and his generals knew but one thing that I knew is even to lead a small following is difficult governing an empire like his is not a mean task and there is always two different story for every single incident in each story the other will be wrong guy so it's very difficult to judge anyone from what we hear unless we are at the incident so y comment on things that we don't know and this is just my opinion yours could be a different one if you felt I am wrong on this your most welcomed to correct me on this subject.And this is my request your a UZpostr your videos will reach several thousand of people so please don't use any tough words on anyone on your videos.(I am weak in English and don't know if I explained it properly but tried)
Al Muqaddimah
Al Muqaddimah 2 yil oldin
@Sports Entertainment I know, man!
Sports Entertainment
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@Al Muqaddimah what the hell dude I'm supporting you
Bruhganu 2 yil oldin
Ramadan Kareem to my brothers and sisters. I’ve read Muqqadimah thanks to your channel and have a new appreciation for the anthropologists, historians/histographers and politicians of the Golden Age and later which are often brushed under the scientists and mathematicians of the era.
Mythology with Mike
Mythology with Mike 2 yil oldin
I'm studying history in college and we talk a lot about some of the early historians like Herodotus and Thucydides. It's interesting to hear about historians from the Muslim world and how they shaped our modern view. Great video man!
Oussama Siab
Oussama Siab 2 yil oldin
Temur"lame"i could not agree more on that nice one ;)
Oussama Siab
Oussama Siab Yil oldin
@Supreme Lord of the Auspicious Conjunction XD yes indeed
Supreme Lord of the Auspicious Conjunction
Supreme Lord of the Auspicious Conjunction Yil oldin
Oussama Siab He was literally lame tho
الدزيري ZIRID Algerian
الدزيري ZIRID Algerian 2 yil oldin
Greetings from Al Djazair « Algeria » 🇩🇿 :) I’m berber.
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The Ballroom • 98 years ago Oy oldin
A race doesn’t matter
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Greetings from Saudi to the the brothers
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austin xd 2 yil oldin
Al-Muwaffaq رحم الله
Al-Muwaffaq رحم الله 2 yil oldin
Can you make a video about ibn Batutta
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best amv 6 oy oldin
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Excellent video.
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Great episode! Keep up the good work!
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Mohamed Al Maghrebi 2 yil oldin
Do video About Ibn Battuta
Al Muqaddimah
Al Muqaddimah 2 yil oldin
All in good time, my friend.
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Abdalrahman Alassaf 2 yil oldin
Amazing!! Stay like that!
Al Muqaddimah
Al Muqaddimah 2 yil oldin
Aw! You too!
Rayyan Sobrany
Rayyan Sobrany 2 yil oldin
Can you do these profile video for caliphs like: harun al rashid , abd al malik or Suleiman the magnificent?
The Wolf
The Wolf 2 yil oldin
@Al Muqaddimah wahhabis are not muslim
Al Muqaddimah
Al Muqaddimah 2 yil oldin
I'm not really very religious, like I have said before but I was raised on the Wahaabi point of view and I have to disagree with you here. Never, through my 23 years on this planet, have I ever heard a Wahaabi quote Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahaab. Mostly, I only hear them quote things from Bukhari and Muslim. Like I said, I'm not very practicing so it doesn't matter to me but when I do participate in religion (like in Ramadan, for instance) I do it the Wahaabi way.
Rayyan Sobrany
Rayyan Sobrany 2 yil oldin
@Al Muqaddimah you teach Islam frim a secular point. No offence; I'm not a fan of wahabbism Honestly I won't conisder wahabis as Sunnis because Sunnis. Celbratrate mawlid un nabi Muhhumed pbuh birthday Have waliallah( saints most notably sahik abdul qadir jillani ra and for him sunnis fast on 11th rabi al thane) , Sunnis have a practis of mysticism of; givng out taweze( like ammulates), doing special rituals and prays, and visting shrine or graves. This is called Sufism Wahbis don't belive in any of this Sunnis like to follow; muhhumed saw, tge sahaba , imam like Imam Buhari and scholars Whabis primary person to follow is abdul wahab and his opinion on islam.
Al Muqaddimah
Al Muqaddimah 2 yil oldin
Over time, yes! I will. It's on my list. I have a very short attention span so I can't stick to anything for long.
Rayyan Sobrany
Rayyan Sobrany 2 yil oldin
I guess this is your favorite episode so far because here is were you get your channel name.
Al Muqaddimah
Al Muqaddimah 2 yil oldin
I knew what the channel would be named as soon as I read that book for the first time.
Ancient Accounts - Animated History
Ancient Accounts - Animated History 2 yil oldin
So he's like herotdus mixed with marco polo but muslim?, thank god (or allah hehe) for this channel, i would never lnow stuff like this
Casey Yil oldin
Allah is not this “other god” Allah is God. Same God as Jews and Christians. We just call him by his Arabic name.
Hikma History
Hikma History Yil oldin
@Grigoris Karelis that's a pretty good comparison. Xenophon was also a soldier if I'm not mistaken? I guess that's a difference
MajorScipio 2 yil oldin
@Grigoris Karelis You could also compare him to Thukydides. His work is about the Peloponnesian War and he basically invented historiography as we know it. Herodotus also included tales and myths in his history while Thukydides stayed to the facts.
Grigoris Karelis
Grigoris Karelis 2 yil oldin
@Al Muqaddimah Xenophon actually did or tried to do in historiographyy what Ibn Khaldun said a historian should do.That's why I mentioned him.
Al Muqaddimah
Al Muqaddimah 2 yil oldin
I don't really know enough about him to compare with Ibn Khaldun. I guess, Ibn Khaldun was a historian like Herodotus but his primary legacy is because of his work in economy and as a historiographer. He taught HOW to read and record history, rather than actually record it. He did record it but that's not why he remember him.
Ma ks
Ma ks 2 yil oldin
I don't think that it's a good thing that Ronald Reagan quoted you
Al Muqaddimah
Al Muqaddimah 2 yil oldin
I said the same in the description but I like that Reagan or his speech writers were educated enough to quote him.
BereftSpud 2 yil oldin
Great video as always! Always good to see Islamic history covererd!
I L O V E L A S E R G U N S 2 yil oldin
Hey would you consider the Caliphate's as a theocratic monarchy? If not what would they be?
I L O V E L A S E R G U N S 2 yil oldin
@Al Muqaddimah Oh i see, thanks for clearing that up for me! Great video as always man.
Al Muqaddimah
Al Muqaddimah 2 yil oldin
Sorry, that comment wasn't in the right place, for some reason. It was not quite a theocratic monarchy because the caliph didn't command the same respect in Islam, as say, the pope does in Catholicism. After the first four, it was a usual monarchy.
I L O V E L A S E R G U N S 2 yil oldin
@Al Muqaddimah I agree
Guled Aden
Guled Aden 2 yil oldin
Good job keep up the good work😇🤗😇🤗🤗🤗😇😇🤗🤗🤗🤗😇🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😇🤗🤗🤗🤗😇😇😇🤗🤗🤗🤗😇🤗🤗🤗🤗😇😇🤗🤗🤗😇🤗🤗🤗🤗😇😇🤗🤗😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇
ConKee 2 yil oldin
Excellent video!
Ma ks
Ma ks 2 yil oldin
Al Muqaddimah
Al Muqaddimah 2 yil oldin
Realcreative One
Realcreative One 2 yil oldin
Realcreative One
Realcreative One 2 yil oldin
@Al Muqaddimah lol, On a real note bro, your work is very inspirational. Wish you all the success in your future videos.
Al Muqaddimah
Al Muqaddimah 2 yil oldin
CaspianReport 2 yil oldin
Great video! Would you be interested in a collaboration ?
barlekha1971 15 kun oldin
Oh that will be great! I am currently reading Al Muqaddimah. Can’t wait hear one with your beautiful exotic accent!
Bashir Wyatt
Bashir Wyatt Oy oldin
drop the collab!
Karsyn Denver
Karsyn Denver Oy oldin
@Jon Ibrahim cool! Took about 10 minutes but it actually worked!
Jon Ibrahim
Jon Ibrahim Oy oldin
dont know if anyone gives a damn but I just hacked my girl friends Instagram account using Instaportal. Just google for it xD
Asim Khan
Asim Khan 4 oy oldin
Were still waiting
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