I Sent Baby Preston to the 4 MOST Extreme Minecraft Schools... *expelled*

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I Sent Baby Preston to the 4 MOST Extreme Minecraft Schools... *expelled* with BriannaPlayz 👊
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hawa patel
hawa patel 3 soat oldin
I love school to
Briana Kay
Briana Kay 3 soat oldin
i am. i love to draw people
Briana Kay
Briana Kay 3 soat oldin
basil mattini
basil mattini 3 soat oldin
hi bryann 10000
Pika Gaming
Pika Gaming 5 soat oldin
khalifa qayed
khalifa qayed 7 soat oldin
pee oceon
BESTEST DADDY 9 soat oldin
Michelle Groulx
Michelle Groulx 18 soat oldin
Mr p otion
Jessiah Lomeli
Jessiah Lomeli 18 soat oldin
Iris Valdez
Iris Valdez 19 soat oldin
It’s like he Peed in the qee ocean
Gaming with Fishy
Gaming with Fishy 20 soat oldin
baby preston deserves his grade as f-
Evander Parent
Evander Parent 21 soat oldin
My favorite grade so far is 1st
Bryanna Requarth
Bryanna Requarth 22 soat oldin
T ocean potion
Happy A-Dog
Happy A-Dog Kun oldin
My fav grade was 1 grade
Muzffer Shaikh
Muzffer Shaikh Kun oldin
Shannon91989 Kun oldin
PE in ocean
Cool Fire
Cool Fire Kun oldin
Preston: knows Minecraft the back of his hands or even smart like he created Minecraft Baby Preston: just this
Jessicca Clarke
Jessicca Clarke Kun oldin
I love drawing people ✍️
Jessicca Clarke
Jessicca Clarke Kun oldin
I’m a artist as well 🖼
DeAnna and Ray Jackson
DeAnna and Ray Jackson Kun oldin
Debbie Marshall
Debbie Marshall Kun oldin
I am a artist
Cameron dillon69
Cameron dillon69 Kun oldin
Aamira Rafeek
Aamira Rafeek Kun oldin
And I love your videos Brianna
Ridhwan Mollah
Ridhwan Mollah Kun oldin
Wolf for baby Preston him a F
Carissa Umble
Carissa Umble Kun oldin
i think it means p in the otion
Balboa Rocky
Balboa Rocky Kun oldin
A straight A+
Amelia Taylor
Amelia Taylor Kun oldin
I love school
Ned Williams
Ned Williams Kun oldin
you sound more french
Leo sze
Leo sze Kun oldin
i get it
Wil Flash
Wil Flash Kun oldin
ai love peinting blue a pink a purpul tie die on peapr
Youssef Sofy
Youssef Sofy Kun oldin
I get it potion
Adarian Benton
Adarian Benton Kun oldin
Brianna need to punish baby preston
Brayden John Orge
Brayden John Orge Kun oldin
Is preston
Bobbi Bouge
Bobbi Bouge Kun oldin
Caden O'Connor
Caden O'Connor Kun oldin
They actually make the trouble makers go in the front seat of the bus
Amanda Masset
Amanda Masset Kun oldin
Amanda Masset
Amanda Masset Kun oldin
Julio Garcia
Julio Garcia Kun oldin
p oshen
Seth Aaron
Seth Aaron Kun oldin
Debbie Sisco
Debbie Sisco Kun oldin
Fourth grade 3 years ago
Yael Leyva
Yael Leyva Kun oldin
Don’t forget your joke of Mr. p. Otion
Josie Weldy
Josie Weldy Kun oldin
I hate math too
Josie Weldy
Josie Weldy Kun oldin
My fav thing to draw is you and mr chukles
Gabriel Scheelings
Gabriel Scheelings 2 kun oldin
Bri can you do a vid in creeativ pleaes pleaes pleaes
Gabriel Scheelings
Gabriel Scheelings 2 kun oldin
I was drnking tea i didint obsidin was when jelly made coblston the tea in my moth came out of my noes and out of my moth when i laghfted. It was all over the ipad ty for reading my story BRI! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOU BRIANA
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith 2 kun oldin
Expel Leah you dumb teacher
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith Kun oldin
For c making monsters only eat Sundee
Aria Kassab
Aria Kassab 2 kun oldin
Help Her because I am right now she does good with Jerry
Aria Kassab
Aria Kassab 2 kun oldin
jon hashi
jon hashi 2 kun oldin
Hi bread 🍞
Smithers Family
Smithers Family 2 kun oldin
who else now has the magic school theme song stuck in their head because of this
Valentina Cortijo
Valentina Cortijo 2 kun oldin
Me as little:what is hogwarts?Me hearing about Harry potter:ohhhhhh so that is hogwarts
Super. mario bros
Super. mario bros 2 kun oldin
my favorite grade is 4th grade
Teresa Judson
Teresa Judson 2 kun oldin
Mr potion
Aprl Gonzalez
Aprl Gonzalez 2 kun oldin
Yeah me to
Aprl Gonzalez
Aprl Gonzalez 2 kun oldin
I like to draw Sonic
Iris Black
Iris Black 2 kun oldin
I love art
Jacob Seyba
Jacob Seyba 2 kun oldin
Cody Bartholomew
Cody Bartholomew 2 kun oldin
Shiny Aaron
Shiny Aaron 2 kun oldin
I like to
GODZ PLAYZ 2 kun oldin
Cody Bartholomew
Cody Bartholomew 2 kun oldin
Cat lover 79835 1234
Cat lover 79835 1234 2 kun oldin
My favrout grade was grade 3 witch is year 4 we’re I live
Jaxton Burke
Jaxton Burke 2 kun oldin
OnlineBizIC 2 kun oldin
My best grade is A+
BBJS Rule 2 kun oldin
Edy Perez
Edy Perez 2 kun oldin
cuong tran
cuong tran 2 kun oldin
Gogo Minecraft gogo mincecraft pow egg y
omrell campbell
omrell campbell 2 kun oldin
I love you bri
Allan Colmenero
Allan Colmenero 2 kun oldin
Did you see the video when Brianna hacked in Preston's Minecraft account
Allan Colmenero
Allan Colmenero 2 kun oldin
Brianna is a bad parent
Michelle Barnes
Michelle Barnes 3 kun oldin
Do you guys get the joke cuz I do potion HAHAHAHA LOL 😂😜😜
Brandon 109
Brandon 109 3 kun oldin
Your mercy is to girly
Dana Chobanian Kniess
Dana Chobanian Kniess 3 kun oldin
My favorite thing to draw is a bunny 👯‍♀️
Pink Rainbow Girl Official
Pink Rainbow Girl Official 3 kun oldin
Sunset with people
Phillip Moser
Phillip Moser 3 kun oldin
Leah Cumberbatch
Leah Cumberbatch 3 kun oldin
Shashi Tanwar
Shashi Tanwar 3 kun oldin
Richard Shannon
Richard Shannon 3 kun oldin
Potion lol 😂
wei zheng
wei zheng 3 kun oldin
hams hams
hams hams 3 kun oldin
im artists brianna
biljana petrovic
biljana petrovic 3 kun oldin
Mr. Potion!🤣😂🤣😂😂😂🤣😂😂 hehehe🤣😂🤣😂😂😂
lepered print
lepered print 3 kun oldin
preston said that your a noob at mincraft but I dont think you are
Mohammed Hassan
Mohammed Hassan 3 kun oldin
My sister nose how draw
Menchie Collins
Menchie Collins 3 kun oldin
Happy All the Time
Happy All the Time 3 kun oldin
Rene Castillo
Rene Castillo 3 kun oldin
Me thinking the video is like 10 minutes and then I checked and it was almost 2 hours😋
Prinze Lawrence
Prinze Lawrence 4 kun oldin
All a,s
Sofia Zuniga
Sofia Zuniga 4 kun oldin
i cant make bakin cus i have an xbox 360
Sofia Zuniga
Sofia Zuniga 4 kun oldin
im bad at prkor to
Dexter G
Dexter G 4 kun oldin
You are the best!
MTG Gaming
MTG Gaming 4 kun oldin
Nun no grade sooo i don't.like school
Hannah Banana
Hannah Banana 4 kun oldin
It means potion
Shannon Caputo
Shannon Caputo 4 kun oldin
Hi I am a big fan of you😊
satya Irrinki
satya Irrinki 4 kun oldin
I got lost 😞
Miguel Angel Cardenas Rodriguez
Miguel Angel Cardenas Rodriguez 4 kun oldin
I am. Artist
foxy Rockstar foxy
foxy Rockstar foxy 4 kun oldin
3 Iceland time to eat chicken in Spam sandwich and Breakfast
Morgan Kuchynka
Morgan Kuchynka 4 kun oldin
LAVANYA SHREE 4 kun oldin
i, am a kid in real but i am in youtube i like your youtube chanal i all wes see your youtube chanal
Ramel reyteran
Ramel reyteran 4 kun oldin
F- baby preston
james farley
james farley 4 kun oldin
The teachers name means potion
mariposa 821
mariposa 821 5 kun oldin
i found chucklz in the secret caslte :3
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