I Ruined Skeppy’s Video

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"Seaside Junction" by Jimmy Wahlsteen

Technoblade Oy oldin
this video counts as the 5 mil hand reveal PLUSHIE LINK: youtooz.com/collections/technoblade
light saber king
light saber king 26 kun oldin
Phoenix sc did a vid about wrong bed crafting
zoe sophia
zoe sophia Oy oldin
If your not comfortable with it there's no need sir techno
Bossatron 9000
Bossatron 9000 Oy oldin
May we equip the plane with anti orphan weapons
Draconic_Dreamz Oy oldin
I got a plush!
Tidal Oy oldin
Aisuruu 4 soat oldin
Skeppy: small brain Techno: slightly bigger small brain
Xx Ducky The Quacker xX
Xx Ducky The Quacker xX 6 soat oldin
Imagine just that ur on a bus sitting by ur friend that doesn't know techno blade, ur watching his video and just say, "Go kill some orphans techno" And then ur friend being like "What the hell is wrong with u?!" And me being me I would say, "EVERYTHING, NEVER ASK THAT QUESTION AGAIN.... "
Sorenporium 9 soat oldin
Benjamin Garvey
Benjamin Garvey 10 soat oldin
"I would betray my country for confetti" Hitler: Write that down, write that down!
James Thompstone
James Thompstone 11 soat oldin
I miss your bedwars and skywars videos
Kylia Thompson
Kylia Thompson 12 soat oldin
Everything was fine when the lava nation attacked
SUAPEIk GREAT 15 soat oldin
Watching this 11th time
Bedroks990 16 soat oldin
Shadow Reaper
Shadow Reaper 19 soat oldin
Technoplane is the real definition of the quote "When pigs fly~"
Cardamoon 23 soat oldin
Dewey Kun oldin
Like it ❤️
Zoe Larsen
Zoe Larsen Kun oldin
Skeppy: Do you ever just look around us and think how beautiful our world is? **2 seconds later Techno yoinks Skeppys crafting table** Skeppy: Hey that’s mi-
Imma fat Penguin
Imma fat Penguin Kun oldin
Techno: laughs Subtitles: [applause]
Ryan Hill
Ryan Hill Kun oldin
Lonti xd
Lonti xd Kun oldin
6:50 Crafting a deb lol (is like a bed but cursed lol)
XxThe Masked GhostxX
XxThe Masked GhostxX Kun oldin
We know skeppy can’t craft a bed... The only video worse is forcing him to manually bake a cake!
Marquee-Phillip Lebron
Marquee-Phillip Lebron Kun oldin
Techno: releases new plush Me: MOM GET YOUR WALLET
Ray Ali
Ray Ali Kun oldin
the fact that it took 9 minutes to kill techno proves techno cannot die legitimatly lol
DOWN2ENTER Kun oldin
Cant ruin what already sucks Burn
Delborne Kun oldin
skeppy in this video: "you're such a jerk, you're such a jerk, you're such a jerk!" also skeppy, probably in the future: so um you wanna collab again bro deny me all you want skeppy is a tsundere
Fraser Blake
Fraser Blake Kun oldin
How much is the merch?
XXM Controlled gaming
XXM Controlled gaming Kun oldin
You really ruined skeppy’s video Good job
Sai & Friends
Sai & Friends Kun oldin
*Not even close baby TECHNOBLADE NEVER DIES*
Roye S.
Roye S. Kun oldin
1:46 "I would betray my COUNTRY for confetti" "JuSt KiDdInG gOvErNmEnT" WELL THIS AGED WONDERFULLY.
Garvit Singh
Garvit Singh 2 kun oldin
FunFact : Techno doesn't use optifine
Aphmau_lover 2 kun oldin
Technoblade NEVER DIES >3
Shaun Perez
Shaun Perez 2 kun oldin
Skeppy crafted a white bed wrong 5 times actually
firestar is best
firestar is best 2 kun oldin
I we love yards techno
Mihir Chakravadhanula
Mihir Chakravadhanula 2 kun oldin
Wait so who won
Bea R
Bea R 2 kun oldin
No joke I've watched this video 4 times Edit: 5 times
Katsuki Bakugo
Katsuki Bakugo 2 kun oldin
1:29 legends say that the wood block is still there
Tuber Pog
Tuber Pog 2 kun oldin
nobody: Me coming back from lunch 1 hour after pausing at 6:36 : *excuse me?* *btw im a orphan please dont kill me-*
Roye S.
Roye S. Kun oldin
"btw im a orphan pleas don't kill me" Do you have any idea who is Technoblade?
Not Dalton 2021
Not Dalton 2021 2 kun oldin
Im officly depressed
ARAF popo
ARAF popo 2 kun oldin
6:50 he don't know how to craft a bed
William Fargher
William Fargher 2 kun oldin
skeppy needs a baby sitter lol
Ann Flaherty
Ann Flaherty 2 kun oldin
I miss the Bedwars video's 😔😔
Backcapt studios
Backcapt studios 2 kun oldin
Put this on 2x speed and he’s on crack
AMB BlackBee
AMB BlackBee 3 kun oldin
the anti cheat XD
John Barbecho
John Barbecho 3 kun oldin
I love technos bruhh
Heiko Laur
Heiko Laur 3 kun oldin
you just turned his content into your content, that's it
Mr hat 1234 plays
Mr hat 1234 plays 3 kun oldin
Skeppy just cheats
Keith Macbeth
Keith Macbeth 3 kun oldin
skepugs deniers
Leslie Bolt
Leslie Bolt 3 kun oldin
It was my birthday then
Rafael Robles
Rafael Robles 3 kun oldin
when are we gonna have technoblade bullets
Le sirop a la Menthe
Le sirop a la Menthe 3 kun oldin
2:02 skeppy : (3 blue pixels with max zoom) Techno : "I see you have a water bucket"
Poopaypoy Youtube
Poopaypoy Youtube 3 kun oldin
Thank you for being a good guy
BtwLucas234 3 kun oldin
He actually did not post it l9l
BoingBoing 3 kun oldin
hello Technoblade
Wol fzy
Wol fzy 3 kun oldin
nice bed Xd
s hrw
s hrw 3 kun oldin
Dislikes= Skeppy's simps
Hillary Le
Hillary Le 3 kun oldin
Ok whoever has the really big technoplane plush please can you try sitting on it and tell me if you can sit in it
Yoga Prathap
Yoga Prathap 3 kun oldin
Yeaaah...Skeppy woooon...😂
Miata Fan
Miata Fan 4 kun oldin
6:54 skeppy you good?
Blueberry puppy
Blueberry puppy 4 kun oldin
If they potatoes grow so should the technopotatoes so GROOOOOWWW
WWG ẅyatt
WWG ẅyatt 4 kun oldin
Techno I watch u for 2 seconds hop on Minecraft get a 52 win streak on god
Boing doi . — .
Boing doi . — . 4 kun oldin
0:15 technopack flashback
ChaseamallowGeometryDash - Numberblock 97,104
ChaseamallowGeometryDash - Numberblock 97,104 4 kun oldin
That’s Right!
Toastato0 4 kun oldin
derpy diamond with a side of salt
Arnan Srivastava
Arnan Srivastava 4 kun oldin
You’re a good friend
TreeStick 4 kun oldin
Nené06 4 kun oldin
How tf did he see that water bucket
Identify0 4 kun oldin
That was fun to watch :)
shadowbear fnaf lover
shadowbear fnaf lover 4 kun oldin
Nobody: Literally nobody: Technoblade: I see you have a water bucket... Everybody watching: wait what- Skeppy: wai- wh- where are yo-
从 Deadpoppin 从
从 Deadpoppin 从 4 kun oldin
Deletinq 4 kun oldin
从 Deadpoppin 从
从 Deadpoppin 从 4 kun oldin
wus poppin
smedis 4 kun oldin
i paly minecarft too watch them ps: techno don't get made thanks
Dream 4 kun oldin
Oh hi Techno
gacha oof
gacha oof 4 kun oldin
Kdiscool YT
Kdiscool YT 4 kun oldin
I want one the plush there so cuteee
licensedretard 4 kun oldin
Raderpaderp 4 kun oldin
Why did he chose typing against a English major
John Carl Espinosa
John Carl Espinosa 4 kun oldin
hey Dave
Luis Colon
Luis Colon 4 kun oldin
The narrow land premenstrually strap because maid impressively joke like a dreary swedish. truculent, pleasant cone
Fatima Gomes
Fatima Gomes 4 kun oldin
Angel Playzz
Angel Playzz 4 kun oldin
The evil destructive pig that ruins people’s Monday’s. XD
Jeanebeth Sorongon
Jeanebeth Sorongon 4 kun oldin
I saw you got stuck in THE dream smp so I sub
AceTheBlaze 5 kun oldin
Pupsgy 5 kun oldin
Levi Kass
Levi Kass 5 kun oldin
Dream is better
Anita Bennett
Anita Bennett 5 kun oldin
And dream Will see The chest under him then he needs to break the bed then he have to break the chest and then he hast to die and he’s free
Anita Bennett
Anita Bennett 5 kun oldin
Then put it in that hole where he responds
Anita Bennett
Anita Bennett 5 kun oldin
He just needs to break the chest in his cell
Anita Bennett
Anita Bennett 5 kun oldin
This might be a crazy question but I might know how to break dream out of prison
Anita Bennett
Anita Bennett 5 kun oldin
Hey techno tell this to dream
Mr. glolg plaze
Mr. glolg plaze 5 kun oldin
If it won't grow in dead
Mihkel Truu
Mihkel Truu 5 kun oldin
how does skeppy not know how to craft a bed XD
Scientific Tate
Scientific Tate 5 kun oldin
He protect He attack But most importantly, his upload schedule ain’t comin back
Alluka Zoldyck
Alluka Zoldyck 5 kun oldin
If techno is reading this, I hope you have a good day I love you :)
Nicholas Ison
Nicholas Ison 5 kun oldin
Ankle reveal!!!!!
Red JT
Red JT 5 kun oldin
you are awesome tenor
Red JT
Red JT 5 kun oldin
you are awesome tenor
Red JT
Red JT 5 kun oldin
you are awesome tenor
Red JT
Red JT 5 kun oldin
you are awesome tenor
Red JT
Red JT 5 kun oldin
you are awesome tenor
Red JT
Red JT 5 kun oldin
you are awesome tenor
Red JT
Red JT 5 kun oldin
you are awesome tenor
Red JT
Red JT 5 kun oldin
you are awesome tenor
Red JT
Red JT 5 kun oldin
you are awesome tenor
Red JT
Red JT 5 kun oldin
you are awesome tenor
Red JT
Red JT 5 kun oldin
you are awesome tenor
skeppy tries to troll me but i troll him first
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