I Made A Giant 100-Pound Boba Milk Tea • Tasty

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“1000 little bobas, 500 tea bags, PVC pipe, and a hotel vase. I have a lot of work to do.”
Inga's Boba Recipe: uzpost.info/vision/video/bp9px8l7dYN7hmg.html
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FailureAtLife Soat oldin
I thought he was gonna make giant tapioca beads
Sum Wei Soon
Sum Wei Soon 5 soat oldin
This is not for me if i drink to much boba i will feel dizzy and sick.
《Starry Sapphire》
《Starry Sapphire》 6 soat oldin
Sell that-
Zhel Labastida
Zhel Labastida 9 soat oldin
The "I've never saw my money ever again" I mean, mostly asian moms do that💀
U-U ye
U-U ye 10 soat oldin
My blood sugar is gonna go brr if l drink this
Fe Besa
Fe Besa 11 soat oldin
Papadomz TV
Papadomz TV 12 soat oldin
I love this channel just now. Thanks YT for the recommendation.
Shara Jane Farinas
Shara Jane Farinas 12 soat oldin
I just noticed that the pearl are not cooked well hihi
•TeamRDA_riana• 13 soat oldin
*Girl:*talks* Alvin: oh! Sh*t. *POG*
jonnyjohnson1 13 soat oldin
Sell this at 500 dollars and you’ll have a literal business
Ashlee Alicea
Ashlee Alicea 14 soat oldin
Who watching this at night in bed hungry without socks Me:slowly raises my hand ✋🏽
Olivia Fulfer
Olivia Fulfer 14 soat oldin
His face when he messed up is priceless 😂😂
FeelsSee 14 soat oldin
He made Oobleck on his own
Joker dimond
Joker dimond 14 soat oldin
I smell 🎉 boba
Brookie Star
Brookie Star 15 soat oldin
You made oobleck
Hikari Gonzalez
Hikari Gonzalez 21 soat oldin
They look like cranberry when you were boiling the boba.
Galaxy Gaming
Galaxy Gaming 21 soat oldin
Have fun drinking ahahahahhahahah
Hikari Gonzalez
Hikari Gonzalez 21 soat oldin
I love boba it’s sooo tasty.
Paracotis456 22 soat oldin
thats a big plants vs zombies
Kirby Antonio E. Beltran Jr.
Kirby Antonio E. Beltran Jr. 23 soat oldin
He said he don't know to make boba Later:talks about how he makes boba Me:???wtf
Rylee Wing
Rylee Wing 23 soat oldin
He didn’t add the plastic part that you poke the straw though.
Chi Shen Chong
Chi Shen Chong Kun oldin
Yo anyone know if Alvin ever finished the drink?🤔🤔🤔
Mimi Kun oldin
I Think UZpost is weird Again..it says This was made a month ago but it was made in the end of november..UZpost 2021
Sisters Account
Sisters Account Kun oldin
The boba looked like the Indian dessert and yes it is really yummy
Elijah Johnson
Elijah Johnson Kun oldin
He made oobleck
Zeenat Kanjee
Zeenat Kanjee Kun oldin
That boba is huuuge
Anime Senpai
Anime Senpai Kun oldin
I can't help but think he's an Asian GeorgeNotFound
O D I N Kun oldin
"If mom watching this, *I WANT MY MONEY BACK YO* " 😂😂
JustAPerson Kun oldin
i'd probably never drink that, i would throw up. i just drank a boba milk tea and i feel sick somehow, maybe because i can't handle milk tea that much
Zheng Songhua
Zheng Songhua Kun oldin
What happens if you pour the whole thing inside?
Alysia White
Alysia White Kun oldin
You should make a giant sushi
Alice Mikaela Nisworo
Alice Mikaela Nisworo Kun oldin
Ummmmm, i wanna ask who is gonna drink bubble tea that much? Well, i can
Alice Mikaela Nisworo
Alice Mikaela Nisworo Kun oldin
But maybe i will throw up
Shivika Chintanippu
Shivika Chintanippu Kun oldin
It looks like honeycomb when you look at it from a distance :P
tordivel777 Kun oldin
Chug that while lactose intolerant
Gaming Boy
Gaming Boy Kun oldin
good video
LegendAssassinBoy Kun oldin
0:43 oh $h*t
Esteban A
Esteban A Kun oldin
Me never have ever drank boba ._.
Xx_sleepygacha_xX ._.
Xx_sleepygacha_xX ._. Kun oldin
This is what I need in my life
ツretromarioplayer Kun oldin
can u see the guy in the back 6:45
Jeon Pjk
Jeon Pjk Kun oldin
I love how patient he is !!!!
Daniel mendoza
Daniel mendoza Kun oldin
ask for the job friends a for boba tea vlog hand world chef youtube feeling happy inga
TwentyCharactersLong Kun oldin
I tried following nino's home boba recipe... I had to redo it 4 times.... ....and still didn't get it right... It looked like a dry crumbly mess.... So I gave up...
Maysam Bukheit
Maysam Bukheit Kun oldin
me: imagining drinking that Diabeties: you sure about that?
Jensen McKey
Jensen McKey Kun oldin
10:34 That is a mad cow
Gamerroy 43
Gamerroy 43 Kun oldin
Am I the only one who is wondering why he didn't just pick the containers up and pour them instead of of adding them a ladle at a time
sunny wolf UvU
sunny wolf UvU Kun oldin
Am I the only one that calls brown sugar coco sugar? Just me OK ✨
Jayeboi 420
Jayeboi 420 2 kun oldin
Probably enough caffeine to kill an elephant 😂
Fiona_ Playz
Fiona_ Playz 2 kun oldin
*Me thinking how cool this is and showed to my dad* "That's a lot of Non-healthy sugar, NO" "B-but, I just wanted to SHOW YOU, you FOOL-"
Elae Blackwood
Elae Blackwood 2 kun oldin
I Just wanted to say.... BOOOBA
eLiAs 2 kun oldin
I'm jealous
JDkinnie 2 kun oldin
i don’t like thinking about how i weight two of the giant bobas
MrCappuccino771 2 kun oldin
ayo were the flip did you get that cup from
張芮希 2 kun oldin
But boba is from Taiwan right ? And lm form Taiwan.
kyoko 2 kun oldin
getting diabetes speedrun
Ellie Ocean
Ellie Ocean 2 kun oldin
British people: oi thats a bit expensive mate
Denzel Wright
Denzel Wright 2 kun oldin
Bendin 2 kun oldin
That’s what she said
Chicken._.nugget UnU
Chicken._.nugget UnU 2 kun oldin
I thought you make boba tea with white tea
Mark Hermosillo
Mark Hermosillo 2 kun oldin
Honestly y’all need to shut up .
Mark Hermosillo
Mark Hermosillo 2 kun oldin
Faith Truesdale
Faith Truesdale 2 kun oldin
He made edible oobleck
daga kotowaru
daga kotowaru 2 kun oldin
SweetArts 2 kun oldin
u could make giant boba pearls
Min Bloop Gi
Min Bloop Gi 2 kun oldin
5:26 Me: *screams in british*
Oliver Tököly
Oliver Tököly 2 kun oldin
I love that he doesn't make clickbait thumbnails
Cody Odette
Cody Odette 2 kun oldin
If I had that thing it would be gone in 5 minutes flat :)
Waxy Boi
Waxy Boi 2 kun oldin
Notice how some of America's favorite food aren't healthy
Andrea Carmona
Andrea Carmona 3 kun oldin
Public bathrooms be like 8:31
Klingler Family
Klingler Family 3 kun oldin
This is my favorite episode mac n cheese is my favorite food ever
Devan McGuire
Devan McGuire 3 kun oldin
what do they do with the rest
Emman Delos Reyes
Emman Delos Reyes 3 kun oldin
Skincare please? Hahahahhaha
Potatoninja Hiya
Potatoninja Hiya 3 kun oldin
You should have gave it to badland chugs
MangSuannn 3 kun oldin
That's a lotta diabetes
Dhenmark Sandel
Dhenmark Sandel 3 kun oldin
Alvin and Inga together is Cute to see!!😍
Meyene Etuks
Meyene Etuks 3 kun oldin
Every white washed Asian girl is prolly foaming at the mouth right now.
WickenChing Kun oldin
sharvil gaikwad
sharvil gaikwad 3 kun oldin
It had become an oobleck which is made from starch and water
Ameya Anoop
Ameya Anoop 3 kun oldin
Bryan Chin
Bryan Chin 3 kun oldin
Mom cooks boba and sends some when I need it :😀 Asks for 50% of proceeds:☹️ Was gonna put the money in his bank account:😀 Never saw the money again:☹️
Kalea Plays24
Kalea Plays24 3 kun oldin
Alvin sounds different- but like dosnt look different like at all
Mohamed Ghoul
Mohamed Ghoul 3 kun oldin
He made ooblej
Alex Hue
Alex Hue 3 kun oldin
Brodie Applewhite
Brodie Applewhite 3 kun oldin
Bro me made Oobleck
abbs 3 kun oldin
yk- it kinda sounded weird when the boba went in- 😬😂
Jherlene Cargill
Jherlene Cargill 3 kun oldin
Brett Yang is quacking
My Lucky Kitten
My Lucky Kitten 3 kun oldin
OMG I love boba tea so much and I really want to make but I cant bc I don't have main ingredient (tapioca starch) :(
SimplyXRoses 3 kun oldin
I love this series, that boba looked so good😍
Vaishnava Ramjass
Vaishnava Ramjass 3 kun oldin
Anyone else thinks Inca is so good at cooking that she should officially be hired for tasty.
rosie uwu
rosie uwu 4 kun oldin
Alvin: this is enough caffeine to keep an elephant going for a while Me: oh.... *laughs in having 3 coffees and 7 monster energy drinks today*
Austin Cofer
Austin Cofer 4 kun oldin
8:32 What the toilet hears after Taco Bell
Hanan Saad
Hanan Saad 4 kun oldin
when he said don't judge I am using not all organic boba I was like you had worked a lot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jochrist02 4 kun oldin
No comments on a popular video?
Liz Robloxian
Liz Robloxian 4 kun oldin
i’m sitting here fancy drinking bubble tea but soya milk
Meo 4 kun oldin
I hope his bladder was ok
Christin Kevin
Christin Kevin 4 kun oldin
The sour hose nutritionally decorate because clarinet ophthalmoscopically pat beyond a abortive anethesiologist. instinctive, testy liver
Justin Teodosio
Justin Teodosio 4 kun oldin
Year of boba to drink
Kevin Tran
Kevin Tran 4 kun oldin
I see some jokes witch i under stand you are making tea and a party so you put par-tea
NamesToa- Ψ
NamesToa- Ψ 4 kun oldin
The facted that Im missing out of drinking boba cuz we don't have the money for it makes me wanna go and rob a bank for 100 of these
Yusra Baig
Yusra Baig 4 kun oldin
“If your watching mom, I want my money back, yo” 😂😂😂😂 best quote ever
Kevin Medez
Kevin Medez 4 kun oldin
tasty: dies because of QQ
Sau wai Lui
Sau wai Lui 4 kun oldin
It’s the dream...
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 4 kun oldin
Diabetis enter the body
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