I Failed Card Swipe 30+ Times LIVE In Front Of 200k People And All My Friends

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it was my first ever Among Us livestream and I was nervous
Jacksepticeye: www.twitch.tv/jacksepticeye
Fuslie: www.twitch.tv/fuslie
Sykkuno: www.twitch.tv/sykkuno
Wendy: www.twitch.tv/natsumiii
Pokimane: www.twitch.tv/pokimane
CHARLIE: www.twitch.tv/moistcr1tikal
Lilypichu: www.twitch.tv/lilypichu
Toast: DisguisedToast
Scarra: www.twitch.tv/scarra
Pewdiepie: uzpost.info
THUMBNAIL BY: sharkyshoo
EDITOR: Otriggad

Under The Gamer Of The Second
Under The Gamer Of The Second 16 daqiqa oldin
i have a suggestion incase your running out of ideas make a video of you saying random things cuz your voice is amazingtacularific (yes i made that word and yes anyone who if reading this can use it) put suggestions to wut he should say also sorry if this is a bad idea lol i just came up with it on the spot
Under The Gamer Of The Second
Under The Gamer Of The Second 15 daqiqa oldin
my suggestion is... rutabaga exotic butters its-a-meeya-corpseee
Francis QWERTY
Francis QWERTY 29 daqiqa oldin
my friends get mad i always get it 1st or 2nd try.
DN957 41 daqiqa oldin
1:21 Theres a cat running under the bed in fuslies facecam in the back!
Megan Englehart
Megan Englehart 44 daqiqa oldin
What game is the background song from 4:36 - 7:12 from? I have definitely heard before and I'm going nuts trying to figure out what it's from. I love the laugh by the way bro :)
Cuddlacoo •
Cuddlacoo • Soat oldin
My talent is being able to do card swipe on the first task
Akio Yamaguchi
Akio Yamaguchi Soat oldin
Slide the card slowly until the end of the arrow then you can slide it fast I hope you understood.I am really ba at explaining
Sobachka Soat oldin
Corpses voice is so low
Jaded Jaguar
Jaded Jaguar Soat oldin
I can’t play this game because it makes me so anxious lol
Heartshot Master
Heartshot Master Soat oldin
If you move it a little bit then go fast it’s works
Kyle Tseng
Kyle Tseng Soat oldin
"My hands are shaking" lemme just keep repeating what I'm doing. Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is?
Mich C
Mich C 2 soat oldin
Hahah you think that the worst card swipe me failed 100 times
Lorena Gutierrez
Lorena Gutierrez 2 soat oldin
For card swipe you have to hold the card down and swipe slowly
ChickenKing 47
ChickenKing 47 3 soat oldin
Everyone: -at each other’s throats- Corpse: -Crying because he can’t swipe a card correctly-
Jaydah N
Jaydah N 3 soat oldin
At 1:18 you can see fuslie phD's kitten run in the background 😌
Julie 3 soat oldin
Katie Emma Louise
Katie Emma Louise 4 soat oldin
It’s make anxious being an imposter too sometimes
Shadxw 4 soat oldin
Got damn he fina be the new voice for kratos 😂
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki 4 soat oldin
I counted , he failed 37 times
Ajlez 4 soat oldin
I couldn't count I was shaking too badly.
Tubroz _Scoper_
Tubroz _Scoper_ 4 soat oldin
How does he keep failing card swipe.. I get it first try every time. Its so easy smh
Emi_plaz :3
Emi_plaz :3 4 soat oldin
This is supposed to be sung, “when the cards don’t wanna be scanned anymore”
Ajlez 4 soat oldin
Alternate thinking: If a ghost does a task to help someone (ie CORPSE) fake, *that means the ghost knows they are innocent!* 👍💯💯 (I would have been nervous af, too)
Shadow_ Twins
Shadow_ Twins 4 soat oldin
im going to give you a hint what you have to do for the swipe card, either swipe it slow or move the card side to side atleast 3 times as fast as you can
PVP Chicker
PVP Chicker 4 soat oldin
This guy probably never go anywhere as a tourist just because he keep stucks at the passport swipe system
PVP Chicker
PVP Chicker Soat oldin
Ajlez wow that’s kinda unfortunate for you
Ajlez 4 soat oldin
Ugh... this reminds me of trying to scan my airline ticket printout while everyone else just uses their smart phone and gets through quickly...
Cherry lavender
Cherry lavender 4 soat oldin
Sebastian Schlarmann
Sebastian Schlarmann 5 soat oldin
Everyone talking about corpse failing card swipe but jack accuses a dead man 2:08
P H Λ N T O M 5 soat oldin
Sweet Joey
Sweet Joey 5 soat oldin
Fusilies cat running in the background at 15:13
Omega FuZi0n
Omega FuZi0n 5 soat oldin
please for the love of god slow down your card swipe
Redhead 6 soat oldin
card swipe is easy *laughs in mobile* also btw if someone already did this sry
*Colorfly* 6 soat oldin
It took him 41 swipes to get that task 40 fails
ツ V i b e s ツ
ツ V i b e s ツ 6 soat oldin
I don't know why but when Sykkuno killed Corpse on card swipe while he was laughing was hilarious. Him laughing at his dead body and him failing just makes it 10× funnier omg
Maedre 6 soat oldin
Man, congratulations for the first stream
Maedre 6 soat oldin
Lily didn't speak a word in this game! Thought she was imposter at first
Tyler McDade
Tyler McDade 7 soat oldin
Wel if it says “too fast” why swipe the same speed
Zuziorable 7 soat oldin
I want him to sing hallelujah
Night Orcid
Night Orcid 7 soat oldin
3:00 6:08 7:50 they decide to follow him to card swipe (or around then >->) 8:10 9:00 the meeting that brings his ejection starts 10:50 he gets voted out 11:05 13:47 he FINALLY gets it. Good job Corpse Unlabeled time stamps are his card failures^
Tired Peach
Tired Peach 7 soat oldin
Machine: too fast. Try again Corpse: the problem with being faster than the light is that you live in darkness
Oderah4life!! !!
Oderah4life!! !! 7 soat oldin
I’m sorry for saying this but corpse sounds like the hairy monster from Big Mouth
Saul Mtz Díz
Saul Mtz Díz 7 soat oldin
Its because of the 6th finger
Roe. Sady
Roe. Sady 8 soat oldin
11:29 "Noo, it's *Poopy* I mean- Pooki! " People here: ignores. Me staring at the screen and replaying the screen and wheezing-
Jesa Bernardo
Jesa Bernardo 8 soat oldin
Well he actually tried slowing down at 6:13 and I think when it also didn't work he had anxiety lmao
Sinful Videos
Sinful Videos 8 soat oldin
I’ve learned that if you just go back and fourth really fast it normally works.
Madison Zepeda
Madison Zepeda 8 soat oldin
People doing card swipe on mobile: dude this is ez people on pc: OMG WTF THIS IS SOOO HARD
Sade Hietpas
Sade Hietpas 8 soat oldin
I love how he puts everyone's face cameras on screen! Funny to see all their reactions while playing the game together!🤣
LostLandsLife 9 soat oldin
This kills me because it's funny, but I've literally never had an issue with failing card swipe more than once.
Kawaii Girl
Kawaii Girl 9 soat oldin
why did this make me simp you???????????? the power you hold
Cody Null
Cody Null 9 soat oldin
I don't understand just do it slower hahaha it literally just said too fast
EliteAJA 2006
EliteAJA 2006 9 soat oldin
Do you have a voice changer or do you smoke
Itz_ BratzPlayz
Itz_ BratzPlayz 10 soat oldin
Greaseball looks like Jesus PeRiOdT💅🏾
Ic3d S3nk
Ic3d S3nk 10 soat oldin
Imagine just going slower he could never
Kapi 10 soat oldin
i love how pewds is the only one with bad video quality in his facecam
Liam Greer
Liam Greer 10 soat oldin
Holy shit just slow down
Addison Marriott
Addison Marriott 10 soat oldin
Corpse’s among us vids are always edited and put together so well you love to see it
BriddaOnFire 10 soat oldin
Just lower your tempo on the card swipe, you did it with the exact same speed over and over again 😄 Edit: Nevermind, I saw the rest of the video now..
Aubrey 312
Aubrey 312 10 soat oldin
I like how Charlie was so calm when he was getting accused
Neda T.
Neda T. 10 soat oldin
Corpse is so precious man
lpscatdog 1330
lpscatdog 1330 10 soat oldin
I usually do the card swip first try.
Bobbie Jane
Bobbie Jane 10 soat oldin
Can every one just feel bad for those who haven't heard corpses sexy voice like....... DAMMMMMMN BOI! HE SEXY AS FUCK!
ProBoyreal991 10 soat oldin
*nobody* *not even an soul* *corpse*: “bLuE”
Warship_Gaming 10 soat oldin
3:20 love the music! I keep watching this over and over too! haha!
Dabi 10 soat oldin
Grease: "I'm sus of felix I'm gonna keep and eye on him this round" **felix dies** Toast: **not sus**
Frosty_Mc_Flydie Gdg
Frosty_Mc_Flydie Gdg 10 soat oldin
Can we get a corpse fails card swipe montage
NewbieNatez 10 soat oldin
If it says bad read, your doing it slightly too fast. If it says too fast *you need to slow down*.
sam Narrations
sam Narrations 11 soat oldin
Did u know you can swipe the card back and forth 4 times and it will be scanned no matter how fast
Trinity Vickery
Trinity Vickery 11 soat oldin
I looooves corpse husband's voice omg
Beth Gilbert
Beth Gilbert 11 soat oldin
Elijah Munkee
Elijah Munkee 11 soat oldin
"Their all watching a man, an innocent man, do card swipe" THAT KILLED ME 8:10
Wolf King
Wolf King 11 soat oldin
Yo man I'm new to watch your videos and I can stay the straight off the bat you should be a narrator who you should meet narrator
Toxic Air
Toxic Air 12 soat oldin
Anyone else see the cat at 1:21 in Leslie’s cam lmao
char nic
char nic 12 soat oldin
i love your sexy voice
Lissandra Brown
Lissandra Brown 12 soat oldin
Hey I would like to play among us with him
Bruh Man
Bruh Man 12 soat oldin
Just shot at a fellow and took his boots
ᴊ ᴀ ᴅ ᴇ シ
ᴊ ᴀ ᴅ ᴇ シ 12 soat oldin
There is actually a trick that you can do to get the perfect card swipe
Jimin Black swan :3
Jimin Black swan :3 12 soat oldin
Corpse you to swap the card medium fast
Zen Sugino
Zen Sugino 12 soat oldin
Poor corpse her card swipe was not really hard just slow down 😂😅
Zen Sugino
Zen Sugino 12 soat oldin
But I fail to and kill me kill
Lyra Kirkland
Lyra Kirkland 12 soat oldin
This is extremely funny to me, because I play mobile where card swiping isn't as difficult!
Olivia Fairfax
Olivia Fairfax 13 soat oldin
CORPSE buddy, if you pull the card from left to right 4 times really quickly it automatically accepts it! Just a pro tip for next time :))
hi hey
hi hey 13 soat oldin
Hey corpse I can do my card swipe in first try and every time I success
avocadox 13 soat oldin
why is no one talking about how deep this guy's vocie is
esthersucksatlife 13 soat oldin
Lily sounds like the people making fun of those gamer girls on Tik tok
Aurick Athallah Padraya
Aurick Athallah Padraya 13 soat oldin
I think corpse actually know how to swipe the card. His mouse sensitivity is probably just accidently set too high.
aola wili
aola wili 13 soat oldin
Let’s be real, everyone either simps for corpse or wishes they were as cool as him.
BlazingStar W taco
BlazingStar W taco 14 soat oldin
His voice is very soothing yet unsettling as well :|
baby.x. samantha
baby.x. samantha 14 soat oldin
Jeff Moos
Jeff Moos 15 soat oldin
Tip for the card: if you can't swipe the card just like swipe it fast that how so good luck corpse ;)
Grave eSports
Grave eSports 16 soat oldin
Is your voice really like that da faq
aola wili
aola wili 13 soat oldin
I’m so confused if it was both Leslie and Charlie why were they fighting so much, like to make him vote someone?
Stumm Stefan
Stumm Stefan 16 soat oldin
multistan 4life
multistan 4life 16 soat oldin
the number of times corpse swipped l l v
neko nyaa
neko nyaa 17 soat oldin
I just wonder what forces in this world make you swipe faster after seeing "too fast, try again" :D
Mitchie gamer
Mitchie gamer 17 soat oldin
corpse can't do a card swipe to save his life *literally*
Aiden Schenk
Aiden Schenk 17 soat oldin
I get card swipe first try almost every single try
シxxpinaplegodxx 17 soat oldin
𝚆𝚑𝚢 𝚍𝚘 𝙸 𝚕𝚒𝚔𝚎 𝚐𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚜𝚎 𝚋𝚊𝚕𝚕𝚜 𝚗𝚊𝚖𝚎 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚟𝚘𝚒𝚌𝚎 (𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚖𝚊𝚗𝚎 𝚙𝚎𝚛𝚜𝚘𝚗) 𝚕𝚘𝚕
Pyroboss 420
Pyroboss 420 17 soat oldin
Dear god that voice is deep
Ling Ling
Ling Ling 18 soat oldin
Just swipe with a mid speed and hold at last for 1 sec
LogicalHalt - Gaming
LogicalHalt - Gaming 18 soat oldin
Can he not read it literally says it was too fast and then he goes faster
kvillacreses 18 soat oldin
Having anxiety sucks because you end up freaking out more than you were before. The days when they are really bad suck.
Sushi 18 soat oldin
This is probably wrong but I feel like blue killed the purple in nav right after he passed corpse in storage. I was thinking it the whole time I was watching but I’m probably wrong. And if I am right then I guess corpse missed the fact that purple and blue were the only people in nav at that time. I know I’m getting to deep into this. Sorry
Weirdo Clxb??
Weirdo Clxb?? 19 soat oldin
His voice😢💀
Celine Jordan
Celine Jordan 19 soat oldin
There is actually a trick for the card swiping task. Hold the Card and wothout letting go swipe it 4 times fast to the end and it will be acceptef
jc penny
jc penny 19 soat oldin
I’m so confused if it was both Leslie and Charlie why were they fighting so much, like to make him vote someone?
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