How to Play Every Operator in Rainbow Six Siege 2021

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Get a +144 frames PC to play Rainbow Six Siege from Apex Gaming.
Alphabetical, and with timestamps, all fifty-eight characters in Rainbow Six Siege with a minute's worth of information apiece. Start here.
Big thanks to Pro for helping me get some clips I needed.
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Suh, dude? This is my official UZpost Channel. I play Rainbow Six Siege and sometimes I live stream games on my PC. You can connect with me on Twitch, Discord, Twitter and Insta! Let’s play!
How to Play Every Operator in Rainbow Six Siege 2021
0:00 Intro
1:06 Ace
2:09 Alibi
3:11 Amaru
3:28 Aruni
4:30 Ash
5:27 Bandit
6:28 Blackbeard
7:35 Blitz
8:14 Buck
9:15 Capitao
10:30 Castle
11:43 Caveira
12:55 Clash
13:17 Doc
14:16 Dokkaebi
15:17 Echo
16:30 Ela
17:37 Finka
17:40 Frost
18:42 Fuze
19:49 Glaz
20:40 Goyo
21:35 Gridlock
22:54 Hibana
24:03 Iana
25:09 IQ
26:19 Jackal
27:39 Jager
28:48 Kaid
29:39 Kali
30:41 Kapkan
31:55 Lesion
33:27 Lion
34:44 Maestro
35:57 Maverick
37:11 Melusi
38:14 Mira
39:41 Montagne
40:50 Mozzie
41:50 Mute
43:00 Nokk
44:05 Nomad
45:30 Oryx
46:36 Pulse
47:51 Rook
49:01 Sledge
50:16 Smoke
51:19 Tachanka
52:21 Thatcher
53:36 Thermite
54:34 Twitch
55:38 Valkyrie
56:30 Vigil
57:41 Wamai
58:48 Warden
59:39 Ying
1:00:41 Zero
1:01:56 Zofia
1:02:58 Jett
1:03:47 Shout-outs and frequently asked questions!

Super gj7
Super gj7 5 soat oldin
Amaru is a good operator to rush objs that have windows on the outside
Ahmed 565
Ahmed 565 6 soat oldin
I'm just saying what's the intro song plz??
Lucien Gallet
Lucien Gallet 10 soat oldin
I love buck swearing in quebecois 🇨🇦
Uh No
Uh No 13 soat oldin
Here’s my tip, just buy the operator
Ködi Bettridge
Ködi Bettridge 14 soat oldin
ash is the easiest op
Ozgur Ucak
Ozgur Ucak 15 soat oldin
Valorant bc why not
Ozgur Ucak
Ozgur Ucak 15 soat oldin
Wow, the amount of time he spend on this video is just incredible
TheColCorndog 21 soat oldin
been playing this game for 3 years but u better believe im gonna watch every single op
Rodrigo Rodriguez
Rodrigo Rodriguez 21 soat oldin
Same problems as the last video, too little information for outsiders and not enough strategy for players. Weapon choice tedium is really not what the game is about.
First name
First name 22 soat oldin
Green best for sights
Blue Eyes
Blue Eyes 23 soat oldin
I swear I have booted so many people who play black beard
Lucas Mefford
Lucas Mefford Kun oldin
Mp7; got some recoil
Godzilla king
Godzilla king Kun oldin
Ah yes thank you, you have taught me so much about how to be better with blitz and I have now became the master with him
ghui buih
ghui buih Kun oldin
Actually skipping operators? 👎🏿
Introvert Kun oldin
37:06 LMAO
Nonym Kun oldin
Introvert Kun oldin
11:06 😂😂😂
Lucca Venturini
Lucca Venturini Kun oldin
Man, IDK why y'all like holo so much, I play in the SA server and one of the biggest rules in the game is "if it has a higher magnification, use it."
Ya Boi Franku
Ya Boi Franku Kun oldin
Very nice Red Wings joke there.
Pinkie Pie
Pinkie Pie Kun oldin
De’Aunte Lindo-Milow
De’Aunte Lindo-Milow Kun oldin
Can we get an F in the chat for my man Castle who still hasn’t gotten an elite skin 😔F
Astro Doggo
Astro Doggo Kun oldin
RIP goyo deployo
Hayden May
Hayden May Kun oldin
Wasn’t jager 2 speed by the time this vid came out?
The Internet Police
The Internet Police Kun oldin
Petition to add an AK-47 skin for the AK family
true blue aussie
true blue aussie Kun oldin
I want to know did anyone else try and shoot liones drone from out of the sky?
blufoot420 7
blufoot420 7 Kun oldin
No use p90
1hcake Kun oldin
How to play kali Sacrifice dokkeabi
Zul Zakwan
Zul Zakwan Kun oldin
if you want a tip for amaru , if your not using her hook to rush , then use the hook to repostion your self fast, like in kanal , you can confuse the defenders by throwing flashes or shooting down the corridor of the bridge to make them think your there ,then hop out and hook to the window beside the building and completely mess up where they think you are
EvasiveEcho 2 kun oldin
alternate title: How to play every operator except the ones that i think are trash
Lemon 2 kun oldin
I'm sad that you didn't mention the GIGN shotgun on lion.
Dave Lohman
Dave Lohman 2 kun oldin
''the feet finder 5000'' lmaoooo
MistaGitGud 2 kun oldin
21:04 Goyo lives in the real world apparently
Joel Miller
Joel Miller 2 kun oldin
what’s the point of the last kne
Sid Clauwers
Sid Clauwers 2 kun oldin
Korean airbender when?
Isaiah Jackson
Isaiah Jackson 2 kun oldin
Multiple times he says __ speed flex or anchor, what does it mean? Mind you ive never played rainbow
TheHomeAloners 2 kun oldin
Bruh 18:40 is fucking hilarious.
Cameron BNV
Cameron BNV 2 kun oldin
anyone else notice how he called Jager a 3 speed?
The end.
The end. 2 kun oldin
What res is that
Ze2oo 2 kun oldin
are we just not gonna talk about him saying Dokkabi wrong
Grandmii 245
Grandmii 245 2 kun oldin
Imagine not thinking recruit deserved his own tutorial. L
Ben Fisher
Ben Fisher 2 kun oldin
Why is Val in this???
Alvin Santiago
Alvin Santiago 3 kun oldin
Jackson Hughes
Jackson Hughes 3 kun oldin
I feel like Fuze would be a disruptor
Kaiden G.
Kaiden G. 3 kun oldin
Whether you like or don't like Gregor, this video took a lot of effort. People don't realize the effect of those who make these little short guides in games do.
xYuirix Yt
xYuirix Yt 3 kun oldin
Amaru 🤣
Chasē C
Chasē C 3 kun oldin
Finka do be kinda good tho
a a a a a a
a a a a a a 3 kun oldin
damn, great video. Question: What is that camo for the ash gun? The one that is The Great Wave
Kyoshi_Takishida 3 kun oldin
music when
ilyFocus 3 kun oldin
Low recoil for Kbm players
Jägers Airsoft
Jägers Airsoft 3 kun oldin
Green optics You my man know whats good If someone asks - its said you can detect green light easier (real life)
Jameel Kouara
Jameel Kouara 3 kun oldin
what is that game he showed in the last clip ?
Bob Timmy
Bob Timmy 3 kun oldin
Valerent? TF?
LlamaLord 3 kun oldin
How to play montagne: plant in a corner and middle click
BEC 3 kun oldin
I'm a veteran of the game and I'm still watching this.
E m a n
E m a n 4 kun oldin
I can’t tell when he’s sarcastic or not
Tristan Williams Faser
Tristan Williams Faser 4 kun oldin
on ps4 alibi,bandit and basically all the old he said have no recoil they have massive recoil and hard to control
Glasses *
Glasses * 4 kun oldin
What's the song in cavs segment
Pathfinder V2
Pathfinder V2 4 kun oldin
57:42 I didn't expect lmao
Павло Третьяков
Павло Третьяков 4 kun oldin
35:14 Amogus?!?!ඞ
You ._.
You ._. 4 kun oldin
i uhh, am i too stupid to know why he censored nokks name...
Tomas Liorancas
Tomas Liorancas 4 kun oldin
wait where is Finka? ?????
Ray .-
Ray .- 4 kun oldin
Better explanation, just click heads lol
Dylan 4 kun oldin
didn't realise you could do that with maverick to turn wall soft
Malekith the Witch King
Malekith the Witch King 4 kun oldin
Lesion skit was my favorite part of the video. It was just perfect.
Painted Dog
Painted Dog 4 kun oldin
I thought this would be 2 min long and it would be JUST SHOOT
mustard roshi
mustard roshi 5 kun oldin
Dokkaebi is apparently based on a real korean model called hwang mi hee ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
TwobeeSan 5 kun oldin
Thx qt pi. Just got a pc and was wanting to attempt to get into it
NM Dxmz
NM Dxmz 5 kun oldin
this is a masterpiece
The Stanimal
The Stanimal 5 kun oldin
I'm gonna say it.....on ash I prefer the g36 to the r4
Ty Chesterman
Ty Chesterman 5 kun oldin
lol big french man with shield
Lucid Ego
Lucid Ego 5 kun oldin
Dokkaebi = de-kabi😂😂😭
Luke Ford
Luke Ford 5 kun oldin
Jager is a 2 speed
L J 5 kun oldin
21:04 your boomhauer impression 🤣🤣🤣
SirSunBro 5 kun oldin
Is this video about r6 or tf2 ops
Justin Arrington
Justin Arrington 5 kun oldin
I was completely surprised by the shadow clone jutsu who else knows wat that is
Ozdn Fisher
Ozdn Fisher 6 kun oldin
I am a Finka main now i think im a little bit pissed
Liqi Chen
Liqi Chen 6 kun oldin
I can tell that Gregor can speak better Chinese than me. And I’m Chinese.
Arahp11 6 kun oldin
Thanks man
zzurge 117
zzurge 117 6 kun oldin
Out of this world as you kill lion,Nice
Leyroye Jenkins
Leyroye Jenkins 6 kun oldin
This dude is some how so fucking technical about siege
Sliiick 6 kun oldin
48:47 window was grippy at first
Rumi Ch11
Rumi Ch11 6 kun oldin
Nett is from valorant
TheLybster 6 kun oldin
How did you miss not one, but two jokes?
Rumi Ch11
Rumi Ch11 6 kun oldin
Castle sounds like Lamar from gta5
American Taco
American Taco 6 kun oldin
*gets popcorn*
Rob_On_My_Nob03 7 kun oldin
How to play Fuze Objective: *Kill the hostage*
Reacted Path5449
Reacted Path5449 7 kun oldin
but where was recruit?
Sea pickle Man
Sea pickle Man 7 kun oldin
Can jagar stop fuses cluster charges
Random Gamer
Random Gamer 7 kun oldin
wtf did he say for lesion lmao
Jeremy Solomon
Jeremy Solomon 7 kun oldin
8:33 "he's got stun grenades. But I think his stuns are more useful."
Ebmaster 101
Ebmaster 101 7 kun oldin
When your on the side of a building don’t go under a open window or they see your cable
Amanda Fowler
Amanda Fowler 7 kun oldin
I put a frost trap on a staircase and even though I died I still got the final kill XD
SILO NINE 7 kun oldin
There’s no one way to play every operator. I roam with echo and I smack people with it
derkatwork 7 kun oldin
Some operators can make literal cloned hologram copies of themselves. Sledge has a hammer.
Jacob Toussaint
Jacob Toussaint 7 kun oldin
Collin Belshee
Collin Belshee 7 kun oldin
Thanks for this! I haven’t played this game since 2015 (played about 8 months) and I felt like buying this game to play again and just get an update on my info for this game.
Taki Burakkuhōru
Taki Burakkuhōru 7 kun oldin
I love the meme for Pulse
Wyatt Woodley
Wyatt Woodley 8 kun oldin
Dude, story time, so I was in a custom game one night, olaying my main at the time, Echo, we were playing garage wars and I kept on one tapping everyone who was using glaz and blackbeard and the such. A few months later, same thing and a dude tells me about that night and how absolutely impressed he was with what I did. Now my house butned down and I haven't gotten to play seige in a good five or six months now. I look forward to getting to play with some of my closest buds I ever had again.
Nikolas Hill
Nikolas Hill 8 kun oldin
Finka sucks? Disliked
Connor Rought
Connor Rought 8 kun oldin
The way he said Dokkaebi triggers me
Hunter Browning
Hunter Browning 8 kun oldin
The boomhauer impression was spot on
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