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17 kun oldin

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Hi. Here's a video about the ultra-rich and how they're totally screwing up the pandemic and vaccine rollout. Sigh.
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Executive Producer Katy Stoll (@KatyStoll). Written by Katie Goldin (@katiegoldin). Directed by Will Gordh (@will_gordh). Edited by Gregg Meller. Graphics by F. Clint DeNisco.
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Aaron Misra
Aaron Misra Soat oldin
Can you tell me how is Bill Gates is making billions on the vaccine?
Tom Spaghetti
Tom Spaghetti 8 soat oldin
“Capitalism bad, Brought to you by Raycon!” Don’t forget, fight the power with our all new comrade red and proletariat green $150 headphones. What a grift.
Basie Settle
Basie Settle 12 soat oldin
capitalism isn't the best i don't think
Google Doxx'd me Bruh
Google Doxx'd me Bruh 12 soat oldin
Could have paid Americans 3k to stay home one month and kill the virus and spend less money. But nah. Let's be stupid
KainaX122 13 soat oldin
So are we just going to completely ignore that Astro Zeneca literally has the cheapest Covid vaccines on the market at only a couple bucks per dose AND that Bill Gates has been advocating and funding FOR YEARS that poor people in other countries should be getting vaccines? Are you really this stupid or are you just dishonest?
Ashani Francis
Ashani Francis 14 soat oldin
We've all watched this video...will this shit actually change though? Eventually it's gotta
Andrew Palla
Andrew Palla 14 soat oldin
Not used to hearing about home (South Africa) in SMN, that said, what Gates is doing is despicable. We believed all the bullshit about him changing for the better and all his philanthropic deeds only for him to show that he’s still the ruthless, egotistical and maniacal business man he’s always been.
Ranting In A Vacuum
Ranting In A Vacuum 15 soat oldin
I'm South African. Our local inability to manufacture the vaccine, and our leaders' inability to respond quickly enough are no one else's fault. You haven't correctly read your own sources.
anxietydown 18 soat oldin
you want to try that again but this time read your sources?
Holmology 18 soat oldin
Holy crap the amount of misinformation in this is astronomical.
Rick Murphy
Rick Murphy 19 soat oldin
I can't tell if that raycon spot was legitimate
Laxhoop 2525
Laxhoop 2525 20 soat oldin
Yes, because a vaccine just gets created out of nowhere, it’s not like under any system, even the one you think is superior, the people creating the vaccine would need to be fed and get materials for their work, no, people are JUST greedy.
Laxhoop 2525
Laxhoop 2525 20 soat oldin
Don’t right wing boomers believe that Bill Gates and other millionaires/ billionaires want to exterminate the human population, and this pandemic is part of their master plan? So I guess it’s not just one side of the political idle doing the It’s always sunny red string meme.
Ngc 22 soat oldin
So Cody is a Q anon now?
TurtleBiscuits 23 soat oldin
Cody “I Don’t Read the articles I Cite” Johnston
blabby102 23 soat oldin
This is such BS. Can anyone explain how giving away almost all your money could be used to make money?
Trent THE He Him
Trent THE He Him Kun oldin
Doesn’t bill gates donate metric shit tons of money not just for the Covid vaccines, but used meteoric shit tons of money for other vaccines to all the poor countries around the world that MAKES NO MONEY AT ALL but putting that money BACK into the foundation so it can go back to the vaccines? But hey he’s a billionaire so let’s SHIT all over him because “ I’m jealous IM not a billionaire.
Joe42m1 Kun oldin
this guy is an idiot; half his points are refuted by the very articles he cites. it's almost as if he just read the titles and shoehorned them to fit his preconceived argument...
Cheeky Bastard
Cheeky Bastard Kun oldin
He said “latinx” lollll
Dean Hudsin
Dean Hudsin Kun oldin
Damn Cody, that was a real good Alex Joned impression! You know, when you were implying a shadow organization of billionaires is slowing down Covid vaccine progress, so as to maintain power. Please go sit on a landmine.
Austin Johnson
Austin Johnson Kun oldin
Can someone explain? Sounds like hes saying evil rich people who advocate for socialist like handouts for their bussiness are working with evil government to get said payments from tax payer dollars(aka socialism) which is evil except for the socialism part and its because capitalism doesnt work? I honestly need some clarification.
naughteedesign Kun oldin
if you buy his slave labour earbuds you'll understand.
Joe Themig
Joe Themig Kun oldin
The number of outright lies in this video is off the damn charts.
Madeline Elliott
Madeline Elliott Kun oldin
noice vid as usual
naughteedesign Kun oldin
the commie shilling chinese labour produced electronic goods... lol
Alex Mortimer
Alex Mortimer Kun oldin
Screams at capitalists then shills for a private company that makes their products in China. How much does your soul cost Cody?
Gary D
Gary D Kun oldin
This video is pure idiocy and is borderline slander.
AGoat1971 Kun oldin
Internet Communist has spoken. Bill Gates is evil! Rich people only do evil things! Communists have it all figured out, this time! They have their system ready to go! No one will need to be slaughtered to implement it, this time!
Jeromy Doerksen
Jeromy Doerksen Kun oldin
Best show on UZpost
JEarls90 Kun oldin
you and alex jones really knock it out, when it comes to talking about bill gates.
Fitty Men
Fitty Men Kun oldin
If a billionaire gives money to charity and no one is there to receive it, does it make a sound?
Veo 2 kun oldin
That raycon ad was so bad. I love how low con Cody made it.
Floyd Blandston
Floyd Blandston 2 kun oldin
To be fair, we've also learned these things many times over in the 6k years or so of recorded history.
Floyd Blandston
Floyd Blandston 2 kun oldin
We're about to learn again what we found out 140 years ago; dis-ease is a societal affliction, requiring a societal response.
Floyd Blandston
Floyd Blandston 2 kun oldin
To anyone who hadn't considered it before, welcome to the wonderful world of triage- where all those jokes about what you'd kill Grandma for come true!
Kristaps Andrejsons
Kristaps Andrejsons 2 kun oldin
You're literally using Russian propaganda as sources. I know, I literally watched what you said in RT. I.e. You Lie.
Floyd Blandston
Floyd Blandston 2 kun oldin
Get a grip, Kristaps; you're about to fall Waaaaay down the triage list.
Benjamin Turkalj
Benjamin Turkalj 2 kun oldin
Gonna have fun with this one at work
Penguinator 2 kun oldin
So why are you taking sponsorships now?
naughteedesign Kun oldin
he supports child labour in other countries, what a good socialist, i'm sure he's redistributing the profit he made to the collective comrad.
Nate Boshears
Nate Boshears 2 kun oldin
Cody’s Showdy’s Cutie Patooties = Cody Patodies?
Alex Suhoy
Alex Suhoy 2 kun oldin
Hi. somebody have to create the vaccine, and he won't do it for free. so yeah, capitalism saves lives.
cheater00 2 kun oldin
Great video. Made me subscribe.
Vidar Mors
Vidar Mors 2 kun oldin
Quick note, I love that you're using the term Latinx but it's said in Spanish so it's Latin(equis). Thank you and continue punching up!
MrPedur 2 kun oldin
There is a new organization to help the homeless in LA called "Starts with One Today" started by a Danish girl. Could you help promote her group? They share food and clothes, shoes and things for personal care on a weekly basis and need to know that someone supports them. Sincerely, MrPedur.
Andrew S
Andrew S 2 kun oldin
Eat the rich and let the homeless live in their mansions.
Voice Over
Voice Over 3 kun oldin
Anyone who thinks that this is simply about money, is naive to the core, come on dude, you can't be that stupid. Nice you are pissed, you should be and yes there is a fire to this smoke, but you are missing why it was lit in the first place. But, taking down the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is a good start. Did you know they are the biggest funder of the WHO? Yes, they used to be second behind the United States of America, but nope, no longer! Yes, the global organization taking care of the health and well being of the world is now pretty much a privately owned organisation. Isn't that great? I'm sure they have the best of intentions for us (no we're not going to discuss those vaccine trials in India and Africa they arranged and harmed a few thousand people, it was all in the name of progress, you know making an omelet and all that)
08healing 3 kun oldin
I agree with ~90% of these takes. I strongly disagree with about 10%. That's actually a great ratio for this type of hot take media
steelhound duncan
steelhound duncan 3 kun oldin
Adam Ruins Everything did an episode about the myth of billionaire charities. Bill Gates and his foundation are a perfect example of this.
Jose Ornelas
Jose Ornelas 3 kun oldin
Viruses mutate to less dangerous versions also. Which is why most coronavirus are merely colds.
Justin Wood
Justin Wood 3 kun oldin
i love this guy.
Butt Slayer
Butt Slayer 3 kun oldin
ur going bald
Steve Nadeau
Steve Nadeau 3 kun oldin
“Working empathy goo” best line I’ve ever heard 😂😂
Jonne 3 kun oldin
Glad to see that people are realising what medical patents actually do, as a type one diabetic this has been a concern of mine for 10 years
Joshua Benitez
Joshua Benitez 4 kun oldin
Yo! Cody! Can you take a swing at Bobby Jindal in Louisiana New Orleans, his policies ended my college program from underneath my feet, left me homeless and foodless (along with thousands of Louisianians) and... I can just go on about how awful he is. Just take a swing at him. Please.
Nick Bender
Nick Bender 4 kun oldin
It’s your favorite extremely biased liberal news channel 😁😁😁
Derek Bobo
Derek Bobo 4 kun oldin
I want to see Cody get his money of course and everyone involved with the show. But please do not buy raycon earbuds they are overpriced and you can get cheaper options for more performance. As a minimum wage worker I found that important to point out.
Don Robertson
Don Robertson 4 kun oldin
You're pathetic. You should find out what happened and why. Or just go on ranting about things you know nothing about. 'I'm being told'. You sound like trump. Here is a less unhinged view. But probably to long. You won't read. And to many big words. And it's the failing nyt. But if you do get to the end, read the comments. Or just keep throwing your tantrums and pretending you have all the answers to everything. Must be hard being the only one who really knows what's happening.
Holly Stuart
Holly Stuart 4 kun oldin
That is not all he has been up to. Apparently Gates and pharma/ chemicals. Have been soaking seeds in chemicals that they use the bombs in WWII that killed the land insects and made ppl and animals sick. Gates went around a bought up all grains. Coded them then patent them to sell back. To the only farms left if any because gates and BEZO owns more Land in USA then anyone in our country. So he created a disaster to fix the disaster. Just in his I physcopath wheelhouse.. because as some of know he wanted to try out a new polio vaccine and ended up killing over 100 babies orpheus. No one to sign parental rights. Or when he went to the indegious chilian people.. he decided to sterilize ppl.. YEAH that's what is happening. We the people paid for the people money. Exactly 😌😌 right before you said it. @Dr.Savia a physiatrist explained and verified what I posted.
BubblegumAllTheWayDown 4 kun oldin
I love my empathy goo =D
A 5 kun oldin
If I would spend millions and millions of dollars on anti-Alien-devourer technology, people wouldn't bat an eye. Come the invasion, and suddenly I am a greedy capitalist that just wants to profit off of the misery
uwumia 5 kun oldin
Does his voice sound different than it used to? I haven't watched Cody in a bit.
Valix R
Valix R 5 kun oldin
Too bad about the billionaire @$$holes. Love Katy Stoll tho.
Shawn Parks
Shawn Parks 5 kun oldin
Why are these guys with more money than they could ever spend willing to essentially murder countless innocent people just so they can throw another billion dollars on the pile? What is the point? Why is it even worth the effort they have to put in?
o77eh 5 kun oldin
You should of vetted the source of the woman with the arbeit macht frei, JB sign. It smelled of controlled opposition a.k.a fake news. Sure enough, this woman was "interviewed" by several reporters with no identity. Followed by an interview by a "protestor" identity given, who "changed their minds" about protesting the lockdown when they "saw" they were on the same side as the nazis. No one at the protest knew the woman, there were no more signs like hers with the exception of photoshopped signs that got run on the interweb propaganda sites. No hate group uses this saying, not even the neo-nazis... A very poor propaganda hack job. Not sure who was behind it, probably one of the journalists who knew he was wasting his or her time reporting on an otherwise boring protest. Possibly the governor or his people who wanted a sympathy poll boost. Either way reporting it without vetting it is a bad show.
J N 5 kun oldin
This is THAT guy..... the self-identified "woke" white dude who shows up at the BLM protest attempting to endear himself to the crowd by doing the Wakanda Forever salute, quickly posting his selfie to social media before realizing a thousand people are standing in the background, rolling their eyes and ready to beat the crap outta him if he doesn't leave.. Not sure what's funnier: the fact the guy's been posting these failed political-comic videos for years, or that he encourages viewers to "check out my Merch Store"... ....via TinyUrl! LMAO!! Maybe it's time to get a job man. Maybe Stephen Colbert needs a stagehand.
ClareBearPhD 5 kun oldin
Love the wacky shut-in hair.
Alex Higbee
Alex Higbee 6 kun oldin
He's a well-intentioned idiot
Queer_Dreams_Of_Soothing_Rain 2 kun oldin
Hey sweetheart, you kinda made this comment three times. You know you could just edit the first one, eh?
Alex Higbee
Alex Higbee 6 kun oldin
It's so sad when a boy doesn't know how anything works
Alex Higbee
Alex Higbee 6 kun oldin
This guy doesn't understand how anything works
Adam Smith
Adam Smith 6 kun oldin
I think you're spot on except for that you think the pandemic is real
Adam Smith
Adam Smith 6 kun oldin
99.97% survival rate for every variant
Quentin choumont
Quentin choumont 6 kun oldin
The story about Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is outrageous, but only partially true. "A key element of Oxford’s partnership with AstraZeneca is the joint commitment to provide the vaccine on a not-for-profit basis for the duration of the pandemic across the world, and in perpetuity to low- and middle-income countries,” -quoted from November 2020 It's kinda morally grey, like if it's open source then the market gets to dictate the price of the vaccine and while the prices will be lower, that doesn't guarantee low prices. But this agreement at the very least gaurnteed low prices for those who otherwise couldn't afford it.
runedscope 6 kun oldin
Katie used to hate dick jokes. She's come so far
Classically Commie
Classically Commie 6 kun oldin
Hi yes hello I'm just your friendly neighborhood ancom requesting you do all you can to disrespect the status quo in every way you can
Queer_Dreams_Of_Soothing_Rain 2 kun oldin
Thanks babe
RGD 6 kun oldin
God this channel is essential. As miserable as I feel right now, at least someone's saying this. Remember that kindergarten lesson, "it pays to be kind?" It's like these billionaires heard that and went, "but in money? And how much exactly? And could it pay MORE to only me if I were extremely UNKIND in a population of people not as willing as me to throw away basic human empathy to commit mass murder for profit? Now there's a business idea!"
DarknezzMadnezz 6 kun oldin
So i keep having to renew the link that I shared to this video on facebook because the link keeps getting disabled with no warning at all. won't stop me from spreading it.
SiGHT SMaSH 6 kun oldin
India has a rule where we can make generic medicines of any company so bye bye astra zenica and od still pirate windows after this
creator 44
creator 44 6 kun oldin
This guy is so annoying it makes me slightly less left just to have seen ten seconds of it
Queer_Dreams_Of_Soothing_Rain 2 kun oldin
I mean, don’t let a personal grief with a person’s expression of their work like, change your political view. That’s kinda pathetic.
kuntamdc 7 kun oldin
Why do I keep watching Cody's showdy? I hate everything after.
Eve Skillz
Eve Skillz 7 kun oldin
thanks for the showdy
Erich Keser
Erich Keser 7 kun oldin
Your video is incisive and full of valuable information, but really cuts itself off at the knee with a level of crude "humour" that really offends many of those I tried to share it with. Please tone down a bit this tired popular-culture race to the bottom. We all know what and anus and penis looks like;. W#hat does this really add?
ITSjustSHELL 6 kun oldin
it adds the funny
Julia Lerner
Julia Lerner 7 kun oldin
Most of Europe seems to be missing from Cody's background map, in addition to S. America being upside-down and N. America being on backwards. What does this signify?
MC Alexander
MC Alexander 7 kun oldin
Yohannesburg? Really? So much of this segment was about South Africa. But zero research into what or who this country is. Most of us don't pronounce the name of our major city as "Yohannesburg". It would take a minute of research to find out why.
Keith Holcomb
Keith Holcomb 7 kun oldin
"This is my pants pissing look of total surprise"
Tozias Silverfang
Tozias Silverfang 7 kun oldin
Thumbs up and an additional comment to beat the algorithm. Thanks for the video! 👍🔥👍
Tempestive 7 kun oldin
Altruism can even be 100% fundamented on selfishness. We are a social animal and depend on others for our survival and quality of life. This stems into a secular morality system based on well being. Even a capitalistic society thrives on well being, in the long term. I'm convinced it's faith-based thinking and greedy short-sightedness that get us in these holes.
Brecht Withouck
Brecht Withouck 7 kun oldin
Really enjoyed the A.C.A.B. on the badge
Stephen Slevin
Stephen Slevin 8 kun oldin
think ill wait for the global vaccine, New variants in contrast to the timescale of the current vaccination programmes , im not sure if getting a vaccine now will just be a waste of time. can you vaccinate over year or years against a virus which is actively mutating over months?
Marc Johnson
Marc Johnson 8 kun oldin
I'll tell you the greatest fear of the owner class, and by extension; Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham; poor people paying off debts. If they gave us all a stimulus and then the economy did great -- people would wonder "wait, you mean they can just GIVE US MONEY and it pays for itself?" Yes. They've been doing it for the wealthy for some time now -- and the banks also distribute and create "new money" ostensibly to match growth in GDP. You could just GIVE THAT to the public and it's going to cause an even bigger growth in GDP than giving it to banks. Of course, this will melt the brains of the people educated in economics by the robber barons.
Marc Johnson
Marc Johnson 8 kun oldin
The Gates Foundation is getting a tax write off to preserve the status quo and MADE A PROFIT???? I'm glad I never trusted Bill Gates.
Marc Johnson
Marc Johnson 8 kun oldin
Charity is the next best thing to taxing and then doing the stuff we need to do, but not as fun if you are into debasing yourself and buying overpriced popcorn subscriptions so kids can have sports teams at school.
Marc Johnson
Marc Johnson 8 kun oldin
So let me get this straight; the Bill & Melinda post piracy period donation fund pressured a group that was going to make a open source COVID drug available to not make it open source? This is the problem of depending on the kindness of strangers. Do we really know we can depend on these people?
Magekind 8 kun oldin
Favorite news guy w/ hideous face? But you're not Jimmy Snow, you're the pretty one.
Alex James Films
Alex James Films 8 kun oldin
some clarification on the medical mumbo jumbo folks. at least according to my limited knowledge, most of the time when people are placed on a vent they are probably in the icu and also are given sedatives since shocker, BEING ON A VENT IS A TERRIBLE TIME. so the fact that Alabama is turning down the mentally impaired is just crap. big house poopoo my finger smells bad crap. anyone on a vent would be on sedatives so unless there is something wrong with there body in addition to the cognitive impairment, there is no real reason that they can't be on a vent if needed. just my two cents please fact check me before using anything I say as a talking point lol.
Cameron Geiser
Cameron Geiser 8 kun oldin
14 minutes in "If you wanna know what scares a rich ghoul.." yup, first video I've seen from this guy- you've just earned another sub.
fred freddy
fred freddy 8 kun oldin
This episode is a national treasure
lasal134 8 kun oldin
Kent Brockman.
moismyname 8 kun oldin
Ok but the raycon ad was weird.
e vj
e vj 8 kun oldin
Linux master race.... Oh wait, we ain't talking about opensource OS... Nvm it kinda is, fuck you Bill Gates
Random overpopulated world ideas
Random overpopulated world ideas 8 kun oldin
Solution: get a political science degree... go into politics. Be the change you want to see. Instead of dressing up like a crazy Viking neo-nazi fascist or buying a ton of guns, the people who want change should just become politicians. Go into government, stop being a pussy and try to change things from the inside. Or just accept that lizard overlords must be defeated through some type of civil war and have fun watching your children kill each other over ideologies that have nothing to do with preserving our earth or happiness here on our planet. Peace.
Liannett Mendez
Liannett Mendez 8 kun oldin
It's shameful the lack of values link to the justification of peotecting the rich against the poor.
Taurus Fiend
Taurus Fiend 8 kun oldin
i really wish more people followed your channel. your info is concise and thorough
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