How Prussia Ended The French Empire: Franco-Prussian War | Animated History

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The Armchair Historian

28 kun oldin

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The Armchair Historian
The Armchair Historian 28 kun oldin
Get Surfshark VPN at Enter promo code HISTORIAN for 83% off and 3 extra months for FREE! Small correction to the narration at 26:26. When referring to the Paris Commune, we refer to them as communist revolutionaries. But as a few of you helpfully pointed out, this is an oversimplification. The commune was actually made up of a number of different radical groups who were collectively called the Communards, as well as some National Guardsmen who refused to stand down and joined the commune. The communards consisted of radical republicans, socialists, and anarchists. The main figures of the movement had no links to traditional Marxism. Another small correction is that Belgium's territory should not include Eupen-Malmedy as shown in our continental map of Europe. Sign up for Armchair History TV today! Promo code: ARMCHAIRHISTORY for 50% OFF Merchandise available at Check out the new Armchair History TV Mobile App too! Discord: Twitter:
andrew 2 kun oldin
You should do a video on the Rhodesian Bush war.
Richard Cleveland
Richard Cleveland 4 kun oldin
@Wildfire While that's true, France had an outsized presence in British thinking for nearly 1,000 years - from the Norman conquest to very early in the 20th Century. Ten centuries of warfare between Britain and France clouded thinking on both sides until the state visit to France by Edward VII in 1903 and the signing of the Entente Cordiale in 1904. The many marriages between British royalty and various German states going back to the time of James I meant closer ties for four centuries. Small wonder that Britain didn't worry about the Prussianized Germany until the reign of the demented Wilhelm II.
LHCreeper 4 kun oldin
well i guess as marx used the Paris Commune as an example it did influence marx not the other way around
KzrDtl 9 kun oldin
@Richard Cleveland yeah, I can understand that if that's your take
Richard Cleveland
Richard Cleveland 9 kun oldin
@KzrDtl I am a satirist by nature; "If I laugh at any mortal thing, tis that I may not weep."
Clovis Rabello
Clovis Rabello 3 soat oldin
Napoleon III was not an emperor. He was a conceited nephew of Napoleon I, the unique. Napoleon I only error was to invade Russia, a fatal error that Hitler also had made and now may be other country is also risking to commit.
James Lawson
James Lawson 6 soat oldin
Yet more glib talk of war omitting all it's horror.
Seeker Found
Seeker Found 9 soat oldin
a similar thing happened with the spanish navy as did with the french military here. too much aristocracy and favoritism. the talented were overlooked and the ambitious got old. time is funny that way
WIIC TV Channel 11
WIIC TV Channel 11 15 soat oldin
Hello, could you implement the "Lil Griff" segments into the video/audio? Every time they come up I have to pause to read it and it takes away from the flow of the video. It's not easy listening to and absorbing the information at the same time trying to read a small trivia section. It would be very much appreciated I'm sure by all, especially when the "Lil Griff" segments are interesting, like the volley gun.
Onuts Onu
Onuts Onu 18 soat oldin
They were brave and they were cowards , they were intelligent and they were fools , they were soldiers and leaders , and in the end they were only humans who now are resting under the earth , we can only learn to try to not make the same mistakes because in 100 years we will join them and whatever people will say about us will be lost in the whispers of the wind and we will not care anymore
Stronk Serbia
Stronk Serbia Kun oldin
83% off a product sounds like a scam, it's obviously over priced to begin with. Any good company does not use those tactics you should be ashamed
Rufus Reír
Rufus Reír Kun oldin
Coup de Grâce . Grâce is pronunced GRA not GRASS... you might want to start off correctly
Wilberto Dapapac
Wilberto Dapapac Kun oldin
Napoleon: "God fights to the side with the best Artillery." Russians in WW2: "I think God is on our side right now. Lol"
Abzabza Kun oldin
A lot of hard english words. Its difficult without subs
Derevan Kun oldin
Austria from 1800 onward be like: "Don't mind me, i'm just here to suffer"
pog pog
pog pog Kun oldin
9:02 star wars reference, nice.
yellow masK17
yellow masK17 Kun oldin
When did germany stop occupying paris?
MTF_Nine_Tailed _Fox
MTF_Nine_Tailed _Fox Kun oldin
19:33 Is this a Pigeon & I Guess I'll Die Meme
Kono Dio Da
Kono Dio Da Kun oldin
WW1 happens:How the French ended the Austro-Hungarian and German Empire
BEAR Kun oldin
A perfect victory for the Germans, enjoy it while it lasts. They'll eat their victory in the Franco-Prussian War in a few decades.
Leon Stevens
Leon Stevens Kun oldin
This background is much better. The former looked like my mom’s basement. However, excellent content always!
skabiks Kun oldin
Wait a second is that Vic2 music in the backround? Epic.
Vernon Jennings
Vernon Jennings Kun oldin
Excellent video. Thanks for sharing!
Marc-André Chevrette
Marc-André Chevrette Kun oldin
instead of fighting in Europe all of the time, France should have declared neutrality in Europe for a while and colonize more of the world. I would maybe writing in french here instead of english.....Being in the center of Europe, France was always surrounded by ennemies and would ultimately failed any war it made.
Daniel Brandhof
Daniel Brandhof 2 kun oldin
Ein deutscher Untertitel wäre sicher wünschenswert (- oder hat man "Angst" vor deutschen Argumenten ?) ;-)
Daniel Brandhof
Daniel Brandhof Kun oldin
@Stefan Grotheer Vielleicht sollte man mal den MDR-Dokukanal anpieksen, ob die soetwas nicht auch hinbekommen ? Die würde allerdings eher Filmszenen verwenden und dann eine Karte einblenden wie für ihre Slawen-Doku, was natürlich auch eine schöne Sache ist. Nun gut, da kann man nichts machen. In jedem Falle ist auch die obige Darstellung eine gute Idee und zumindest visuell nachvollziehbar.
Stefan Grotheer
Stefan Grotheer Kun oldin
@Daniel Brandhof da hast Du Recht. Ist wohl für den Ersteller ne Kostenfrage.
Daniel Brandhof
Daniel Brandhof Kun oldin
@Stefan Grotheer Ist ja alles richtig ... nur ein klitzkleines Laufband in Deutsch ... :-))
Stefan Grotheer
Stefan Grotheer 2 kun oldin
@Daniel Brandhof in dieser Doku wird das ganz gut dargestellt. Und die Comic Darstellung ist auch ziemlich lustig
Daniel Brandhof
Daniel Brandhof 2 kun oldin
@Stefan Grotheer Habe leider "nur" Russisch in der Schule gelernt ... Militärgeschichte interessiert mich dennoch sehr. Besonders auch die Ansichten der anderen Seiten denn deutsche Litaratur bis hin zu den Generalstabswerken gibt`s ja genug - habe ich alles ;-) .
Aniket Dhumal
Aniket Dhumal 2 kun oldin
Nice a Victorian era video where this guy can't share his ultra biased views
Nate the cripple
Nate the cripple 2 kun oldin
Oh oh next do how the crusades were justified
a Minion of Soros
a Minion of Soros 2 kun oldin
Amazing production quality. The artwork is just great!
paul pulido
paul pulido 2 kun oldin
no les parece raro que no este en el palacio de nariño?
Brut Ebetea
Brut Ebetea 2 kun oldin
9:00 *patrice-kenobi* lol
LordYaromir 2 kun oldin
16:06 As a fan of Habsburg 19th century history and a person more familiar with the previous Austro-Prussian war of 1866, I was highly disappointed with seeing Albert, the prince of Saxony, comitting treason to the empire./s
Myname Jeff
Myname Jeff 3 kun oldin
*Preußens Gloria intensifies*
Paweł Zieliński
Paweł Zieliński 3 kun oldin
Greetings from Poland to Germany and France:
Young Trama
Young Trama 3 kun oldin
Meine Herren, Haubitzen!!!
Totally not Prussia
Totally not Prussia 3 kun oldin
I'm sad that I died.
Ann Fireoved
Ann Fireoved 3 kun oldin
I like Prussia
Nominee For Sealand’s Chancellor
Nominee For Sealand’s Chancellor 3 kun oldin
I sent a letter to the president asking if he would recognize my nation!
BadsaidMad 3 kun oldin
Please make the flag of the Northern Confederation (of Prussia) Black-White as it was. Also the Dreyse needle-rifle was just a needle rifle as the chassepot, just with worse obturation.
Stefan Grotheer
Stefan Grotheer 2 kun oldin
@BadsaidMad alles klar 🙂
BadsaidMad 2 kun oldin
@Stefan Grotheer I stand corrected. I always thought the North German Union was black/white. I apologize.
Stefan Grotheer
Stefan Grotheer 2 kun oldin
No. Prussia colors - black white, North german Conf. colors - black white red. Also alles in Ordnung.
Mano lbb1978
Mano lbb1978 3 kun oldin
IM From Denmark and we have not be Evil when Germany. If the Danish citzenens not willbe Soldier for Germany so be they killed
Kenneth Guda
Kenneth Guda 4 kun oldin
it wasn't a "communist uprising"
derrick khoo Jing yu
derrick khoo Jing yu 4 kun oldin
Both napoleons lost to the same nation ( coincidence i think not)
Michael Ritz Estillore
Michael Ritz Estillore 4 kun oldin
FRANCE: Ey wazup Germany I'm gonna destroy you! GERMANY: Are you sure about that?
Venular Wheatly
Venular Wheatly 4 kun oldin
Where is the video of the Austro-Prussian war?
You Are Entitled to End your life
You Are Entitled to End your life 4 kun oldin
To sum up what he said: We are about to get curbstomped
Brett K
Brett K 4 kun oldin
Germans and logistics no way! They were god awful in WW2 lol.
kevan harris
kevan harris 4 kun oldin
armchair historian? a Historian would know that though out European history the leading military power in Europe was constantly changing Spain were the leading power for years, then it was the Dutch, Sweden were there for a while, Whenever someone becomes number one, the others learn the hard way as they did against Napoleon, the difference was the Prussians came up with the General staff system to deal with a major problem - great Generals are rare . When they were the leading power (Fredrick the greats time) they were complacent afterwards then along came Napoleon to show them up, now the French were complacent and all nations realised they had to pull there socks up again and that the Prussians were back again as a Major power, France was rarely the leading European power I can think of Charlemagne and Napoleon there was probably others, but I cannot think of them
Safedreams 4 kun oldin
None of french considers Napoleon 3 like a period of a french empire..........Prussian ended nothing. The lonely real empire was the english empire.
WHKMLA 4 kun oldin
Bismarck, as of 1871, did not want to establish a colonial empire. He reluctantly agreed to providing commercial companies with charters in 1884/1885.
WHKMLA 4 kun oldin
The Franco-German War. Remember the contribution of the Bavarians.
Sweet Purple
Sweet Purple 5 kun oldin
Marshal (later president) Patrice De-Macmahon is my ancestor 🙂
Baruch Akiva Chaim Ben Avraham
Baruch Akiva Chaim Ben Avraham 5 kun oldin
It’s a shame he has a smoking 🚬 pipe on the desk. Not a great visual for children who might be watching.
Jonathan Alexander
Jonathan Alexander 5 kun oldin
Didn’t the second empire last for like 20 years or so? 1848 - 1871?
Vengeful Camel
Vengeful Camel 4 kun oldin
The French empire lasted from 1852 to 1870, but Louis-Napoleon was president since 1848 and had full power in 1851
daguard411 5 kun oldin
I am very happy that you brought up Moltke, a general so brilliant that he developed a command structure that is used by virtually the entire world for their military's. Also, it would also be worth mentioning that the early frontal assaults, where most of the German casualties were suffered, was contrary to Moltke's orders. He had developed a doctrine of flanking and envelopment, ordering that with the new types of weapons, frontal assaults were stupid. When he heard of they that ordered frontal assaults, many were dismissed immediately. Few hear or read of Moltke for the very reason he stated when others said he would go down in history as the best, and his reply was "Nobody will hear of me as I have never conducted a retreat."
andrew allen
andrew allen 5 kun oldin
And world war one was caused by Germany trying to do it again.
Jan Rautenstrauch
Jan Rautenstrauch 5 kun oldin
As much sympathy as i feel toward Napolen III, i stil have to say: if you start a war be prepared to loose. A lesson prussia had to learn later in time as well.
Vengeful Camel
Vengeful Camel 3 kun oldin
@Jan Rautenstrauch if Napoleon III had not gone to war he’d be overthrown and the new government would’ve just followed through anyways. The emperor was actually one of the few politicians who was opposed to the war. When your entire reign is built on popularity, and when nearly the entire population wants a war, there’s really nothing much left to do
Jan Rautenstrauch
Jan Rautenstrauch 3 kun oldin
@Vengeful Camel Still started it. Being optimistic or pessimistic about the outcome doesn't change that. Friedrich-Willhelm II wasn't so keen to fight a war as well, but still had to take much of the blame.
Vengeful Camel
Vengeful Camel 4 kun oldin
I’m fairly certain Napoleon III was very pessimistic to fight the war. He tried to enact a conscription law in 1867 but the parliament rejected his demands
antonolo 5 kun oldin
Victoris 2
Genesis Nsenga
Genesis Nsenga 5 kun oldin
French: Your fists are as strong as a mosquito's! Prussia: Omae wa mou shindeiru French: Nani?
Hurricaneplays 5 kun oldin
France: lets go to war Germany: *BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAECHS out troops* France: Oh God
The Baron
The Baron 5 kun oldin
THE overall French Empire was not ended. This was especially true in some parts of Africa; starting in 1830 - and Asia (Indo-China) - they had invaded and colonized / established as a protectorate from the 1860s onwards. These regions provided hundreds of thousands of Colonial troops during the World Wars, during which time, many of them fought and died trying to defend French soil during the 1940 Nazi invasion, and also in the liberation of France against Nazi occupation. Those colonial troops were brushed off and easily dispensed with after the wars were over - going back home to humbling colonial occupation. In Indo-China the French paid dearly after WW2 when the repressed peoples fought back to get their own independence. There was also areas they 'took' after WW1 in the Middle East / Lebanon..... 1:00 - The post-Napoleon 1st French Empire was building up decades before Napoleon III took power. Plus, the French were up to no good policies and deplorable agendas related to robbing Haiti in the mid 1820s. 1:50 - Napoleon had the best artillery at Waterloo, but that didn't save him. 14:00 - Strategy map city name error 'Strasbourg' , not 'Strassbourg' 18:18 - an amazing photo - action on the frontline; See the poor fellow getting shot on the right side of the photo...... All too many photos and movies of frontline combat from then on and into WW1 were actually mostly staged. On the French side, there were military artists who went close to the frontline to sketch battle scenes for news reports - one such 'lucky' one was Paul Alexandre Protais - getting so close to the action, he was wounded a couple of times. 26:30 - As said many times by others here, no such thing as Communists uprising; the Paris uprising combatants were 'Communards' Paris mobs was nothing new; they were active almost 100 years earlier during the French Revolution; Napoleon Bonaparte witnessed them massacring the Swiss Guards at the infamous Palace storming event, and was aghast; probably why he took no chances with the mob that tried to storm the Paris revolutionary government a few years after - crushing it with the 'whiff of grapeshot' counter-attack. he was always wary of Parsians - knowing their volatility politically and their tendency to change whichever way the wind blew. There were the Paris 'popular' Risings of 1830 too. There should have been mentioned the colossal reparations the French were forced to pay after this war - which was on par with the level of reparations obligated on Germany after WW1 - which though abruptly ended in 1931, was part of the fuel the Nazis used in building their power prior to WW2.
Vengeful Camel
Vengeful Camel 4 kun oldin
I prefer to not call the French colonial an “empire”. When Germany fought France in 1870 it was an actual empire with an emperor
Fernando Abiti
Fernando Abiti 5 kun oldin
Video starts at 3:13
Thomas Reichpietsch
Thomas Reichpietsch 6 kun oldin
They don't teach this in our history classes. Great content!
Jacopo Abbruscato
Jacopo Abbruscato 6 kun oldin
Napoleon III: So yeah, l'm gonna do a new french Empire German states: Oh nein you're not
atlantiswolf 6 kun oldin
Very slight correction, the Paris Commune wasn't explicitly communist despite the name. It was actually an amalgamation of socialists, anarchists, and other groups. The commune ended up only lasting a short while before getting dismantled by the French Republic, so they were never able to form a single unitary ideology.
Hai Tung Bui
Hai Tung Bui 6 kun oldin
Then the French commune rebelled and was defeated. It followed Marxism. Shall you make a video about the commune?
Ismail Burale
Ismail Burale 6 kun oldin
Germany can overrun France today as it did in the past. Nothing changed.
MedicTf2 6 kun oldin
**Preußens Gloria intensifies**
ac1dP1nk 6 kun oldin
the french have colonies across the world to this day prussians ended nothing
Secret Squirrel
Secret Squirrel 6 kun oldin
No one Bismarck “I’m going to end this man’s whole career just for lols”
Eric Sell
Eric Sell 6 kun oldin
That whole bit about Prussia encouraging independent thought among its officers is so very contrary to our normal concept of Prussian-ness. Pretty Cool.
paco ramon
paco ramon 6 kun oldin
The war that started the France surrendering meme.
Breizh 20
Breizh 20 Kun oldin
I think it's more like ww2
Landvogt 6 kun oldin
19:34 is this a meme reference xD ?
MrDomo66 7 kun oldin
Which war USA won by is own?
emperor of Mexico
emperor of Mexico 7 kun oldin
Thanks love the video long live the German empire and the 1 Mexican empire🇲🇽🇲🇽
Maxime Hellier
Maxime Hellier 7 kun oldin
Moreover Bismarck was afraid of the return of the French monarchy, because he knew that the republic is the biggest weakness of France. That is still the case today.
Piotr Syczak
Piotr Syczak 7 kun oldin
18:47 BTW Bavarians used Werder M1869 rifles, equal ( if not better ) to Chassepot 1866
FSuixo 7 kun oldin
Mhm.... was the Paris Comune communist?
Jon 7 kun oldin
Some Viccy 2 bangers playing in the back
Deep SKULL 7 kun oldin
Chudo Fate
Chudo Fate 7 kun oldin
Vielen Dank für dieses interessante Video.
Ty Mofo
Ty Mofo 7 kun oldin
The vic2 music sold me, absolutely nostalgic
junior1497 7 kun oldin
FRENCH: We can’t possibly lose to the Germs” Mexican peasants “JAJA QUE PENDEJOS!”
m1990 noor
m1990 noor 7 kun oldin
France, in all its history, has only won over weak states. This country from which the Crusades emerged. That is why God punished it with wars, occupations, revolutions, famines, and diseases. To this day, the true flag of France is the white flag.
Vengeful Camel
Vengeful Camel 4 kun oldin
Ah yes, the weak states of Britain, Russia, Austria, and Prussia combined. 5 consecutive times
SilverEden Wonvi
SilverEden Wonvi 8 kun oldin
für den KAISER!!!!!!
Anne Timm
Anne Timm 8 kun oldin
He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth: he is brought as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so he openeth not his mouth.
Ricardo Costa
Ricardo Costa 8 kun oldin
Idk fam, i look at a map, i see France, i don't see no Prussia.
Kobrag90 8 kun oldin
Quality of this is amazing.
justinrill 8 kun oldin
awesome attention to detail in the diagrams and animations. nice clean aesthetic too.
Joseph Holoien
Joseph Holoien 8 kun oldin
Who/how do you create your visuals??
leignixan - KFP Scooter
leignixan - KFP Scooter 8 kun oldin
France playing checkers while Prussia played 5D chess
Juan Vazquez
Juan Vazquez 8 kun oldin
I wonder if this has been discussed before. There are many comments and it is difficult to read them all. Am I missing something? You said that Napoleon Bonaparte gave the coup de grace to the Holy Roman Empire in 1805. True. But then you said that after 23 years French Revolution was down in 1815. Between 1805 and 1815 are only 10 years, not 23.
Vengeful Camel
Vengeful Camel 4 kun oldin
By “23 years” he means since the beginning of the French Revolution
Crowbar Rowley
Crowbar Rowley 8 kun oldin
I actually read a book about the entire Von Moltke bloodline from Teutonic Knights to Nazi Germany. Fascinating family. Book was called Blood and Iron.
irateofwatford 8 kun oldin
"Ended the French empire"? Glad to hear this qualified as the end of the French Second Empire. France held on to its colonial empire: French Guyana, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Pondicherry, Réunion, Algeria and part of Morocco, Senegal, Cochinchina, Tahiti, the Marquesas Islands, Vanuatu, etc., and this was despite losing Alsace-Lorraine and suffering a temporary occupation by the Germans.
Street Hawk
Street Hawk 8 kun oldin
Its a long due - can't wait for French sixth republic.
Nikioko 9 kun oldin
5:01: The so-called Ems Dispatch.
R Malarkey
R Malarkey 9 kun oldin
That sounds awfully like Victoria 2's soundtrack...
DraftTheHippies ____
DraftTheHippies ____ 9 kun oldin
Has COVID prevented you guys from making better animations or is it the shorter time you guys are given to make videos? Just a question
Make Romania great again
Make Romania great again 9 kun oldin
10:04 Napoleon III: okay guys, so we need to fight the Germans in Alsace-Lorraine? Soldiers: did you say L'Algerie?
Brad Mason
Brad Mason 9 kun oldin
But what about Asians and Africans surely they liked turning on each other for whatever, usually land in border disputes. Aren't we all territorial through and through ? Because we are so plentiful.
Alaskan Ninja
Alaskan Ninja 9 kun oldin
The Victoria 2 soundtrack is so good for this video!
Twój Stary 2k21
Twój Stary 2k21 9 kun oldin
No i jak niemcy przegrali 1 wś to adolf chciał się za to zemścić
VZ_ 342
VZ_ 342 9 kun oldin
I was just wondering about Napoleon III...when was he around? Did he have something to do with Bismarck’s unification of the many German states...? And before I could look into comes your video describing all of it! Summarized to a degree, I’m sure...but still a great introduction! A question: I’m trying to locate a book (or books) on what daily life was like in European countries in the late 1800’s...France, Germany, and England. Any suggestions? Thx!
Vengeful Camel
Vengeful Camel 4 kun oldin
I know quite a lot about him, ask as you like
Mr. pewpew
Mr. pewpew 9 kun oldin
Mike P
Mike P 9 kun oldin
Are we just going to ignore that he pronounced "Coup de Gras" as "Coo de Grass?"
The Baron
The Baron 5 kun oldin
He's actually correct - he speaks french or he studied that to make sure. 'Coup' has no 'p' sound in French - and 'Grace' is sounded like Grass
darkpalad777 9 kun oldin
That Napoleon quote at the beginning suggests to me that he never read the Bible or heard of David and Goliath.
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