How PlayStation and Xbox Name Their Consoles

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10 kun oldin

A lot of science, expertise, and genius go into every single console name.
Well... okay maybe not into every one.
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CircleToonsHD 9 kun oldin
Honestly, I had so much fun making this stupid cartoon and was chuckling the whole time while editing it, so I hope you enjoyed it as well!
Stopnut 25 daqiqa oldin
Please do UZpost in the last hour again
Rice Cake
Rice Cake 21 soat oldin
UTC dude
שהם זינר
שהם זינר Kun oldin
I did! literally LOLed
Some guy named Peyton
Some guy named Peyton Kun oldin
Play stations suck and that’s not a opinion it’s a fact
Toia-n-diel 2 kun oldin
Jack McDermott
Jack McDermott Soat oldin
This is my favorite video of yours.
Treo Soat oldin
And then there is Nintendo with the Nintendo Entertainment System, because it's an entertainment system by Nintendo, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, because it's a Super Entertainment System by Nintendo, Nintendo 64, the games are 64 bit, Gamecube, it's a cube that you can play games on, Wii, because We can all play it, Wii U, because We and You can play it (that makes no sense, I couldn't think of a good explanation), and finally the Switch, because you Switch between handheld and docked mode. And then there's the portable systems... those don't make much sense.
Sunny Gawthorne
Sunny Gawthorne Soat oldin
Pls do a among us animation that would be great
Seth Adling
Seth Adling 2 soat oldin
I have an Xbox 360 e
Su3tam le0n
Su3tam le0n 3 soat oldin
Man i have an xbox 360 model E
Lane Robertson
Lane Robertson 3 soat oldin
I would side with Xbox names on the sole fact that PlayStation seems to be ruled by a Todd.
EvO_Burd 4 soat oldin
Sony: Numbers Nintendo: Functions Xbox: *snorts cocaine* MaKe iT a X
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 4 soat oldin
"I think this ones a joke." Me turns head to look at XBOX 360 E sitting on my desk.
Yammdaff 4 soat oldin
xbox one was called xbox one cause it was an all in one entertainment system
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 4 soat oldin
"This is Game & Watch!" Gunpei Yokoi... this is the 27th time in a month you've shown Game & Watch in class.
Sidney P. Ball
Sidney P. Ball 4 soat oldin
I'm now going to be one of the few XBOX supporters in this comment bar. Here is the stronghold for Xbox.
Minecraft Steve
Minecraft Steve 5 soat oldin
Why doesn't X-Box just name their consoles normally like Playstation?
Jackson Mason
Jackson Mason 5 soat oldin
Ps5 are blowing up
Damian Ruiz
Damian Ruiz 5 soat oldin
I still dont know if the xbox one and the series x are the same thing
domzilla100 5 soat oldin
I have the xbox one s aka the white one
Aaron TCK
Aaron TCK 6 soat oldin
The next Xbox: Xbox 360 1 series x s
Turtles mnmn
Turtles mnmn 6 soat oldin
Hi I'm Mr PlayStation 😂😂
mburzler 1
mburzler 1 6 soat oldin
I still have my Xbox 360E
Molnár Robi
Molnár Robi 9 soat oldin
I can hear my xbox 360 e crying on my attic
Howie Beats
Howie Beats 9 soat oldin
This is such an awesome, not talked about topic to use for a cartoon 🤣 Pure genius 👌
JoshuaCG 9 soat oldin
Meanwhile Nintendo: Lets make the name relevant to the console unlike those useless employees at Microsoft
Fizzy 9 soat oldin
I have a 360 E.
T G 9 soat oldin
tHeY fOrGoT xBoX sErIeS E
Jaster mereel
Jaster mereel 10 soat oldin
Can't wait for the ps 28
69Pootis 11 soat oldin
Halen Smith
Halen Smith 12 soat oldin
"This is Game & Watch!" Gunpei Yokoi... this is the 27th time in a month you've shown Game & Watch in class.
son 14 soat oldin
what if XBOX: S XBOX: E XBOX: X it spelled sjx?
Saturn Sneaker
Saturn Sneaker 15 soat oldin
Does anyone else think he sounds like a rubber duck accidentally went down a shredder
SaimonSSL 16 soat oldin
I wish I could give you two thumbs up just for mentioning the disgusting scalpers.
Yoshinobu Takahashi
Yoshinobu Takahashi 16 soat oldin
This is going to be a classic
X TheUnknownGamer X
X TheUnknownGamer X 16 soat oldin
Martin Hodges
Martin Hodges 17 soat oldin
Here at Nintendo, we have the Wii, because it's literal piss compared to any other console.
LiquidBucket CZ
LiquidBucket CZ 20 soat oldin
Microsoft: Let's just name it random so it sounds cooler. Sony: 1 2 3 4 and 5 ez
Greg 20 soat oldin
AlphaCore 21 soat oldin
meanwhile at nintendo: it's the new Nintendo wibbyjoob
AlphaCore 21 soat oldin
1st movie: "now you see me" 2nd movie: "now you don't" .... wait, they didn't do that? fk this planet and everyone in it.
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 21 soat oldin
Own an Xbox 360E
Josho Posho
Josho Posho 22 soat oldin
Xbox and ps names are like ting and yang, ps has simple names and Xbox has the opposite
Jdog boy
Jdog boy 23 soat oldin
I have an xbox 360 E...
Mr. Domzie
Mr. Domzie 23 soat oldin
Where the PSP and ps vita
Narendra sahu
Narendra sahu Kun oldin
That pleasant background music ❤️✨✨
Cade Candee
Cade Candee Kun oldin
What happened to the shiny charizard live thing? I got the notification 8 hours ago, but it said it's private
JohnCartoonist 04
JohnCartoonist 04 Kun oldin
Microsoft: Confusing names Sony: Number after number Nintendo: Variety Me: Nonsensical word generator
Dice Mace
Dice Mace Kun oldin
If they call the next Playstation console Playstation 69 I'm giving up on Playstation forever
ThatFrog Kun oldin
While I'm watching this video another channel called game theory puts an ad on this video about some prize money on some competition or something
Phoenix Wright
Phoenix Wright Kun oldin
Dont forget ps4 slim, ps4 pro, and ps5 digital edition
Rosy J
Rosy J Kun oldin
Nintendo: . where r we???
david bass
david bass Kun oldin
Xbox has the iPhone naming scheme, and playstation has the android naming scheme. Opposite forces balance out the universe. cheap console same as expensive phone. Cheap phone same as expensive console. Balanced, as all things should be.
polarice Kun oldin
Extremely cool meeting you in Rainbow six siege I have subscribed and liked.
Herman Petrov
Herman Petrov Kun oldin
I sense strong bias in this video
Lekapro500 Kun oldin
Master4killer 51
Master4killer 51 Kun oldin
the first add of yhe video was for ps4 XD .
jordan jackson
jordan jackson Kun oldin
asbergan Kun oldin
Trav Bones
Trav Bones Kun oldin
Minionater 66
Minionater 66 Kun oldin
See ps4 has like good names not complicated nissleading stuff like Xbox and apple
Daniel Mueller
Daniel Mueller Kun oldin
Still not as confusing as computer part names
sirius4k Kun oldin
How does it feel.. playing with your x's box?
Lazyl arts
Lazyl arts Kun oldin
S= supe- S= soup
Xploshi Kun oldin
So apparently their excuse for calling it the Xbox One was it’s supposed to be an “all in one” home entertainment device kinda like how “Wii” is supposed to mean “We”
Cheero Fuujsaki
Cheero Fuujsaki 10 soat oldin
The Wii is better tho obv
First Name
First Name Kun oldin
This is actually why they called it the Xbox One
Frank Muijlwijk
Frank Muijlwijk Kun oldin
Lol now I only get ps ads
Rueben Kun oldin
Ps5 pro
MinecraftKing Kun oldin
The play station 69
Alex Zander Rapuza
Alex Zander Rapuza Kun oldin
You shit you don't know a paut xbox xbox 360 e or bule s was mede in ader conder i Dr.
Shamrockin’ Robin
Shamrockin’ Robin Kun oldin
I mean, it works at least? Think about this, the names of the consoles since their first launch were literally what they were, a box with an x on it and a station of entertainment.
Shamrockin’ Robin
Shamrockin’ Robin Kun oldin
And going off that, they don’t have much naming skills... for Sony, at least you can tell which console is which while for Microsoft, at least the names are more creative than just numbers.
Despised_octoling Kun oldin
Sega: *sup’*
i190 Kun oldin
I just love how the facial features just move all over the face so casually
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Kun oldin
Cool...super loved it?
Primus03 Kun oldin
The Xbox is like Samsung Phones: its litterally confusing which one is the latest one While Playstation is like Iphone, easy to follow along
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Kun oldin
OMG I love it so much?
LostinSpace TK
LostinSpace TK 2 kun oldin
When you are in your 50s and have kids. Please continue making these. You have endless content ideas and these videos are golden
DakiLetsPlay 2 kun oldin
An then theres Samsung galaxy 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 X 20 Cause you know its 2020
AFFROBO 2 kun oldin
2:09 actually he’ll name the console the PlayStation 5 **SLIM**
periwinklecheese Star Wars Suppor no matter what
periwinklecheese Star Wars Suppor no matter what 2 kun oldin
At least Xbox arent like apple products being the same the like iPhone X elite or iPhone X lite or iPhone Pro 2.lite
Flack Knight
Flack Knight 2 kun oldin
Bomb the Knight
Bomb the Knight 2 kun oldin
Waw what a master mind he got
NOAH LEON 2 kun oldin
Playstation has more consoles with names that aren't xbox series _
Adrianna Ana
Adrianna Ana 2 kun oldin
Hello There
Hello There 2 kun oldin
I got an PS4 and before the video started Ironic
ResolutionOfficial 2 kun oldin
How does he do it. What's next after that? PlayStation 7? PFFTTT. I'm writing that down
Yuma Nakamura
Yuma Nakamura 2 kun oldin
workers in Xbox and PlayStation: HOW DID THEY KNOW
Blue J
Blue J 2 kun oldin
And then Nintendo is laughing at Sony and Microsoft’s expense
ST Sajad
ST Sajad 2 kun oldin
The Playstation Workers Feel Very Confused About How The Guy (i forgot his name maybe he already has no name) Got all the Names Buuuut Playstation Vita Who Do you Think got that name?
Epic 208
Epic 208 2 kun oldin
I have an Xbox 360 E
Weirded 2 kun oldin
Then we have nintendo with their ds ds lite dsi xl 3ds 3ds xl 2ds new 3ds new 3ds xl new 2ds xl and ofc, the wii and then the wii u
Some guy named Peyton
Some guy named Peyton 2 kun oldin
Play stations suck
Some guy named Peyton
Some guy named Peyton 2 kun oldin
MISTER BOBO LOL kid you have one subscriber
Some guy named Peyton
Some guy named Peyton 2 kun oldin
MISTER BOBO 2 kun oldin
Try me
MISTER BOBO 2 kun oldin
@Some guy named Peyton xbox suck it's not a opinion it's the truth this isn't going to go anywhere
Some guy named Peyton
Some guy named Peyton 2 kun oldin
Try me
that_one_ gamer6
that_one_ gamer6 2 kun oldin
“We name our products like we name our employees” - Mr PlayStation
Mynem Esjeff
Mynem Esjeff 2 kun oldin
The Xbox 360 e was my first console lmao, it was a good one.. no red ring of death either and it's specs were better than the Xbox 360 s
Shoddy Peasant
Shoddy Peasant 2 kun oldin
Xbox is crazy PlayStation is lucky to have that guy
Kirby 2 kun oldin
I have 360, xbox one, xbox one s and x and series x
Sethroth channel
Sethroth channel 2 kun oldin
If you want to know... *Be aware 5 is before 6*
uninteresting person
uninteresting person 2 kun oldin
I think it was called 360 because it mostly ran in 360p
Name 2 kun oldin
For €1000 you can just build your own pc
RadoMiami 2 kun oldin
0:27 Me who owns a 360 E: *bruh*
Jareth Khairel
Jareth Khairel 2 kun oldin
Playstation 7 Xbox 69 420 weedmaster
George Likes To Draw
George Likes To Draw 2 kun oldin
Enzo G
Enzo G 2 kun oldin
todd tyler sound like beerus lol
Theories with Noah
Theories with Noah 2 kun oldin
Nintendo: for each consul it has a name that makes sense Sony: our names are in numbers Microsoft: are names just don’t make any sense
Theories with Noah
Theories with Noah Kun oldin
@Steven Harwood Tell me to name more
Theories with Noah
Theories with Noah Kun oldin
Nintendo switch The controller switched off the consul N64 64 bit Game boy only for boys 3DS it’s in 3-D 2DS it’s in 2-D
Steven Harwood
Steven Harwood Kun oldin
How do the Nintendo ones make sense like the game cube yeah but besides that what is there.
Aligator 2 kun oldin
Next console is "PSXZ6921 SERIES 360"
Super Josh
Super Josh 2 kun oldin
1:30 By the way don't do this kids, wait like a sane person!
Торебек Т.
Торебек Т. 2 kun oldin
Xbox mate must use only 5 words to name console: Xbox, series, x, s, one (360 isn't a word) Ps mate must use only 1 words: Playstation.
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