Hermitcraft S7 Ep 36: I SAVED HERMITCRAFT!

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Hermitcraft season 7 episode 36, we are back on Hermitcraft 7 to save the server from the mycelium resistances mycelium spreading sheep and lag. I search the entire Hermitcraft world for wild wolves to remove the sheep and fix the lag. We also get super inspired to work on the mega big dig base and ScarX to add some enhancements to the building site. I hope you like the video and see you in the next New S7 Hermitcraft video!
Previous Hermitcraft episode: uzpost.info/vision/video/icCxmstmZ2mnioU.html
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Devarsh Sheth
Devarsh Sheth 5 soat oldin
Fun fact : this video should be episode 35 as Scar skipped number 17
Hope Elizabeth
Hope Elizabeth 11 soat oldin
I love how there's so many comments saying 'dont pay attention to the mean comments' that I can't even find mean comments lol
Kristen Dickerson
Kristen Dickerson Kun oldin
Nate Noss
Nate Noss 2 kun oldin
When scar reminds me of a super disney villian xD but good job i love hermitcraft for more of the story line than just the building and such haha
Arth Patel
Arth Patel 2 kun oldin
Wolf: *is staring into my soul Scar: Oh my gosh look at how cute he looks
nookkuli _
nookkuli _ 2 kun oldin
11:28 r/madlads
Edna K
Edna K 3 kun oldin
HEP-tified as a word play on 'petrified' as a substitute for "scaRRed for life" is very entertaining for me XD
xply babe
xply babe 4 kun oldin
Totaly not evil montage of sheep masacare
Jackson Crow
Jackson Crow 7 kun oldin
Propaganda at its finest
ThatGuy777 7 kun oldin
The Scarlacc pit is pretty dang epic.
TokyoInkSans 7 kun oldin
If you consider destroying the natural environment helping hermitcraft then you must live in a alternate reality
James Fowler
James Fowler 7 kun oldin
give them meat and they will have babys
Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano
Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano 9 kun oldin
"Scarlacc pit" Ren called. He wants his name + StarWars puns back. Also great video as always!
Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano
Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano 9 kun oldin
I've always loved the magical forest. Like out of everything on the server I think it's my favorite. And somehow, shaders made it look even better. Like, it's just amazing. Great job on that!
BTS are taking over the world with their ARMYs
BTS are taking over the world with their ARMYs 9 kun oldin
Love the changes you made to the ScarX hole, it's giving me big Stranger Things vibes!
Art Manny818
Art Manny818 9 kun oldin
Who else goes back and rewatches videos.
df.faoro 11 kun oldin
I just don't have words seeing how awesome are your builds and detailling skills
ISwearI’mNormal 12 kun oldin
Hey it’s probably too late but you should make another crimson tentacle grabbing onto the drill
Noah Spieldenner
Noah Spieldenner 13 kun oldin
As a supporter of the residents the wolf scean brings a tear to my eye we lost so many agents
BARONC 14 kun oldin
Stranger things throwback lol
Joshua Schaefer
Joshua Schaefer 14 kun oldin
Scar, any chance you could tell me what shader that was?
kebbbsters 15 kun oldin
Scar! Your vids make me and my husband smile so much. I appreciate you posting. :)
DreamBoy • 69 years ago
DreamBoy • 69 years ago 16 kun oldin
That Chief Guy
That Chief Guy 19 kun oldin
Scar, probably not going to see this, but just wanted to say thank you for making the great content and I’ve loved watching your videos! Keep it up my dude!
Nora Longest
Nora Longest 20 kun oldin
Your builds are super cool!! Love your videos!
Emmett Raymond
Emmett Raymond 20 kun oldin
That wolf sequence was unbelievably epic.
Tydynamite 20 kun oldin
“The amount of comments saying how bad the haters are massacre the hate comments, and know I feel like they are just myths.”
Saucy Land
Saucy Land 20 kun oldin
Jennifer Farm
Jennifer Farm 21 kun oldin
Bodie was my dads dog
Björn Peperzak
Björn Peperzak 22 kun oldin
What is the shader pack he used?
dipdip doop
dipdip doop 22 kun oldin
I love watching both sides of this really funny war
ironcraft101 22 kun oldin
Hey what shaiders are you useing also loved the vid
Ischo die schwarze Katze
Ischo die schwarze Katze 23 kun oldin
the walk of the evil major xD jk it is fun to see you and grian
MagmaSmegma 23 kun oldin
Pangolin 24 kun oldin
Scar: creates an “hermitcraft environmental agency” Also scar: (kills off 100 sheep, destroys mycelium, hunts mooshroom to extinction, makes a factory that produces more Co2 than all shopping district buildings combined) HEP is just Minecraft PETA but with a different name
MagmaSmegma 23 kun oldin
bruh it's minecraft
Soorya R
Soorya R 24 kun oldin
anyone know what shaders Scar is using? i’m looking for some lightweight one my i5-2430M and GeForce 410M can handle - i know Chocapic Toaster can, but i want something a bit more
MagmaSmegma 23 kun oldin
it looks like bsl shaders, not sure though
Oscar Fischer-Nielsen
Oscar Fischer-Nielsen 24 kun oldin
Why didn’t you get joe hills (the dog catcher) to get the dogs?
goldstonewolf 24 kun oldin
Scar you gave me a heart attack when you spotted the mycelium I was writing away and all of a sudden the music changed and my heart just went "okay spooky time" Great episode as always, love your content! For anyone reading this still, y'all are loved and appreciated and awesome and amazing. I hope you have an abso-freaking-lutely wonderful day!
Tarini prasad
Tarini prasad 24 kun oldin
6:25 poor bdubs passing by in the background
Jacob Canseco
Jacob Canseco 24 kun oldin
Did you know: The Resistance is better than H.E.P Note: please don’t argue I don’t want to have a debate. This is kind of a joke. Kind of.
Jacob Grim
Jacob Grim 25 kun oldin
I love how in the thumbnail, the dogs say HIP
BrownR87 25 kun oldin
Scar: we should get Tango to make an awesome mycelium burnificator *Sad SUP SUP SUP SUPA HOT FIRE! noises*
Wìnter Clòud
Wìnter Clòud 25 kun oldin
Hey scar could you just kidnapped the sheep its more safe and more good for the nature please i know you wont hear me but i tried :(
Vincent Pesquet
Vincent Pesquet 25 kun oldin
Hi Scar and the community I just want to ask what shaders were used in the video if you could put a link in your comment that would be great! 😊
Vincent Pesquet
Vincent Pesquet 23 kun oldin
@MagmaSmegma thanks
MagmaSmegma 23 kun oldin
looks like bsl shaders
nothing0empty 25 kun oldin
pss. scar I think I know where the resistance base is...
Rafael Mantucci
Rafael Mantucci 26 kun oldin
Yay! scar is using the NATO alphabet! 9:00
Joshua Vargas
Joshua Vargas 26 kun oldin
Good sir murdering swag sheep ain’t really “saving” but idk
Hello There
Hello There 24 kun oldin
When the sheep is the ones spreading the mycelium lol
miloway 26 kun oldin
Does anyone know what the time-lapse music is called?
Cathy Z
Cathy Z 19 kun oldin
Howling - Lucas Nocte
Hyper Potion
Hyper Potion 26 kun oldin
Scar and Grian are easily my two favorite Hermits. I love seeing them work together, and its so much fun seeing them on opposite sides as well. Keep up the good work, Scar! You are awesome!
Kabup 27 kun oldin
Scar, your village looks amazing with shaders, I think is the best base of the Hermits. Good job! By the way, what shader are you using?
Kabup 23 kun oldin
@MagmaSmegma Thanks, I'll give a try, I really like the moving lanterns
MagmaSmegma 23 kun oldin
looks like bsl shaders
Chris Rossing
Chris Rossing 27 kun oldin
The meat in your hand
GearedLoop 319
GearedLoop 319 27 kun oldin
*looks like challenger and Columbia took revenge*
꧁MEEP 28 kun oldin
Whats going to happen next: The Sheep Resistance
James Applegate
James Applegate 28 kun oldin
I got a spam call right as Scar died 😂 17:00
Laura Hord
Laura Hord 28 kun oldin
Actual title: I destroyed the environment of hermitcraft!
Jamil Qasqas
Jamil Qasqas 28 kun oldin
its not war on each other its war on sheep
Rose Fox
Rose Fox 28 kun oldin
10 out of 10 dramatic music. The killing spree 😂
Isabella Jordan
Isabella Jordan 29 kun oldin
Anyone know which shaders he used?
MagmaSmegma 23 kun oldin
bsl shaders
Evan Taylor
Evan Taylor 29 kun oldin
The The fun guys noooooooooooooooooo hep are bad
Anavay Mudholkar
Anavay Mudholkar 18 kun oldin
Stop crying kid
Dustin Mattingly
Dustin Mattingly 29 kun oldin
hello scar I,m a big fin I love our cat. your videos give me a big smile you are amazing you have gone through so much. Also it will bring me a smile on my face if you see this. :D
Acycle 212
Acycle 212 Oy oldin
Scar: I saved Hermitcraft Also Scar: Brings monsters from hell to the overworld
Laurent Weber
Laurent Weber Oy oldin
The sheep they were innocent they just hungry
Michael the hero james
Michael the hero james Oy oldin
Lier You Messed Up The Mushroom Island FrOm the marketplace like WHY!
Dilophosaurus #078
Dilophosaurus #078 29 kun oldin
What are you trying to say ?
Willyboi123 H
Willyboi123 H Oy oldin
Hey there Scar and other fans. I haven’t been watching this channel for a very long time; I actually only started a few months ago, but I have to say: Scar, you are such an awesome and positive person and have such an incredible outlook on life. I really love your content and just this channel in general. In my opinion you’re such an incredible builder in Minecraft and I hope to one day be on that same level of skill as you. A lot of your builds have inspired me to practice building and I’ve been getting better and better, especially with terraforming. Thank you for all that you do and keep up the good work. TL;DR: Scar is the best, keep up the good work
Nick Lujan
Nick Lujan Oy oldin
It’s the principle It’s the principle
Nick Lujan
Nick Lujan 26 kun oldin
@A LUNATIC it’s the principle
A LUNATIC 26 kun oldin
it IS the principle
TamaTheKitty Oy oldin
HEPs new weapon, wolfs! Well played mr mayor, well played
endriusza Oy oldin
Al hail the mycelium!
Shivam Rohilla
Shivam Rohilla Oy oldin
I am on the hep side
Артур Павлов
Артур Павлов Oy oldin
Liam Williams
Liam Williams Oy oldin
Name for sword: ScarMaker
Shana Hsia
Shana Hsia Oy oldin
Me: Scar you are such a good builder. Then Me: why am I not good at building?
matthew tibbs
matthew tibbs Oy oldin
myselim restaince is the best
Luke Phipps [Student]
Luke Phipps [Student] Oy oldin
Next time you need to name shears you should call them safety scissors
Blu3 NTV
Blu3 NTV Oy oldin
what's the shaderpack?
Wesley Arnold
Wesley Arnold Oy oldin
I believe it’s o.f
PD Swart
PD Swart Oy oldin
Why didn’t you just breed wolves?
Bart Oy oldin
Hi Scar
Nicole Smolen
Nicole Smolen Oy oldin
This episode contains the most epic scenes yet in season 7! 🤘🏼
bandit bros 1
bandit bros 1 Oy oldin
Tanner Lipoufski
Tanner Lipoufski Oy oldin
I have a question, why did scar decide to play music that makes him seem like a villain? The exact feel you get from it is ominous and it is occurring while his dogs slaughter peaceful sheep.
Heather Oy oldin
Which shader pack are you using? That looks even more gorgeous now!
Klee Films
Klee Films Oy oldin
Imagine being toxic about minecraft... 🤣 (yall can find those hilarious comments if you switch the comment filter to "Most recent" and scroll down to comments from a week ago)
Gaming On Ice Yeet
Gaming On Ice Yeet Oy oldin
Shaders are the best
Exotic - Tedduu
Exotic - Tedduu Oy oldin
AjaminAntic Oy oldin
Scar why did u bring in an invasive species lol
Chris Windom
Chris Windom Oy oldin
what does the duly elected dogcatcher say about the hep wolves
The Random Channel
The Random Channel Oy oldin
Who else thought the bottom of the drill looked like stranger things.
game kid 500
game kid 500 Oy oldin
Who let the dogs out?
Noeleen Miller
Noeleen Miller Oy oldin
Just come from Grians channel and please take no notice of silly comments stupid people make. I suspect there mostly children that don't know any better. I just love all the hermits and you are the best landscape builder lve seen in any Minecraft vids, Please remember that 99 percent of watches know HermitCraft for what it truly is. Dedicated utubers who love Minecraft and the people on the server..
Nasa Kat
Nasa Kat Oy oldin
Finely someone put on shaders
Laureen Oy oldin
Name the sword "zword" just because
Laureen Oy oldin
Nobody: Scar: * spends 6 hours getting wolfs to get rid of the sheep instead of killing them himself *
aeaee aoiauea
aeaee aoiauea Oy oldin
Killing them himself is not optimal for content because it's boring, just like using sheep instead of replacing the grass by hand.
Omkar Raskar
Omkar Raskar Oy oldin
@Fredwards_06 and a good storyline :)
Fredwards_06 Oy oldin
It's all about the principle.
Laureen Oy oldin
Scar: * put in a pot of work and time in removing the mycelium * The mycelium resistance: hihi sheep go brrr
PxleNet Oy oldin
What shaders are those? i would like to use them for my survival play through.
Dapper Magikarp
Dapper Magikarp Oy oldin
Jellie is the wolf supervisor. She makes sure they do their job woth her intimidation
Bipolar Landcrab
Bipolar Landcrab Oy oldin
What is the shader's used at 2 minutes?
Archer Penney
Archer Penney Oy oldin
No u did not
Agent x150
Agent x150 29 kun oldin
@•L • it's addressing that he didn't save hermitcraft based on the title I think
•L •
•L • Oy oldin
What is this addressing
Noel Haynes
Noel Haynes Oy oldin
You should make it where it looks like a GIANT eye is looking through the floor and the build a giant creature in the nether
NotExactlyBatman Oy oldin
In Memory of the Brave Mycelium Resistance Agents that lost their lives, these were the true chads.
Dahk Oy oldin
"We saved the town Patrick"
KingJ_ 27
KingJ_ 27 Oy oldin
petition for scar to always use shaders like here
Burnt Toast
Burnt Toast Oy oldin
Scar: we must fight the mycelium and protect the shopping district! Also scar: *breaks the barrier between the underworld and the overworld*
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