HELLUVA BOSS - The Harvest Moon Festival // S1: Episode 5

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Blitz sees a horse. Things sure do happen!
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Vivziepop 6 kun oldin
HELLUVA BOSS MERCH AVAILABLE ► sharkrobot.com/vivziepop Pilot Episode ► uzpost.info/vision/video/iNKZy7Cmn5OfiGQ.html Episode One ► uzpost.info/vision/video/ntKXs6WcepaCg2g.html Episode Two ► uzpost.info/vision/video/pNam2rSbZWZwe4E.html Episode Three ► uzpost.info/vision/video/i82g1smfjXudmZc.html Episode Four ► uzpost.info/vision/video/asB-1seNg52jdps.html
vermelon 11 soat oldin
Lol that shark that smashed moxxie
Carmen Angulo
Carmen Angulo 3 kun oldin
0 l Prv^¿*^^
Slyuniform 4 kun oldin
Alisha Fox
Alisha Fox 4 kun oldin
William Newell
William Newell 4 kun oldin
Congrats on number 1 in trending!
artsy_ess 4 soat oldin
Anyone else read the description? XD
Crimson Sand
Crimson Sand 4 soat oldin
what does he say " wow that was a good fkn pitch " ...then ...what does he say ?!
Za11oy 4 soat oldin
Millie really representing her ring in this episode, going berserk and full on capital 'W'rath mode! An amazing episode again you guys and gals, amazing~
Heart emoji.
Heart emoji. 4 soat oldin
chance bouvier
chance bouvier 4 soat oldin
Norman reedus!!!!
쵸Emanueloxi쵸 4 soat oldin
Is the wife the love no existe
MarchingArrow 4 soat oldin
HOW HAVE I WATCHED THIS LIKE AT LEAST TEN TIMES AND NOT NOTICED NORMAN REEDUS IS PART OF THE CAST???!!!? As a long-time follower of your work (I’ve been here since long before Die Young was complete!) I can’t even begin to express how proud I am of your growth and commitment and success as the years have passed, nor how INTENSELY you’ve secured yourself as one of my biggest artistic idols. I knew I’d stumbled upon greatness, and I was so fucking right. I’ve loved every second of this show and I can’t wait to see what’s to come with Hazbin Hotel. This was the BEST episode yet!! Dying to see what comes next!!!
ReMorriq 4 soat oldin
As much as I'm enjoying this, when are we getting more Hazbin? It seems all the effort is going into the spinoff and nothing is happening with the main series.
Dino man
Dino man 4 soat oldin
I think if striker actually went against the I.M.P Team when Everyone is being serious he would of lost.
Lyntzbartzky 4 soat oldin
Stella is voiced by the same woman who played lady mingeworthy The stars have aligned
Penny Serrato
Penny Serrato 4 soat oldin
My favorite part 9:08 MOTHER FUCK--!
Dualreaper 95
Dualreaper 95 4 soat oldin
Yooo I was just watching this and I just deja vu
Jazmín Urbina
Jazmín Urbina 4 soat oldin
Serious question, does feeling shit for that snake man makes me a furry?
Henry 1
Henry 1 4 soat oldin
When is season 2 coming out
HighTideAnimations 4 soat oldin
Stolas 5 soat oldin
Blitzø will always save me....
cordell stevenson
cordell stevenson 5 soat oldin
9:07: Everybody gangster till the shark watches wwe
VRUSH 5 soat oldin
Love the new character
Wyatt Fisher
Wyatt Fisher 5 soat oldin
there's a coloring error at 8:52
Rosemay Crichton
Rosemay Crichton 5 soat oldin
honestly i can tell most people would be like "fuck you" to striker but then also say "oh no he's hot" this was cringy to say in a way that i wanted to say it? idk
La mesita de Juanz
La mesita de Juanz 5 soat oldin
Ohh yeah I was waiting for this
Amelia Galloway
Amelia Galloway 5 soat oldin
Why the fuck am I looking at this
Bigblue564 5 soat oldin
More I want more episodes
David Gomez
David Gomez 5 soat oldin
More Norman Reedus please
kitsumie 5 soat oldin
That fact that Millie uses momma and daddy makes me, a country bumpkin, feel validated
Turbae Carissimus
Turbae Carissimus 5 soat oldin
I needed for this episode to start with Stolas and Blitz in a state of post-coital bliss...well, Stolas at least.
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 5 soat oldin
Striker wanted Stella's money and Stolas' body. Stolas' prophecy has come true!
Kisha Lawson
Kisha Lawson 5 soat oldin
Moxie weak
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 5 soat oldin
When is the next hazbin hotel episode will come out
TIMOUN YEET 5 soat oldin
Please make more
Abelardo Adame-Meza
Abelardo Adame-Meza 5 soat oldin
I havent Watch helluva boss in a long time if been missing out but great video though
FaithbelovlyArts 5 soat oldin
I’ve come to skip to the part with Norman Reedus
Alder Norway
Alder Norway 5 soat oldin
I want Fizarolli back! He was so cool to watch and his laugh was amazing.
Kaytlyn Coons
Kaytlyn Coons 5 soat oldin
I’ll bet Lin and Joe secretly wish Millie had married Blitzø instead of Moxxie after meeting him
Xuan Bach Lai
Xuan Bach Lai 5 soat oldin
it seems like guns cannot kill everything, at least the regular guns. So he needed the big gun but oh well.
Grenade Thief
Grenade Thief 5 soat oldin
9:49 okay but the girl on the far right is v pretty😏😏
Chase DeBoard
Chase DeBoard 5 soat oldin
8:14 Is that Stolas’s theme.... in Banjo?
Lenard Acejo
Lenard Acejo 5 soat oldin
I really wish they add a human and or half human character. Would make the lore interesting
silly snakes
silly snakes 5 soat oldin
Teacher: ok the next language we will learn is Japanese Me: ok I can remember that The next day... Me walking in to class: hola- *MOTHER FU-*
Jacob Frontera
Jacob Frontera 5 soat oldin
Did they just straight ask darell from the walking dead to voice act
Firmabymel 5 soat oldin
Mr. Phoenix
Mr. Phoenix 5 soat oldin
Go look at the song maps
Mathew Denton
Mathew Denton 5 soat oldin
I can not believe Norman Reedus is the voice of the rat
Mr. Phoenix
Mr. Phoenix 5 soat oldin
Wtf is he gay
Cortez frederick
Cortez frederick 5 soat oldin
When is the next hazbin hotel episode will come out
Anthony Adolphus
Anthony Adolphus 6 soat oldin
damibo05 6 soat oldin
Never expected that twist ending. Absolutely loved it. Keep up the good work Vivsipop.
eyyy ohhh
eyyy ohhh 6 soat oldin
I wanna know how they got Norman Reedus
TmansNuke 6 soat oldin
I’m not really into this kinda stuff with musicals and animations and like all of it, but I do like this show. Keep up the hard work
Crazy-Cat-Shack 6 soat oldin
I wonder if, in the shows canon, imps have different kinds of eyes based on what ring of hell they were born in. For example, all of the Wrath-ring imps, like Moxxie and Millie, have yellow sclera with black pupils, while Blitzo has yellow sclera, black pupils AND red irises, and Striker seems to have solid green sclera eyes with several black(?) rings surrounding his pupils. I know that Millie also gets red irises for a hot second during the fight scene, but I am considering that as a side effect of her "seeing red" since she has never had them before as far as I can tell. If this is true, then I wonder what circles of hell Blitzo and Striker are from. I bet everybody's first inistict would be the lust ring for Blitzo, but I also think that being born in the Pride or Envy rings would match him well. For Striker, I'm also thinking Pride ring, but I would be interested to know if anybody else has any other thoughts on their placement. I dont know if i am thinking too much into it, but I think it would be an interesting concept if true. I love all of the imps designs regardless.
Bryan orinof
Bryan orinof 6 soat oldin
Julian Robles
Julian Robles 6 soat oldin
Omg I love milles parents
Hanlon Caldwell
Hanlon Caldwell 6 soat oldin
I can't believe they got Norman Reedus to voice a character!
Dajia 6 soat oldin
Okay but how SMOOTH this animation was, is absolutely incredible
Andii Neushul
Andii Neushul 6 soat oldin
1:10 how can you make a super tall owl demon so freaking cute!?
•LunatriX• 6 soat oldin
8:53 Did he...BlUsH??
Luke kunkel
Luke kunkel 6 soat oldin
Bro what if striker is getting his “ holy weaponry” from the CHERUBS ? 🤯 and a good story arch for moxie is if something happened more severe to Millie and he has to buck up and become the ultimate badass.
Digital Nomad
Digital Nomad 6 soat oldin
How am I the only person here freaking out and wondering how they got my boy Norman Reedus on this??
Konnor's Art Corner
Konnor's Art Corner 6 soat oldin
Crazy-Cat-Shack 6 soat oldin
I wonder if one of the reasons that Blitzo picks on Moxie for being little so often, besides the fact that Blitzo is a messy bitch, is because he is sick of being babied and looked down on by Stolas. It's an interesting cycle of abuse that they have going on.
Emmanuel Farfan
Emmanuel Farfan 6 soat oldin
Part six
Eloïse 6 soat oldin
This show is amazing.
Zaria Grandberry
Zaria Grandberry 6 soat oldin
Gay as sith
CaptainRedBeard 6 soat oldin
Holly shit this show is awesome i thought striker sounded familiar my favorite crossbow wielding walker killing badass lol
Cierra The Hobbit
Cierra The Hobbit 6 soat oldin
Today I learned that Norman Reedus aka Darell from TWD voices Stricker... and I'm ashamed to call myself a walked dead fan. I knew his voice sounded familiar though
Misty Franklin
Misty Franklin 6 soat oldin
My farfetched carictr is striking
Mordred of Orkney
Mordred of Orkney 6 soat oldin
Another solid episode. Striker is the Spaghetti Western ambiguously aligned gunslinger all western fans know well.
Zach 6 soat oldin
this episode had weird inconsistent animation but it was good
kelis marquez
kelis marquez 6 soat oldin
canthit1k 6 soat oldin
This one Hass to be better than the cherubs
・ Evie Animations・
・ Evie Animations・ 6 soat oldin
Holy frick this show went from a lot of random but interesting things to a whole plot with an even more intriguing plot
Mr. Chip
Mr. Chip 6 soat oldin
While I understand how in-character it is for Moxie to be against killing, I don't see why he wouldn't just take the shot we all know he could have had when they cornered him up and just gave him two warning shots, especially when he was seemingly going to shoot him for real before he got door-slammed. Give yourself a victory every now and then Mox, :/
Casual Bird
Casual Bird 6 soat oldin
If Stolas is injured by this hitman in the future I may very well will lose the will to live
Bogdan Calin
Bogdan Calin 7 soat oldin
I kind of noticed an animation error: When Moxxie says that he is good at singing, where did his tail go? Than we go to Striker on stage and you can see Moxxie's tail between his legs.
scantopup 7 soat oldin
striker: you should've gone for the head
meghan marks
meghan marks 7 soat oldin
DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!!! I honestly thought Moxxie was going to die this episode! Thank Satan Millie stepped in! But wait.... Viv. If Millie had not saved Moxxie and he died, Where would he have gone? Is this adding to the thing Angel Dust said in Hazbin Hotel?
Islam Ashraf
Islam Ashraf 7 soat oldin
Animation quality reduced from like 18~24fps to 8~16fps but I'm more glad that we get a new episode every month.
Border Hoper
Border Hoper 7 soat oldin
Where in the hell is the parants
Andres Gonzalez Toro
Andres Gonzalez Toro 7 soat oldin
This episode is awesome and funny. I want to see the episode six of this serie
Traumaqueenamy 7 soat oldin
I just noticed Millie’s dad was voiced by Edward Bosco (Alastor)!
Mother Rat
Mother Rat 7 soat oldin
We love sally-may our trans queen
Cajun Rabbit
Cajun Rabbit 7 soat oldin
anyone else notice at 4:08 Blitzo has HEART eyes looking at Striker!!
Yessica !
Yessica ! 7 soat oldin
this just proves country music belongs in hell
Conner Schaub
Conner Schaub 7 soat oldin
Striker: i failed to kill the target at the festival. Stella: yeah I'm fucking looking at him.
Xx_Ashiee_xX 6 soat oldin
Titus Letuli
Titus Letuli 7 soat oldin
0:28 *"Grimioreeeeeeeee"*
Sasha Gutierrez
Sasha Gutierrez 7 soat oldin
I think the reason why blitz said that he never went to the wrath ring even though I believe in the second episode he said he went to the wrath ring to max out Verosica credit card on horses back riding lessons, was because he was trying to avoid getting roped in stolas plans, even though it backfired. Or it was just an error but vivsipop seems too smart for that Edit: I'm soooo sorry for spelling your name wrong visvi (and even what I just spelled is probably wrong) 😅
Dan TheHero
Dan TheHero 7 soat oldin
Can we take time to realize how Loona is less goth than she used to be and talks more. Character development.
Lollipop Knows Animations
Lollipop Knows Animations 7 soat oldin
Im waiting for Hazbin Hotel Episode 2 could come in the month Of August
maxine nepomuceno
maxine nepomuceno 7 soat oldin
moree pleaseeee
Crystal Bee
Crystal Bee 7 soat oldin
Stolas' book at the table is titled "Imps in the Sheets"
RAILEE_FATCAT 7 soat oldin
This is satanist favorite
Soft Roses
Soft Roses 7 soat oldin
im so addicted
Itz Ash
Itz Ash 7 soat oldin
13:44 - 14:49 this whole scene got me 🤌🏼🤌🏼
Diane Teeman
Diane Teeman 7 soat oldin
Wait wait what do you mean you don't deserve to now my real name........
Tako Meza
Tako Meza 7 soat oldin
Wait is that Norman reedus playing as striker?!
TheKessieBear 7 soat oldin
Hang on! Norman Reedus!
Alana Paula
Alana Paula 7 soat oldin
isn't fun how killing other demons, humans or imps is "okay", but when comes to a royal moxie became worried... why he care?
Suady Morales
Suady Morales 7 soat oldin
Meme Screamer
Meme Screamer 8 soat oldin
Who has set bear traps in their basement
Striker teeth is kinda bit similar to jay's teeth from zoophobia And the voice actor of millie's father was the same actor to alastor same
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