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bill wurtz

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GamerBoi 13 daqiqa oldin
Question: will you do anymore videos like ball and stick or will it just be songs?
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 36 daqiqa oldin
My favorite youtuber is bill wurtz and filthy Frank
Thepugdev 2
Thepugdev 2 45 daqiqa oldin
Ayyyyy he is alive Pog moment
EpiAnimates Soat oldin
Ive noticed that hes using palm trees in alot of his videos and apparently the palm tree symbolizes victory, triumph, and peace. Pretty cool.
Reese Armstrong
Reese Armstrong Soat oldin
the 2d 3d convergance is here!!!
I result to telling people he makes songs based on random words as to explain it
Zêrø_. Twø._ER40R
Zêrø_. Twø._ER40R Soat oldin
This dude is a king at this
Chet C
Chet C 2 soat oldin
Is Soviet Womble your friend?
moxol2 2 soat oldin
never knew he could make a song this good
-DEVICE- -057-
-DEVICE- -057- 3 soat oldin
Why is there no "VEVO" in the corner of the thumbnail?
Grindus 3 soat oldin
Minimalist mansion, Bill. Talk to me buddy
Tzar-TZ 3 soat oldin
your songs always make me bop
Alec Mills
Alec Mills 4 soat oldin
He’s back
Kevin Spy
Kevin Spy 5 soat oldin
I stopped counting the times I clicked on this video
Khryztian Bucal
Khryztian Bucal 5 soat oldin
it may not rhyme but it's an absolute masterpiece
Theolodger 7 soat oldin
just realised that the last thing in chat when it ended was "kiss" "e" and, lastly, "AMOGUS".
SaibaKeiosu 7 soat oldin
These songs are like what happens while you're asleep. Your dreams changes scenes and context in an instant and just flow on. Brilliant. They also have that vibe Sesame Street used to have with their music videos back in the 80s and 90s - Remember those Pinball songs? Instant add to Spotify.
No thing
No thing 8 soat oldin
Money means you can buy food and find warmth and a roof when you're cold and wet.
Carl Gille
Carl Gille 8 soat oldin
Please upload more history videos
Fusion sage
Fusion sage 8 soat oldin
The return of the king
PUNJOKE Gaming 9 soat oldin
0:02 moral of the song
SCP Foundation
SCP Foundation 10 soat oldin
I’m sure this is how it feels to have schizophrenia or dementia. Hell this is also like LSD
TheJuicyFox101 10 soat oldin
Petition to make this the theme song of Ocean's Eleven Literally all I think about listening to this
dylan perez
dylan perez 11 soat oldin
Can you remake oh hi thanks for checking but I'm still
K REAL [yes it is] BETA 創造的な
K REAL [yes it is] BETA 創造的な 11 soat oldin
FNF Bill wurtz mod. *MAKE IT HAPPEN!*
nolan martin
nolan martin 11 soat oldin
1:06 thank you it is my birthday
nolan martin
nolan martin 11 soat oldin
o:42 bill can even make a triangle dance better than me
IRB 11 soat oldin
0:01 to 0:16 are my favorite parts. Leaving this here for me.
Angel Lutina
Angel Lutina 12 soat oldin
Wednesday Friday
Angel Lutina
Angel Lutina 12 soat oldin
Z Y D E 13 soat oldin
Do you know how Good it feels to have these incredible and strange songs practically monthly again? How did I not miss this more than I did But hey this song might just be a vibe and a half
oh_ its hayden
oh_ its hayden 13 soat oldin
it's almost my birthday ✨•3•✨
oh_ its hayden
oh_ its hayden 13 soat oldin
ᵐᵃʸ ¹¹
mikefire98 13 soat oldin
Even now I still think Bill Wurtz is a secret prophet.
Kaylee Bear
Kaylee Bear 13 soat oldin
How to write a bill Wurtz song: let google autocomplete do it Edit: I mean, I love the songs, but honestly most of them sound like google autocomplete xD never change Bill.
Jasper Thompson
Jasper Thompson 15 soat oldin
This is just a bunch of random stuff that means nothing with the qorst song i have ever listend to!!! I love it
walkover 15 soat oldin
His aesthetic is very nice.
NoWonder 15 soat oldin
“Got money, some cash, I keep it in my......hat” I really thought he was about to say something else
Manawa Warbrick-Pese
Manawa Warbrick-Pese 16 soat oldin
*loudER gasp*
im fat
im fat 17 soat oldin
Thomas the pain train
Thomas the pain train 17 soat oldin
Such a cool art form
Khan maykr
Khan maykr 17 soat oldin
This is a really great song and I like it
Salty Scrub
Salty Scrub 18 soat oldin
These visuals
ben clarke
ben clarke 18 soat oldin
pplleeaassseee do history of medicine !! (in the same style of history of japan) PLEEAASE : )
Monikachow 19 soat oldin
I leave for one second and he posts twice in just a month. Truly a blessing from the lord.
greenguy 358
greenguy 358 19 soat oldin
Return of the King
video volt
video volt 19 soat oldin
The second you think you know what the song is about the topic changes
Attila Nagy
Attila Nagy 19 soat oldin
he is back!
Edward Thornton
Edward Thornton 20 soat oldin
1.5x speed
e e
e e 20 soat oldin
This man was dead for a long time hes now back better than ever
Nelson Americano
Nelson Americano 20 soat oldin
please do things like ( this is the orgigin of the qorld i guess)
John Rubio
John Rubio 21 soat oldin
lets goooooooooooo hes back
Eric Stankiewicz
Eric Stankiewicz 21 soat oldin
*the return of the king*
Nature 21 soat oldin
Ur next video will be your 420th video
Randomly Random
Randomly Random 22 soat oldin
I have a theory for this song, I don't know why I wrote this. I guess I was just bored: Bill Wurtz sings about a man who became rich, after he gets rich he starts to feel sad for some reason, he spends his time wondering if the money he attained is making him unhappy. Remember he says “I am rich and now I'm sad” which means he did not have the money before. ( 0:03 ) He then talks about how he apparently has boats on his plane, BOAT can also mean: - Break Out Another Thousand. - Bust Out Another Thousand. - Blow Out Another Thousand. “Got Some break out another Thousands on my plane” could be his way of saying he earned it illegally. Which means he could have parked his plane near the hotel in case he needs to run away from the police with the money. (0:08) As he is in his hotel he says that the windows are broken and cold winds are flowing in on him, which is quite suspicious since most hotels make sure there windows are fine. Broken windows can also mean this: The broken windows theory is a criminological theory that states that visible signs of crime, anti-social behavior, and civil disorder create an urban environment that encourages further crime and disorder, including serious crimes. "A cold wind blowing" can also be a metaphor for something unwelcome. If you look at the www letters you will also see that it kind of looks like a helicopter light, scouting the area outside. In short it probably means that he is a top criminal that has inspired others, his tough facade quickly fading when he realises he will soon be face to face with the police. ( 0:18 ) He then says that the fairytale must be true and that he is going out to sea, fairy tales are mostly based of of imagination and going out to sea can also be another way of saying that a person is dying. His imaginations came true and he is going to die now. (0:24) After presumably dying he then suddenly forgets about the meaning of money, for some reason he still has money in his hand though. After looking at the money in his hand he starts to realise that money was important for something, but since he doesn't remember why money is important he gets mad. (0:33) In the long white tile the letters “zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba” are seen, since it is the alphabet backwards it could mean he is reliving life again. Without his tainted perception he then starts to see what is truly important. ( 0:50 ) He then starts congratulating people on their birthday, congratulating himself as well. Being fixated on completion and it soon becomes clear why, when he starts to talk about the money he carries with him. Even though he now knows the purpose of it and still lusts for it for some reason he can't actually use it. My theory is that he is a Ghost that is being punished for his crimes. His anger for being turned into a Ghost and not being able to go to heaven turns into passive-aggressiveness, him saying that he will one day feel complete means that he might one day start to feel complete without a human body. Since he has still not been forgiven, despite being nice to people now. (Being nice to people probably feels like a pointless chore to him now because no one can see or hear him.) ( 1:06 ) He then talks about his day (Tuesday), stating that Wednesday seems so long ago, despite it only being 7 days. He is probably talking about the time he was still alive. (1:37) He then talks about the money in his hat, stating that he has so much of it. (Him carrying money he himself can not use is probably part of his punishment, since he will never get the satisfaction of using it.) (1:47) He also now has the power to go deep into the ocean, since he dosen't need air to breathe. He then sees a lot of lost money on the ocean floor. The numbers 4.95 and 3.99 catch his eye. The number 495 is an angel number and means: Prosperity a sign given by angel number 495. You have been doing a lot of positive things. Your thoughts have been very positive over the days. The number 399 is also an angel number meaning: With words of encouragement and kindness, your angels for number 399 are reminding you that you must let go of anything that is not serving you in life. Through angel number 399, they are telling you that you are still clinging to someone who means a lot to you. (In other word the angels tell he is doing a good job but needs to get rid of his lust for money if he wants to enter heaven. Him saying “in other words one billion”, is him being passive-aggressive again. He is stating that he thinks what the angels are doing is mean, recognizing that he is capable of doing a good job at being nice but still wanting him to let go of his deep lust for money.) (1:50) He then says “money is bad, I don't understand what to do with it... Or how to deal with it...or how to tell my friends” If he wants to get accepted into heaven he probably has to find a way to shut down his unlimited money supply, it is probably connected to his lust for money somehow. It would certainly explain why money is Spewing out of his hat. While thinking about what to do he eventually thinks about his friends and how he wishes he could speak with them. (2:25) “What it it works...what it's worth and if it can change the world...” is probably referring to his unlimited money supply and showing us that his lust for money still isn't gone even though he tries his best to suppress it. (2:47) The shapes that are seen here kind of look like Torii entrances: A torii (Japanese: 鳥居, [to.ɾi.i]) is a traditional Japanese gate most commonly found at the entrance of or within a Shinto shrine, where it symbolically marks the transition from the mundane to the sacred. Him screaming “Yeah!” probably means he thinks he got into heaven even though his money lust was not completely gone, because of how impressed the angels were at how he tried his best to suppress his desire. (3:05) We then see the Torii gate upside down though and the minimalistic mansion, the mansion also happens to have the shape of a trapezoid which makes me believe the angels tricked and trapped him after seeing he was a lost cause, not being able to control his desires. By the way a Zoid can refer to either an asexually reproductive spore or a sexually reproductive gamete. This makes me believe that the angels only saw him as some kind of spore, but we're still kind enough to give him a second chance to see if he would bloom. (3:13)
FizzyElephantRBLX Soat oldin
I remember one of these type of breakdowns on might quit
InShot 16 soat oldin
No but that’s cool
Randomly Random
Randomly Random 22 soat oldin
I want to know what you think of my theory, do you have any theories of your own?
Randomly Random
Randomly Random 22 soat oldin
I had a another comment just like this one, it got drowned out by all the other comments though so I decided to post my theory again.
Argent Arcent
Argent Arcent Kun oldin
ok das cool bill wurtz
Mein Kaiser
Mein Kaiser Kun oldin
Pls make a video on history of Vietnam =))) Might be interesting
Saarang Sahasrabudhe
Saarang Sahasrabudhe Kun oldin
I sure hope an AI generated this song, otherwise I don't know what I'm doing here.
Chareesh Lingala
Chareesh Lingala Kun oldin
History of Russia, pls
Ori Kun oldin
I haven't checked in and HE'S BACK HELL YEAH!
Snifey 76
Snifey 76 Kun oldin
i got some money but where the hell are we
dickus suckus
dickus suckus Kun oldin
Damn you got good voice
MeME Lord
MeME Lord Kun oldin
This song made me 3x happer
Kyle Kun oldin
music of the year
Only ReY
Only ReY Kun oldin
greyreynyn Kun oldin
you are life man. thank you.
-Midnight Karma-
-Midnight Karma- Kun oldin
My friend: What is you favourite song? Meh: Ummm, its hard to explain.
zodiac siqn
zodiac siqn Kun oldin
*this is a vibe on it's own* , but being serious this is one of my favorite things to watch on the platform, just this channel brings me a great sense of serotonin, and I thank him for that.
Rid Reegan
Rid Reegan Kun oldin
He can sound so good and confuse me at the same time
E Kun oldin
The next video is probably going to be I’m broke?
Akstotia Lab
Akstotia Lab Kun oldin
As Graphic Designer, this is masterpiece
Play3r.exe Kun oldin
@Don't read my about page ok.
Don't read my about page
Don't read my about page Kun oldin
DͩOͦɴ'ᴛⷮ RͬEͤAͣDͩ MⷨY NAͣMⷨÊ
Angel Dust
Angel Dust Kun oldin
0:37 “got some money and it makes me mad in my hand” *aaa*
Niel Kun oldin
Thank's bill, for saying happy birthday to me. I wish i could've viewed this 2 weeks ago
Don't read my about page
Don't read my about page Kun oldin
DͩOͦɴ'ᴛⷮ RͬEͤAͣDͩ MⷨY NAͣMⷨÊ
Morgan Shanafelt
Morgan Shanafelt Kun oldin
This doods music genuinely makes me smile 😊
Paulfuss Entertainment
Paulfuss Entertainment Kun oldin
Welcome back Bill! Please keep it up!
Junniel Watstreech
Junniel Watstreech Kun oldin
Directly on WhatsApp for further guidance +1(2(0(8(4(5((7(1(1(5
Infinite_ Gaming
Infinite_ Gaming Kun oldin
Is this the giver by lois lowry great read by the way
Burnside 87
Burnside 87 Kun oldin
the amazing wonders of money seen as only a number.
Hiro Kun oldin
More history!
Inigo Kun oldin
One more song he will have 420 videos
Meowzers88 Kun oldin
i watched this while my mom was yelling at me, and all anger in the room vanished
Junniel Watstreech
Junniel Watstreech Kun oldin
Junniel Watstreech
Junniel Watstreech Kun oldin
Directly on WhatsApp for further guidance
That one person you might see
That one person you might see Kun oldin
0:51 (saving this for later)
Vu Nga
Vu Nga Kun oldin
Addy Mcdaddy
Addy Mcdaddy Kun oldin
Can you make a video on Britain’s history
Junniel Watstreech
Junniel Watstreech Kun oldin
Junniel Watstreech
Junniel Watstreech Kun oldin
Directly on WhatsApp for further guidance
Gabriel Castro
Gabriel Castro Kun oldin
Player 2
Player 2 Kun oldin
Want more mfaoie pls
Junniel Watstreech
Junniel Watstreech Kun oldin
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Andy Hu
Andy Hu Kun oldin
Bill Wurtz is the one person brave enough to give voice to the weirdest things in his head
Andy Hu
Andy Hu 41 daqiqa oldin
Correction: one of the only two people
Junniel Watstreech
Junniel Watstreech Kun oldin
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ExoPhantom Kun oldin
I can’t believe this is still you 5 years later You’re more original than I am
Junniel Watstreech
Junniel Watstreech Kun oldin
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nk dot exe
nk dot exe Kun oldin
I can’t imagine how long this must’ve taken
Junniel Watstreech
Junniel Watstreech Kun oldin
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A K Kun oldin
main lined
main lined Kun oldin
Pie Crumbs
Pie Crumbs Kun oldin
Im looking at a graph of your patreon earnings and there is a direct correlation between your videos being posted and earnings going up. It went way up with here comes the sun, presumably cuz of your hiyetus. cool
Junniel Watstreech
Junniel Watstreech Kun oldin
Directly on WhatsApp for further guidance +1(2(0(8(4(5((7(1(1(5
SoupCultist Kun oldin
r o m p
Sean Hoban
Sean Hoban Kun oldin
Why does it sound like a jojo opening or a anime opening
Bappity E
Bappity E Kun oldin
Why do i feel like this is Bill's abstract way of saying capitalism sucks
Just A Can Of Spaghettios
Just A Can Of Spaghettios Kun oldin
This is Spaghettios jam 😎
Delta Productions
Delta Productions Kun oldin
pre blender bill has returned and blessed us with this masterpiece
DarthWaluigi Kun oldin
alphabet shuffle 2
Pingu Duh Duck
Pingu Duh Duck Kun oldin
Not my birthday but thanks :)
hanimations Kun oldin
my friend just said this song was cringy.
Ahmadx1x1 the best nickname
Ahmadx1x1 the best nickname Kun oldin
1:46-2:26 best part of song
Nikol Andreadi
Nikol Andreadi Kun oldin
Nobody: Live chat: E
history of the world, i guess but it's clean (for schools)
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