GOP & Fox Blame AOC’s Green New Deal for the Texas Power Crisis | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

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Millions of Texans are still without power and going to extreme lengths to stay warm, the mayor of Colorado City steps down after telling residents “the weak will perish,” and Fox News blames AOC’s Green New Deal for the power outages when poor oversight is the real culprit. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Texas
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Edmund Chen
Edmund Chen 5 soat oldin
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Blake Freddi
Blake Freddi 19 soat oldin
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Robert Radcliff
Robert Radcliff Kun oldin
Blame it on Biden , why not they used to blame it on Trump . It's Bidens turn .
Jason Oquinn
Jason Oquinn Kun oldin
Biden....we have given you a chance to answer for child abuse. The FBI will ask you next. Sexual abuse is never a joke.
Dee Rn
Dee Rn Kun oldin
Here is something that I find interesting it was the failure of the Natural Gas and nuclear energy in Texas that failed renewable energy count for approximately 10% of Texas power which means that 90% of the power that affected Texas. The first thing it was the Natural Gas and nuclear energy systems that sell Texas not renewable and also Finland Canada Russia Sweden places like that have windmills and they are colder than Texas on a regular basis.
Brenda Freeman
Brenda Freeman Kun oldin
You people in T keep watching Fox news feed you lies they can't even just say they were wrong they on fox while you in the cold with know water know where to go hotels charging more money for a room and now they telling it's AOC blame her if you people fall for them lies you need to be in the cold anybody that dumb got some dam problem s for real.You need to vote them out.
Brenda Freeman
Brenda Freeman Kun oldin
You them dirty rats on of office he just showed you who he is a dam devils that don't care if you die and then open up your state.Hes telling you it's your problem now thats who you put in office shameful you voted for that G.Who you gonna blame now they got all that money what they do after 2011 put that money in there pockets keep voteing for them.
Rolf Erik Bakløkk
Rolf Erik Bakløkk Kun oldin
Lone star State of mind.
Michelle Saldana
Michelle Saldana Kun oldin
I lost power for 3 days
Camela Antonela
Camela Antonela 2 kun oldin
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Linda Elmore
Linda Elmore 2 kun oldin
So, she is how old? And, how long has the Texas Self-Contained Power Grid been a S$#& Show? Just because these writers can't do the math many Texans can and 2+2 = Greedy GOP Govenors * Their Mishandling of the Grid * The 130 Car Pile Up on Unprepared Roads & No Water for Cleaning during a Covid Pandemic. That's only my 4, Texas citizens fill in your own 4.
timelike01 3 kun oldin
It's not AOC's New Green Deal! It's Jill Stein's New Green Deal!
Johnny Lawrence
Johnny Lawrence 3 kun oldin
allaredumb 4 kun oldin
I wish every ten seconds we didnt have to watch some moron on how rich they are. Another reason why everyone just aggrevates the shit out of ya. AOC should get an education and stop calling people NAZIS til the apology shes a scumbag.
Kam’s World 2
Kam’s World 2 4 kun oldin
This is to much for Elsa 😂😂😂😂😂
Robert Dwyer
Robert Dwyer 4 kun oldin
Gotta love that green energy
El Bee
El Bee 5 kun oldin
LOL turbines in places with MONTHS of weather like Texas had a few days of but can't handle are surviving a-ok because they weren't built by lowest-cost-highest-profit focused companies. When you deregulate the quality of your power sources, you get shitty results. When there are so few "incentivized" days, a few every several years, where TX companies get to charge those 8000-9000% rates instead of doing their lowest cost per unit wins bullshit, yeah, companies want to keep selling their energy in bulk the 99% of the time weather won't impact performance in that hot ass hellhole. I just feel sorry for the elders who had no say in it even 30 years ago when TX thought they were the bomb for having cheap ass power across tons of companies, none of them audited properly. It would've at least been SOMEWHAT monitored were it nuclear power (though I wouldn't trust a Texan with a nuclear plant, either). Just go solar, already, and have backup generators/batteries stored in well-insulated places. One reason they did NOT weatherize their places for cold weather is because insulating would also make it risky in hot weather and they didn't want to keep it a stable temperature, cool or warm not boiling or freezing. Blaming wind that isn't even 12% of the overall power supply for what the 88% did is so typical of Fox... gotta protect the big oil providers and treat the gas companies like BP as traitors for not investing in a dying disappearing resource. Not enough dead dinos to keep the Texan dream alive forever.
Tammy Dykes
Tammy Dykes 5 kun oldin
No sun solar power no wind wind power = no power ....duh..not Hard to figure out !!!
Yawning Pheonix
Yawning Pheonix 5 kun oldin
It wasn't the coal plants that failed. It was windmills and solar panels dressed as coal plants, trying to smear the fossil fuel industry.
Haines Meacham
Haines Meacham 5 kun oldin
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Jan Heinbokel
Jan Heinbokel 5 kun oldin
Only dumb, Partisan rightwing Propaganda = BS
David Benard
David Benard 5 kun oldin
Blame game it's everyone else's fault that Texas Government Officials screwed the puch ! And the citizens of Texas must PAY ! Some pay with their lives with the 100% reopening . The Republican's in power know the death are much higher in black and brown community also the overall senior community. All are majority Democrats . they are willing to let them die in an attempt to win next election !!!
Wonder Lady
Wonder Lady 6 kun oldin
Trevor ... please write another book.
Spartacous Cacao
Spartacous Cacao 6 kun oldin
People need to realize that if you depend on government you're going to be waiting a long time, so yes save money in the good time instead of buying weed and beer save up to buy a generator and store food.
Victor Negron
Victor Negron 6 kun oldin
And puerto rico did it for months and now its a problem
Tyler Hardy
Tyler Hardy 6 kun oldin
But climate change isn't real! Privatize all the things! Deregulation and privatization are good! /s Fuckin profits over people pos companies.
Erick Pacheco
Erick Pacheco 6 kun oldin
Staff Cooper
Staff Cooper 6 kun oldin
Katy Gomez
Katy Gomez 6 kun oldin
Only upper class neighborhood had electricity the low income community suffered the most .
Randy 6 kun oldin
You gotta like state and local gov'ts turning there back on you in your time of need and the 1.9T relief that doesn't have ten cents allocated for texas. vote democrat again see what happens
Randy 6 kun oldin
The only respectability left in the democrat party was left by Trump.
John Metzger
John Metzger 6 kun oldin
Nature will kill you no matter your power source.
Eddie Orama Del Pilar
Eddie Orama Del Pilar 6 kun oldin
albert mooney
albert mooney 6 kun oldin
free market!
Sylvia Keenan
Sylvia Keenan 6 kun oldin
Love you Trevor!
Carey Wright
Carey Wright 7 kun oldin
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एलन जोसफ
एलन जोसफ 7 kun oldin
Who actually listening to this guy
Mike Warner
Mike Warner 7 kun oldin
how did this whole video happen and then it wasnt even mentioned that northern states and canada all have windmills that run just fine and we dont all lose power whenever it snows or gets cold? like... its obvious this is a TEXAS issue... not a renewable or green deal issue. literally all you have to do is look anywhere that isnt texas to see people not all freezing to death every year.
Ostego Lectric
Ostego Lectric 7 kun oldin
I live in a small town in PA, and we have wind turbines... and they have not failed in the 6 years I've lived here. These conservatives are so full of shit it's astounding that anyone listens to them.
Katrin Karlsdottir
Katrin Karlsdottir 7 kun oldin
Scandinavia uses only renewable energy. Being in the arctic they deal with hard freezes all the time.
Jesse Joseph
Jesse Joseph 7 kun oldin
What a waste of life Trevor Noah is...
Travis Thompson
Travis Thompson 7 kun oldin
Loving this thumbnail. Both have creepy eyes.
Ronin Lord
Ronin Lord 7 kun oldin
2011 well billy bob dont shoot that arrow straight up in the air it could come down and hit you. dammit billy why did you not listen......2021 billy bob shot the arrow straight up again. I say this because in 2011 they had an ice storm in Texas and lost all their power. yet all the idiots voted for republicans over and over in every single post in state government. I feel bad that they are suffering but these idiots will keep shooting the arrow straight up. money talks and all of you suffering its on you.
Unarmed Americans
Unarmed Americans 7 kun oldin
Thank you aoc for helping texas she only worries about one race and that’s the human race
GranVíaPro ESLBILServices
GranVíaPro ESLBILServices 7 kun oldin
Yea, it’s as silly and entitled as it sounds and there is zero apology about it.
The Kite Saviors
The Kite Saviors 7 kun oldin
because ERCOT caved under Federal environmental regulations. Our power plants were not allowed to OPERATE. but... you're not going to get the facts from this... "comedian". Our power providers were FORCED to sell power at a low rate to the US GRID and BUY at high rate during the STORM.
Flik Cof
Flik Cof 7 kun oldin
not only AOC but the damn Dems House, Senate, Pres and VP. all in cahoots
James Stark
James Stark 8 kun oldin
Sadly this is what Texas voted for. When you vote base on feelings rather than logical reason then expect no mercy from those you put in power who care more about money than Human life.
John Gottuso
John Gottuso 8 kun oldin
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t w
t w 8 kun oldin
I literally laughed out loud at 1 am with that last energy skit.
Alfredo Mondragon
Alfredo Mondragon 8 kun oldin
Texans, please vote them out.
Jonathan Wallace
Jonathan Wallace 8 kun oldin
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Coleman Nyholm
Coleman Nyholm 8 kun oldin
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Wayne Manning
Wayne Manning 8 kun oldin
She’s the one who bailed these poor folks out!! $5million buys disdain?
1PandaArmy4777 8 kun oldin
Who watches this crap ?
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard 8 kun oldin
The delirious corn normally prepare because report chiefly saw aboard a hoc vault. ill, scary norwegian
Lizandra Ceballos
Lizandra Ceballos 8 kun oldin
It's funny how these ppl look for anyone but the representatives of that state to blame. Like AOC is there helping but where's Ted??? I thought he left to Cancun and not being there for their own ppl. It like he saw the crisis and said 'ehh this is not my problem' and left them to die. I wouldn't say that this is what they get bc no one deserves going through a crisis like this. But they were warned and those representatives didn't care and brushed it off. I feel so sad for the people who are going through such hard times and seeing that their government don't give 2 shits. I hope we are able to learn from this and get ppl to represent us not ppl who just want in for the money and power. Bless AOC and anyone else who is trying to hard to make amends 🥺🥺
Mike Gribben
Mike Gribben 8 kun oldin
It was the green junk that failed
Mariela Navarro
Mariela Navarro 8 kun oldin
This is serious don’t make me laugh
Mark Campbell
Mark Campbell 8 kun oldin
The PUC public utilities commission has been disbanded 30 years ago and this is the result. Nobody is responsible..
Mark Campbell
Mark Campbell 8 kun oldin
Deregulation separated power sources from the collection of money for power. This makes it difficult to develop power sources. The current rate has to support today's building. The builder's have to drive up rates to build instead of planning and finance ahead of need.
Mark Campbell
Mark Campbell 8 kun oldin
Wind power reinforced the illusion that nuclear power and fossil fuels generators are necessary. Solar power uses plastic manufacture pollution and this is the primary cause of global warming and Global Treaties already installed ban the manufacture pollution.
Mark Campbell
Mark Campbell 8 kun oldin
Green new deal has not done anything yet. The deregulation of power results in absurd replacement of nuclear and fossil fuels with wind and solar power. The appropriate replacement of nuclear technology and fossil fuels is edison generators and dynamos as power plants. Wind and solar reinforce the illusion that nuclear power and fossil fuels are necessary.
RequiemJr 9 kun oldin
I'm in Texas born.
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 9 kun oldin
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Ibjnsy Gbbf
Ibjnsy Gbbf 9 kun oldin
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Haley Stamper
Haley Stamper 9 kun oldin
I feel like AOC will be president one day. Imagine kids growing up republican are gonna love her because their parent hate her lol
Ksenya Plumb
Ksenya Plumb 9 kun oldin
This is too perfect.
Sean B
Sean B 9 kun oldin
Oh, this is on the Comedy wonder its so funny!!!! Thanks for laughs :D
Sean B
Sean B 9 kun oldin
hmmm, where did GOP & Fox blame?
Child of God
Child of God 9 kun oldin
CNN is slamming Trump about his taxes and Fox is slamming AO about cheaply made wind turbines.
Kong Thai
Kong Thai 9 kun oldin
Just look at MEDIA RULE USA talk. Cool. 🤣🤠 And we watch TED CRUZ, do the what happened game. What when wrong, what happen to Governor Abbott. 🤠
Benjamin R. Mascorro
Benjamin R. Mascorro 9 kun oldin
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dan h
dan h 9 kun oldin
Natural Gas starts to freeze @ minus 298 degrees. That is outer space cold. The lack of high pressure to keep the lines full from extreme electric demand was the issue. Look it up, Texas has a every 40 years or so event where they get a extreme cold snap. 1989 Waco minus 4, 1949 another cold snap. This is not global warming.
Riley Dragoncrow
Riley Dragoncrow 9 kun oldin
Whoever wrote the “exposed asshole” joke is a fucking genius!
Jb Jb
Jb Jb 9 kun oldin
Real question is why only these particular turbines failed???
ahumanstain 9 kun oldin
What are we doing about it?
Inger Nordhus
Inger Nordhus 9 kun oldin
Don’theyhave weatherforecast in Texas? But there leaders gled,because the could not help,because they could not imagine the catastrophe. Don’blame it on AOC
Meredith Marple
Meredith Marple 9 kun oldin
AOC for Prez!
Jeff 9 kun oldin
The sociopaths blame some random while their home state turns to a block of ice... well, they are republicans so duh.
Jeff 5 kun oldin
@Carmeltoned Barbie thanks!
Jeff 5 kun oldin
@Carmeltoned Barbie well maybe the vote will one day dawn on the idiots. Texas is lost
Carmeltoned Barbie
Carmeltoned Barbie 8 kun oldin
*old white Republicans. "Block of ice" - great comparison!
gortex1us 9 kun oldin
Texas leaders please realize it’s not always going to be sunny and warm in Texas. Get tour infrastructure winter ready!
Myrtha Dabel
Myrtha Dabel 9 kun oldin
It's about the size, it's never correct for me, and it takes to long to receive my order. There no way to return them. That's trouble me.
Sandy Yu
Sandy Yu 9 kun oldin
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Douglas Jackson
Douglas Jackson 9 kun oldin
Surprise they not blaming big black man
Douglas Jackson
Douglas Jackson 9 kun oldin
Capitalism at work
Douglas Jackson
Douglas Jackson 9 kun oldin
American greed
Douglas Jackson
Douglas Jackson 9 kun oldin
Where your government tax money
Nick Garza
Nick Garza 9 kun oldin
She is too pretty to do any wrong. Don't hate!
Jon Erlandson
Jon Erlandson 9 kun oldin
*_""You ain't black" if you didn't vote for Joe!"_* the problem with democracy... is it's people... look around... and what do you see... stupidity... haunting... you and me...
Roxy Wang
Roxy Wang 9 kun oldin
We need to pretext AOC from the crazy minded!
R.F.K. PeaceNik19
R.F.K. PeaceNik19 9 kun oldin
What would have happened to Texans if they Seceded from the Union, beforehand,
Donna Tisdale
Donna Tisdale 9 kun oldin
Its just another thing that the GOP passes the buck on. Shame, shame.
Bryan J Lederman
Bryan J Lederman 9 kun oldin
F these whiners. Try the NE where people had been without power for weeks in the past decade.
La Mezcal
La Mezcal 9 kun oldin
just tell them their guns gonna be taken away, watch them get heated quick
Lex Blessed
Lex Blessed 9 kun oldin
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pika pool
pika pool 9 kun oldin
no ammount of explanation is goin to help do something about it these companies put profits above all is bullshit because people are getting hurt and the company who did these is still making money
Erik Aitomäki
Erik Aitomäki 9 kun oldin
Thats is Republicans for you.
Odd Otter
Odd Otter 9 kun oldin
Fun Fact: Local Politicians want the position of Mayor or Council member for the reason of syphoning money from the neighborhood. In my 30 years. I've yet to see a council member ACTUALLY HELP THE COMMUNITY they gathered votes for..
Melody Boudreaux
Melody Boudreaux 9 kun oldin
AOC said she was terrified on 1-6-21, when she wasn’t even in the building ! Go ahead check it out. I dare you to find the truth! Her office is across the street from the riot, and her coworkers verified, no one entered their building!
Jeezus Maneezus
Jeezus Maneezus 9 kun oldin
@6:43but trump touted the green new deal
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