GIANT vs TINY Food Challenge! *delicious*

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GIANT vs TINY Food Challenge! *delicious*
with Brianna 👊
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Brianna Oy oldin
subscribe for infinite giant oreos 😋
Kanouj Chakma Ziko
Kanouj Chakma Ziko 15 soat oldin
i sub to you bri and your a cool girl sooooooooooo much
•ash• 18 soat oldin
I subbed-
Rani George
Rani George Kun oldin
Thea _Cookie
Thea _Cookie 2 kun oldin
Wayland Calitong
Wayland Calitong 2 kun oldin
Nola Hayes
Nola Hayes Soat oldin
ice cream i scream for ice cream
Sam Krombos
Sam Krombos 12 soat oldin
I support you ❤️
Brawl Boy
Brawl Boy 13 soat oldin
Keeyley I don’t like s’mores ether
Adam Hause
Adam Hause Kun oldin
Keeley kept getting your points Bri
Yonkovic Kids
Yonkovic Kids Kun oldin
Moon Lord
Moon Lord Kun oldin
Ok... hm. *Vince I SWEAR if you look at my biceps-* Nick, 11\21\2020
Mohamed Imraan
Mohamed Imraan 2 kun oldin
Briana stop playnig game so you can have a baby
Cash _
Cash _ 2 kun oldin
Me to my friend when he asks me how many c's thic he is: "Um, I'd say about 25-30 c's thic."
Sylvia Ayala
Sylvia Ayala 2 kun oldin
I have not eaten a oreo since a year beacuse my dog is named oreo and she huge and she had ten puppies so i think there each 4 pounds
Brayden McCurry
Brayden McCurry 2 kun oldin
So my dad actually tried this challenge like the one tip challenge with his friend and my sister actually posted it on her channel which I asked her if I could plug and she said no so sad times there but yeah he couldn't even keep it down for 5 minutes this is a grown man who can eat ghost pepper chips without even flinching and his friend is from Mexico so yeah I haven't watched the reactions yet I'm at the end where they're just about to eat it but I'm scared for them
Gianna Meria
Gianna Meria 2 kun oldin
Colton McKee
Colton McKee 2 kun oldin
My brother got them all right Brianna
Mason Rouse
Mason Rouse 2 kun oldin
if nick can lift it it is light
Jeeia Claudia Caneda
Jeeia Claudia Caneda 2 kun oldin
I feel so bad for nick he took a bigger bite than keeley though but rules are rules
LOH ZHI YONG Moe 2 kun oldin
im same as nick hate ice cream
i want to eat all of that food
Kai Rister
Kai Rister 3 kun oldin
Im like Kelly (i think misspelled her name) but i dont tlike smores
Makeena Battiste
Makeena Battiste 3 kun oldin
Dab Maste
Dab Maste 3 kun oldin
M M 3 kun oldin
I’m just sayin I belive that nick belive he enjoyed the giant pizza ( I would also enjoy is too 😋)
Lizbeth Ramirez
Lizbeth Ramirez 3 kun oldin
Brianna you are such a sweet person you are like my cousin but you are not like my sister because my sister is dark
Aaliyah Hamilton
Aaliyah Hamilton 4 kun oldin
Wow im lighter then a cake pop😅😅
Lydia Smith
Lydia Smith 4 kun oldin
Lol really think you vids are awesome and keep up the amazing work👍👍👍
draw draw
draw draw 4 kun oldin
keely cheated
Addison Petrik
Addison Petrik 4 kun oldin
I just realized that I way less than the giant cake pop... I feel like an amature
Kalea Saunders
Kalea Saunders 4 kun oldin
Like your message videos
Alejandro Hernandez
Alejandro Hernandez 4 kun oldin
Yummy and delicious
Jillian Schear
Jillian Schear 4 kun oldin
A is winning so far
Savannah Jessica Playz
Savannah Jessica Playz 4 kun oldin
𝓘'𝓶 𝓼𝓽𝓪𝓻𝓿𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓷𝓸𝔀
GAME WITH ME! 4 kun oldin
Love ya but i kant subscibe :) sorry
Anna Baggoo
Anna Baggoo 5 kun oldin
Can you make Videos like this Brianna
erica castillo
erica castillo 5 kun oldin
Sud!!!! I like big suff food i bri
erica castillo
erica castillo 5 kun oldin
Like and
old bay boy
old bay boy 5 kun oldin
I have had 2 of those chips and I am 10
MM7 Gamer
MM7 Gamer 6 kun oldin
What is nick he is wierd
Eunice Peralta
Eunice Peralta 6 kun oldin
stop cheating on Preston
Peter Dellegrazie
Peter Dellegrazie 6 kun oldin
Hi hello
Brady Thompson
Brady Thompson 6 kun oldin
Pig Brown
Pig Brown 6 kun oldin
soooooo BIG!!!!!!!!
cartoon playz
cartoon playz 6 kun oldin
I thought it was a 1 chip challenge
Fortnite God
Fortnite God 7 kun oldin
Keeley “I not a big fan of s’mores” Stephen “I am not a ding fan of you”
Akam Kaur
Akam Kaur 7 kun oldin
Brianna can you start playing roblox again as well I would love it if you do!!!
Ashlei Pearson
Ashlei Pearson 8 kun oldin
Nick is riding yes he has had a doughnut
Dylan Garrett
Dylan Garrett 8 kun oldin
I thought Nick was going to win
Alan youtube333
Alan youtube333 8 kun oldin
briana jojn 1v1 game rb batles mi nickname rolox alano123410 1v1 arsenal
Kasandra Aves
Kasandra Aves 9 kun oldin
nick is crazy i love coton candy
Candace Schilling
Candace Schilling 9 kun oldin
The Pizza is bigger then mr best’s pizza
Amelia Thompson
Amelia Thompson 9 kun oldin
I would love to eat those oreos!
janina sumisu
janina sumisu 9 kun oldin
Nick: Yea that might be a four C alert On the patty thiccniss four Cs Editers Catch that i see one two three four Cs right there
Team Clarke
Team Clarke 10 kun oldin
weew we weweeeewewweweweews
Kimberly Verrier
Kimberly Verrier 10 kun oldin
eloise is the best cat ever
JAXON HARDIN 10 kun oldin
Kylee Henery
Kylee Henery 10 kun oldin
And the giant taco.
Kylee Henery
Kylee Henery 10 kun oldin
Can you send me the giant hamburger.
MMMurse 10 kun oldin
Sam Rohrs
Sam Rohrs 11 kun oldin
My mouth is watering
Illusions revealed
Illusions revealed 11 kun oldin
Why does their chef look like Stephen amel?
jesus ortega
jesus ortega 11 kun oldin
look at this time 1:26
Mia Campos
Mia Campos 11 kun oldin
This video is aggravating me! 😫 Bri has gotten it right and they keep giving the points to Keely and Nic. Bri you are the true guessing master
Clare Hinkins
Clare Hinkins 11 kun oldin
abbythegamer -
abbythegamer - 11 kun oldin
Christine Aurelio
Christine Aurelio 12 kun oldin
That was a terrible ending keely barely put anything in her mouth
Alan Rocha-Castro
Alan Rocha-Castro 12 kun oldin
she did not ate the chip not far
Nikola Antic Niksi
Nikola Antic Niksi 13 kun oldin
Ok you scp
Echo Z
Echo Z 14 kun oldin
Nick is crazy
Summer Robertson
Summer Robertson 14 kun oldin
I love you brianna
Fat ugly rat
Fat ugly rat 15 kun oldin
What is this made out of? Cake Y’all: cake- Me: gumdrop?
Letty Cruz
Letty Cruz 15 kun oldin
Alexandria Grace
Alexandria Grace 15 kun oldin
How have never eaten cotton candy and a dounut and how do you not like ice cream like WHAT!!! Nick
Maliki Whitaker
Maliki Whitaker 15 kun oldin
And then when I got to the end I was like let’s gooooooooo
Maliki Whitaker
Maliki Whitaker 15 kun oldin
Cmon get better at math bro deffinetlly one
Angela Nikora
Angela Nikora 15 kun oldin
lest not say gods name pls pls pls pls
Nicole Coltrinari-Smith
Nicole Coltrinari-Smith 16 kun oldin
Phong Nguyen
Phong Nguyen 16 kun oldin
Hang Xu
Hang Xu 17 kun oldin
Nick: Guesses small numbers Keeyley: Guesses big numbers Brianna: Guesses in the middle Me: I’m hungry
angeles Amaro
angeles Amaro 5 kun oldin
Sheri Crenshaw
Sheri Crenshaw 17 kun oldin
I feel bad for nick
Jack Duff
Jack Duff 17 kun oldin
Giant Oreos
Shyanna Jones
Shyanna Jones 17 kun oldin
Bruh keeley didn't even take a bite she licked it. 😂🥱
Karson Ngo
Karson Ngo 15 kun oldin
Karson Ngo
Karson Ngo 15 kun oldin
Licked what?
Hayden Silva
Hayden Silva 18 kun oldin
Shirley Lu
Shirley Lu 18 kun oldin
To those who: Lost a loved one Lost a pet Been harassed Been abused Been hurt Been cheated on Been bullied Those with depression Those with Covid 19 Those with incurable diseases Those who are sick You are not alone and your special❤️
Larissa Matingane
Larissa Matingane 4 kun oldin
I have uglyness
MMMurse 10 kun oldin
I have lost 5 pets before
Shingirirai Tachivona
Shingirirai Tachivona 16 kun oldin
You are so amazing 😇😇😇😇
Toy Review
Toy Review 18 kun oldin
Nick having that look in his eye during the taco 😠 WHERES THE PIZZA nobody answers Nick: ANSWER THE QUESTION
Landry Barber
Landry Barber 18 kun oldin
Analisa Fontanez
Analisa Fontanez 18 kun oldin
Also hello bri
Analisa Fontanez
Analisa Fontanez 18 kun oldin
Hi Preston
Ruthie is in session
Ruthie is in session 18 kun oldin
Nick hasn’t tried cotton candy doesn’t like ice cream doesn’t like hotdogs what kind of food does he like
Hang Xu
Hang Xu 17 kun oldin
Hey yun Jung
Hey yun Jung 18 kun oldin
Cathy and Joshua
Cathy and Joshua 18 kun oldin
Im hungry of the big food
Jackson Parks
Jackson Parks 19 kun oldin
That giant cotton candy is so fake
Ella Fryckman
Ella Fryckman 19 kun oldin
Brianna i bot your mrch
Jennifer Horvatin
Jennifer Horvatin 19 kun oldin
Aaaaaaa is the winner
NatetheDawg 19 kun oldin
Nathan Lanham
Nathan Lanham 19 kun oldin
Briana you are my favorite UZpostr
Luke Cox
Luke Cox 19 kun oldin
Best you are the best youtuber
Mustafa Saify
Mustafa Saify 19 kun oldin
Keeley: I'm not a big fan of s'mores Stephen: well I'm not a big fan of you Me: ohhhhhhhhhhh😳😬
nenita balza
nenita balza 19 kun oldin
I want a thicc pizza
G M 20 kun oldin
Me: Wants to know the actual weight of the food Also Me: 10 minutes into the video and barely finds out that it shows the weight above the guesses Me Again: I need better glasses
toot dargan
toot dargan 20 kun oldin
bri would have won if the editor would have gave her points when she had the closes or on it
alaina jessen
alaina jessen 20 kun oldin
hi brianna iloveyou
DillPickle 20 kun oldin
Does nick not anything 😋
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