Food Theory: MrBeast Burger Is NOT What You Think...

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MrBeast posted a video where he announced he was opening his own, mainly digital, fast food restaurant. It went over BIG, not only in the one brick and mortar drive through in his video, but with the food apps as well. I was fascinated and had to learn how he pulled it off, as well as if this is a move that could change the face of fast food forever. What I found, Theorists, is VERY interesting. I think I've figured out the SECRET to MrBeast Burger and it may not be what you expect...
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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Justin Kuiper, and Luke Barats
Editors: Pedro Freitas, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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MrBeast 11 kun oldin
Order now!
Remo Dluna
Remo Dluna 7 kun oldin
TheguyEthan 7 kun oldin
AnonymousNebula 9 kun oldin
@P. Cake . 3000 did you win anything?
Not Dwayne
Not Dwayne 9 kun oldin
Cyno ArtsVA
Cyno ArtsVA 10 kun oldin
I'm heard slot about you be never looked into your UZpost Channel till now and I'm hooked you earned my sub
notyouraverage tommyboi
notyouraverage tommyboi 58 daqiqa oldin
People trying to cancel you everyone else is talking about Covid to
DerpyWaffles 3 soat oldin
The guy who over thinks everything
Hassan Shahid
Hassan Shahid 4 soat oldin
The best thing about it is it actually created jobs
StarryGalaxyNight 4 soat oldin
Why I cant try the MrBeast Burger: Its a hour away I believe. So if we did order it, the food would be cold by the time it gets here. Maybe my Aunt can get a Mr beast burger but 1. We don't usually drive that far out 2. I don't think she knows about your channel lol
Yeetyda 4 soat oldin
8:16 grubhub 😳
Sally Ricci
Sally Ricci 5 soat oldin
Wow, my local Bertucci's is doing this. I just did a search of their address and Mr Beast Burger, Tyga Bites and Wing Squad came up. What also came up were all the one star reviews.
SuperSaood 5 soat oldin
This is not the world's first free restaurant noob watch Niko omilana
Ja’Crispyy 5 soat oldin
If I go to my local bertucci’s and ask for a mr beast burger do u think they’ll give it to me?
TheSadBadger 9 soat oldin
poor people from alaska
Jaden Galvez
Jaden Galvez 10 soat oldin
You just blew my mind , I never knew this
Kristof Karwinski the great
Kristof Karwinski the great 11 soat oldin
Kristof Karwinski the great
Kristof Karwinski the great 11 soat oldin
I expected GAME THOERY lol many vids from GAME THEORY
WIll Hoo
WIll Hoo 12 soat oldin
The lamentable spade family agree because scarecrow largely guide as a robust platinum. large, rural underclothes
Emily Aspen
Emily Aspen 13 soat oldin
I’m not American and this makes me really sad for these foods
crack pot
crack pot 16 soat oldin
So I made a round up of the whole vid Everything is positive about this vid
Apery 18 soat oldin
Grubhub... Ew
Devil Gamer
Devil Gamer 18 soat oldin
Jakob Donohue
Jakob Donohue 19 soat oldin
Grubhub gives
JUAN Gal 19 soat oldin
I feel like the burger came out of a cartoon, am glad it exists
Shaurya Kaushik
Shaurya Kaushik 21 soat oldin
Why are most of the comments by verified accounts
Brooke Bell
Brooke Bell 21 soat oldin
Hey you no
Logan King
Logan King 22 soat oldin
1:53 the funny thing about those places is they’re actually really nice and expensive restaurants.
Someone Unknown
Someone Unknown 22 soat oldin
It kinda is real
Breezy 23 soat oldin
Idk if you ever did this or thought of it, but maybe you should try to solve these coke recipe? I know that YOU know that would be epic
Todd Howard
Todd Howard 23 soat oldin
All of this just works.
A duck On the Internet
A duck On the Internet Kun oldin
More great content love it
Dj Magik Mike
Dj Magik Mike Kun oldin
Unfortunately loving MrBeast doesn’t make his food good. Had it in ft Lauderdale, Davie, and Miami. The food is below average.
Dhunedaprofit Kun oldin
I did not know that they had one in pittsburg
Gaming Crew Inc
Gaming Crew Inc Kun oldin
I love this channel cause they told us the truth I wanted to hear about Chuck E. Cheese, thank you for restoring my childhood. 😭
ZarcanRadiann Kun oldin
Can i Has a BigMat, a Medium PatFries and a Steflurry... Gottalove those {Food for Trough©} trivia's printed on those disposable napkins And don't forget the {Healthy Food that Feed your Brain©} section of the {FastHealth Menu©} at this fast food, Mmmmhhhh... delish! Here are 3 Subscription Bills Mr. Cashier...
ZarcanRadiann 19 soat oldin
Gotta have so many healthy lazy recipes at here if need and employer more in the kitchen...
ZarcanRadiann Kun oldin
Painted my Beef Patty with RedWine Balsamic Vinegar(slight sweet taste, i used the one from Costco Kirkland Signature) + lots of Garlic/onion powder/salt and some pepper on a already frozen beef patty, on both side (kind of stick to the patty if in that order), placed in a cookie sheet (no teflon... use cooking on the pan oil if need) and oven cooking from 20-30mins at 400-425°f depending on how tick is the patty (time is from frozen state ofc). Then Full Wheat (probl was a 40-60% full wheat) mini bread that is almost slammer then the cooked patty, just barely, lots of mashed onions, lots of relish, bit of mustard, lettuce (non-juicy tomato if desired on top), few spicy peppers slices, hot meat patty, few spicy pepper slices on the patty that will help keep the ketchup in there, then the ketchup, and the final bun part. Using a plastic sandwich bag(foldable type) to put the burger in it and keep fingers clean while writhing this recipe. Is also the first time i finally have a stuffed big burger without leaking (much) [the onions keep the relish and the spicy pepper ring keep the ketchup from leaking out by much.] Other then Heins ketchup, the rest can be brandless. Had no pickles slices left so i tried witouth them, idk if it would make better then this order. Spicy Cavendish fries from Costco, the 10Lb bag, probably would be great with those burgers. Used a Cesar Salad instead for health care. Was very good. Whaat ? your MatDonald's does not offer custom burgers orders yet ? your competitor($$$$$) does...
Pheonix_Ocean_ Kun oldin
All of your channels are trash
steelon the steelix
steelon the steelix Kun oldin
Dark Rose
Dark Rose Kun oldin
good thing there’s a bravo near me
lightsaber boi
lightsaber boi Kun oldin
so twitter was a lie
TTVcommanderT1064 Kun oldin
Bro I wish they were in other countries
Crustless Bread
Crustless Bread Kun oldin
Social Theory. Social expirements.
light dog
light dog Kun oldin
my school is in one of the locations that mr beast burger is in lol.
Zodiac Kun oldin
McDonald’s lookin like:👁👄👁 write that down! Write that down!
Charlie B
Charlie B Kun oldin
I wonder if in the future mr beast burgers will be like old charizard Pokémon cards
Mile Navarro
Mile Navarro Kun oldin
4:50 Grubhub gives u deals on the food u love
Tzuryc Draven Brave Baldonado
Tzuryc Draven Brave Baldonado Kun oldin
Because you don't live in the country
Beatdropkilla Kun oldin
imagine it in the uk
NotAllowedCalcium Kun oldin
Grubhub perks give you deals on the food you love.. the kind of deals that make you boogie
Aran Alan
Aran Alan Kun oldin
You might be wrong but I am not Being RuDe
kaili Kun oldin
Goodbye lake Michigan
Camix Kun oldin
I have a restaurant a street away that does this except it’s not for a UZpostr and a company
Brockster 106
Brockster 106 Kun oldin
I think Mr Beast is actually Jesus in disguise because he is performing miracles everywhere he goes
Nedstar12456 YouTube
Nedstar12456 YouTube Kun oldin
Mr Beast burger sign looks like hungry jacks, or burger king if you live anywhere other than Australia.
Shawn Rich
Shawn Rich Kun oldin
Missed opportunity to call it “Mr.Feast”
Sebastian Fritz
Sebastian Fritz Kun oldin
I have nothing against him but am I the only one hearing about mr beast giving away or spending ludicrous amounts of money? I get it, your rich and abnormally generous, I don’t need to here about it from my recommended page every other day.
Shadow711 VR and gaming
Shadow711 VR and gaming Kun oldin
Jake07 Kun oldin
We have corona virus now we have mr beast burger Meal virus
Makaio Moss
Makaio Moss Kun oldin
Awful video
Makaio Moss
Makaio Moss 20 soat oldin
@BoredQuill9090 my videos were made by me for my younger brother who wanted to make movies he wrote because he was going into chemotherapy for the next year so he wouldn’t be able to it then
BoredQuill9090 Kun oldin
Better than every of if your videos combined because unlike you he puts some effort into them
Da King Dreamer
Da King Dreamer Kun oldin
A waste of MONEY? He isnt charging tho.
Jorge Lopez
Jorge Lopez Kun oldin
Love your vids :)
SliceJosiah Kun oldin
I hope he puts his location in the North Island here in Tauranga because then it’ll be arriving in a day for me.
FoxinaZgamer Kun oldin
I never get tired of your intro's
Screamin A Smith
Screamin A Smith Kun oldin
Bertuccis make the stuff
Anlix Amn
Anlix Amn Kun oldin
Darryl Levy
Darryl Levy 2 kun oldin
This is a lie
j Walster
j Walster 2 kun oldin
Probably never gunna be seen but, Mrmeast is basically going to become disney. Exept it's not and Evel mega Corp it's just a really smart guy.
j Walster
j Walster Kun oldin
@BoredQuill9090 someone told me that they have thousands of loyers, so they basically win everything. And they sue the living carp, out of everything that gets even remotely close to there content.
BoredQuill9090 Kun oldin
How is Disney evil?
Classy Fox
Classy Fox 2 kun oldin
Dont click bait me mr beast is the fricken best!
Altronic Zap
Altronic Zap 2 kun oldin
Bruh, 11 minutes and 11 seconds
Jorge coste
Jorge coste 2 kun oldin
Ur a liar whoever made this vid
BoredQuill9090 Kun oldin
@Jorge coste your dumber than I though lmao.
Jorge coste
Jorge coste Kun oldin
@BoredQuill9090 I didn’t even watch the vid I just read the vid
Jorge coste
Jorge coste Kun oldin
@BoredQuill9090 ???
BoredQuill9090 Kun oldin
Waaaa waaaa baby raging because your little brain can’t comprehend the truth
The Macaron
The Macaron 2 kun oldin
i need matpat to say buca de beppo more times
Not Dank flame
Not Dank flame 2 kun oldin
How much money did your guys burgers come with mine came with $120
Buttplug 2 kun oldin
How did you get 3.2mil views in a week
Alkonadessa 2 kun oldin
Y'all Americans really have a food chain called "Buca de beppo"?? 😭
Mybaby J
Mybaby J 2 kun oldin
I would totally eat at a food Theory themed restaurant (or order from)
ExcitingBirdy 2 kun oldin
Grubhub perks
Mr not fake Beast lol
Mr not fake Beast lol 2 kun oldin
yes I will order
Definitely Decided name
Definitely Decided name 2 kun oldin
*my teacher linked this video in an assignment about food reviews*
Lightning Nipple
Lightning Nipple 2 kun oldin
It real
JFIVE 2 kun oldin
Thats pertty Ingenious🧐 🤔(InMySinisterVoice)😂
Jack Douglas
Jack Douglas 2 kun oldin
The one thing you don’t mention as a downside to this is that many times the food is inconsistent and that many times in mine and my roommates experiences with these type of ghost kitchens is that the food is just too inconsistent to be a returning customer. Awesome in theory, not so good in practice most times.
Ipad6 Knaflic
Ipad6 Knaflic 2 kun oldin
Mr. Beast pls start delivering in Europe 😅
Patrick Zysk
Patrick Zysk 2 kun oldin
What Mr. Beast ought to do now is start up a delivery system. All you'd have to do different to entice drivers to your app off of others is actually hire people rather than make them "independent contractors." Sure it might cost you a bit more, but if you really plan on dying broke, you might as well take care of your employees.
Mario Mario
Mario Mario 2 kun oldin
Great I happen to live in one of the states Illinois without a mrbeast burger location darn
ParadoxTimeChamber 2 kun oldin
We all gotta admit, Jimmy is quite smart with his Business
Mrs. Ellis J3A
Mrs. Ellis J3A 2 kun oldin
It’s not a waste of money because the food is free
NG WEI ZONG 2 kun oldin
NG WEI ZONG 2 kun oldin
You aren't correct
PhenixIFA 2 kun oldin
Me beast burger chicken comes from the chicken mr.bro slapped 100,000 times
Jeffrickson The Potato
Jeffrickson The Potato 2 kun oldin
What’s Boopity Bappo? I assume it’s something American.
Jeffrickson The Potato
Jeffrickson The Potato 2 kun oldin
Do American people think anyone else knows what a Taco Bell or Target is?
2 kun oldin
how is everyone!?
Rory BURKE 2 kun oldin
hey matpat, I've got a challenge for you. could you make a real life bottle of.... frobscottle it has to hit two criteria: it has to have bubbles that go down it has to be edible
noobus world_YT
noobus world_YT 2 kun oldin
4:50 ah yes, grubhub
Purple Phoenix
Purple Phoenix 2 kun oldin
Oh, oh uh uh ok uhmm... So its not real........ W h a t
Kevin S
Kevin S 2 kun oldin
Take notes Pinkman; this is how you do it
Mr Swollentip
Mr Swollentip 2 kun oldin
Okay after all the burgers I’ve tried I’m not going to try mrbeast burger because it’s only going to taste the same as every other burger, I’d rather have a delicious homemade meal😉
Leon Playz
Leon Playz 2 kun oldin
Ur hater i unsub u
ShronkosYT Coolmark and Shane
ShronkosYT Coolmark and Shane 2 kun oldin
That last guy was not a mr.beast fan
Bowling Blaze
Bowling Blaze 2 kun oldin
U should have been broke by now
Suvasis Giri
Suvasis Giri 2 kun oldin
Tenerz 2 kun oldin
Rheana Serafina Yonathan
Rheana Serafina Yonathan 2 kun oldin
Jimmy, i dont live in america lol 😝 I want a chandler burger, we love you chandler!
Proyecto Pezbetta
Proyecto Pezbetta 2 kun oldin
Why being a hater
Cone 2 kun oldin
Ghost restaurants are gonna be the new dropshipping
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