Food Theory: How Long Could You SURVIVE Locked In A Grocery Store?

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I've seen the videos Creators posted about trying to live for 24 hours in a grocery store or places like Target. That got me thinking. How long COULD you survive in a grocery store? Whether you were locked in or it was your home base in a zombie apocalypse, how long would you be able to SURVIVE with that as your only source of sustenance? Today, I'm going to settle in and find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Josh Langman, Koen Verhagen, and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
#GroceryStore #Survive #LockedIn #FoodTheory #Food #Recipe #Matpat #GameTheory #FilmTheory

fartzani tarzani
fartzani tarzani 6 daqiqa oldin
how long can you survive in mcdonalds???????????????
flandrble 22 daqiqa oldin
Ashens would be proud.
Max Michaels
Max Michaels 28 daqiqa oldin
How long until Milk goes from expired to poisonous, if that can happen?
Jack Mcfakie
Jack Mcfakie Soat oldin
irmb5teS Soat oldin
What about water?
Thanasis Lilis
Thanasis Lilis Soat oldin
But what if the power came back?
Dudes In Action
Dudes In Action Soat oldin
How bout locked in a costco?
The Grim Commentator
The Grim Commentator Soat oldin
Food idea: how long can you survive without eating carbs and sugar
Leem Soat oldin
8:24 was not expecting matt patt to use a modern meme in a video
Nekore Vie Death
Nekore Vie Death 2 soat oldin
Is it possible for another theory like this but instead we are trapped on a fast food establishment?? 🤔
Grace Duffy
Grace Duffy 2 soat oldin
Are you not James fom the odd ones out??
Měiwèi húntún
Měiwèi húntún 2 soat oldin
If everything was restocked and stuff and the situation was just like it is today, you could really technically live there the rest of your life ... !
Ahmed Mostafa
Ahmed Mostafa 3 soat oldin
Food theory: how long can you survive in locked Bunker
stekaman 3 soat oldin
very useful vid ever in this channel
Colt Holloway
Colt Holloway 4 soat oldin
If the world is post-apocalyptic, how can you unsure the rain water is safe to drink if it even does rain anymore? I was just curious.
Billioski Lemme smash
Billioski Lemme smash 5 soat oldin
theorista lowkey looks like marzia
Smiley Face
Smiley Face 5 soat oldin
You forget all the rats you coud eat too lol all grocery stores have them bone appetite
Nicholas Dionne
Nicholas Dionne 6 soat oldin
Bugs🤔 cuz roaches survive nuclear apocalypse
David 6 soat oldin
between all these pounds and feet, I am surprised calories are used in here :D
Daniel McHugh
Daniel McHugh 7 soat oldin
The biggest issue would be rats and other animals coming into this store
Golden Mini Gun
Golden Mini Gun 7 soat oldin
Remember that sleep
nervsouly 7 soat oldin
There is a critical problem with the whole window tactic: You can`t just leave it open with all the zombies roaming the streets.
Abram Carroll
Abram Carroll 7 soat oldin
Carcinogens are formed when oil goes rancid. Although there isn't much more danger in eating it then say food cooked at very high temps(grilled), after decades of eating nothing but, he will be consuming lots of carcinogens and will probably develop cancer.
Bryana Perry
Bryana Perry 8 soat oldin
Maybe the real Theorista was the friends we made along the way.
Liam Siviter
Liam Siviter 8 soat oldin
First thing I would do is clear the freezer section of ice and anything else not useful. I would then open cardboard boxes on frozen multipacks to save space and get as much fresh food in there as I could.
Robert Watson
Robert Watson 8 soat oldin
Life time supply of sprouting potatos growing by them selves from compost of rotten veg
PixelGaming 2020
PixelGaming 2020 9 soat oldin
Stores have tons of ice. You can probably just place some meat in there, which will give you some more protein for a while. This will probably last a few days before the ice melts. Also, when the ice starts to melt, you can just use it as extra water.
Lakker94 9 soat oldin
Food theory idea: for scientific reasons i swear, how long can a cannibal last, or a better question can a human survive off of only Human for meat? If so, how long?
Evan Daniel
Evan Daniel 9 soat oldin
That’s a good name
Imani Windom
Imani Windom 9 soat oldin
Could you use the compost pile to grow new foods like produce?
Ferdabank 10 soat oldin
I wanna know where evan got all that information
Francis Thrones
Francis Thrones 10 soat oldin
Food theory idea: if a zombie apocalypse were to happen what food would be the best to live on.
dua ahmad
dua ahmad 11 soat oldin
I have so much respect for how much work this takes.
Nick Schaeffer
Nick Schaeffer 11 soat oldin
10 yrs easy
anefu 11 soat oldin
ForkUp 11 soat oldin
Are we going to account for the weather of the outside world? If he doesn’t have AC or a heater working, wouldn’t Evan be in trouble when it’s really cold or really hot?
InfraRed Tiger
InfraRed Tiger 11 soat oldin
If the window is open so he can cook the meat, why doesn’t he leave through the window
Hudson Hill
Hudson Hill 11 soat oldin
I’ve asked myself this question at night for years.... “video comes out “.... nice
Joshua Greenaway
Joshua Greenaway 12 soat oldin
Youd only be in there till they open in the morning LOL yall thinking too little
The Opera Triple Axel
The Opera Triple Axel 12 soat oldin
Goot to know... Actually is useless... Thanks.
Roy Ybarra
Roy Ybarra 12 soat oldin
Id die within months because asthma
wpgspecb 12 soat oldin
Is that hoovies garage in the thumb?
Cantere Gonda
Cantere Gonda 12 soat oldin
Why doesn't Evan put the meat into the ice machine or where they store the bags of ice?
AMV tunes
AMV tunes 13 soat oldin
What if the electricity never went out Because the whole store runs on solar energy how much does survive then
ashton cunningham
ashton cunningham 13 soat oldin
Use salt to cure the meat and if you .. could technically can too if you had way to get heat
Some Asian Dude
Some Asian Dude 13 soat oldin
if you had a Walmart and Home Depot combo in a suburban area you could practically start a colony
savannah M
savannah M 13 soat oldin
"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life." -John 3:16(bible) "the wages of sin is death"-Bible. Therefore God the judge has given man the death sentence due to man's sin, but because of God's mercy, he gave himself(god incarnate/jesus)to die on a cross for the sins of the world. That means he paid our fine and if we trust in him God can legally let us go guilt free in court/judgment day and have everlasting life with Him!
The Early Kick With Austin
The Early Kick With Austin 13 soat oldin
The real questions are what isle would you spend the most time on and how much weight would you gain?
Jay’s Fortune
Jay’s Fortune 13 soat oldin
“Why you late”
TheSiren Dragon
TheSiren Dragon 13 soat oldin
Just imagine if you are illergic mushrooms 🥲
Jessica 13 soat oldin
You’re talking a small average food store. Ahem. Enter: Walmart garden center. 🤣
Marty McFly
Marty McFly 14 soat oldin
I've watched someone eat 70+ year old peanut butter from WWI and WWII MREs and they weren't rancid. Peanutbutter has a longer shelf life than you think.
Nelson Aquino
Nelson Aquino 14 soat oldin
How about the one on the back storage or something. I think you forgot to include those.
David Trogdon
David Trogdon 14 soat oldin
Quick question, is this only including food on the shelves or food in the back room too?
VIOLET VOIDS 14 soat oldin
The real answer is, you don’t survive, you find something that can break glass
Just Me
Just Me 15 soat oldin
Yo, farming’s kinda op I think the need to nerf that
Robert Jank
Robert Jank 15 soat oldin
If Evan is able to make a fire, then he would be able to can the meat and vegetables in the beginning. He would just need a Dutch Oven and some glass jars. I’m pretty sure he can find all of those in a grocery store.
Tom Beedall
Tom Beedall 15 soat oldin
I'm not familiar with this channel. I thought he was gonna actually get locked in a store. I'm disappointed
Andrew 15 soat oldin
thank you.
JC G 15 soat oldin
Did Evan shower?
Thickok 45
Thickok 45 15 soat oldin
The salt and vinegar could be used to preserve quit a bit of the perishables EDIT: posted before I watched the vid lol.
Kyle Rudman
Kyle Rudman 15 soat oldin
did you count the food in the back of the house as well as the stuff on the shelves? I think it would be very easy to last a lifetime in a grocery store.
Kallie Metro
Kallie Metro 16 soat oldin
Couldn’t you use the grills sold in grocery stores and the coals 😂
Kallie Metro
Kallie Metro 16 soat oldin
Theory: how did the voice in your head develop?
Kake Rake
Kake Rake 16 soat oldin
if power is out immediately stockpile salted meats and salt as much useful meat products as possible... or smoke them edit: ok i wrote this b4 i watched the episode
Kake Rake
Kake Rake 16 soat oldin
if the apocalypse happens the first place i plan on raiding is a supermarket
Walker Ginzel
Walker Ginzel 16 soat oldin about 2 people?
randal fowler
randal fowler 16 soat oldin
Theorista shows up complains that there is nothing to eat
CoffeyhouseART 16 soat oldin
salted meats can last alot longer if you are willing to eat them they can last longer then 2 months ive eat 2 year old meat before
Santiago Garza
Santiago Garza 16 soat oldin
With all the Ice bags put together I think you could have a makeshift fridge for a week give or take, so another week more for meat 😩
MrCalyus 16 soat oldin
My guy Even is "locked" inside of a grocery store, yet has an open window for smoking meats and dehydrating fruits and vegetables. Something tells me he don't deserve Theorista.
Mohsin Ali
Mohsin Ali 17 soat oldin
Evan must have used toilet during all of these years and u said there is no runny water so how can he manages to dispose that much poop.
Liam Roberts
Liam Roberts 17 soat oldin
I recon I could survive for years in a Hotel Chocolate store.
Tim Stotelmeyer
Tim Stotelmeyer 17 soat oldin
Collect the seeds from fruit and vegetables in the produce section. Save the tops from carrots and root them. Plant the dry beans and lentils. For extra dirt go downwards by pulling up the flooring and breaking through the concrete.
Gregory Keaton
Gregory Keaton 17 soat oldin
06:16 “meatspin” lol
pixel productions 64
pixel productions 64 17 soat oldin
How long can you survive on one food?
AriaDaioh 17 soat oldin
now I feel like being a mushroom farmer isn't so bad
Henry Lock
Henry Lock 17 soat oldin
after watching this video. surely with the amount of food he has composted, he would of had a viable soil to grow his own food. thus he should be able to last longer. with the rain water he harvests. the shop it self may have a seed aisle or if he had collected the seeds/pips/tubers from the various fruits/veg he could of then planted.
Shawn Rhodes
Shawn Rhodes 18 soat oldin
Try plants vs zombies
Alt1tude 18 soat oldin
This video is 1 percent theory and 99 percent food puns
Bradeast 18 soat oldin
When u have some old pies and he says u can eat it Let's go 🚽 🏃‍♂️
Raphaël Atherill
Raphaël Atherill 18 soat oldin
Good luck with that paper fire
Rebecca Wood
Rebecca Wood 18 soat oldin
me scrolling down to see if vg responded to soy sauce then finds beast
Davinia Robbins
Davinia Robbins 18 soat oldin
An easy way to tell if eggs are safe to eat is to drop an egg in a pan of water. If it sinks it is safe to eat, if it partial floats but is still touching the bottom it is probably okay but if it floats it is bad.
Aerodynamic 18 soat oldin
That's if the building will even last 63 years, many building's roofs looks like crap after about 15 years.
XERIC OAR 18 soat oldin
what if the store is out of stock xD
Davinia Robbins
Davinia Robbins 18 soat oldin
And this doesn't even take into account vermin competing for food. There would be rats and mice not to mention that the place would start to stink after a while. Think disease would finish you off long before the food ran out.
Horary Pigeon484
Horary Pigeon484 18 soat oldin
I hate to break it to you matpat but you forgot ONE THING heheh You forgot the expire dates when were they put in the shelf there’s no way someone just restock the shelfs and when the. Pandemic started
Lucas Dutra
Lucas Dutra 18 soat oldin
This video makes me realize we spent too much food in an animal we don't eat
Hi There
Hi There 18 soat oldin
interesting video... I survived Hurricane Andrews and even Katerina. Food was not the problem, the drifters and the other hungry souls were the most problematic.
O K 18 soat oldin
What if Evan's allergic to mushrooms?
Professor Hobo
Professor Hobo 19 soat oldin
Just gotta say. That is a dope intro you have.
Fallen Guardian
Fallen Guardian 19 soat oldin
What if he rationed
Shyam Patel
Shyam Patel 19 soat oldin
If there's an open window ... why can't Evan just climb out the window?
Dim K
Dim K 19 soat oldin
I worked in a supermarket for years and this exact question was coming in my head like many times.
Juli 20 soat oldin
What if Evan is a vegetarian?
Zachary A
Zachary A 20 soat oldin
What if you take the seeds out of some fruit at the beginning. Gives you oxygen and more fruit. And use the compost as dirt. EDIT: Welp i typed this at about when evan died. So yeah EDIT: What if he goes outside and gets some dirt?
NXØ 20 soat oldin
So close to 69
Garfield's Lasagna
Garfield's Lasagna 20 soat oldin
You forgot about the items in the employee only section
Kozu- -Lucifer
Kozu- -Lucifer 20 soat oldin
Finally a question I always had as kid finally answered
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