Flannan Isles Lighthouse Q+A

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Season premiere ghouligans! Ryan and Shane answer your burning questions.
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adar rocha
adar rocha 11 soat oldin
Don’t talk bad about Dr Pepper 😠
michelle c
michelle c Kun oldin
#squirter it is the best soda!!!
SyDnEyY Swed
SyDnEyY Swed 2 kun oldin
Followed kookslam after this, left a message that the boys sent me there ❤️
IftheApocolypseComesBeepMe 2 kun oldin
Hahah tell it to the authorities in my country, they cannot even fix skype calls from regions regarding covid news.. People sorta sit there and wait. LOL. YOU ARE KICKASS IMO. No weirdness. :) You should teach people how to use zoom.
Airone88 3 kun oldin
I am such a squirthead :D XD
Funny Bunny
Funny Bunny 3 kun oldin
I don’t like any soft drinks
HeyRam 4 kun oldin
IBC best root beer on period
Chris Towell
Chris Towell 4 kun oldin
I just say what everyone’s thinking..... 👽
Chris Towell
Chris Towell 4 kun oldin
DB Copper.
Chris Towell
Chris Towell 4 kun oldin
You guys are like Mr Homles and Dr Wattson.
heytheredemons !
heytheredemons ! 6 kun oldin
AWW they were drunk on being in each other’s company :’(
heytheredemons !
heytheredemons ! 6 kun oldin
“Oof. Rough existence.”
heytheredemons !
heytheredemons ! 6 kun oldin
3:58 why does Shane make that noise I’m crying
Black Samurai
Black Samurai 7 kun oldin
My question is when will we get a new season for unsolved supernatural, suggestion go back to the lighthouse and ask questions to Eliza
HeyMonkeyMan 7 kun oldin
You said that weird stuff was happening with sheep and possibly a spirit but none of the theories involved a spirit or demon or anything? Sus
Michael Burns
Michael Burns 7 kun oldin
Barq's > IBC > A&W > everything else > Mug 7UP is better than Sprite Pepsi > Coke
Aydan Turner
Aydan Turner 8 kun oldin
I’m a squirter
C.M.H. 5
C.M.H. 5 9 kun oldin
I'm Team SquirtHead. That soda is awesome 😁
Bb Blackmore
Bb Blackmore 9 kun oldin
Serious question. If aliens are real do they have ghosts?
Kiwi Frankencop
Kiwi Frankencop 9 kun oldin
Allusive Panda
Allusive Panda 10 kun oldin
It feels weird not having Lauren on edits 😅
Blanca Luna-Ramírez
Blanca Luna-Ramírez 10 kun oldin
7UP is way better than Sprite!
K C 10 kun oldin
Dr. Pepper!!✅✅✅
Leo Basketcase
Leo Basketcase 10 kun oldin
I hadn’t thought of the Moore guy being involved, but what if the three other men did run off together and Moore just helped hide the evidence for them?
Ari Babey
Ari Babey 10 kun oldin
Squirt is great
Esmeralda Torres
Esmeralda Torres 11 kun oldin
I love squirt!
RockSolitude 11 kun oldin
Ryan looks *_rough_* He looks like a greasy washed up doctor or scientist from a disaster movie
bokwit bruno
bokwit bruno 12 kun oldin
My theory is that they WERE swept away by the ocean but they didn't drown they were just stranded in the ocean and eventually eating by sharks or other sea predators
bokwit bruno
bokwit bruno 12 kun oldin
Shane is so silly 🤣
Yoanna Nikolova
Yoanna Nikolova 13 kun oldin
Shane is right....Squirt is the best soft drink.
Esperanza Mendoza
Esperanza Mendoza 13 kun oldin
Esperanza Mendoza
Esperanza Mendoza 13 kun oldin
Ivan Cabrales
Ivan Cabrales 13 kun oldin
Camryn Murawski
Camryn Murawski 13 kun oldin
10:27 "DR. PEPPER?!" Shane says as I'm looking at the Dr. Pepper in front of me 😁
Lauren Anderson
Lauren Anderson 13 kun oldin
I am laughing because Squirt is made by Keurig Dr Pepper, the same people who make Dr. Pepper. 😂
SuperGreensand 14 kun oldin
Personally I prefer fresca as opposed to squirt
Stephanie B.
Stephanie B. 14 kun oldin
anyone been here since Kim kardashane
Anthony Genovese
Anthony Genovese 14 kun oldin
Boogie board beef heads
Anthony Genovese
Anthony Genovese 14 kun oldin
these guys go together like peanut butter and jelly.. Love Ryan and Shane!!!!!
Ashley Downey
Ashley Downey 15 kun oldin
I like Ryan's D.B Cooper's t shirt. Great unsolved mystery. I like Ale 8 soda.
Jenn Wanderer
Jenn Wanderer 16 kun oldin
In the before times I travelled to Mexico a lot, and I always had to run to Oxxo and get Squirt and Lays Queso chips because neither of them exist where I live.
clownboy italy
clownboy italy 16 kun oldin
im just overjoyed someone else appreciates squirt as much as i do. tastey grapefruit soda
Zrs Zrs
Zrs Zrs 17 kun oldin
Put some RESPEK on Squirt's name, that stuff is zesty af
Grimm Vamp
Grimm Vamp 17 kun oldin
I agree with Shane Squirt is better than Ryan's soda choices Also Squirt is the best to mix with tequila ;)
aWywardWyvern 17 kun oldin
Fav soft drink *me, a proper Michigander*: faygo cola
GeekyGirl221B 17 kun oldin
Shane looking to his left as is he is looking at Ryan is freaking me out.
joseph gatchalian
joseph gatchalian 17 kun oldin
You’re back with buzzfeed? What happ with watcher?
Chick Flicks
Chick Flicks 18 kun oldin
squirt and especially ruby red squirt is me and my brothers fav, and we find dr pepper gross but an ex mixes it with pepsi and root beer and it makes the dr less bad but by itself it's gross
Chloe Hedrick
Chloe Hedrick 18 kun oldin
Yo my favorite soft drink is cream soda I know I’m outside the norm on that >~
Bubblez 19 kun oldin
These guys need a podcast
Muse 19 kun oldin
Ryan you made your bed...congrats lol I always check sorry, not sorry
LIVEVOLOVE 19 kun oldin
It was a Murder.
Zenylicious 20 kun oldin
Shane: "all my squirters out there..." Me living in a country without squirt :😳😳😳
Megan Frost
Megan Frost 21 kun oldin
I LOVE SQUIRT!!! Must be a Midwest thing! #midwestthings #shaniac
Aanya Bhargava
Aanya Bhargava 21 kun oldin
dr.pepper is disgusting but i still like drinking it, even tho I have to ~borrow~ it because i live in India and imported stuff is expensive
Linnea E
Linnea E 21 kun oldin
dr pepper sucks
DeathAngel 21 kun oldin
HotDoga for life!
DeathAngel 21 kun oldin
isn't paradoxical undressing rare in hypothermia cases?
DeathAngel 21 kun oldin
i understand :'( but i still miss supernatural, maybe next year.
pooja shekhar
pooja shekhar 21 kun oldin
What if they just went for a night swim and were swept by the waves?
Hamed Arnaout
Hamed Arnaout 21 kun oldin
After the beirut explosion a lot of clocks (A LOT) have stopped exactly at the moment of explosion due to the shockwave. Maybe if there was larger than life thunder with huge storms the clocks might stop
srena.mitchy 21 kun oldin
What happened to @freerangegrass
ESAD XULF 22 kun oldin
Rip his tongue out and find a ( magical person) to re-animate it so he can still taste everything. Then he would constantly taste your hand and whatever else you rubbed his tongue on. Never dis the Dr. Pepper. 🤣 You're both awesome and hella make me laugh. 😈
bigsmooth5 22 kun oldin
Honestly think they just dipped from the island after not turning the light on for a few days and no response was made by the guy that was supposed to call in. Then maybe they got capsized via a rogue wave while leaving the island? #postmortem
Keegan Hall
Keegan Hall 22 kun oldin
My dentists name is littlary Dr smiley
Scifikimmi 23 kun oldin
When I was younger my dad belonged to a golf club and they had a bowling alley int he basement that rarely got used and we used to go down there and use the ONE vending machine in the whole building (cus everywhere else in the place as like a bar or restaurant-style 'order what u want') and that ONE vending machine only had cans of SQUIRT. So I have this hyper-specific (but positive) childhood nostalgia for Squirt.
Broadway Butterfly
Broadway Butterfly 23 kun oldin
I never heard of Squirt soda before
frances naps
frances naps 23 kun oldin
is shane aging backwards? an ongoing study
Kai 24 kun oldin
please bring back the hotdoga
Slendermanz7 24 kun oldin
7-Up definitely tops Sprite
Lily Watson
Lily Watson 24 kun oldin
dont know about larger clocks but wristwatches have to be wound everyday
Munplop 24 kun oldin
Shane's reaction to Dr. Pepper is also mine.
Ian Richani
Ian Richani 24 kun oldin
Now that I think of it, if the light stopped shining two weeks before the investigation, what if that fourth dude poisoned the food of the men before leaving and then disposed of the bodies when he came back.
AndyBebop300 25 kun oldin
Squirt is my grandpa's favorite soda.
Daniel Wiese
Daniel Wiese 25 kun oldin
Finally! Someone else who has the same love for squirt!
sherine zara
sherine zara 25 kun oldin
squirt heads rise up
Velocity Rider
Velocity Rider 25 kun oldin
I have to agree with Ryan and say Dr Pepper is better than Squirt
TheLeanMan 25 kun oldin
There needs to be more actual questions in post Mortem and less off topic ones just taking up the time
A Round Orifice in Nothingness
A Round Orifice in Nothingness 25 kun oldin
7up IS better than Sprite. Pepsi is better than Coke. Fresca is best though (Squirt equivalent?)
Lauren McMillan
Lauren McMillan 25 kun oldin
why did no one talk about ryan’s pronunciation of buoy?
Pandefly 25 kun oldin
The clocks probably all had to be wound at least semi-regularly in order to keep going as it was what, 1890s?, when this happened. I have a pocket watch that was my great-grand father's and it has to be wound about once a day to keep going. I'm not a clock expert but I would assume a larger clock could go for longer without being wound so I guess it would be an indicator of the minimum amount of time the men had to be missing but otherwise it wouldn't be very helpful as evidence of anything
Sarah H
Sarah H 26 kun oldin
Bro I totally forgot about squirt I love that soda
3JAD21 26 kun oldin
Sprite in Australia is actually better for you than the one in America because they removed 40% of the sugar in it and replaced it with two artificial sweeteners. Not only is it better for you, it tastes way better than the original. Drink it all the time now.
3JAD21 26 kun oldin
I love how Ryan casually has a Lakers jersey behind him on the chair. Quietly celebrating the Lakers finals win, I see
Chloe Duggan
Chloe Duggan 26 kun oldin
Squirt soda is the best soda
Hannah Elizabeth
Hannah Elizabeth 26 kun oldin
Do Bob Crane’s or Betsy Ruth Aardsma murders
Roze Broze
Roze Broze 26 kun oldin
Just noticed every episode Shane looks over and looks like he saw a ghost
Bruna Salgado
Bruna Salgado 26 kun oldin
I was sure someone would mention it, but this seems like the story on which The Lighthouse movie was based. Such a good movie.
katie f
katie f 26 kun oldin
Dr pepper and root beer are elite SHANE WHOS FAVORITE SOFT DRINK IS SQUIRT
Sandra Valk
Sandra Valk 26 kun oldin
Not be taking a 20 min pause from this video to watch Kookslams instagram
carys uwu
carys uwu 26 kun oldin
honestly i think the stopped clocks has something to do with the last man alive as it were. if one of the theories is correct and someone fell into the sea while trying to grab the rope or whatever was missing, and another one fell in trying to save that person, the one person left could have stopped the clocks to show their time of death. and, if its also true that two of the men could have been in love, the last one could have thrown himself in not wanting to live after his love was gone. its a little dramatic but also possible
Adam 27 kun oldin
Squirt is great! Shane, have you had the Ruby Red Squirt?
Chris Greenaway
Chris Greenaway 27 kun oldin
Why don’t you do Canada more popular unsolved death of Dino Bravo
Bobbie A
Bobbie A 27 kun oldin
Ryan's hair is looking GREAT! #BoogaraBabe #shaniac
Serena Allen-szatkowski
Serena Allen-szatkowski 27 kun oldin
REALLY OFTEN. Shane asked how much you have to tend to an old wind-up clock. My dad has one from his parents and every month he has to rewind it and always gets cut by it. There is blood on the handles of it from repeatedly cutting himself on it.
E T H E R E A L A N G E L 27 kun oldin
Isabel A
Isabel A 27 kun oldin
i still think it was a suicide pact OR they were eaten by sheeps
Mishelle P.
Mishelle P. 27 kun oldin
Can I just say all sodas taste bad and water and juice are superior
Jule Caesara
Jule Caesara 27 kun oldin
I have no idea what their argument about the soft drinks were about since I don't know half of the names they fired at each other but I did appreciate the chemistry between them.
Amita June Prodromou
Amita June Prodromou 27 kun oldin
Ok but what if the Moore guy went over to the island alone - told the guys he needed help on the ship and while they were going back he just ✨pushed them over✨ so the murders didn’t actually take place on the island
Sasquatch Challenge
Sasquatch Challenge 27 kun oldin
Normally, most clocks are on an eight day wind and if you have more than one, you have a "wind day" so if anything, if the clocks were all stopped, that just means they disappeared before the wind day
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