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Ivee Styx
Ivee Styx 6 soat oldin
Are we not going to talk about the dirty camera 😑
KING bob
KING bob 8 soat oldin
Did this guy even break his ankle
Hunter Griffiths
Hunter Griffiths 13 soat oldin
Pls clean the camera
CJ TV 18 soat oldin
Instead of getting them a chain they need a basketball gun😭
CORE_DUCKY Kun oldin
That chain is ICY ❄️ 🥶
Ronnie Blackshire
Ronnie Blackshire Kun oldin
Did it hurt anyone else because they were swinging the hammer wrong
Goat Squad
Goat Squad Kun oldin
Why are people disliking
Hamilton Arraou
Hamilton Arraou Kun oldin
Nobody: 2hype: we gonna use gloves from now on Kris: puts sock over hand
Levi Hasemeyer
Levi Hasemeyer 2 kun oldin
you can tell they have not done work with a sledge hammer before
Mpc Viper
Mpc Viper 2 kun oldin
Who ever the editor is I love him
Vinny Wested
Vinny Wested 2 kun oldin
Where did you get the chain
Noah The Alien
Noah The Alien 2 kun oldin
code was lucky :/
Simone Pitts
Simone Pitts 3 kun oldin
Bro what icey
Drew Brown
Drew Brown 3 kun oldin
That ice is lit🤯
Christian Concepcion Ledau
Christian Concepcion Ledau 3 kun oldin
Warning: if u don’t want a spoiler dont click “more information” on the bottom. Spoiler 👇🏼 👇🏼 Zack won
jacoob harry
jacoob harry 4 kun oldin
Everyone like it come on
Cristina Mercado
Cristina Mercado 4 kun oldin
Kris looks like a noodle but he hit strong
Luke Sisak
Luke Sisak 4 kun oldin
This is the last known sighting
Juan A.
Juan A. 4 kun oldin
Dirty ah lense
Webzero 99
Webzero 99 4 kun oldin
Jesse sais its not even windy but you can see mopis hair blowing
Fāréd 4 kun oldin
Don’t get it snatched homeboy
Pyro's Gaming
Pyro's Gaming 4 kun oldin
Ayo yall see jesser stumble 8:51
raizninja Er
raizninja Er 4 kun oldin
Reese's mopey
Seattle Washington
Seattle Washington 4 kun oldin
Camera man stucks
Official JC
Official JC 5 kun oldin
If you do give one away I would love to win it
Xavier Wayne
Xavier Wayne 5 kun oldin
JESSERS shot is wet, but when it comes to the swing portion, his technique is non-existent
aur.xavier 5 kun oldin
We only 35k likes away from someone getting some free ice 🧊 😬😬
LeoBug YT
LeoBug YT 5 kun oldin
Who is the other dude
Chase McCall
Chase McCall 5 kun oldin
Like this shi up
Dylan Esquivel
Dylan Esquivel 5 kun oldin
What shoes does Jesse have on?
Parker Bjerke
Parker Bjerke 6 kun oldin
@zackTTG + big hammer = demoralization
jahman preston
jahman preston 6 kun oldin
i did everything please can i get the chain please
Fight Club
Fight Club 6 kun oldin
I want that chain whewwwww 🔥🔥 and to represent 2 hype too?🔥🔥
Donn Bradley
Donn Bradley 6 kun oldin
Don't wonder where that breeze is coming from. Sucking creates that effect
Donn Bradley
Donn Bradley 6 kun oldin
Can the hammer break all those bricks you guys are throwing up?
Matthew Stewart
Matthew Stewart 6 kun oldin
Bro that’s so fire 😭😭😭😭😭
DG Shark
DG Shark 6 kun oldin
Is it just me or the messenger after Zack won the first time changed since when they first posted this video
ajjjtoday deleon
ajjjtoday deleon 6 kun oldin
Can we all just remember that Jesse almost walked into the Pole at 8:52
Brewzy J
Brewzy J 7 kun oldin
What’s wrong w the one in the Paris jersey
Jordan Thomas
Jordan Thomas 7 kun oldin
i want ine
Vybsss 7 kun oldin
i watched this when it came out but jesser looks the best with it. no homo
Charles Gardner
Charles Gardner 7 kun oldin
Zach should of made the granny cus he is already 1.098e3939,291ksm3929 years old
JoeMaMaKudi 7 kun oldin
21:33 P A U S E
alex Morrow
alex Morrow 8 kun oldin
35 minutes rlly
Skyxzeditz 8 kun oldin
Hey ima a new UZpostr can u show me some love and sub ?
Daniel Cuellar
Daniel Cuellar 8 kun oldin
yoo whats that sound yall use at 20:24 🥺 help a homie outt
stelios 13
stelios 13 8 kun oldin
We want part 2
vHopelxss 8 kun oldin
Everybody Like To also get a chain like that 🔥🔥🔥😻
Dat One King
Dat One King 8 kun oldin
Wish they knew how to swing the hammer
Aztivity 8 kun oldin
Clean ur lenses goddamn
Vision-_- Greenz
Vision-_- Greenz 8 kun oldin
Y’all should make one as merch that would be lit 🔥
Clay Andrews
Clay Andrews 8 kun oldin
thank you for your vids i love them and when i was down about not making my basketball team you guys helped me realize that it’s ok
we know his voice
we know his voice 9 kun oldin
Trust in Jesus he died for your sins, believe the gospel. Repent!!! If you do sin confess your sins, ask him to help you overcome your sins he will. Obey Jesus, live by his teachings, be led by the Holy Spirit. The Lord is coming soon you must live by his teachings. The love of God is beyond our understanding....,,,,..
tyler smith
tyler smith 9 kun oldin
Damn guys I need some ice like that 🤣🤣 well deserved zack
Jason Owens
Jason Owens 9 kun oldin
The guy with the crutches was pissing me off he was like oh hit your shots dude no one is making anything bruh that guy was fcking annoying
this is the most unentertaining video i have ever seen
Douglas Mcclain
Douglas Mcclain 9 kun oldin
I rlly wish I could meet everyone in 2hype😭
Stxtic- Flickz
Stxtic- Flickz 9 kun oldin
Killa Snooks
Killa Snooks 9 kun oldin
Host looking like daredevil
Tilxon 9 kun oldin
bruh clean the damn camera dude i be wipin my screen like theres dirt on it
LUKE MORGAN 9 kun oldin
We all know that Zack is so old he uses a hammer to carve the stone cause he a caveman!!
bishop 9 kun oldin
King Ali
King Ali 10 kun oldin
Quincy Bruce
Quincy Bruce 10 kun oldin
Jessie’s jersey looking 🔥🔥🔥
Its_ Leandro
Its_ Leandro 10 kun oldin
Pls clean the camera
Trump 2020
Trump 2020 10 kun oldin
Bruh I’m waiting for that 200,000 likes I watched this video like 10 times already 😎
Grey wolves WR 7
Grey wolves WR 7 10 kun oldin
Press #0000 and reset code, don’t forget the hashtag
Macks Danielle
Macks Danielle 10 kun oldin
Zack won 2 times
Xhkzjdxhdnxnxndnxnnd 10 kun oldin
Watch my latest UZpost video
Yuri Andrei Rili
Yuri Andrei Rili 11 kun oldin
Who noticed the dirty camera
Zac O'Connor
Zac O'Connor 11 kun oldin
Bro literally every hit they all said “Goooooodddddd hit”!
Lawson Westbrook
Lawson Westbrook 12 kun oldin
shut up
CodeMyst 12 kun oldin
Clean the camera lmao
sean besley
sean besley 12 kun oldin
am I the only one who thinks somebody need to clean that camera
Undefeated Ethan
Undefeated Ethan 12 kun oldin
Good idea smash a $10k chain with a sledge hammer 👍
Woah_ Champ
Woah_ Champ 12 kun oldin
Song at 6:00?
Brock Davis
Brock Davis 12 kun oldin
Can I buy it for 200k
Matthew Pelletier
Matthew Pelletier 12 kun oldin
Who’s the host? He annoying af
Kristen Bowen
Kristen Bowen 12 kun oldin
let everyone get one and had out
Kristen Bowen
Kristen Bowen 12 kun oldin
are you good zack
Jakob Stone
Jakob Stone 13 kun oldin
I meant axe
Jakob Stone
Jakob Stone 13 kun oldin
Love how Zach swings the hammer like an ex’s when your splitting wood
Gavin Preciado
Gavin Preciado 13 kun oldin
bro moppi is the funniest 4:30 3:29
Kennedy Moore
Kennedy Moore 13 kun oldin
Zack won it anyway lol
Jeff Sinclair
Jeff Sinclair 13 kun oldin
Giving a like for mopi risking it all🤣🤣🤣
Wesley Thevibes
Wesley Thevibes 13 kun oldin
This is def going in sus compilations
Omega Charles
Omega Charles 13 kun oldin
tmr my bday
Mikky Fam
Mikky Fam 13 kun oldin
sorry but it looks the best on jesser 😍
Renick Clark
Renick Clark 13 kun oldin
Wouldn’t be a 2hype video without unnecessary zooms, camera changes and dirty lenses
StepBack 23
StepBack 23 13 kun oldin
Nobody Modi: that would’ve been a floater
Mozarrt 13 kun oldin
didnt like the vid bc cash didnt win...... nah im kidding
VuRii- -
VuRii- - 13 kun oldin
He won the first and wont the last😂
David Jenkins
David Jenkins 13 kun oldin
Not foot on the line....y'all hateing on me...bruh you missed Soo ?
Braxton Miller
Braxton Miller 14 kun oldin
Too bad there’s 3 numbers in the code
Code Red
Code Red 14 kun oldin
Should’ve gave all the homies a chain ... you out here making them compete for your content
Code Red
Code Red 14 kun oldin
This dude acting like he’s there boss when really he’s the slave to all his fans
GELO'S Gaming TV
GELO'S Gaming TV 14 kun oldin
Quick question? How did mopi injured his feet?
Michael Blackman
Michael Blackman 14 kun oldin
That was tough when he said “ayyy this is for everybody, the whole 2HYPE crew”
lit reactions
lit reactions 14 kun oldin
Zack deserved it he did the most damage
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