Fettuccine Alfredo - You Suck at Cooking (episode 121)

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You Suck At Cooking

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Fettuccine Alfredo, as invented by Alfred Di Lelio in 1908, consists of pasta, butter, and parmesan. While it's said he made it for his wife who wasn't eating after giving birth, the truth is more likely that Mr. Alfredo had a cheese and butter addiction. While we may never know the ugly truth, we can continue to enjoy this delicious pasta dish one deadly bite at a time.
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.5 parts pasta to
.25 parts butter to
.25 parts parmesan
Cook the pasta, strengthen your wrists, and then do all the things.
The original recipe called for parmesan aged 24 months, which is a young parmesan. I used one aged 36 months so it would taste slightly wiser. Don't even both trying to make the original noodles. It's WAY above your pay grade.

NoodleHq 7 soat oldin
I have those exact tongs
Twin Tyara
Twin Tyara 10 soat oldin
So you are 35 years old?
Shahoriar_Rafi_Amil_008 14 soat oldin
I am 22 & Single Sad
Memonke 3 kun oldin
Am I the only one who hates Fettucini Alfredo?
C B 3 kun oldin
dats what good pussy sounds like
gdlk 3 kun oldin
I've added secret ingredient and my girl loved it
Fay Anne Aura Arts
Fay Anne Aura Arts 4 kun oldin
So basically it's fancy macaroni and cheese.
ClassyAF 4 kun oldin
10/10 on the delicious sarcasm LOL
James Prayter
James Prayter 4 kun oldin
As a Italian I can say this looks good
JR 4 kun oldin
This dish seems at once like the most delicious thing I'd ever eat but also the last thing I'd ever eat
Yonah2E 6 kun oldin
is your name jordan schlansky?
BS Corvin
BS Corvin 6 kun oldin
3:16 shit if I was definitively going to live to 93 I’d definitely waste some of those days eating pasta or some shit
fantasia yoo
fantasia yoo 6 kun oldin
Ueu Ch.
Ueu Ch. 7 kun oldin
*Italian Mac and Cheese*
Kuka Simmon
Kuka Simmon 7 kun oldin
I don’t need to pretend I’m 22 and single Mr. Cooking
Tyler 8 kun oldin
wow i subscribed
Harriet Gough
Harriet Gough 8 kun oldin
I dont watch his videos for the cooking, I watch them for the humor
SonyTheSunGod 8 kun oldin
0:11 any Italians can you confirm this? I wanna know if it's true or not
Cesar Rangel
Cesar Rangel 8 kun oldin
My guy i just came across ur videos! Ur deff original and funny off tops im subscribe 🏴‍☠️
DiamondJax08 9 kun oldin
ok, so, i tried this today, with the grating and butter and everything, and I'm here to tell you it makes some pretty _banger_ pasta
Common Art
Common Art 9 kun oldin
Wondie Kgosiemang
Wondie Kgosiemang 10 kun oldin
Okay your video is totally fun to watch.. I'm binging 😋
I Break Things
I Break Things 10 kun oldin
So he going to live about 93 years 28 x 1216 = 34048 34048 / 365 = 93.2821918
William Sampson
William Sampson 11 kun oldin
i have the same bed frame
Razorbliz 11 kun oldin
Puncharini your dongoroni
Marcus Enos
Marcus Enos 11 kun oldin
I have a feeling I’m probably going to use most ysac’s recipes in college
Doge Coont
Doge Coont 12 kun oldin
I put smoked trout and cooking wine in mine. You should give it a try.
tarfathewise 12 kun oldin
Can you teach us how to cook Meth next? All these other videos are stupid, no offense. That would be very entertaining.
Bartosz Ziółkowski
Bartosz Ziółkowski 12 kun oldin
Ah yes heart attack on plate
Melissa Packard Lavin
Melissa Packard Lavin 13 kun oldin
"From the top , make it drop , thats a Fettuccine"😀 Love it
dépaysement 14 kun oldin
I bought a house in 2012 and I still couldn't afford that much parm. Sub with dandruff.
Craig Grady
Craig Grady 14 kun oldin
As a person who knows someone who visited Italy, your Italian is on-point.
SwiftBlade4 14 kun oldin
That's just way too much Parmesan. I'd rather use that for pizza.
seavision 14 kun oldin
The fact that he says "Pretened you're 22 and single!" implies that he's living a happy life with his wife, Katie.
cblue 14 kun oldin
Hysterical!....great recipe!
Microwave cucumber
Microwave cucumber 14 kun oldin
Looks good!
ROYAL_ T 14 kun oldin
I have so much respect for you sir but the way you say “Parmesan” is just fucking wrong I’m sorry
Nathan Mendoza
Nathan Mendoza 14 kun oldin
The commentary 😆😆😆
Joe york
Joe york 15 kun oldin
Heart burn heart burn burn burn
Adrian Kitson
Adrian Kitson 15 kun oldin
Five billion nanograms is only 5g. Not 500g. What are Americans so bad at metic?!
Fortune Mogoneg
Fortune Mogoneg 15 kun oldin
2:22 he is not wearing pants
Gravy B
Gravy B 15 kun oldin
My chest hurts wat thing this
simqbi 15 kun oldin
Fettuccine Alfredo is simple 3 ingredient dish made out of clogged arteries , heart attack , and obesity, but srsly it sounds amazing
Khams No
Khams No 15 kun oldin
I gotta say, i encountered this channel years ago, and his excessive swearing was just not funny, which just seemed like a gimmick(if you could even call that really a gimmick), but over the years this has evolved into a very entertaining channel.
gaming Minecraft
gaming Minecraft 15 kun oldin
Butter fetish now a thing
Sue XoXo
Sue XoXo 16 kun oldin
TheSmallzfry 16 kun oldin
This is legit the first time I've gotten alfredo to turn out well, every other time the parmesan just clumps together and doesn't emulsify nicely.
Lawrence Kassab
Lawrence Kassab 16 kun oldin
"Nice Dissolve"
JimmyBoogaloo 16 kun oldin
lol @ the keto gag
Erik Koch
Erik Koch 16 kun oldin
“Fettuccine Alfredo is a simple 3 ingredient pasta that’s made using only 3 ingredients.”
Roo 17 kun oldin
just in case you're wondering, 5 billion nanograms is 5 grams yes, i googled it
Boken 17 kun oldin
i know u cant eat that shit the next day. that butter will just fall off when u heat it up again and then u will have pasta sitting in melted butter
GumGoblin 17 kun oldin
butter fetish?
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 17 kun oldin
Dexpo89 17 kun oldin
Italian here, we don't have thick wrists, we have machines that grate Parmigiano for us!
Tobi Pohan
Tobi Pohan 17 kun oldin
Oh my god this pasta is scarier than i thought, with the amount of fat holy shit
Себастьян Фишер
Себастьян Фишер 17 kun oldin
"pretend you're 22 and single"... well I am so this shouldn't be a problem
The Panda Bookkeeper
The Panda Bookkeeper 18 kun oldin
Even the thought of eating fettuccine alfredo makes me uncomfortable because of a very graphic nightmare I had when I was a child involving it. Great video though 🤙
Juli 18 kun oldin
"it's a simple three ingredient pasta that is made with only three ingredients" Thanks for the clarification, I was wondering if the three ingredient pasta is made with four ingredients...
Dezimio 18 kun oldin
Why does this just looks pasta and durian?
Dicey 18 kun oldin
Bad Hommie er'ry Mumdolf
Bad Hommie er'ry Mumdolf 18 kun oldin
Talk to yass tonight
Derek Jeter
Derek Jeter 18 kun oldin
This guy is insane. Bruh this guy says a lot of crazy things
Nneon Knightt
Nneon Knightt 18 kun oldin
Prevenge IX
Prevenge IX 18 kun oldin
AWESOME....both alfredo and the vommintary.
who took a shit in the toilet
who took a shit in the toilet 18 kun oldin
Peepee poopoo
Marc Harrison
Marc Harrison 18 kun oldin
If you dont have fettuccine you can glue spaghetti together. Laughed my ass off, subscribed and continued laughing throughout. Overall great experience
Aurora Bjørkavåg
Aurora Bjørkavåg 18 kun oldin
‘pretend you’re 22 and single’ KSJSKKSJS
mila 19 kun oldin
jeez i know i suck at cooking. god damn. thanks for rubbing it in my face. one of the many things i just can't do, and will never be able to do. even youtube's algorithms know that i can't do something that should be so easy, and recommends me a channel saying i fucking suck at cooking. I GET IT. at this point gordon fucking ramsay should just come to my house and beat the shit out of me while screaming i can't fucking cook. i can't even *boil water* right.
Keith Welsh
Keith Welsh 19 kun oldin
I should call her
Anirban Chakraborty
Anirban Chakraborty 19 kun oldin
3 heart attack of butter... That should be an international system of measurement of butter.
Qi Zhang
Qi Zhang 19 kun oldin
I subscribed after 90 seconds
Erin T.
Erin T. 19 kun oldin
I love this so much, the puns and jokes the "from the top make it drop" XD I loveeeeeeee ty this brought me happiness
Hope Fletcher
Hope Fletcher 19 kun oldin
You are a funny guy. I just found your channel and will be back for the food and the narrative.
ŸümMy GGG 19 kun oldin
Ysac is theDoo
zey 19 kun oldin
How did you make the noodles by yourself
Mr Davis
Mr Davis 19 kun oldin
Mr. Alfredo didn't show up to my room. I was very disappointed. Maybe I didn't use enough parmesan.
doddles_of thecrafts
doddles_of thecrafts 20 kun oldin
U too funny b
darknight121000 20 kun oldin
That intro was so beautiful, I’m Italian and I approve.
wintrparkgrl 20 kun oldin
he had 56 years 8 months to live when he posted this
Jen 20 kun oldin
Late watching this but always amusing to see the aftermath of comments when people try to be quick to get likes right when a vid is uploaded and copy the first most liked comment which is why I'm seeing a ton of dumb castoff "pretend you're 22" ones, and actually managed to get likes in the most unoriginal way, brava.
luke pettis
luke pettis 20 kun oldin
This is my favorite channel keep up the funny content
Uri Rennert
Uri Rennert 20 kun oldin
Damn I have one of those plates you put the butter on
Taila Blu
Taila Blu 20 kun oldin
From the top, make it drop That's some fettuccine Get a bucket and a mop Clean the fettuccine I'm talkin' mop mop mop Up that fettuccine Stop making a mess on my floor With that fettuccine
Marin Velenik
Marin Velenik 20 kun oldin
From the life calendar I've concluded that ysac expects to die at 90-93 And that he's currently in his 30's
Lorde Gheebus
Lorde Gheebus 20 kun oldin
I did the math, he has about 57 years left if he doesn’t cross off any more days early.
Jumana in the Kitchen جمانة في المطبخ
Jumana in the Kitchen جمانة في المطبخ 21 kun oldin
PimpleJThomas 21 kun oldin
Mmm you’re seriously risking losing all your Italian followers
Eric Glueckert
Eric Glueckert 7 soat oldin
HypnoToad 21 kun oldin
Came for the recipe stayed for the laughs😂
kitten kitsune
kitten kitsune 21 kun oldin
"pretend your 22 and single" ahhhh
nk 21 kun oldin
anybody remember the italian intro from pesto in 2018
Aulia Ali
Aulia Ali 21 kun oldin
I like your voice
Brady Ryder
Brady Ryder 21 kun oldin
Its very unlike him to actually grade the cheese
Er_ Tapro
Er_ Tapro 21 kun oldin
It's also called the pasta you eat when you are ill , and you only use a lil piece of butter and that's it (no cheese) . No one in italy with a normal state of mind would make this pasta unless he's feeling very ill ; i can't even imagine someone ordering it at a restaurant. Btw Mr.Alfredo is still alive and his restaurant in Rome is mostly visited by tourists , since no italians would actually pay for hospital food .
You Suck At Cooking
You Suck At Cooking 19 kun oldin
Haha all good. I probably should have titled it "original Alfredo" or something. The battle of the restaurant where he first made it (and then sold) and the one he started up afterward is a funny part of the history as well.
Er_ Tapro
Er_ Tapro 21 kun oldin
@You Suck At Cooking i think you're rigth tho he dead , but his restaurant isn't , so you know , i just wanted to complain a little on the internet ; i just wanted to point out that in italy no one makes that type of pasta unless they feel ill , and the recipe that we use , like the one that we actually do , it's just pasta and a little bit of butter ; with that i wanted to say that fettucine alfredo are not an italian dish , cause the only one who makes it that way is this guy called alfredo in his restaurant and Americans . I have been inaccurate but my point wasn't the fact of mr alfredo being alive or not . I'm sorry for wasting your time.
You Suck At Cooking
You Suck At Cooking 21 kun oldin
I didn't realize Alfredo di Lelio was still alive. He should be more famous for holding the record for "longest life lived" at 139.
Povilas Berniukevičius
Povilas Berniukevičius 21 kun oldin
This one plate of pasta is probably dense enough to break the table of droped
name surname
name surname 21 kun oldin
cardi b is quaking rn
BlazinThat 21 kun oldin
The salt goes in after the water starts to boil and before you put the noods in.
ENMA 21 kun oldin
Na this is not working without il vento d'oro
PlayToy_ Cardi_
PlayToy_ Cardi_ 21 kun oldin
Did u noticed there's 2 people making this video That means 👫?
ABUBAKR ISMAIL 21 kun oldin
This guy must be trolling us by grating he's cheese manually
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