Elche vs Barcelona | LALIGA HIGHLIGHTS | 1/24/2021 | beIN SPORTS USA

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Frenkie de Jong and Riqui Puig secured three points against Los Franjiverdes as Barca made do without the suspended Lionel Messi.
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yasio bolo
yasio bolo 27 kun oldin
Koeman: shit. Now I have to explain the press why I dont give him minutos. Lol
Cheyenne 454 ss
Cheyenne 454 ss Oy oldin
El barca cambió a Suárez por browneaithe la cagada más grande del mundo
Kanchana Samarasekera
Kanchana Samarasekera Oy oldin
Why does koeman hate riqui😡😡😡😡😡
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Oy oldin
C'mon Koeman, gotta give this kid more playing time. Look at that smile on Puig. You can see what it means to him to score for Barca.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Oy oldin
Bro ruiqi being on for 3 minutes, was more exciting than a greizman led barca. We literally scored off of a deflection basically until ruiqi came on
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 27 kun oldin
Go barca
Alejandro Estrada
Alejandro Estrada Oy oldin
Griezmann should of been sent off for that harsh tackle? 🤔
Bullduzheri Ks
Bullduzheri Ks Oy oldin
No Messi No Scream from Ray😁
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Oy oldin
Am I the only one who thinks that it’s probably time to say goodbye to Messi? I think it’s necessary for them to build up from scratch, so they’re not depending on him to carry t
Tim Oy oldin
Koeman must have been bathed in vinegar at birth.
jefferson Oy oldin
10:16 Camera Points a Koeman, Commentator “That will put a smile on most people’s faces”😂
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Oy oldin
young players that have so much potential!!
Nermin Peskovic
Nermin Peskovic Oy oldin
Now imagine if puig played all 90 minutes.
Eric Jones
Eric Jones Oy oldin
Nice goal, but it was 98% de Jong and 2% Puig. de Jong had a similar assist that Pedri headed in a few games ago and, in that case, all the praise was properly directed towards de Jong, as de Jong was the guy who had done something exceptional. Puig started and played 45 minutes against a 3rd-tier Segunda team a week ago. He was underwhelming, to put it mildly, and was pulled at the half.
Nazih Dabis
Nazih Dabis Oy oldin
this game proves beyond any doubt that Riqui Puig is one of the best Midfielders at this point. Koman better open his mind and eyes to realize that De Jong,Puig and Moriba will rule European Soccer for the next 10 years. Puig is and will be a great player.
DaveTB The Boss
DaveTB The Boss Oy oldin
Who’s else smiled when riqui scored? That just made my day and how him and jordi were fooling around😭 jordi the best left back in la liga
jamal s. jama
jamal s. jama Oy oldin
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Amy Bella
Amy Bella Oy oldin
Koeman was upset because he saw Pedri was useless, and when Puig scored in 3 minutes! He said fking great he scored again. Sorry Puig > Pedri Regards what haters say!
baback p
baback p Oy oldin
10:06 only this moment of joy and celebration and happiness made my dt
248 Oy oldin
Ray Hudson and his Miami beach spandex
STILL Oy oldin
Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” & Cosmos✌️
Angel Angel
Angel Angel Oy oldin
I like Messi I like Neo Mastiff aniline Barcelona bad Neymar and I can promise you I like Barcelona to watch Nona you one yesterday
Jonathan Villalba
Jonathan Villalba Oy oldin
I found it odd the comentator didnt go off on a tangent after calling Antoine "Grease-man"
Jonathan Villalba
Jonathan Villalba Oy oldin
"Dreams in spanish, talks to his dog in spanish"
The Messenger
The Messenger Oy oldin
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Ras Oy oldin
Shut up.
ImDulous Oy oldin
Ronald, don’t lose his number...
OM Gaming
OM Gaming Oy oldin
Am I the only one who thinks that it’s probably time to say goodbye to Messi? I think it’s necessary for them to build up from scratch, so they’re not depending on him to carry the team. Of course we know they’ll have their losses at the beginning, but if it ends up making them into a world class squad that can win competitions I’m all for it! We got so many young players that have so much potential!!
Eric Nana
Eric Nana Oy oldin
Poor Griezmann he can't even free kick right 🙉🙉🙉
Only Jesus Can Save Us
Only Jesus Can Save Us Oy oldin
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Eiichiro Oda
Eiichiro Oda Oy oldin
so no one is going to talk about how koeman looked mad when puig scored
Daniel Izquierdo
Daniel Izquierdo Oy oldin
I love Riqui Puig I just want him to play atleast one hole half
Danny Oy oldin
Eso PUIG!!!!!!!!!!
Q.D Art
Q.D Art Oy oldin
Puig making Koeman eat his pride.
Cr7blitz Oy oldin
Trash ass Barca
D Money
D Money Oy oldin
MATS what a goalkeeper
Shaked Sharabee
Shaked Sharabee Oy oldin
IMO Dembele is underrated, he's very important for us with his dribbling and he creates a lot of chances,the stats doesn't really show the full picture about him,if only he'll stay fit I really want him to stay
Isaiah pierre
Isaiah pierre Oy oldin
Were is messi
Blue Oy oldin
I don't understand why Puig is not a starter. I saw him playing last season and still don't understand why he's bench and why they didn't want him in the team. I think he has great top talent but he needs good coach that has confidence in him. I think he can become world class. Still Don't understand why he's not a starter
Jolly John
Jolly John Oy oldin
De Jong playing for the badge as usual
Joe Oy oldin
i wanna say this De jong> hazard anyday
Jolly John
Jolly John Oy oldin
ray just lorded braithewaite kmao
Nirav Patel
Nirav Patel Oy oldin
Puig lit 🤩
shawn spicer
shawn spicer Oy oldin
Why does the thumbnail look like a bunch of girls checking out a guy ? Lol
Ham Solo
Ham Solo Oy oldin
Bien has the worst camera operators producers etc
Timelymirror78 Oy oldin
🧐 beIN is not the one who operates the cameras la liga does
Eric Jones
Eric Jones Oy oldin
Agreed on the producers. I love it when the ball is in play and they linger (isolate) on the face of some random off-the-ball player for 15 seconds. In the meantime you wonder what's going on in the game. Same for replays. Show replays at half-time or during "dead" moments.
Benito Kamelo
Benito Kamelo Oy oldin
Riki Puig tiene que quedarse koaman se va ya mismo
Jacqueline Ward
Jacqueline Ward Oy oldin
Very happy 😙🌺
Charlie lopez
Charlie lopez Oy oldin
Where number one where number one where number one go Barca go team go messi go Barca go team go messi go
Luigi 11 YT
Luigi 11 YT Oy oldin
Trincao better than dembele
Small T
Small T Oy oldin
Couldn’t tell the difference between Griezmann and Mingueza for a second 10:18
Atif Choudhury
Atif Choudhury Oy oldin
Koeman is either a traitor or a fool for not playing Puig more
Jeff Mencia
Jeff Mencia Oy oldin
Good thing Frankie stretched the defense like a spandex in miami beach 🤣--- get Koeman out already
Nug Gets
Nug Gets Oy oldin
De jong carrying this team this season sheesh
Nug Gets
Nug Gets Oy oldin
Umtiti looking good let’s hope he stays fit
David Noriega
David Noriega Oy oldin
Yall missing Suarez huh xD
Neuro Philosophers
Neuro Philosophers Oy oldin
Pedri is amazing like Iniesta and Puig has so much class.
Oscar Chavez
Oscar Chavez Oy oldin
I hate how ronald doesn't want riqi like he shows so much potential tfff
Polar Oy oldin
Look at koeman reaction on Puig’s goal
Connor Hibbitts
Connor Hibbitts Oy oldin
Puig will be a superstar someday soon, he just needs confidence and playing time. Last season he was insane in the games he played, you can tell his confidence has dropped but is slowly returning with little moments like this. Koeman needs to trust in him and let him do the rest.
Allando Minott
Allando Minott Oy oldin
Coach is such an ass give the damn kid more minutes what a way to show him up puig
crownbock123 Oy oldin
I don’t think Koeman likes Puig. Subbing him in the 86th minute is a slap in the face
MonkGoneGamer Oy oldin
What happened to messi? Did he die?
Trey Maxi Official
Trey Maxi Official Oy oldin
how do these commentators predict things "Rick puig to make his mark in 3 mins"
Nathan Desmond
Nathan Desmond Oy oldin
4:06 Lord Brainwaite
SippinCari Oy oldin
Idk what's the best thing abt this video,the commentator or riqui scoring
baozoubusi Oy oldin
defense is still terrible... its not that the players are terrible defenders, its that they can't coorperate with each other to form a defense line, every single game they leave space between them or forgets one attackers and let him runs around freely
Quique Pop
Quique Pop Oy oldin
look this so beautiful game
Omar Arias
Omar Arias Oy oldin
It feels like Fati got injure 6 months ago
O Oy oldin
Same we all want him back
Omar Arias
Omar Arias Oy oldin
I miss Fati
Ej Abue
Ej Abue Oy oldin
yo the second comentator got me ctfu!!! "like spandex on miami beach" LMFAOOO!!!!
pedro toreston
pedro toreston Oy oldin
Riqui tiene un potencial super wooo
Oluwa Joba
Oluwa Joba Oy oldin
“Stretches this field like spandex on miami bitch”😭😭😂😂😂. Man shut up
SickBeanieBro Oy oldin
Happy that riqui score!
Shawn Chiniah
Shawn Chiniah Oy oldin
6:20 Ter-spider-man, lmao
Jose Prado
Jose Prado Oy oldin
10:43 🤣🤣🤣
Dale Sankum
Dale Sankum Oy oldin
de jong and riqui puig are so good
FCB Jorge YT
FCB Jorge YT Oy oldin
Koemam didn’t look to happy when puig scored ?
Cutby Steve
Cutby Steve Oy oldin
if Barca wants to win and success more in the future, they need to play without Messi.
Tashi Tsenkyap
Tashi Tsenkyap Oy oldin
Thank you so much for not spoiling the score. I’m finally watching highlights for the first time. I swear. Thank you
calero Calero
calero Calero Oy oldin
Este Barcelona lo que da es lástima y yo no le voy al Madrid
: Afex21a
: Afex21a Oy oldin
Pedri should shoot more he had 4 or more chances that you could see Ronald koeman was mad
Daniel Omane
Daniel Omane Oy oldin
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BlackHippy1220 Oy oldin
Adversity makes you better
Elver Galarga
Elver Galarga Oy oldin
Dear commentator, it is not riquis first goal for Barcelona 🤣
Don John
Don John Oy oldin
With a mediocre coach and with out messi I gues Barca can win
Kall Me Comp
Kall Me Comp Oy oldin
This proves why riqui should be starting. He changes the game in the few minutes he has to work with.
MrDenverman1 Oy oldin
Ronald don't lose his number 😁👍
jaime delgado
jaime delgado Oy oldin
How Nice that they Beat the little Teams and Lose the Trophies AND STILL People get Excited 😂🤔🤔
O Oy oldin
Honestly Real Madrid and Barcelona might just go trophyless. Athletico Madrid are on fire and it’s hard to play catch up.
O Oy oldin
Real Madrid be doing the same.
Alem Hidic
Alem Hidic Oy oldin
Why isn't Miralem Pjanic in the starting lineup he is class he just needs time to adapt and consistent playing time
Edrei Mcbean
Edrei Mcbean Oy oldin
This commentator is simply "majesterial"!!!
T Blanco
T Blanco Oy oldin
Just a soccer fan here... notice barcelona playing like an average team lately.. defense weak sauce mostly 😊😬😐cheers all
Faiyaz Oy oldin
Bercelona is so garbage.
Coolbear2004 Oy oldin
this is what koeman should do more often put puig more he is class
Marco Espinoza
Marco Espinoza Oy oldin
Vamos Ruiqui!!!
Augster17 Oy oldin
Lmao Frenkie snatched that goal
margaret tami
margaret tami Oy oldin
That smile 😃 got me smiling keep up boy vamos Barca. That’s what u can so in 3 minutes
David C
David C Oy oldin
Uefalona will fall even more than they already have. I can’t wait for all these delusional fans to cry.
Bird Daily
Bird Daily Oy oldin
dude how are we uefalona when Real Madrid keep robbing other teams
Footy Mystic
Footy Mystic Oy oldin
Riqui is so happy and it make me happy 😊
javier ovalle
javier ovalle Oy oldin
Is it just me or do they play better without Messi? 😳😳
Ras Oy oldin
Hell no beating a team without messi that is in 19th place is not impressive.
Soccer is Life Training
Soccer is Life Training Oy oldin
Messi is proud
Soccer is Life Training
Soccer is Life Training Oy oldin
Puig is the boss
Henry Zarate
Henry Zarate Oy oldin
They need to fire Koeman for keeping him on the bench for so long...
Justin Alfaro
Justin Alfaro Oy oldin
Don’t worry Riqui, you just have to outlast koeman team and fans all love you
You ‘
You ‘ Oy oldin
The Wall doing his job.
savagekickz_usa Oy oldin
Araújo needs more help he’s our future center back
Angel Romana
Angel Romana Oy oldin
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