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Let me be clear on where I stand regarding race. I LOVE EVERYONE! No matter your race, gender, culture, or religion. I just wanna save money & have a good time.
Also in case anyone is wondering, I didn't start recording until things were calming down. So unfortunately there's a lot you didn't see.
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Denise Lopez
Denise Lopez Oy oldin
i have a bogo free coupon how will that work?
Theresa west
Theresa west Oy oldin
Tiffany is hilarious!!!!
Theresa west
Theresa west Oy oldin
Oh that breaks my heart!!! That manager needs some training!!!! Profiling is NOT acceptable!!!
Molly Oy oldin
The devil works hard but smart shoppers work HARDER. ❤️ Sounds like the “manager” was probably feeling all petty because she wasn’t smart enough to do that deal too. Sounds like that “manager” needs to get demoted lol!
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat Oy oldin
I don't think it has anything to do with u being black. Because I'm not black n the same thing happened to me where they limit what I can get.. sometimes not every thing is about your color.. js
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat Oy oldin
Hey Erica I have a question I have a buy 1 get one free coupon can I use that one for the babo toilet paper. I'm thinking my transaction should come out free for all
Janis Shante
Janis Shante Oy oldin
That tissue looks and feel like cardboard ☹️
Akhom Khioukhom
Akhom Khioukhom Oy oldin
My CVS told me about getting four for the price of one back a few weeks ago when we got $6 ECB. She did the opposite of telling customers about promotions.
Jabneel Henry
Jabneel Henry Oy oldin
I got 2 of those coupons got 8 pks in nsb, fl. They love couponers there. I can't say the same about Edgewater, fl cvs.
Joyanne Edgerley
Joyanne Edgerley Oy oldin
Call corporate!!! 😡😡
Rene Taylor
Rene Taylor Oy oldin
What ever Ms Manager
Rene Taylor
Rene Taylor Oy oldin
Racism everywhere Sis
Mimi’s Vida
Mimi’s Vida Oy oldin
CVS need to train these so-called managers on etiquette. No ma’am!
pat montalbano
pat montalbano Oy oldin
I just went off on a line cutter today. Happening a lot lately, always young people too, why?
Kelle Jones
Kelle Jones Oy oldin
Can a black girl get tissue today? 😆 🤣
Irene Tapia
Irene Tapia Oy oldin
The ad says “buy one get one free, buy 2 get $3” so you were right. You were buying two packs and getting 2 free. You were technically only buying 2.
tanisha stevenson
tanisha stevenson Oy oldin
Yup i got 12 packs....don’t ask 🥴🥴🥴
Lynnette Henderson
Lynnette Henderson Oy oldin
Her saying she has black people in her family is relevant because you made a point of saying this is happening because you are black. If her saying that is irrelevant than so is your all black people live in the same house comment. I'm sure people will be all over my comments. But I said what I said and I stand by it. And then saying you set it off in the store... lord!🤦‍♀️
Lynnette Henderson
Lynnette Henderson Oy oldin
I'm sorry but unless she said that all the black people live in the same house than you are over reacting! Places are doing this with anyone who comes in as more than 1 person. It has happened to me and 2 of my friends with me twice. Also telling her that you are the customers so she can't tell you that you are rude. Come on now. Was any of this that serious
Her face when you said 4 lol
Leslie Jackson
Leslie Jackson Oy oldin
You aren't wrong.. At the end of the day she should have given Tiffany the tissue that she asked for and kept it moving. Managers cannot make up their own rules and still expect to remain employed.
Lady Bug
Lady Bug Oy oldin
That’s my go to, please call corporate - especially when you’re spending money. The customer is why the employee has a job. Please report. Her behavior is UNACCEPTABLE.
Dianne Kelly
Dianne Kelly Oy oldin
Ooh! Yes! My baby sister would have done the same for me! There might have been a level 9 on that! I agree with Tiffany- it’s 2020! We just want some tissue.
Christina Williams
Christina Williams Oy oldin
I have contacted CVS by their Face Book about being profiled and followed in a store. They called me 3x and the district manager called me. If you feel there was an issue contact them. Their customer service WILL address it.
Diana Gonzalez
Diana Gonzalez Oy oldin
Girl that happened to me at a Walgreens for just being Cuban in Miami Fl. I called it in and apparently they have had many complaints from that Walgreens. My CVS are awesome and cool! I am sorry you had to go through someone being ignorant. May God help her eyes and thoughts towards people turn into unconditional kindness and equality. Peace to all
Christina B
Christina B Oy oldin
Can you do more walgreens couponing 🙏 my area doesn't have many cvs
Yvonne Brown
Yvonne Brown Oy oldin
This is so horrible. I am so sorry 😢 you had to go through that. The prejudice never ends.
Courts Curls
Courts Curls Oy oldin
Did that seriously just happen???? I’m so sorry girl! You kill these deals and keep it pushing! Don’t let that negativity bring you both down 😊
Vernell Levingston
Vernell Levingston Oy oldin
Erica you can send that in there for harassment on her to the corporate office power go to people's head and they don't know how to handle okay
Shining Light
Shining Light Oy oldin
I believe the number to corporate is 1-800-SHOPCVS
mo1979ca Oy oldin
I get profile all the time too & workers follow me in the store Just because I am Native American.
Monique Coupon queen
Monique Coupon queen Oy oldin
I hate when you go to the store and the workers act like they own the store mostly when you have coupons . I always have to let them know what I'm doing is legal . If you were nicer to me I could tell you how I saved soo much money !!!!
Roman Oy oldin
It's all good! We all have to go off every now and then when it is warranted. I hate these types of situations.
gljenni1977 Oy oldin
I'd report that crap..that was very wrong of them..u were in the right..
Maria Hueck
Maria Hueck Oy oldin
I sorta almost had that issue at my CVS but since I got my buy 3 get one free she was force to granted to me
Maria Hueck
Maria Hueck Oy oldin
That B was nasty. Jesus Christ
Rebecca C
Rebecca C Oy oldin
I tried using some of this paper to make paper mache clay and it DID NOT disintegrate. It sat in water for over an hr and a half and did not break down at all. I thought surely it would once I started to mess with it. Nope! Still had to tear it. I think it’s safe to say that it wouldn’t be a good idea to flush this stuff!
megan chilton
megan chilton Oy oldin
I’m so sorry! Love you girl! ❤️Call corporate on that rude woman!🤦🏼‍♀️
Marsha Anderson
Marsha Anderson Oy oldin
She was rude u don't argue with the customers
Amber Masloski
Amber Masloski Oy oldin
I donated the babo toilet paper at my local food shelf.
angel deleon
angel deleon Oy oldin
How many rolls do you get if you have the bogo coupon buy 1 get 1 free ??
Nikki Lane
Nikki Lane Oy oldin
Babo is rough also bamboo is poisonous so I don't trust it
Sylvia Yvette Bouye-Roberson
Sylvia Yvette Bouye-Roberson Oy oldin
Wow that's crazy what the manager was doing
Tara Oy oldin
Why did you think it was a race thing?
Crystal Nesbitt
Crystal Nesbitt Oy oldin
Get her Erica! Some of the managers in cvs are so rude to their employees and customers so I hit them where it hurts with the surveys calling name🤣🤣
Eve Brown
Eve Brown Oy oldin
On my mom's card she got BOGO Babo so 2 free and $3 ECB. Probably since she doesn't shop deals much. I was doing some deals on her card when the coupon printed for Babo.
Jackie Mills
Jackie Mills Oy oldin
Erica please call corporate! It will put them on the alert of her behavior and how she’s treating the employees. That manager is TP traumatized!😂🤣 I’m a Christian too, you handled it right. Just because we are Christians we will not let them mistreat us especially if we are the customer!
Linda Ojeda
Linda Ojeda Oy oldin
The same thing happened to me and when I contacted corporate if I would have gave more info, she would had got fired, but the good came out of me. I said I'm about to get someone fired. CVS does not allow this behavior.
Michele Bowen
Michele Bowen Oy oldin
My app shows buy 1 get 1 free.
Leba Guca
Leba Guca Oy oldin
That is just sad. It is really upsetting to come across people who are so rude thinking they're above everybody
Yann Gue
Yann Gue Oy oldin
Vee's Videos
Vee's Videos Oy oldin
Guuurrrrll, just seeing that make me wanna go off! This is such a great deal! Last week the system glitched and I got 6 ECB back!
Grace Caceres Lara
Grace Caceres Lara Oy oldin
U think the manager is awful... U did not know my local family dollar manager is. I wish I will have that lady around, seriously.
danielle Oy oldin
I actually love this tissue
denise perez
denise perez Oy oldin
So sorry this manager was so rude. I've heard people say if u r on septic the tp clogs the grinder.
My teal life
My teal life Oy oldin
Let me guess, she's a 55 percenter 😒
Tanisha Turner
Tanisha Turner Oy oldin
CALL CORPORATE and REPORT HER! Hate that you had to deal with "THAT" especially for that HARD tissue! Hard when you wipe and HARD to flush!
Cee Watts
Cee Watts Oy oldin
I am impressed in how you handled the situation, especially in your niece's presence. You need to have further discussion with her so she can be prepared when situations such as this arise. Please report manager to corporate and enjoy your day
Kassie Hodge
Kassie Hodge Oy oldin
Girl i need nelp trying to do this. I tried doing the toothpaste deal CVS has going on right now. And well the deal didnt work out the way i think it was supposed to. Ugh grrrr
P D Oy oldin
I used it it's not that great
Margaret Jackson
Margaret Jackson Oy oldin
You were doing the transaction properly..People are looking for drama...She needs to do her job .
lyric skye`
lyric skye` Oy oldin
One lady went and told on me to a supervisor cause I was double bagging my glass items so they wouldn’t crack 🙄...yes she was a Karen and an employee at Walmart. Management didn’t even pay her any mind
Sandra A
Sandra A Oy oldin
You're good! I got so mad while watching i was talking back to the screen as if I were really there with you lol
Yia Vang
Yia Vang Oy oldin
I like your attitude. Even though it made you upset, you can still laugh about it.
Dawn Marie
Dawn Marie Oy oldin
Girl I can't even get toilet paper right now. The people are going crazy again in the Hampton roads area.😬🥺😜🤣😆
mikes Oy oldin
Deija how loud was I" 7🙊 😅😅😅 ok 6 she's so sweet 😅
Amy Dahlia
Amy Dahlia Oy oldin
Sorry that happened to you guys. I love OCC GANG!!!!
Amy Dahlia
Amy Dahlia Oy oldin
I’m so sorry that happened to you guys! I love your videos! 🥰 bless you and your family!!
Tonei Smith
Tonei Smith Oy oldin
Send a pray and a email to CVS.
Mari Cisneros
Mari Cisneros Oy oldin
Ugh ok now I’m mad
Lisa Kiraly
Lisa Kiraly Oy oldin
“YOU WORK HERE” 🥰 Theres only been a few times I’ve felt I should’ve used that but it’s perfection! It takes all the Jesus in all of us couponing at CVS lately 😂
Mari Cisneros
Mari Cisneros Oy oldin
This is why I stopped shopping at cvs. The managers they have are all the same well most of them. It’s horrible customer service period and I would have gone all the way off.
Mm Mm
Mm Mm Oy oldin
I paused the video....smashed the like.....got my popcorn and Mt dew cause I knew this one was gonna be extra entertaining....ur so funny!🥰
Toni MT
Toni MT Oy oldin
How come u didn't get 6 extrabucks? Because u get 3.00 for 2 packs. And u got 4 packs.
Missy Kois
Missy Kois Oy oldin
Leave a review for that store and offer to give the video of exactly how she was profiling you. The nerve.
2bmeislovely Oy oldin
That's the most I've heard Tiffany talk. Sorry you had to go through this
Esther Willmore
Esther Willmore Oy oldin
I love your sister. She is too cute. Just give her the tissue 😂 all she wants is tissue.
Eli Feria
Eli Feria Oy oldin
Lol sister got the tissues jejeje 🤣
Onyeoma Nwafor
Onyeoma Nwafor Oy oldin
As a person of color, I don't support either party's behavior. People in this country are too quick to judge that something is about race; the cashier might just have a communication problem or having a bad day. Erica, I know you tried to be calm but reacting to a bad behavior doesn't make you the better person, you just stooped to her level and I dare say on an assumption.
Mr Lw
Mr Lw Oy oldin
We dont believe this was about race either.especially how it was recorded.she records going in, the products, scanning& stopped just before this inter action& popped the camera out right after this happened& we only hear them bringing up there black race& saying profiling.she did this in another store.but she erases coments that call her out on it.we have crappy cashiers of all colors& yeah some are racist blacks towards whites etc, but I think people just need to move past this race card & stop using it at every time they dont get there way.cvs is known for crappy customer service.we rarely shop there anymore, But if you get to no a couple cashiers.then it'll help you understand things a little better.corp causes Alot if problems! With the coupons not working& changing the rules confusing employess or not trainging them correctly.
Kirsty Brown
Kirsty Brown Oy oldin
So sorry this happened to you and your family ❤️❤️
Tasha D
Tasha D Oy oldin
I love how you think you were at a "4" lol and your sweet little niece is like uuhhhhh....I am cracking up. You definitely went to 10 and with good cause.
XO Tiffany
XO Tiffany Oy oldin
I’m sorry that’s unacceptable people can be so mean
JayCee Law
JayCee Law Oy oldin
Nooooo, Tiffany is a Sweetie!!!!! Thanks Erica for going off....SEEMS LIKE IT WAS NEEDED! I've been OCCGANG of a while now. I Know your character, in times as such we have to defend what we stand for. And because you ALWAYS go by the rules with couponing.... I'M OFFENDED. Hope y'all went to Starbucks afterwards....that helps 🤗. Love y'all ❤️
Nikki K.
Nikki K. Oy oldin
They're nice and soft, you only need like 3 sheets.
Soledad Belton
Soledad Belton Oy oldin
When me and mom to couponing we deal with this alot we have to explain stuff to them
Annette Eddy
Annette Eddy Oy oldin
My friend, you all were true ladies. That manager is sad and her attitude is like bad breathe. She needs to get a colonoscopy and find out what nasty demon is growing in her. You tell your sister she is a great and beautiful young lady. P.S. That store should supply your sister a years worth of Toilet Paper!
LATINSOUL127 Oy oldin
Please call Corporate and report the manager. This won't stop until everyone say something. They say we are imagining this. Thank for the T.P. Tip.
Natalie Smith
Natalie Smith Oy oldin
Wow. So unacceptable! I’m so sorry you even had to deal with that. I agree with the person who said to contact corporate. That manager should not be allowed to treat ANYONE that way, but especially if she is profiling. Disgusting. Even if you got to a 7, I think you had the right to stand up for your sister and defend her. You wouldn’t have had to if the manager wasn’t being a jerk. I’m so sorry!
Dolores Barrera
Dolores Barrera Oy oldin
Sometimes we have to count to 15 cas these manages need to b restrained on confrontation with customers
MichaeJairlyn Claudio
MichaeJairlyn Claudio Oy oldin
i like it ! i definely don’t mind the toilet paper :)
Zsazsa Myles
Zsazsa Myles Oy oldin
Wow, I hear racial profiling is worse in Florida than anywhere else. See it for what it is and take care of your business and keep it moving.
Delmy escalante
Delmy escalante Oy oldin
Aww lol she so cute
Rachquel Oy oldin
Yassss gurl you did better than me because I would have called corporate and I would have returned all of the items. Shop where you appreciate not where your allowed. Smh
Jaymie Moore
Jaymie Moore Oy oldin
Y U L I A N A Oy oldin
You should Report that Rude B ....
Christine Kennedy
Christine Kennedy Oy oldin
I have had snarky, slick CSR reps at my local kroger get defensive about my purchasing marked down Trac Fones. The woman pretty much gave herself away because she was going to buy the phone with her employee discount and it would basically be free. I get attitude by shopping smart and you have the employee discount. I think she threw the racist attitude out there because they want to buy all the good deals. I have an issue with that. If I seen a good deal during working in a grocery store, I would buy it during my break and put it in my car. Not have an attitude with customers. SMH
Jeanine Okpala
Jeanine Okpala Oy oldin
Wow that's just ignorant. Her having a black person in her family meant What ? 🙄 Just do her job 🤦 sorry you guys went through that. And you were correct to set her straight Erica. The devil is a lie.
ezlenen224 Oy oldin
For some reason, the managers get so mad when they see how much you're saving. She knew very well what the deal is, but she chose to nasty. It is great you stood up for your sis.
Atlas Oy oldin
How is she gonna be a manager of the store when she doesn’t even know about the own sales going on in her own store? 🤦🏻‍♀️
Linda Burnside
Linda Burnside Oy oldin
Use your survey code provided on the receipt.
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