Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Third Debate Cold Open - SNL

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Saturday Night Live

4 yil oldin

Chris Wallace (Tom Hanks) moderates the final debate between Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) and Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon).
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Brendon Benjamin
Brendon Benjamin 10 soat oldin
Hahahaha 8:12 " I Donald trump promise to accept the results of this election"...well that went well didn't it 😂
Husa Almahanna
Husa Almahanna 14 soat oldin
“He will be a disaster. A failure.” Damn it guys, SNL can read the future.
David Ramirez
David Ramirez 9 soat oldin
Momotaro .oOMegidoraReincarnatedOo.
Momotaro .oOMegidoraReincarnatedOo. 18 soat oldin
OMG! 7:21?!!! They predicted it but not with Hilary Clinton.
Narayana Arjala
Narayana Arjala Kun oldin
Daniel Tíjaro
Daniel Tíjaro 2 kun oldin
Holy crap they foretold the future, they añready lnow how such a bad looser Trump is :o
Kambiz Salari
Kambiz Salari 2 kun oldin
America first was going on but now...
Phong Dinh Tôn
Phong Dinh Tôn 2 kun oldin
Who else thinks that is exactly him, Mr. Trump, not Alec Baldwin plays the character?
Adithya Radhakrishnan
Adithya Radhakrishnan 5 kun oldin
This did not age well
Big AL
Big AL 5 kun oldin
Danny Jarquin
Danny Jarquin 6 kun oldin
*B A C K I N T H E 1 9 7 0 s*
The Critical Reel
The Critical Reel 6 kun oldin
8:00 it's as if SNL wrote this pledge for 2020. so impressive how much Trump has matured in 4 years
Jose M Conste
Jose M Conste 7 kun oldin
The acoustic friday functionally jail because squash apically precede near a grouchy interest. lame, aggressive dish
Philip Deitrich
Philip Deitrich 8 kun oldin
1:20 😂😂😂
Saul Sugarman
Saul Sugarman 9 kun oldin
Who else is watching this after Republicans stormed the capitol
Marli Harper
Marli Harper 2 kun oldin
@Rafael Alvarado Ight den
Rafael Alvarado
Rafael Alvarado 2 kun oldin
@Marli Harper *I have boom*
Marli Harper
Marli Harper 2 kun oldin
@Rafael Alvarado ok you think what you want
Marli Harper
Marli Harper 2 kun oldin
@Rafael Alvarado because trump supporters are republican duh 🙄. And all the people out there were trump supporters
rat soup
rat soup 4 kun oldin
@Rafael Alvarado ight
Cathy Waller
Cathy Waller 10 kun oldin
Hilary was right, trump is a complete disaster
Intelligent Ant
Intelligent Ant 10 kun oldin
This will remain perhaps the BEST SNL Trump diss. EVER!
ShadowSlayer114 11 kun oldin
This couldve been filmed in 2020
Avi Avix
Avi Avix 11 kun oldin
CAPITOLHILL incident happened yesterday...
Na Ich halt.
Na Ich halt. 12 kun oldin
Trump made USA great again... hahahhah! 4years and out! Hahaha
Lala Kethobile
Lala Kethobile 14 kun oldin
The republican or Donald Trump?
Lala Kethobile
Lala Kethobile 14 kun oldin
Did Hillary ever say anything about Carol?? 😂😂... It does sound like a trick out of her playbook
Gabriel Hall
Gabriel Hall 16 kun oldin
The screeching bag electronically weigh because jaw micrencephaly sprout lest a muddled buzzard. mean, accessible polish
180bonita 16 kun oldin
Watch "SHE FAKED EVERYTHING! Alec Baldwin's Wife Hilaria Baldwin's Shocking Truth Exposed" on UZpost
Liam MTGO 17 kun oldin
hukso huksovich
hukso huksovich 19 kun oldin
not true about LotR
Christian Seaman
Christian Seaman 22 kun oldin
And the best is he wins lol
scott carter
scott carter 22 kun oldin
I totally forgot what the real Alec Baldwin looks like.
Muriel MacDonald
Muriel MacDonald 22 kun oldin
This was awesome - oh my I laughed so.much.
Jose Banda
Jose Banda 22 kun oldin
Fuck trump racist puece of shit
Mark Walker
Mark Walker 23 kun oldin
Hillary didnt say she nailed Ambassador Stevens...but she did.
Mark Walker
Mark Walker 23 kun oldin
Best Baldwin Brother : Stephen. Correct.
my name
my name 24 kun oldin
Priceless Glad poison Agent Orange is gone
Chris D
Chris D 24 kun oldin
Trump has been saying the world has been rigged against him every time anyone proves he is not the god of humanity.
son nguyen
son nguyen 25 kun oldin
The maddening entrance canonically cover because file gully wreck upon a complete gymnast. nutty, panicky lettuce
Prophet Snow
Prophet Snow 27 kun oldin
Alec Baldwin is a better trump than trump himself
EaqIe 27 kun oldin
Leftist propaganda.
Bridget Kalaola
Bridget Kalaola 29 kun oldin
Sometimes I actually thought she was Clinton for some reason
angelina t
angelina t 29 kun oldin
Lol alex face has to hurt after doing #diaperdon
jo momma
jo momma 29 kun oldin
I think he thinks trump is annoying
Greg Os
Greg Os 29 kun oldin
Damn. Remember when everybody thought she was like guaranteed to win? Jokes on us! --And it was a very cruel Jackass style prank that never ended. Like a bully you had to deal with in high school for 4 years.
Crystal Fleischman
Crystal Fleischman 29 kun oldin
Clinton: me who have had a child, and used Birth control. Haha
Another Emo Artist
Another Emo Artist 29 kun oldin
Never thought I’d miss the days where Trump would go off in a tangent about Isis and Wikileaks
Billie4billions Oy oldin
😂 😂 😂 How can this sketch be so wrong and right about Trump losing at the same time? man 2020 has been a year.
Billie4billions Oy oldin
😂 😂 😂 How can this sketch be so wrong and right about Trump losing at the same time
Richard Hooi
Richard Hooi Oy oldin
Excellent very funny, love it every minute.
natedogg4116 Oy oldin
9:08 This was so on point.
natedogg4116 Oy oldin
How did so many duds vote for Trump? I will never understand.
The Football Planet
The Football Planet Oy oldin
Hillary looks too young, they could have added some wrinkles to the makeup, but yeah.
Kimberley Pex
Kimberley Pex Oy oldin
Gorgeous !!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Lee Oso
Lee Oso Oy oldin
Senor Guacamole 😂
Mobstar Hipstar
Mobstar Hipstar Oy oldin
for 4 years or more sheeple have been taught orange man bad through lamestream propaganda
Christen Fink
Christen Fink Oy oldin
Who's watching this in Dec 2020? 🙄😷
Andy Milsten Music
Andy Milsten Music 25 kun oldin
Christen Fink Me
Hedgehog's Right of Passage
Hedgehog's Right of Passage Oy oldin
Lets change the Party Names : "Republicans" to "Home of the Free" and "Democrats" to "Give Us For Free" !
Sounds Great
Sounds Great Oy oldin
Unlock power of information... --inform, inform, inform...
Viveca Verma
Viveca Verma Oy oldin
Trump: I´m going to be a sweet, little baby Trump. (Sure buddy...) 2 seconds later... Trump: THEY´RE RIPPING BABIES OUT OF-
Michele Paige
Michele Paige Oy oldin
minecraft music
Michael Breiter
Michael Breiter Oy oldin
Wow, he remained "sweet little baby Trump" for just under 10 seconds. That must be a record.
dnaspower Oy oldin
Even back then the loser was known to be a sore loser. "Rigged", "only if I win", etc.
Mike Writz
Mike Writz Oy oldin
Totally. There’s no doubt that if he lost in 2016 he’d be doing exactly what he is doing right now. He said for years after 2016 that he won the popular vote too because the 3 mil votes he lost by were all illegal. Even when he “wins” he claims fraud.
Shawn S
Shawn S Oy oldin
Wow.... this is MUCH different to watch when you are going through all this fraud crap after the 2020 election...
Craig Harrison
Craig Harrison Oy oldin
"They're ripping babies out of vaginas!"🤣🤣🤣
Eetu Hautala
Eetu Hautala Oy oldin
Me watching "Trump" speak: 😗😬😲🥴 moving my mouth the same way he is
Eriola Ogr
Eriola Ogr Oy oldin
Is Tom Hanks for me ,
NileshR12 Oy oldin
When she says “Osaama a bin a Laden” 😂😂👏🏽👏🏽
NileshR12 Oy oldin
A man who is a child and whose face is birth control 😂😂
Unofficial Election Analysis
Unofficial Election Analysis 29 kun oldin
that's true though
NileshR12 Oy oldin
Thank God this nightmare is finally over because Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won!!
Jonathan Tagoe
Jonathan Tagoe Oy oldin
It should be a law that future Presidential candidates should be made to show 10/15years tax returns before.
Silver Phantom
Silver Phantom Oy oldin
It already is a law and trump broke it
laura luque
laura luque Oy oldin
He should add more orange base to the make up
Kine L
Kine L Oy oldin
it is really an eye-opener when you see this and Donald Trump is promising to accept the election against Hillary IF he wins! :P the same crap all over again now with Biden. he only accept if he wins, if he loses- the election is rigged. what a BABY!
Karan Josan
Karan Josan Oy oldin
These alec baldwin trump impersonations are exceptionally funny in 2020.
Ramaraksha Oy oldin
What do Liberals, Blacks, Racists & Cons have in common? Denial of facts, insist that only ONLY they are right, everyone else is wrong, their way is the only way? Religious fantasies! Earth was created 5k years ago, their religion is the only right one, everyone else is going to hell
Ramaraksha Oy oldin
@Mike Writz Liberals have religion as well and they use the same language - Evolution is wrong, only their religion is the TRUE one, all other religions are false Most blacks vote liberal and it was a black man - a colleague of mine who I thought was a friend - coolly telling me that I was going to hell The sheer callousness is frightening, the willingness to be Nazis - to condemn billions to gas chambers in hell based simply on religion! The guy who tells everyone "don't see my skin color, see me as a person" is basically saying all God cares about is religion, does not care for me as a person The only way such ideas makes sense is when we understand that these religions were born when Kings/Dictators ruled & they made God in their image Kings/Dictators may like you but if you are not loyal to them, they have no use for you - you will either be killed or kicked out - think Putin or Kim Jong un - try speaking against them while living in their countries Hence Heaven is for loyal members only(believers) & all unbelievers, regardless of who they are as people, will be dumped into hell What is frightening is to see educated, intelligent people of today blindly following such primitive ideas
Mike Writz
Mike Writz Oy oldin
This makes literally zero sense dude. You are describing conservatives here, not liberals.
yunanadil Oy oldin
I love Kate. She is a great impersonator. My favorite : Justin Bieber. Haha
Noel Smith
Noel Smith Oy oldin
There's not a costume Kate McKinnon isn't hot in. Don't ask me about her Giuliani. You're not ready for my answer.
ام محمد علي
ام محمد علي Oy oldin
is no one talking about the fact that the guy playing chris wallace is probably tom hanks
ام محمد علي
ام محمد علي Oy oldin
@Mike Writz ok settle down dude, i was just trying to point it out.
Mike Writz
Mike Writz Oy oldin
Uh, duh bro. Not trying to be harsh but nobody’s talking about it cause it’s obvious.
Benjamin Breeg
Benjamin Breeg Oy oldin
A disaster, a failure, a complete F: yes ma’am, he has indeed been a disaster, a failure and a complete F.
Nando Calrissian
Nando Calrissian Oy oldin
why would you sharpen a knife with another knife? Thats just fucking stupid
Manuel Cruz
Manuel Cruz Oy oldin
2016: "Nobody has more respect for women than me" The World: 😂😂😂😂 2020: "I am the least racist person in this room" Also the World: 😂😂😂😂 Somethings never change
Janice Mercier Mercier
Janice Mercier Mercier Oy oldin
And we went into a living hell for 4 years
Lucas Stevens
Lucas Stevens Oy oldin
Trump 2016: The election is rigged and I won't accept the results, unless I win, then it's all right Trump 2020: The election is rigged and I won't concede, etc, etc, etc Me: Why do I feel like I heard this before?
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones Oy oldin
Kate is very pretty here. She's always pretty, but pretty here, too :)
Angel CityGirl
Angel CityGirl Oy oldin
Make America great again. And we did! President Biden 2021. 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲
Rosemay Jeanty
Rosemay Jeanty Oy oldin
Novik Oy oldin
"Be sure to check out Trump TV" THE SON OF A GUN PREDICTED IT!!!
Pedro Henrique Serpa
Pedro Henrique Serpa Oy oldin
Kate McKinnon is such a nacional treasure
Rebecca Evans
Rebecca Evans Oy oldin
Lol the Baldwin brother joke yes he's got chachi i liked darryl as trump i love alec baldwin as him,hysterical !!!
jules cwanger
jules cwanger Oy oldin
Faiz Alavi
Faiz Alavi Oy oldin
This is funny again
al-val36 Oy oldin
Love Saturday night live
Hawk Eye
Hawk Eye Oy oldin
enjoying this more now
Veronica Fuentes
Veronica Fuentes Oy oldin
She only needs the broom to fly , witch.
SB1 truth
SB1 truth Oy oldin
I remember her saying that it was"creepy" the way he was following her around!!
SB1 truth
SB1 truth Oy oldin
@The Republic Of Ireland I'm not sure but I remember hearing her say that
The Republic Of Ireland
The Republic Of Ireland Oy oldin
That was on Graham Norton wasn't it that she said that?
Julius McFadden
Julius McFadden Oy oldin
This is classic. Lol I have never seen a classic match up with the KKK
Awesome Dood
Awesome Dood Oy oldin
7:21 - But Now
Azhar Ahmed
Azhar Ahmed Oy oldin
4 years ago he said he will accept if he wins otherwise rigged
Lil Ray
Lil Ray Oy oldin
fast eddie hahn
fast eddie hahn Oy oldin
This is incredible, back then, no one at SNL actually thought he would win in 2016.They had it pegged on one account, however: he (has) refused to accept the results (but in 2020.)
Gloria Shaw
Gloria Shaw Oy oldin
if alec baldwin were running for president impersonating trump i would have voted for him
Nathan K
Nathan K Oy oldin
walter jackson taylor
walter jackson taylor Oy oldin
America!... This is gonna be a real kick in the head!?... America!... would you say even Nixon!,... that's right... RICHARD NIXON... showed more class at the end than Trump!? He got on the helicopter and he left like he was supposed to!!!
charlie25081 Oy oldin
I only come back to this video only to watch from 5:30 to 6:00
S C Oy oldin
liar Queen
Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Town Hall Debate Cold Open - SNL
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