Destroying an F250 in 10 minutes flat.

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8 kun oldin

These guys gave me this truck and said "We don't want it to exist anymore." What can I say I make dreams come true 😏. Thanks again @ownbosssupplyco. If you have a truck or car you want me to destroy and its unique email me at

WhistlinDiesel 7 kun oldin
Chill guys its HD 4K its just processing lol
misfit diesel
misfit diesel 2 kun oldin
311 camera man fuckin rips ass lol good push
yo bert
yo bert 2 kun oldin
Whistlin diesels tire filiment shop
TurboFreak 2 kun oldin
You stupid ass. Now I know who not sell to.
Kirston Martinez
Kirston Martinez 3 kun oldin
Would u destroy a van?
Kirston Martinez
Kirston Martinez 3 kun oldin
What about a van?
Jari Gustafsson
Jari Gustafsson 13 daqiqa oldin
bunch of loosers
KomicalKramer 21 daqiqa oldin
That poor tree... didnt wanna be frisked today
CaptRon 721
CaptRon 721 30 daqiqa oldin
Can’t you destroy new trucks instead of recking classic trucks. What’s a waste of time.
Mike sigler
Mike sigler 34 daqiqa oldin
Fuck that Ford you almost killed that Tree 🌳 the Tree 🌳 huggers are going to get you.🤣🤣🤛
Ja H
Ja H Soat oldin
Dude u gotta do a this vid in reverse from recked to good
Donnie Cales
Donnie Cales 2 soat oldin
More ignorant kiddy crap
hen ko
hen ko 2 soat oldin
Gotta give that Ole' 31 spline 9" some credit...she hung in there! That's one thing even Whistlin Diesel couldn't break!
Ovi Haliuc
Ovi Haliuc 2 soat oldin
1:38 i like him
Shane Shannon
Shane Shannon 3 soat oldin
Now, amd only now can you donate this to one of the people pissed off because you destroyed it... Make them sign. alegal binding control that they cannot junk it for at least 1 year and 1 day from the time they recieve it...lmao
hen ko
hen ko 2 soat oldin
Michael Baird
Michael Baird 3 soat oldin
I have my dream truck, it’s a 79 F150 high boy! This doesn’t piss me off, I just learned what my truck could handle and what it can’t! That was a nice truck, but we can’t tell you what to do with your things!! I’m just glad this channel exist.. keep pushing forward man 🙏🏼
Pat Riley
Pat Riley 4 soat oldin
What an idiotic channel !
Zach 4 soat oldin
Lmao.... it’s not that nice it had like four scratches... Great shit keep it up Cody
Alex Clark
Alex Clark 4 soat oldin
UnFunny Monke
UnFunny Monke 4 soat oldin
The fence reminds me of fh4
UnFunny Monke
UnFunny Monke 4 soat oldin
(forza horizon 4)
Aleksandr Seliverstov
Aleksandr Seliverstov 5 soat oldin
Ебать ты угараешь ,мне бы лучше подогнали такую тачку
Limitless Pain
Limitless Pain 5 soat oldin
now im one of your top fans but this just made me cry.... just watched the last of the video and now im at least a little less sad..
dj tony alvarez
dj tony alvarez 6 soat oldin
how dare you to destroy a truck like that ???? i want a truck like that man i hate you !! 😠😠😠
Matt Alderson
Matt Alderson 6 soat oldin
Tf that thing was pretty clean
Snuff Dipper
Snuff Dipper 6 soat oldin
What’s he gonna do next? Start buying houses and burning them down? Guys unbelievable clearly wasn’t raised right
Ian Brown
Ian Brown 6 soat oldin
I dont know where u get all the hate. I love that truck and what you did was hilarious. Love u man.
Caleb Rose
Caleb Rose 6 soat oldin
ya know, I think this method of crushing cars/trucks is more efficient than an actual car crusher. because it only takes 10 minutes, and doesn't cost nearly as much money to operate
ifstaco 7 soat oldin
Do one for the fans and take care of a Honda ridgline or a Subaru Baja hahahhaha
Tek_Spear 7 soat oldin
It actually hurt my soul to see this nice truck wasted like that😭
xx rocketman64 xx
xx rocketman64 xx 2 soat oldin
Thing was made of rust though
Mikie yeah
Mikie yeah 7 soat oldin
TOTALDESTROY94 7 soat oldin
Shot for the fallen.
garrett bryson
garrett bryson 7 soat oldin
The fence made it worth it lol
y2kbuggy the last
y2kbuggy the last 7 soat oldin
This this is why I have a hard time finding doors/parts to fix myn 😭
Yeison Pérez
Yeison Pérez 7 soat oldin
Jajaja crazy
Travis Turner
Travis Turner 7 soat oldin
Torture pron for truck guys
Survival Free Life
Survival Free Life 7 soat oldin
brandon 8 soat oldin
"That was one of the recalls" 😂😂😂😂😂
Michael Langlie
Michael Langlie 8 soat oldin
looks better after
CrustyBunnies 8 soat oldin
My 1999 honda civic coulda lasted longer
Matt Stone
Matt Stone 8 soat oldin
I hate you so much
ThatBen UKnow
ThatBen UKnow 8 soat oldin
Awe that’s my dream truck.......until I seen this video and realized how weak they were built. What a turd. I bet a Honda Ridgeline would hold up better. Thank you WD for making this video and saving me from wasting my money on one of those.
CertifiedDisappoint 8 soat oldin
Get a duce and a half
aj mottet
aj mottet 8 soat oldin
6:22 Me in fs19
Cody Liddle
Cody Liddle 9 soat oldin
I wanna cry
Vacant Light
Vacant Light 9 soat oldin
Destroy a tesla
Life's too real
Life's too real 9 soat oldin
Title should be beautiful truck destroyed by rich asshole
david s.
david s. 8 soat oldin
I agree. He used to be cool and funny, now I just find him arrogant and mean spirited. I will never buy anything from the sponsors on this video and I encourage the rest to do the same. Ownboss supply, or pit viper glasses. Not a good look for you guys. Nothing says "no class" like joking about running through a playground full of kids. This is the second video where he jokes about running over children and honestly, I have seen better creators get kicked off youtube for less. Its not about destroying the trucks its about how he just comes off as an asshole now. In 6 months, im betting he wont be here.
Ch Shahmeer Warraich
Ch Shahmeer Warraich 9 soat oldin
I am unsubscribing you I thought you were a car lover like me. I saw your monster max floating on water that’s why I subscribed. But I cannot see the abuse of beautiful trucks. I know it’s your way of earning money but it hurts me every time.
Fred583 9 soat oldin
See this is the kinda shit I do in games wishing it was irl
Mark Brown
Mark Brown 9 soat oldin
I love these trucks but man awesome video I wish I could do the things you do
Landon Addison
Landon Addison 10 soat oldin
(13:04) Sellin for 5k runs great might have a few scratches but promise it runs great).
Bryce Hunter
Bryce Hunter 10 soat oldin
this guys ungratful peice of shit thats how he get money by acting like one of those 3rd graders
JDragonZ 10 soat oldin
this is why you don’t get fords 😂
GiggleisRAW 10 soat oldin
This just goes to show how strong trees are
Ruben Fletcher
Ruben Fletcher 10 soat oldin
You make that much money? You can just go out and trash a F250 for shits and giggles. I could use $35,000 to pay off the two cars I had to finance because I was robbed in the car dealership parking lot on the day I went to by a new car after having to sell my Duramax.
lucas johnstone
lucas johnstone 10 soat oldin
Shit’ll buff out
Dime6String 10 soat oldin
Why does this dipshit destroy perfectly good trucks? Such a waste!!
James R _WhiteRock_ OC MD_
James R _WhiteRock_ OC MD_ 10 soat oldin
George sirris
George sirris 10 soat oldin
Samuel Carter
Samuel Carter 10 soat oldin
F250 gets spit roasted by bulldozer and a tree
Fizzle 10 soat oldin
RIP beautiful Ford of the past. Sad day damn
Kommie Watch
Kommie Watch 11 soat oldin
Everyone is this video is a fucking asshole. You don't deserve nice things. GFY
aaaaarrrrrggggghhhh 11 soat oldin
watching this truck get demolished caused me physical pain. nice
Wheelhorse Gaming
Wheelhorse Gaming 11 soat oldin
The thumbnail was only the beginning...😈
Dj Junior Quijano
Dj Junior Quijano 11 soat oldin
You should be inside of the truck when they destroy it That will be fun too
Ryan Gunn
Ryan Gunn 11 soat oldin
She’ll buff
Jake Lowe
Jake Lowe 12 soat oldin
Mee How
Mee How 12 soat oldin
Watching $2,000 per minute go down the drain.
Jason Williams
Jason Williams 12 soat oldin
I was looking for a truck that was right for me. And somehow, in the last few minutes this happened..... BWAHAHAHHAAHAHAHA
Kyle DeCiccio
Kyle DeCiccio 12 soat oldin
Get a 58 Plymouth fury
Joshua Ederer
Joshua Ederer 12 soat oldin
Such a waste. Stop destroying classic trucks that are built better than the crap they’re selling today.
William Boweter
William Boweter 12 soat oldin
He a fricken moron
Lokos Productions
Lokos Productions 12 soat oldin
You just wasted a solid working truck that someone could have used who can't afford one. Beware of your actions. God is watching and weighing you. Everything we do is being recorded in heaven. Talks about the in the holy Bible. Read it!
NATHAN BREH 12 soat oldin
Scott Bray
Scott Bray 12 soat oldin
You must really hate fords i think you destroyed more fords than chevy's now. you always seem to destroy them much quicker than your chevy's and wow that was a strong tree it was stronger than the ford lol
christopher zingsheim
christopher zingsheim 12 soat oldin
Anyone else see the tires?
christopher zingsheim
christopher zingsheim 12 soat oldin
It took me a sec to notice
John Isaksen
John Isaksen 13 soat oldin
Americans are weird, what’s the point of all of that ?
james buie
james buie 13 soat oldin
I think I'm gonna be sick
skyler kruithoff
skyler kruithoff 13 soat oldin
Is the motor still good
skyler kruithoff
skyler kruithoff 13 soat oldin
Its a ford ittle buff out
Stephen Yukich
Stephen Yukich 13 soat oldin
Gosh you must be haveing a blast doing what you do I used to do the same shit before you tube and all that bull crap 💩 I’m going to go buy a truck and go destroy just for the fun of it fuck yeah I love what you do man I used to do the same shit when I was young it’s so much fun doing that fun stuff I’m going to take a dodge up to the woods and Destroy just for the fun of it fuck yeah
Chris Bellinger
Chris Bellinger 13 soat oldin
You must have been dropped on your head as a baby.
Stephen Yukich
Stephen Yukich 13 soat oldin
Yes yes yes keep tarring shit up love it bro befor you tube and all that bull shit when I was a youngster I used to Destroy the fuck out of trucks and cars Volkswagen bugs I miss doing that fun shit I love watching you do it keep it up
Van Hofeldt
Van Hofeldt 13 soat oldin
Was this the same 79 f250 you used to have?
Robby Morning
Robby Morning 13 soat oldin
For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Romans 10:13) Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God. (James 4:4) The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit. (Psalms 34:18)
Rango Conner
Rango Conner 13 soat oldin
Imagine if you left your phone in there
Jeremiah Johnson
Jeremiah Johnson 13 soat oldin
I got a 93 ford e150 i need the cash im trying to get $1000 for it. After its yours u can do anything u want to it. Ill even drive it to u.
Maina boy
Maina boy 14 soat oldin
crushing the truck is so sadisfieing
Jake Johnson
Jake Johnson 14 soat oldin
How every Ford should look like Garbage
MarcelMello 14 soat oldin
its an f150 custom
aaaaa1957 14 soat oldin
What a waste
Enno VanDam
Enno VanDam 14 soat oldin
it’ll buff out
Alex Snider
Alex Snider 15 soat oldin
That would be a good way to hide a body. Put the body in a truck and crush it with a bulldozer.
Isaac Collazo
Isaac Collazo 15 soat oldin
Yall need a giant hydraulic press
J Karasick
J Karasick 15 soat oldin
Wow impressive not that any moron couldn't do that should have gone for a distance jump do something that that 5 year old shouldn't do ,must be nice to just tear shit up
Boss Carson
Boss Carson 15 soat oldin
Love the content
Themakos GR Themakos
Themakos GR Themakos 15 soat oldin
Intro music ?
D R 15 soat oldin
But why to great vehicles we don't produce anymore? Go "test" drive New cars!
Kevin Hill
Kevin Hill 15 soat oldin
Thats a 150btw
John Galster
John Galster 16 soat oldin
Ask Ryan Upchurch about his Lambo he has been trying to reach out to you!!!
WorkableWax 16 soat oldin
You should get a nice car or truck made for audio and try to make an electrical fire through this type of test
Вася Голубка
Вася Голубка 16 soat oldin
Перевод для України всьо супер но не розумію
Jon Becker
Jon Becker 16 soat oldin
He should send this truck down to the Goonzquad and let them fix it up.
Jerry Cordova
Jerry Cordova 16 soat oldin
I like that it looks like that Ford 9" seems to have held up!
Attila 17 soat oldin
It hurts to watch this.
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