Demi Lovato - Commander In Chief

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Please join me and vote in this year’s election. Visit for more information.
'Commander in Chief’ out now:
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Music video by Demi Lovato performing Commander In Chief. © 2020 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

shilu apte
shilu apte 3 soat oldin
i love demi lovato
Nandoory 3 soat oldin
Reminds me so much of P!
abc d
abc d 3 soat oldin
April Marsters
April Marsters 4 soat oldin
So stupid. 2020
A Dreamer
A Dreamer 4 soat oldin
Nigerian/Indonesian need to blast this song out loud outside of their chief’s house! Malaysian can too!
aishwarya Z
aishwarya Z 4 soat oldin
She is who Candace Owens would call uneducated.
Ehis Friday
Ehis Friday 4 soat oldin
I love this song and right now I think this is what's happening in my country.
Mike Ayala
Mike Ayala 4 soat oldin
Amazing... we love you Demi!!!
Waning Crescent
Waning Crescent 4 soat oldin
This song definitely vibes, I just disagree with her opinion. When are people gonna learn its ok to disagree with others. I am sometimes afraid to state my opinion for fear of persecution. I respect people for their character, not their opinions on other people. This corona virus isn’t a test of how much better one candidate is than another, but it is a test of the American people. We are letting it divide us in ways in which we could’ve never fathomed. Unity is strength. In the days after 911 people rallied with bush, a republican, no matter what party. After Pearl Harbor, people rallied with FDR, a Democrat, no matter what party. Hang tough America
Aaryan_fun _show
Aaryan_fun _show 5 soat oldin
One salute for her
Mariana Gomez
Mariana Gomez 5 soat oldin
♠【foto video】♠ ---------------------------- Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.??
morati mhiko
morati mhiko 5 soat oldin
Love it reminds me of Mr president by Pink ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Del La Hoya
Del La Hoya 5 soat oldin
Where did tight eyez go?
Kiara Peña
Kiara Peña 6 soat oldin
Besides the amazing lyrics and message, kind off topic, but... am I the only one getting Taylor Swift vibes? Specially at the beginning? Such a shock
ncham joseph muam
ncham joseph muam 6 soat oldin
This song is made for Africa. It talks directly to African leaders
Rose UK
Rose UK 6 soat oldin
Amazing music and message!
Dana Jones
Dana Jones 7 soat oldin
Anyone else got Taylor Swift vibes?
Mithilesh Kumar
Mithilesh Kumar 7 soat oldin
Trump 2020
Alyssa Hinson
Alyssa Hinson 7 soat oldin
She is a queen!
Joshua Lopez
Joshua Lopez 7 soat oldin
I swear Hollywood is in Love with Trump, they singing songs to this Man.
Karah Melton
Karah Melton 7 soat oldin
She might have gained weight but y’all she is still beautiful💕She has always been beautiful and always will be💕
osili map
osili map 7 soat oldin
I am honestly overwhelmed listening to this song. What a song at this critical point in our lives. This is a true reflection of our time in this world. This is truely music in the key of live. Gosh,the lyrics, melody and the video composition is fantastic. Great voice complimented great the melody. I have played this track numerous times and haven't gotten tired of it. Thank you so much for this great song that you made. It humbles me.
kuku lele
kuku lele 8 soat oldin
TRUMP 2020
Easterinna Infinity
Easterinna Infinity 8 soat oldin
Willian Will
Willian Will 8 soat oldin
Song beautiful!!💚💚
Mary 8 soat oldin
While the U.S. and South Korea had their first Covid-19 cases and deaths in February, more than 225,000 Americans have died from the virus since then. South Korea, a country of 55 million, has had fewer than 500 deaths. They controlled the virus. The U.S. didn't.
Momma 2mybabies
Momma 2mybabies 8 soat oldin
So beautiful. There is something so attractive about not only your gorgeous voice but the way you carry yourself. I’m not one to “fan,” over anyone but there is something that just draws you to Demi. So grateful that we didn’t lose her to drugs & i really do pray that she is happy & enjoying her life.
Clara Sousa
Clara Sousa 8 soat oldin
tão corajosa, tão forte. tão única. VOZ DA GERAÇÃO!
Clara Sousa
Clara Sousa 8 soat oldin
essa música é tão necessária. Um verdadeiro pisão no pescoço do Tr*mp.
Clara Sousa
Clara Sousa 8 soat oldin
so insane
Clara Sousa
Clara Sousa 8 soat oldin
BRAZIL LUVS YOU!!!! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Clara Sousa
Clara Sousa 8 soat oldin
Clara Sousa
Clara Sousa 8 soat oldin
Clara Sousa
Clara Sousa 8 soat oldin
amazing song, baby
Clara Sousa
Clara Sousa 9 soat oldin
Clara Sousa
Clara Sousa 9 soat oldin
I love u, demii
Clara Sousa
Clara Sousa 9 soat oldin
proud of u, my baby
Oluwaseyi Akindele
Oluwaseyi Akindele 9 soat oldin
Y’all should shut the hell up cos u keep criticizing people for trying to help the world while you sit there doing nothing ,atleast she has achieved something good in life unlike you nobodies that are commenting rubbish🙂
julia. 9 soat oldin
Bolsonaro out
David Mikebanyi
David Mikebanyi 9 soat oldin
Bet she's about to release an album and needed some buzz...
XxThe_Girl_With_No_Name xX
XxThe_Girl_With_No_Name xX 9 soat oldin
I love how she speak the truth it’s not about her brake up it’s not about her life it’s about everyone’s 💙💙
Alberth Molina
Alberth Molina 9 soat oldin
Thank you Lovato, I'm voting Trump.
Kal El
Kal El 9 soat oldin
Imagine getting hit through a building by a maniac and it kills like 30 people and liberals be like END SUPERMAN BRUTALITY
AssyMcgeeKicksAce 9 soat oldin
abc d
abc d 3 soat oldin
@Marlee Elizabeth calm down
Marlee Elizabeth
Marlee Elizabeth 6 soat oldin
Excuse me sir but you do not attack anyone personally especially someone for their weight. If you do attack someone personally, you become fair game. Weight is superficial, but you sir will be stuck with those big Dumbo ears and your funky looking face for the rest of your life.
riverratbond007 9 soat oldin
Don't forget to vote on November 3rd, for the Greatest Modern day President EVER! President Donald J. Trump! MAGA2020!!
Mi nombre es Harry
Mi nombre es Harry 10 soat oldin
Hypocrisy ...
Tom Okila Bruce
Tom Okila Bruce 10 soat oldin
Damn! this world is ripe with some sick talent....
Oliver Uniza
Oliver Uniza 10 soat oldin
She forgot the lyric”I don’t want my kids growing up in a ‘racial jungle’”Joe Biden.
Chelsea Frankel
Chelsea Frankel 10 soat oldin
We love you and this, Demi
Oliver Uniza
Oliver Uniza 10 soat oldin
Who’s here after watching Ben Shapiro on this. Plot twist: She is referring to Biden and Harris if they win.
Harry Adamas
Harry Adamas 11 soat oldin
Seriously, im getting goosebumps 😮
Dryer Machine
Dryer Machine 11 soat oldin
This song is dedicated to the Biden family and the Democrats
Anna Khait
Anna Khait 11 soat oldin
TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸❤️🙏🏻
marlia irawati
marlia irawati 11 soat oldin
demi Im really missing you
Matthew Garnham
Matthew Garnham 11 soat oldin
So conflicted. Im upset about her drug situation and can't move into her new era.
daniel meyberg
daniel meyberg 11 soat oldin
demi lookin kinda fat
Marlee Elizabeth
Marlee Elizabeth 5 soat oldin
Your mouth is looking fat.
Yoancy Guardia
Yoancy Guardia 11 soat oldin
Me equivoqué contigo tú eres de los demócratas comunistas de Biden estaba subcrito a tu canal me salí de tu canal eres Comunistas igual que Biden.TRUMP 2020.
All_you_need_to_kno 12 soat oldin
Michael S
Michael S 12 soat oldin
The very wealthy man before he was President Trump, made lives better for Americans in 3.5 years. That was before the 47 years Joe Biden did nothing but enrich his family.
Alexandria Grace
Alexandria Grace 12 soat oldin
the repubbies in the comment section are presseddddddd like bro, this isn't just applicable to the US, but also many other countries such as NIGERIA
N. S.
N. S. 12 soat oldin
Ok now sing about human trafficking, ped0philia, waiting ....
Steve Miller
Steve Miller 12 soat oldin
Can someone please tell me what our President did so horribly!!
Cadence Handy
Cadence Handy 10 soat oldin
You just don't get it.
Geno wefa
Geno wefa 12 soat oldin
not a great song , i used to like her , but not anymore now
HellRaizer94 Gaming
HellRaizer94 Gaming 12 soat oldin
Not a fan of the song but everyone has a right to voice there opinion
Adrielle Bow Belle
Adrielle Bow Belle 12 soat oldin
so beautiful, inclusive, heartfelt. so happy we still have Demi
Blessing Denis
Blessing Denis 12 soat oldin
This song is for my country Nigerian, it is really a mess
DJ N3XT ONLY 12 soat oldin 🔥🔥🔥🔥lit lit🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥⏩⏩
lala lele
lala lele 12 soat oldin
i love demi lovato before she messed up and shade selena and still the queen consider her as one of the best . what a bitch
Jack Graham
Jack Graham 12 soat oldin
Bro I can’t take this serious after Shapiro 💀💀💀
izikblu 8 soat oldin
Dude I can't take you seriously after Shapiro 💀💀💀
Μίλτος Σ. Αρβανιτάκης
Μίλτος Σ. Αρβανιτάκης 12 soat oldin
45K losers, 325K winners
Arculas Nathaniel
Arculas Nathaniel 12 soat oldin
Blessed is the nation whose God is Lord the people he chose for his inheritance. From heaven Lord looks down and sees all mankind;from his dwe6 place he watches all who live on earth -he form's the hearts of all who consider everything they do No king is saved by the size of his army;no warrior escape by his great strength.
April J
April J 12 soat oldin
Trump should play this song at his rallies.
a c
a c 13 soat oldin
whynot23 24
whynot23 24 13 soat oldin
Trump 2020
Plasmacat Books
Plasmacat Books 13 soat oldin
Now I wanna say I commend her on speaking her opinion a lot of people made. fun of the fact that she had concerns for her career and it is true that. Hollywood and most of the media is left leaning but there are a lot of Right. Wing people out there and would really hate a song about 'orange man bad. So it can hurt her career, how ever the song has a lot of problems let's start with. The first one I don't think trump is selfish I highly doubt someone that's worth . billons of dollars would run for President for money being president is hard . and stressful second he does not take Presidential check and he has lost. Money sense he's been president, and as for the people dying thing trump is . the first President in 30 years not to start a war people act as tho he has some. Kinda magic wand that could make it all go away but he does not its a global. pandemic and sadly people will die, what she means by "how can you sleep . having done the thing he's done' I have no idea what wrong he's done to. America he's done great things are economy has increased by trillions and are unemployment has been at a all time low and he's lowered costs in drugs and made being a teacher a affordable career and is trying to fix are education system and he's modernising are military and he's lowered taxes and regulations so that big and Small businesses could expand he's destroyed isis and fixed are Justice system that had given many primarily blacks unfair sentences and he's trying to stop ilegal immigration witch also primarily affects blacks to put it simply this idea that Trump has done wrong by America is ludicrous what I'm trying to get at is her hate for trump is misplaced or at least if we go off the reasonings in the song of course trump is not perfect by no means
MS555 13 soat oldin
I like Demi but this song is boring Since she has already made a song about her ex fiance
Lilli !
Lilli ! 14 soat oldin
☆ lyrics ☆ [Verse 1] Were you ever taught when you were young If you mess with things selfishly, they're bound to come undone? I'm not the only one That's been affected and resented every story you've spun And I'm a lucky one 'Cause there are people worse off that have suffered enough Haven't they suffered enough? But you can't get enough of Shuttin' down systеms for personal gain Fightin' fires with flyers and prayin' for rain Do you gеt off on pain? We're not pawns in your game [Chorus] Commander in Chief, honestly If I did the things you do I couldn't sleep, seriously Do you even know the truth? We're in a state of crisis, people are dyin' While you line your pockets deep Commander in Chief, how does it feel to still Be able to breathe? [Verse 2] We were taught when we were young If we fight for what's right, there won't be justice for just some Won't give up, stand our ground We'll be in the streets while you're bunkering down Loud and proud, best believe We'll still take a knee while you're [Chorus] Commander in Chief, honestly If I did the things you do I couldn't sleep, seriously Do you even know the truth? We're in a state of crisis, people are dyin' While you line your pockets deep Commander in Chief, how does it feel to still Be able to breathe, breathe? Be able to breathe [Bridge] Won't give up, stand our ground We'll be in the streets while you're bunkering down Won't give up, stand our ground We'll be in the streets while you're [Chorus] Commander in Chief, honestly If I did the things you do I couldn't sleep, seriously Do you even know the truth? We're in a state of crisis, people are dyin' While you line your pockets deep Commander in Chief, how does it feel to still Be able to breathe? Able to breathe
HilarityBribo 14 soat oldin
lol it's hilarious how the left have become professional victims, while in reality Biden and his crime family are the ones lining their pockets.....Trump has done the opposite.
Marlee Elizabeth
Marlee Elizabeth 5 soat oldin
I'm a registered republican. This is the 1st time I have ever voted Democrat. And I feel exactly how the rest of this country feels about Trump right now. I'm an attorney and I'm still furloughed. He has destroyed this economy by encouraging people to not wear masks and spread this virus. There isn't a single person in my family who isn't a physician or an attorney who hasn't been reduced to scraps because of Trump's choices. We are unanimously voting Democratic in this election. He's picked off the very people that make up the Republican party (the people who work their asses off, don't ask for handouts from the government, and in return, the fed government doesn't take 20% of our income.) Why do the billionaires escape taxes like Jeff Besos, Mark Zuckerburg, Warren Buffet, Gates, ect. Why are they exempt?
Linsey Shewmaker
Linsey Shewmaker 14 soat oldin
Demi does it again, just amazing. Speechless. Her songs always bring out the truth. Love that she is using her platform to bring injustices to light. More love for her than ever 💜
Carl Langenscheid
Carl Langenscheid 14 soat oldin
RJ Vick
RJ Vick 14 soat oldin
Dumbest and worst song ever. Go woke, go broke.
Sophie Cabrera
Sophie Cabrera 14 soat oldin
Lame ass song
chinonso onwuharonye
chinonso onwuharonye 14 soat oldin
This song couldn't come at a better time than now...#EndSars#Endpolicebrutality#Endbadgovernanceinnigeria
ibi2001uk 14 soat oldin
Perfect timing for a 🎵 like this
Mnoneleli Soboyisi
Mnoneleli Soboyisi 15 soat oldin
You might also like this one
Nida Naqvi
Nida Naqvi 15 soat oldin
LOVE THIS. real depiction of our country rn. I'm glad the artists are showing this through their talents.
Jessica Robson
Jessica Robson 15 soat oldin
Manuela Bernardes
Manuela Bernardes 15 soat oldin
tsuki 57
tsuki 57 15 soat oldin
Soulfuly Addicted
Soulfuly Addicted 15 soat oldin
You porr thing. If you only knew this election has everything to do with good amd evil. Its warfare sweetie. Something you wouldn't understand. Jesus said let those who have ears hear and eyes see... God is the one in Control. Our president did not bring the plaque. Our president overcame the virus, yet the media controls what you see... your convinced with all the same unintelligent Roderick, you all sound the same. If you only knew... But God He is in control. You wait amd see, Out president will be re-elected 🙏 and maybe then.. maybe then you will see...
yong Klinton
yong Klinton 15 soat oldin
African leaders need to listen to this 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Kristine E
Kristine E 15 soat oldin
To you president duterte
FriscoRiot 15 soat oldin
This is 1 one the stupidest things I've ever seen 😂😂😂 who came from Ben Shapiro's reaction video to this
Keith Runk
Keith Runk 16 soat oldin
Trump is literally the greatest president in recent times. Doing his best with what he's got, Trump2020 here.
Candy The Flower
Candy The Flower 15 soat oldin
Yeah right ....
John Cena
John Cena 16 soat oldin
I’m here after watching Ben Shapiro’s analysis
SheisaQueen xo
SheisaQueen xo 16 soat oldin
This is grotesque. Who else could have a whole song written about how they are a piece of sh**, and have it be morally acceptable? Oh that's right, Donald trump. You are very misinformed on donald trump, demi.
Eric Backstrom
Eric Backstrom 16 soat oldin
I fucking love her.
Danie B
Danie B 16 soat oldin
Great job Demi! Thank you for giving voice to this.
mendozamanny22 16 soat oldin
Eric Gacheru
Eric Gacheru 16 soat oldin
The Kenyan deepstate need a copy of the song ,how does find sleep even after stealing covid money
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