Delivery Apps Screw Over Everyone

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Drew Gooden

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Marcus Dali
Marcus Dali Soat oldin
I think the applications can be open source nationwide and each city restaurant council could manage the project for little cost. Let's say each restaurant pays a percentage of sales or a flat fee. Just thinking
Paweł Klimas
Paweł Klimas 4 soat oldin
A taco Ingredients: $10 Electricity (oven): $3 Electricity (toaster): $5 Electricity (kettle): $7 Electricity (kitchen lights): $4 Electricity (electric car): $10 Tax: $8 Delivery fee: $9 Credit card fee: $1 Gasoline: $5 Meal: $25 Food: $4 Fee: $5 Payment: $50 Tip: $100 Total: $672.38
Rosemary Kaye
Rosemary Kaye 4 soat oldin
I don't do delivered takeaways. We order from a fish and chip restaurant that is very close to us. And at one point ordered from a further fish and chip shop and had to pick it up. Too far to walk without it going cold. It's from the restaurant themselves we do the ordering. So it's just 'order the fish and chips'.
Mark M
Mark M 5 soat oldin
just don't tip
Sameer Malik lee
Sameer Malik lee 6 soat oldin
In india food delivery services are really cheap
Marshon Barrino
Marshon Barrino 12 soat oldin
I worked for DoorDash full time was easily the worst job and most inconsistent paying job I’ve ever had. I only advise to do it part time as in 10hours a week if you wanna build a saving or save up for a trip or special occasion. Because one day you’ll make $20 in 30 min the. The next day $9 in an hour. And get this after all that you you gotta pay back your taxes.
Marshon Barrino
Marshon Barrino 12 soat oldin
I ordered food for 27 but it came up to 41 with a $5 tip
Kieran Kobaissi
Kieran Kobaissi 20 soat oldin
why is your skin so yellow
Aubrey Mcmillan
Aubrey Mcmillan 3 soat oldin
mmddyyyyalphabet 23 soat oldin
Is he teenage John Mulaney?
Mariam D
Mariam D Kun oldin
HAM Incorporated
HAM Incorporated Kun oldin
This video aged like fine wine
Angus Uchiha
Angus Uchiha Kun oldin
Just suck it up, wear a mask, and go to the restaurant yourself. Hell, It might even be close enough to walk to, so now you just burned off some of the calories you'll be eating!
Lorde 22 soat oldin
In Florida, full of anti maskers and crazy people. I don’t think it’s such a great idea to “man up” and risk your life for fast food.
2007Lynx2007 Kun oldin
I've never used any of these apps and don't plan to , however I'm privileged enough to have a vehicle so I can pick it up myself. There's also just eating at home which I do 99% of the time.
The Bronx Boglehead
The Bronx Boglehead Kun oldin
This is the first time I’m ever hearing about post mates.. I would say Uber eats or door dash would the the terms I would use.
Warren Valion
Warren Valion Kun oldin
Why would you ever get delivery when you can get DiGiorno?
Mingze Hong
Mingze Hong Kun oldin
I’m gonna say the unpopular thing here and and say that the “useless middleman” is the one who made the app, runs customer support, pays for their legal team, pays for outreach to restaurants, pays for promotions to get more drivers and runs the company at the end of the day. No one is forcing you to use their service, as a driver myself I think the pay is pretty competitive and also Uber and others don’t even make a profit lol, but again, NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO USE THE SERVICE
kasa Kun oldin
What a surprise, platforms like these thrive on offloading costs to everyone else, all the while taking in massive profits.
E Dab
E Dab Kun oldin
Almost everyone I work with thinks I'm just "being a cheap ass" for not using these delivery services... Nah I just don't wanna pay $18 for a damn $6 meal.
x97sfinest Kun oldin
The point of running in the red for years while spending exorbitantly on marketing/political issues is to most favorably shape the market decades into the future. These companies are all following the Amazon playbook and tbh with how successful its been and Washington's unwillingness to act as any real antimonopoly check currently can you blame them?
Boogie Booty
Boogie Booty Kun oldin
Its honestly better buying for a couple people rather than one to get your most out of what you paid for.
Amin Gould
Amin Gould Kun oldin
Ashley Knauss
Ashley Knauss Kun oldin
i say doordash
Erik Hess
Erik Hess Kun oldin
Came for the wacky clown video stayed for the bonk sound
Emma Melms
Emma Melms Kun oldin
I worked for door dash and would only get $5 an order including what the person tipped, for a while I literally thought people just weren’t tipping me
Jack Kun oldin
lmao i got a door dash ad on this video
Hood Swan
Hood Swan Kun oldin
Uber eats for all of them
Emu 2 kun oldin
I'm curious if Skip The Dishes falls into the same category. I'm sure it does and I don't use delivery services, my parents get it for me 😊🔪
Tura E
Tura E 2 kun oldin
commenting for the last dinosaurs “in a million years”
Mjbgjk Hjjvghj
Mjbgjk Hjjvghj 2 kun oldin
Normally i just say do you want to order some food
Rcasi 2 kun oldin
This popped up on my suggested after I ordered from Grubhub rip
Caitlin Owen
Caitlin Owen 2 kun oldin
door dash is the verb I use
Ama Sad
Ama Sad 2 kun oldin
Thats why i never fall for this scam lol paying 9 dollars for delivery f off
Myles Williams
Myles Williams 2 kun oldin
He sounds like Andrew from Big Mouth
Lisa S
Lisa S 2 kun oldin
I always pay via PayPal and tip in cash. I don't trust those companies to give their drivers their tip
spencer gravatt
spencer gravatt 2 kun oldin
Ur hair sucks
SUOR FRIO 2 kun oldin
Omg Drew! Can you be more quiet? Im trying to read the comments... smh
Dean Friedel
Dean Friedel 2 kun oldin
Heyyy!!! I thought you get hello fresh. Hmmph
Jush 2 kun oldin
I deliver for door dash and it’s a nightmare. You make pocket change from it and it’s terrible. I didn’t know this until after I became a dasher but dashers are considered self employed. When you are self employed you better be ready to set about 30-50% of your earning aside for taxes. And then you prob wanna set half of what you keep aside for gas, and repair for the car. Some days the app will tell me it’s busy but I can sit out in a parking lot with my car running (if it’s hot or cold you have to keep the car on so you don’t freeze or burn up) this can use up about a quarter tank of gas sometimes and then you don’t get an order for about 2 hours and now you’ve lost money. The payout isn’t worth it. Yeah you could prob make a pretty penny if you do all that tax write off and stuff but I’m not educated about that stuff and felt scammed when it was like “it’s an easy job and you can make up to 16$ per hour”. Lastly, and this puts the icing on the cake, you do not get a discount for being a dasher. That should be a given. If door dash is making more than me and the restaurant combined off of one order, I should be able to get a free dash pass. Oh well..
Link On
Link On 2 kun oldin
is that a last dinosaurs album in the back?? 👀👀 good man. in a million years is fantastic 🔥
Sarah Weaver
Sarah Weaver 2 kun oldin
I use doordash as my verb, but i also use door dash. Lol
Lane Sandburg
Lane Sandburg 2 kun oldin
we use a "local" delivery app called chomp I think its mostly Midwest but not 100% sure
lol yuri
lol yuri 2 kun oldin
I used DoorDash for the first time a few months back and they messed up my order. They didn’t bring me the 2nd pizza I ordered for so I wrote them an email about it. Instead of refunding me for the pizza I didn’t receive they gave like $7 in-app credit. Like??? HOW? I was angry and asked for the refund on the pizza and they gave it to me without question lmao
Danny Coffey
Danny Coffey 2 kun oldin
the "out of stock" thing is actually not true... restaurants have a tablet that they can control their availability from and they should keep it up to date based on what is sold out so customers can't order it.
Ben B
Ben B 2 kun oldin
I got an ad for DoorDash too
Rachel Koch
Rachel Koch 2 kun oldin
I saw a DoorDash ad right before this video 😂
Bernardo Bretas
Bernardo Bretas 3 kun oldin
I had never heard of a “small cart fee” that sounds absurd to me
Stefan Tkalcic
Stefan Tkalcic 3 kun oldin
In my house it's "What do you want to order?" or "Let's order Cosmic"
Austin And Lucas's Channel
Austin And Lucas's Channel 3 kun oldin
Before this video i got an ad for doordash
Nancy Ramos
Nancy Ramos 3 kun oldin
i say i’m gonna postmates or uber some food. lol. even though i mostly use ubereats and doordash.
Taco Loco
Taco Loco 3 kun oldin
We have SkipTheDishes in Canada so the verb is Skip like “do you want to skip some taco’s”
Sir Platypus
Sir Platypus 3 kun oldin
I got a doordash ad right before this
Nobody Important
Nobody Important 3 kun oldin
I always knew this was a meme but it’s sad to see this is the truth lol
Dr0pkidd 3 kun oldin
I stopped using food delivery apps. If I can't go get it in person I'll just cook something.
Gracie Alexa
Gracie Alexa 3 kun oldin
I got a door dash ad before this video
Soulxtrp 3 kun oldin
you do realize that these companies can say theyre losing thousands of dollars on paper, but in reality they’re not losing anything at all? HELLO?? it’s called pay less taxes!
Paige Arnold
Paige Arnold 3 kun oldin
As someone who lives in rural areas, none of these apps work. Even if they did, the payment would be outrageous, cause they would have to travel up to 10 extra miles to get to certain locations.
rustle 3 kun oldin
my mr beast burger was 20 bucks i’ll pass
Dylan O Brien
Dylan O Brien 3 kun oldin
In Ireland you just pay for delivery. Some stores have minimum orders to make it worth their time but for the most part it's fine.
Chip 3 kun oldin
My first day working for DD I had to pick up 9 items for two different people from Papa John's. Bad example but I thought Papa John's had delivery people already?
Sir Loin
Sir Loin 3 kun oldin
Convenance is king, used to be cash... wtf happened to us?
PUBG Gaming
PUBG Gaming 3 kun oldin
The reason they reported 150 million loss, is because they intentionally lose money so when they start making more money, they can report the losses and either pay no taxes, or pay in a lower tax bracket
Brotally 3 kun oldin
These big gig companies have almost unlimited money behind them. The loss they make each year doesn't matter to them because they want to get a big a market share as possible.
Greater Shedu
Greater Shedu 3 kun oldin
Quick life hack for using Instacart (not mentioned in the video) for buying groceries. Approve item replacements and complain for not getting the item you wanted and they give you the money back and you still get the thing. boom
blueiguana 3 kun oldin
He predicted Grubhub
Cheese 3 kun oldin
Hey Danny
Jake Hall
Jake Hall 3 kun oldin
We already live in a corporate dystopia. Shit is crazy
•GHoST GIRL• 3 kun oldin
I got a doordash ad-
Ace Kenshader
Ace Kenshader 3 kun oldin
The fact that Californian voters passed Proposition 22 is just absolutely insane.
M1 A1
M1 A1 3 kun oldin
I haven’t watched this video yet and I’m commenting because I agree. There’s no economical benefit to the customer by adding an for profit business in between the customer and the business. Direct to consumer is always gonna be the cheapest. Plus most food is gross delivered. Your food will be sitting from 20-40 average before you get it. Plus plus do you really think the person driving a 2010 Honda with different color doors and a fart muffler, making 8hr isn’t gonna eat at least one of your fries? Give it a year, all these companies will be gone.
rinnychan8 3 kun oldin
as the daughter of two restaurant owners, YES: people keep blaming the restaurant for delivery issues when they have literally NOTHING to do with us except when we just give them the food the customer ordered. CALL THE THIRD PARTY FOR THE REFUND, NOT THE RESTAURANT.
Videos And Stuff
Videos And Stuff 3 kun oldin
( 2:12 ) you missed a pun. you coulda said "but wishes dont always come drew" inatead of true get it? cuz ur name is close to true? lmao
Lucy Myers
Lucy Myers 3 kun oldin
As a dasher I get $3 for driving 10 miles in the wrong direction because the address only said 1123.
Ridley Scheuerman
Ridley Scheuerman 3 kun oldin
I got a doordash add while watching this
Lolz 3 kun oldin
Title Should be Delivery Apps are game changing for businesses making ends meet
Jäger From GSG9
Jäger From GSG9 3 kun oldin
I work in a restaurant and we used to have all of the big delivery apps but are down to one because they screw toy over so much.
Wgbee 4 kun oldin
Icyboi 2.0
Icyboi 2.0 4 kun oldin
SashasGuitar Covers
SashasGuitar Covers 4 kun oldin
A problem I’ve had with doordash is that I could be within range of a restaurant (5 miles or less) and the app or the website would tell me I was out of range. I have no idea how that could be possible especially when a restaurant from 8 or so miles away from where I live is available for delivery.
Luis Portillo
Luis Portillo 4 kun oldin
Me: *Randomly Clicks On This Video* Ad: *Download doordash* Me: *visible confusion*
Ryan Alles
Ryan Alles 4 kun oldin
I'm a shift manager at a Noodles & Company and I cannot TELL you how many calls we get on a regular basis from the customer blaming US for the fact that their DoorDash food wasn't treated properly, even though we are super busy on a regular basis and it's not our fault that the incompetent delivery person couldn't deliver to the right address
Connor Baldwin
Connor Baldwin 4 kun oldin
I work at a restaurant that uses all the major delivery apps and it’s such a headache, everything said in this video is so true
MRAOISAE 4 kun oldin
lets talk about the Chicago fee
E D 4 kun oldin
Doordash sucks... don’t use that one. You’ve been warned
Amadeusisme 4 kun oldin
I used to work at a sushi place and did delivery for them. Loved the sushi and all the food they’d make but honestly having 2 different delivery app services really fucked us. Couldn’t make a profit when you’re paying people like delivery drivers that aren’t getting deliveries because there’s 5 orders up for UberEats drivers.
Chris Bishop
Chris Bishop 4 kun oldin
I am a normal person who speaks proper English so to answer your question, I say: “I ordered from domino’s”
The Mad Titan
The Mad Titan 4 kun oldin
What really baffled me when I worked at round table was why anyone would ever order through grub hub or doordash, when we have delivery already. Basically they were paying another 10$ or so for no reason whatsoever
Giselle Cabrera
Giselle Cabrera 4 kun oldin
Gotta make sure those fees go to GrubHub first before any of it goes to the restaurants/employees who deliver
Robert-LEAFS 4 kun oldin
They don't screw over me as a consumer and therefore i do not care but stay woke bro
lottie Kat
lottie Kat 4 kun oldin
we 'Deliveroo' things
A Von
A Von 4 kun oldin
The way he talks about this is really interesting yet why am I listening to this
Kelimanjaro 4 kun oldin
In Europe we have Take Away taking over everything.
Brenda Asbury
Brenda Asbury 4 kun oldin
Pizza huts app is pretty convenient
Brenda Asbury
Brenda Asbury 4 kun oldin
Haha, they aren't available in my area.....
Paige Arnold
Paige Arnold 3 kun oldin
As someone who lives in rural areas, none of these apps work. Even if they did, the payment would be outrageous, cause they would have to travel up to 10 extra miles to get to certain locations.
GAURAV SHARMA 4 kun oldin
michael walker
michael walker 4 kun oldin
Ur speaking Great here. In the world ❤ 🌎 ✨ ♥ I live in, yeah safty first by abide by YOUR cities restrictions. Some don't live in whatever concrete jungle u inhabit, n I feel for you but really, if you can get off ur as n pick it up,n u order locally help the small restaurant not a franchise thats been bought out n grouped in with 8 other restaurants owned by one person. I have a hard time feeling for them when all they do now n for a long time, long before delivery apps, they f up or pass off old food. I know a lot of horror stories from American fast food. Here's a little food for thought, too bell uses grade d meat, same meat delegated for dog food n meat filler. Know what ur eating , n what u may think is healthy n fresh, marketing is what ur paying for, theres no such thing as quality, unless u pay out the ass, aka Mary browns franchise in Canada n Swiss Chalet have the chicken monopoly up here, all other sources r inferior to these two,yet it cost a small fortune for parts of the chicken bk in the 60s, *generation wastful* right after generation kill. The United States hasn't had a real president with his own unobstructable agenda determination n fortitude get u shot in the head ridding inur car with the top down cruising Dallas. #JFK
30xBlank 4 kun oldin
Absolute legend. They are thieves. I used to work at a Yiros shop and my boss got a call and she got absolutely abused. People don't think that your actually purchasing your meals from third party apps and just blame the restaurant
bigman dex the 2nd
bigman dex the 2nd 4 kun oldin
Kiana Baker
Kiana Baker 4 kun oldin
this needs to be more widely talked about, it’s such an important thing but we don’t even realize it’s happening
Colin Steadland
Colin Steadland 4 kun oldin
I worked at Pizza Hut for 4 years and chanticlear pizza for almost a year. I've been doing doordash for almost a year as well now, and honestly I prefer it over traditional delivery driving. But that's just me 🤷‍♂️
lu 4 kun oldin
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