Cybertruck E1 - Body Structure Comparison

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Episode 1: The first episode of the Cybertruck Competitive Comparison Series from MunroLive. Sandy gives his overview of the exterior body including thoughts on the geometry, material selection and tooling implications. Sandy ends the video with a some thoughts about each competitive truck's strategy. Please tune in every Wednesday to follow along as Sandy reviews a different area of the Cybertruck. Next week Sandy will discuss Suspension, Ride, & Handling.
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RMO19RMO43 2 kun oldin
=====I am a 77 year old geek with a 30 year old brain. Professionally i am a patent lawyer / inventor. At first I hated the cybertruck. Now I love it. Already I will be filing a patent application for an invention that will extend the range of the truck.=====
L L 2 kun oldin
Tesla cars are heavy and useless, with the same money there are great options on the market
L L 2 kun oldin
Welcome to ---Ilan Mask--- (Tesla) dvertising channel
Reggie Gabriel
Reggie Gabriel 3 kun oldin
I started chuckling when you mentioned the lines cant be masculine cause of political correctness.
Joshua King
Joshua King 5 kun oldin
Why is this dude wearing a mask lol? Wtf
Florencio Vela
Florencio Vela 5 kun oldin
TESLA has been the leader in EV & SpaceX, StarShip, Boring, StarLink self driving ev cars & +GREENER earth more to come, I've ordered the tri motor cybertruck fsd. not to mention the TSLA STOCK
Curve Quest
Curve Quest 5 kun oldin
I have for 40 years worked with Ford and GM. Ford is without a doubt the best overall like truck. We routinely run them over 400000 miles. Since 2002 I drive only Honda. These Tesla trucks will not work in 24 hour fleet service. We would not have enough parking and charging capacity. They are ugly and impractical for working trucks. Don’t get me wrong I like electric cars. We had them at work. I drive two hybrids. My boss at work has a model S. I found it to be unrefined in comparison to my Clarity PHEV. It does have a nice pad built in though. I used to be a Ford guy. I worked for Ford and so did my dad. I like you videos. Thanks
Oleg Pisarenkov
Oleg Pisarenkov 9 kun oldin
no over-bend - no straighten))
John Doe
John Doe 12 kun oldin
I heard you can't recycle carbon fiber . At all . Once made it doesn't degrade , you can't burn it or chemically destroy it .
Joe O
Joe O 23 kun oldin
A carbon fiber bed will require super expensive repairs if gouged. It is better material on the roof and hood
Karl-Petter Tveit Fåland
Karl-Petter Tveit Fåland 27 kun oldin
Hey, Sandy! Big fan of your technical, but thoroughly explained talks. Not sure if you respond in the comment section, but if you do, here's a question: There was some talk about the Cybertruck possibly not making it to the streets, as is, due to it's sharp lines being too dangerous for pedestrians (in cases of hitting a pedestrian). What are your comments on that? To be clear, I'd love to have the Cybertruck on the streets as it is, and I fear that a safety redesign, a softer design, if you like, would make it less appealing.
Professor Krieger
Professor Krieger 28 kun oldin
The cyber truck is going to kill all that monkey business. :)
Martin Kaufmann
Martin Kaufmann 29 kun oldin
Silly mask
Diodorus b
Diodorus b Oy oldin
If you don't want call it ugly, you say it's polarizing.👍
WolfsburgWarehouse Oy oldin
How Changing The Definition Of "Pandemic" Altered Our World
M Qi
M Qi Oy oldin
Your media driven Hollywood scripted virus mask sucks!!!
Jay Jay
Jay Jay Oy oldin
Hi Sandy, great video. I'm curious what your thoughts are on the idea of casting the Cybertruck exoskeleton? Is it possible in the way they're casting the aluminum rear and front under body of the Y? I'm no metals expert, so I have zero idea how feasible it is with stainless steel. But their patent on the casting machine makes me think this is a possibility.
Lucus Kane
Lucus Kane Oy oldin
Informative, thanks for sharing
Frank Bonilla
Frank Bonilla Oy oldin
EXCELLENT video! Thank you.
Munro Live
Munro Live Oy oldin
Thanks Frank.
LIFE IN SPEED Mike Angels 2 oy oldin
Ok things happens in life, how budy shops will fix it after accidents? On regular trucks we just change some parts and good to go on cyber truck there is no way to replace parts!
Alex Jackson
Alex Jackson 2 oy oldin
So Sandy, what if customers don't want to wear damage to the body as a "badge of honour"? Fixing them will be very difficult and expensive? What about more significant accidents where fenders/guards etc need to be replaced?
Kenneth Miller
Kenneth Miller 2 oy oldin
Get that stupid mask off your face for a video with only a camera man. What is wrong with you? I lost all respect!
robinjoe1 2 oy oldin
How do you fix it if you have a wreck?
Avcs 2 oy oldin
Latitude: 75.38976, Longitude: 142.47817, Distortion: 15.72
TMB247 2 oy oldin
I don't understand the FUCKING MASK ya FUCKING IDIOT (You know I'm Right)
#buzzofftoxic Blog
#buzzofftoxic Blog 2 oy oldin
Subscribed and 🔔 Munro Live me 1 thing to do STOP burning toxic locked in carbon fossil fuel 💀 Run my old 1970 TDI Landy ice on plant based fuel. YES good news is great at this time. Gives me hope that we will save our world build a system that works for all life on Earth...Buzzing off burning fossil fuel or end in death to all life time to end the ice toxic fossil age #buzzofftoxic #nonprofitleadership #ClimateChange
#buzzofftoxic Blog
#buzzofftoxic Blog 2 oy oldin
Finally found your station your best. #buzzofftoxic #nonprofitleadership #ClimateChange
Brian Meinhardt Rogue Fish Transport
Brian Meinhardt Rogue Fish Transport 2 oy oldin
Thank you guys! Could you show locations that are safe to weld roof racks too?
James Davies
James Davies 2 oy oldin
Dents and holes can't be fixed with filler without paint
nazeer a
nazeer a 2 oy oldin
Munro: "I worked on the DMC DeLorean" OMG
Norbi Bajgyik
Norbi Bajgyik 2 oy oldin
Hi Mr Munro, I would love to hear your opinion on the supercharger ban for a salvage title tsla. It is all nice but if you have a damn scratch on it the insurance will be so quick to salvage it than you end up having big pile of really modern,expensive,strong junk.
jackthegamer 2 oy oldin
honestly, tesla just hit everyone in the face with the cybertruck just to showcase how unneccesairly complexe we have become with cars manufacturing in general, i can say that security is important but...when you realise that most cars today are coming with A/C, electric windows and all sort of electronics ALL INCLUDED rather than as a add-on, you can understand how much cars prices went up quickly
Roland Lawrence
Roland Lawrence 2 oy oldin
could you not hot press the stainless steel?
Paul Krumenacker
Paul Krumenacker 2 oy oldin
Why are you wearing a mask you poser?.... there’s no one within 6 feet of you? You’re making a video... have the camera person wear one and stop the “Biden type Pandering” ... so fake and annoying.
einfussganger 2 oy oldin
Lost me with the goofy mask.
D Momcilovic
D Momcilovic 2 oy oldin
Straight out the spray boot with your mask ??
Sam Rodriguez
Sam Rodriguez 2 oy oldin
I friggin LOVE THIS GUY! Someone who knows what the hell he’s talking about!
Daniel Bosoc
Daniel Bosoc 2 oy oldin
I like the Tesla truck, it looks like a trusty tool, no frills.
connorandchloe 2 oy oldin
Why are you wearing a mask with no one around you? Other than that, thanks for the info!
Thoracius Appotite
Thoracius Appotite 2 oy oldin
Why does Tesla use the word "exoskeleton" instead of the existing word for this, which is "monocoque"?
Huw Williams
Huw Williams 2 oy oldin
Body geometry? Here goes… It leads to a lack of rear headroom. Tub sides are too high to reach anything from the side, especially at the front of the loadbed. Slab sides with body panels that lack contour will probably drum excessively and dent very very easily and be difficult to repair. Windscreen raked at an extreme angle that will cause glare, refections inside and excessive cabin heat in Summer. Rearward visibility is limited to near zero using the windscreen mirror, thus making a rear facing camera and windscreen monitor essential. Conventional body on frame allows a separate tub which itself allows different configurations, wheelbases and cabin sizes using common parts as much as possible. Impossible to remove rear load tub to repair or replace or sell as a truck-cab for custom equipment/body installations such as tipper bodies or drop-sides. It is likely that stainless steel used as a monocoque structural chassis where the body itself is essential to its stiffness means that it will be prone to stress-crack in arduous work. It is so ugly that ongoing sales, after the initial flurry, are unlikely to be high. Initial demand is likely to be short-lived. Its geometry is a pretentious load of balls and most buyers worldwide wouldn't be seen dead in such a 'hairdressers' truck. This is going head to head with real trucks and it stands out as being a pretentious toy, not suitable or versatile enough for the commercial work environment. It will be 'cheap' to build but will it be cheap to buy? I somehow doubt it.
Murray Polisky
Murray Polisky 2 oy oldin
This is an excellent video. Learnt a lot. Great analysis and comparison. My take away is I don’t want to be a first generation Cybertruck owner. Maybe I’ll wait a few generations until they work the kinks out.
Patriot1776 2 oy oldin
Ya I’m obsessed. I put my deposit down the week it came out
Gary Itano
Gary Itano 2 oy oldin
What are the chances the (a future) CyberTruck uses a stamped (slightly) curved (ala StarShip nose come plane forms) surface steel exoskeletons for a more aerodynamic & aesthetic profile? (P.S. I used to work at the old SPS Western bending lots of stuff from aluminum trims (1000/hr) to heavy steel table tops (60/hr), so I get the die strike bit. P.P.S. My super was missing a finger & his boss, a couple! Real glad they moved me to fork truck, before finally kiester kicking me out soon after I started talking union. Haha, did me a big favor.)
Dusan Skacel
Dusan Skacel 2 oy oldin
I am just wondering why are you wearing a mask? You know you can't get covid through the internet, right?
Kevin Dickson
Kevin Dickson 2 oy oldin
Since the frame is on the exterior any collision will bend the frame. Lotus learned this with the Europa series 1 that it was unrepairable after any collision.
Landscaping Specialist
Landscaping Specialist 2 oy oldin
Robots like TIG. Hmmm 🤔 Learn something new every day.
Manuel Novo
Manuel Novo 3 oy oldin
you don't have to wear a mask in these videos
Max Novakovics
Max Novakovics 3 oy oldin
11:45 "tig is tough for operators" Not trying to get into it but clearly the words of an engineer..
Rick larouche
Rick larouche 3 oy oldin
Why is this guy wearing a mask? 🥴
Mitchell Stiles
Mitchell Stiles 3 oy oldin
Dude take the stupid mask off
Michael Crumpton
Michael Crumpton 3 oy oldin
I always figured all the curves in regular cars and trucks were to give the thin metal some rigidity. A thin flat sheet of steel is very floppy, but if you put a compound curve into it stiffens up a lot. I remember seeing a study from a few decades ago that showed that many cars were more aerodynamic if they were going backwards.
some spread lies others know the truth who is who ?
some spread lies others know the truth who is who ? 3 oy oldin
What the fuck do you look like in the mask ,get a grip , or are you paid to wear it?
Safe Surfing
Safe Surfing 3 oy oldin
If this launches in australia im getting one!!!
Yuh Chuang
Yuh Chuang 3 oy oldin
Fixing a scratch or dent on the Cybertruck is going to cost huge sums of money, compared to easily swapping out a mass produced fender on a regular car. Lets just say having a scratch or dent on your car is a good thing now and is desirable.
Philip Turner
Philip Turner 3 oy oldin
why on earth are you wearing that ridiculous mask????????? covid 19 isn't even dangerous, and masks are unhygenic and don't do any good.
William Goode
William Goode 3 oy oldin
16:20 Al-Li alloy suffers from corrosion
William Goode
William Goode 3 oy oldin
Sandy; do you remember when the American Business Mantra was built in obsolescence, till China was able to get ahead and turn it around on them, when we ran washing machines and cars, hit, so premature rubber hardening, cracking, and altogether, failure occurred, it is vital we run things cool if they include rubber.
William Goode
William Goode 3 oy oldin
14:00 slightly concerned not how little it is affected by a wayward shopping trolley, but damage it itself would inflict on others, would not a crumple zone be good or is that internalised ?
PenkillerDIY 3 oy oldin
My land Cruiser has all kinds of pride badges as well as my Jeep before it. This is bold and brave statement from a serious man from the industry. Clever and practical. Just the truth.
Bill Dailey, MD, MSEng, MSMI
Bill Dailey, MD, MSEng, MSMI 3 oy oldin
punch, laser score and fold. Origami truck.
Frank S. Garcia
Frank S. Garcia 3 oy oldin
It's like a Ford Pinto or a Vega ,but Electric! It's kind of Ugly!!!
Viktor Stehachov
Viktor Stehachov 3 oy oldin
carbon fiber can't be recycled as easily as aluminum. So I would prefer aluminum. Hope Mask thinks the same.
David Earnest
David Earnest 3 oy oldin
Can you hydro-form 30x?
Bryce Burnet
Bryce Burnet 3 oy oldin
From what I understand if crashing head on the hood needs too crush in kind of like a cushion. Do you know anything about how that works on the Cyber Truck?
glmoore001 3 oy oldin
Once you are in a collision, what is it going to take to repair the truck? Are we modular enough and are the repairs inexpensive enough to replace parts without a small accident totaling the vehicle?
Robert Buglio
Robert Buglio 3 oy oldin
The bed seems almost use less 4'×8' plywood fit do they have that size bed just like the avalanch.its might be nice to drive it's doesn't seem to be a useable work truck.
Othoap Proto
Othoap Proto 3 oy oldin
Cybertruck looks like a bad sketch by a bored kid is his history book. Who needs balance or proportions.
Wendello Tanael
Wendello Tanael 3 oy oldin
I’m thinking of a car wrap. Will that hold in the hot AZ weather? Stainless steel+ car wrap?
Ferdinand Calamba
Ferdinand Calamba 3 oy oldin
The Cybertruck is like something you would see in a Tron movie.
Katie Greene
Katie Greene 3 oy oldin
Will a wrap work on stainless vs paint?
Katie Greene
Katie Greene 3 oy oldin
Could stainless steel be successfully stamped if it was preheated first? Or vibrated at a specific frequency during stamping?
Saxxonknight 3 oy oldin
I remain out on the fence on this vehicle. I may get one, but as a 6 passenger ATV not as something to work with. I was disappointed last year having waited 2 years for the unveiling of Tesla's truck in replacing my aging 3/4 ton that was dying towing my backhoe & trailer. As a consequence, I just bought a 2020 Ram 3500 4x4 dually for that. With its 35k towing capacity it can do what the Cybertruck can't even dream of. My other concerns with the CT as a work truck is lack of options for a long bed or dual rear wheels (which basically rounds back to towing). The angular sides prevent the carry of a load bridging the bed, something I've had to do many times carrying a tractor implement on a pallet bridged across the bed rails because its too wide to fit inside. 8ft long bed is a must for many work trucks, long loads can only have so much legal overhang. The problem in the design is its lack of modularity to accommodate buyers who would want those things, whereas the traditional Big 3 models are all available in a wide range of variance in capacity vs price. My last concern has to do with the exoskeleton durability under accident conditions. Presumably its hard steel exterior will shrug off a fender bender. However, inertia and its energy rule the day. You can get into a fender bender with a regular car or truck and come away drivable even though there is $1k's in cosmetic damage. A fender bender with a Hyundai and a Cybertruck will likely badly wreck the Hyundai much worse for the impact, but if even part of that nets a yield in the Cybertruck exoskeleton - your totaled, the frame is bent.
Toefoo100 3 oy oldin
"stamping dies don't work with stainless steel" just get a bigger press, I wonder if the 80k ton press works?
zoran galof
zoran galof 3 oy oldin
how can someone measure a vehicle he hasn't even seen. sorry but it's stuffing into the void. when the Tesla cybertruck is on the market, then do the measurement sry bro this is WTF
RandomTechS@#T 3 oy oldin
What a previlige
Nicolas Nelson
Nicolas Nelson 3 oy oldin
Love the muzak during the tangent illustrations (like the stamping dies) ;-)
tlowee 3 oy oldin
In depth yet accessible relevant information. Thanks Munro Live team!
Brad H
Brad H 3 oy oldin
So happy I found this channel! Very interesting and love the engineering review on each product or system talked about.
Julie Preston
Julie Preston 3 oy oldin
Please don’t wear a mask, Sandy- we cannot read your lips and it muffles your words. Thank you!
Vlad Alexander
Vlad Alexander 3 oy oldin
I still would want a gas motor on it just on case so I can actually go off-road ,,I love the design but a fender bender may just cost too much$$$ if the body is the frame that car will be salvage title after the first fender bender.
No Username
No Username 3 oy oldin
Crumple zone? Never heard of it
The Dude
The Dude 3 oy oldin
Design is far out . It’s not my cup of tea.
Mark Hooker
Mark Hooker 3 oy oldin
The sharp edges of the Cybertruck will be bad for aerodynamics.
Mark Hooker
Mark Hooker 3 oy oldin
@Manraj Gill I'm doubtful about that. Small radiuses (like the kind produced by sharp edges) force the airflow to accelerate tremendously. This causes the adjacent airflow to trip into turbulence, which increases drag a lot.
Manraj Gill
Manraj Gill 3 oy oldin
its more aerodynamic than any pick up truck on the market today
JR 3 oy oldin
Perfect truck to defend off rioters
Tellim Hacim
Tellim Hacim 3 oy oldin
Sandy, I don't think you need that face mask for a video
Spirit Level Studios
Spirit Level Studios 3 oy oldin
“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” - Leonardo da Vinci
Viral Trending
Viral Trending 3 oy oldin
thanks for the info.. i learned alot...
Shawn Reynolds
Shawn Reynolds 3 oy oldin
Ordering mine in 2 weeks when I get paid and I like the stainless look but I may do a wrap on mine in blue or black no paint no problems
Rascal Minihan
Rascal Minihan 3 oy oldin
Are there two inverters on all Tesla vehicles: one for drive motors and one to charge the battery?
Rascal Minihan
Rascal Minihan 3 oy oldin
Where can I ask Tesla directly, technical questions on their products (specifically regarding Cybertrucks and Powerpacks)?
Shandor 3 oy oldin
Excellent elucidation of Musk's intentions and solutions. What's that great jazz!?
Ed Sunderland
Ed Sunderland 3 oy oldin
I use a truck every day. It's a work truck. A 2003 F-150 I don't worry about getting a scratch or paint transfer from materials I throw into it each day. What I don't see in this new truck is utility, I already have some trouble reaching into the box behind the cab to grab material or tools. Being a 4x4 this also raised the frame a bit and also makes getting into the back a little more difficult. I like to be able to easily slide 4' x 8' pieces of siding or other material in and out. I also use the bed and gate in the down position as a table to mix paint, cut lumber, and other tasks. A truck is asked to do a lot but what I don't see in this truck is a utility that I would need currently. It might be good for other uses.
Manraj Gill
Manraj Gill 3 oy oldin
The CT has airbags that lower the rear side so the bed is more accessible for loading, and you can lower the back gate just as any other truck today
Anthony Warner
Anthony Warner 3 oy oldin
Sandy is the best professor for auto shop.
I.L Investing
I.L Investing 3 oy oldin
One of the benefits I gonna love with the CyberTruck is no more hail damage.
whatdaheck 4 oy oldin
the ramblings of someone full of sh!t to explain an ugly ass vehical that won't function as a truck
Craig 4 oy oldin
You making this with a mask on.... Idoit
Manraj Gill
Manraj Gill 3 oy oldin
Akar md It
Akar md It 4 oy oldin
if numbers have analytics ... sandy is the 1 to go ask to indeed kudos T [spaceX just launched another falcon and back today though 18sep2020]
Miguel Rezende
Miguel Rezende 4 oy oldin
What about accommodating the European Laws n front impact where the car or truck needs to reduce the impact by retracting to absorb the impact, how will that pull that off?
Gustav Derkits
Gustav Derkits 4 oy oldin
As someone who once operated a press brake and who preached reduction of parts and operations for years to deaf designers as the only way to simultaneously reduce costs, decrease time to market, and increase reliability, I can only applaud Tesla for making a true future truck, even without considering the EV.
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