Cyberpunk 2077: The Story So Far

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Cyberpunk 2077 may be the first video game adaptation, but there's nearly 100 years of in-game Cyberpunk lore to dig into before even setting foot in CD Projekt Red's take on the dark future. Read the full detailed lore explainer on IGN:
The Cyberpunk 2077 story starts way before we saw the first Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay or heard any Cyberpunk 2077 news a few E3's ago. CDPR's adaption of the cyberpunk tabletop RPG goes way back beyond all the rumors of Cyberpunk 2077 on PS5 or Xbox Series X or S, or even the PS4 and Xbox One for that matter.
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Zedave2060 14 kun oldin
Zedave2060 14 kun oldin
You read the last cyber seeburh
Adan Gameplay
Adan Gameplay 20 kun oldin
I just used a sword on Adam Smasher on the game with no Guns
Lordlexluthor 12 kun oldin
I easily killed him with the mantis blades
pancon5 20 kun oldin
Very nice recap!
Francesco Fichera
Francesco Fichera 22 kun oldin
Wow,it hurts to see all these people excited for cyberpunk 1 month ago
Youtube Emperor of Mankind
Youtube Emperor of Mankind 24 kun oldin
Crunchyroll is doing this way better than you
JorelTTV Oy oldin
So to anyone whose finished the game i got 2 main questions floating in my head Why do the memories we saw of Johnny at the arasaka raid look like its supposed to be Blackhands memories and also why do certain characters thats supposed to be like 80 years old look like theyre 30 lol
Samuel Ling
Samuel Ling Oy oldin
Irzam Ilham
Irzam Ilham Oy oldin
I thought this was a new song from story so far :(
uiL Oy oldin
if you guys want to see the COMPLETE SECRET ENDING, I recorded it (2 endings) and posted in my channel. Even made a playlist. Check it out cya
Rita Sverebaite
Rita Sverebaite Oy oldin
how about russia europe and asia?
Ananth Sundaram
Ananth Sundaram Oy oldin
this so more important than homework
Miftah J
Miftah J Oy oldin
suaranya enak bgt buat jadi komentator
Scott Yoshihara
Scott Yoshihara Oy oldin
From what it looks like Night City is in Nevada or Northern California from the intro
crazyjdavola Oy oldin
This game doesn't sound interesting
Shranik Dua
Shranik Dua Oy oldin
Its so complicated
RD Parialated
RD Parialated Oy oldin
Kudos for the glitchy looking frame when switching back to the explainer in chief... Well done!
swordofornias Oy oldin
Jee, playing this game is like doing homework.
Koen Hoekstra
Koen Hoekstra Oy oldin
Love the video! Thanks for making this, but you talk so fast. I have to play parts of the video over and over again XD
Derek Winter
Derek Winter Oy oldin
I’ve played for a few hours now and I have to say this game is boring as hell. Constant storyline and no free roam. Hope the whole game isn’t like this otherwise it was a waste of 💰
Nuka Gaming
Nuka Gaming Oy oldin
@Derek Winter never had that happen, but after the prologue ends you can choose to do whatever you wamt, just track a different quest
Derek Winter
Derek Winter Oy oldin
And what’s with the guns? One minute you have it and the next you just can’t pull it out and shoot when there are enemies literally shooting you lol. Go home to my stash and equip weapons but then don’t have them when I leave 🤷🏽‍♂️
Xavier Molina
Xavier Molina Oy oldin
The best video I’ve seen on this topic. 👍🏼
2chin Oy oldin
didnt know this game was non-fiction
Rhino Oy oldin
LOL. California secedes from the US to become a "free state". Literally the exact opposite of what they actually are.
Miguel A.
Miguel A. Oy oldin
Well what did y’all expect from a game that has literally been in production for seven years??? These graphics are so terrible. Cyberpunk 2077 & watch dogs legion were two games I was so hype about but honestly both of them were such a disappointment. 👎🏼
Seefahrerkatzi Oy oldin
The most unrealistic thing in this story is that the EU gets seemingly more powerful than China.
John Carlo G. Villamor
John Carlo G. Villamor Oy oldin
Imagine everyone jacked up and fully buffed then the ETs landed
Alfierock124 Oy oldin
super mario bros 35
l'éléphant rouge
l'éléphant rouge Oy oldin
Sooo... its like 2020 but with body mods?
Bradley Uphold
Bradley Uphold Oy oldin
Hades. Always Hades.
Skip J
Skip J Oy oldin
This is so great. I am writing an essay on Transhumanism, and this is great for ideas.
Akovor Oy oldin
Igor Leszczyński
Igor Leszczyński Oy oldin
I feel like its too overhyped.
Sandro da Rimini
Sandro da Rimini Oy oldin
I prefer DEEP open rpg then LARGE. If it's deep and large even better :)
Yannis Andrei
Yannis Andrei Oy oldin
Trey Celaya
Trey Celaya Oy oldin
I thought Taco Bell won the franchise wars?
Burning down the House
Burning down the House Oy oldin
Thanks for the bailout warning at 3:25. Much appreciated!
meisdeisme Oy oldin
can we learn all of this through playing the story?
Nebulae Oy oldin
Can we own a house like in GTAV
Sahil Singh
Sahil Singh Oy oldin
Yes obviously
Antriksh Singh
Antriksh Singh Oy oldin
I Michael
I Michael Oy oldin
That was a little mind boggling.
J S Oy oldin
was no spoilers no much to ask ffs
JT Tekton
JT Tekton Oy oldin
hey, 3 days.
Brandon S
Brandon S Oy oldin
So the whole story was in the tabletop game or was it in like a separate book
Jay P
Jay P Oy oldin
Will all this Backstory benin the game itself ? Or you just have to know it ?
Kaz Oy oldin
Why is David hayter talking about cyberpunk
Randy Blü
Randy Blü Oy oldin
I have the books, this is a great summary. For quick reference points the game reminds me of ghost in shell and blade runner combined
Karthik Jacob
Karthik Jacob Oy oldin
സൈബർപങ്കിന്റെ ഒരു പങ്ക് എനിക്ക് തരാമോ
PK Oy oldin
Buggy Kali aanu.
Zarenboug Oy oldin
The first person is for me a big buzzkill, or am I overreacting?? I really don’t know if I should give this game a chance
Armani V
Armani V Oy oldin
The CIA FBI NSA AND DEA take over the United States in a coup in the alternative reality of 2077 ... funny because that sounds an awful lot like our timeline
DavaultGames Oy oldin
Was looking for this comment lol, this is exactly what it seems like with all the corruption and election interference by those agencies
Rainman Slim
Rainman Slim Oy oldin
3:23 yeah I bailed
KG Guitar
KG Guitar Oy oldin
One thing i wonder the most about Cyberpunk, is how much of human flesh are left in those cyborg-like humans we see in game? Seems like pretty much evry part of them is robotic - limbs, eyes, mouths and even, excuse me, genitals.
Hades 1889
Hades 1889 Oy oldin
No Girlfriend No Money No PS5 No Cyberpunk 2077 I cannot believe this is my life. Just suffering through it 🙂
Kistler Clipz
Kistler Clipz Oy oldin
Boots on the Ground UK
Boots on the Ground UK Oy oldin
If I play on PC can I continue my game on console?
The Notorious N.O.E.
The Notorious N.O.E. Oy oldin
The story so far? In ten minutes? 🤷🏽‍♂️
Metaphix Oy oldin
So when does Amazon start hiring mercs?
ShadoeFax1986 Oy oldin
*Bladerunner + Fallout + GTA = CyberPunk 2077*
nip nop
nip nop Oy oldin
In 7 days, remember to stay off UZpost for a bit
Dope TheAdjective
Dope TheAdjective Oy oldin
Imagine being here in 2077 still waiting for this game to come out.
vitto mattex96
vitto mattex96 Oy oldin
Saburo arasaka like queen Elizabeth II: "I'm still standing fools"
SeeMeEthanator Oy oldin
Spoiler: the game is actually a movie
Toast Cat
Toast Cat Oy oldin
I need this game in VR!!
AltGamer 1
AltGamer 1 Oy oldin
So the whole story u said we would be able to play but I'm sure its gonna take almost all my ps5 game data
Real Salad
Real Salad Oy oldin
this is how imagine the average reddit user to look like
Joseph Hwang
Joseph Hwang Oy oldin
Damn. That extra extra spoiler warning @3:21. Appreciate that. Lol. Imma revisit this after I play through the game haha
caker cake
caker cake Oy oldin
Wow in the beginning of the video it sounds like he's talking about everything that's going on present day
Jake Black
Jake Black Oy oldin
Ngl I found this hard to follow. Dude talks so fast...
Maeve Shea
Maeve Shea Oy oldin
Great video! I don’t watch many IGN videos so idk who this guy is but I trust him
sup bro
sup bro Oy oldin
1000 comment
Mr XYZ Oy oldin
Stopped at 3:27 🙂
Leovardo Milo
Leovardo Milo Oy oldin
You can’t clock his lacefront
J Taco
J Taco Oy oldin
I am so torn wether I should play at launch or wait for next gen update
Stay Fractalesque
Stay Fractalesque Oy oldin
2077 is almost post-future .. post-dystopia
Bhavesh Shetty
Bhavesh Shetty Oy oldin
No game company can make game like cyberpunk it has set benchmark only cdpr can do it
joe mama 69
joe mama 69 Oy oldin
@Bhavesh Shetty red dead
Bhavesh Shetty
Bhavesh Shetty Oy oldin
@joe mama 69 i dont think so
joe mama 69
joe mama 69 Oy oldin
rockstar make great story games
Jereme Smith
Jereme Smith Oy oldin
Only 10 minutes? I was expecting at least an hour on Lore
Ceran Akana
Ceran Akana Oy oldin
Thanks for the final spoiler warning. I learned just enough to be ready, but still be going in blind.
Kirara Kurokawa
Kirara Kurokawa Oy oldin
Middle East. Just like today?
No ID Oy oldin
IGN tossing out 1080p videos like it's 1999
fcfdroid Oy oldin
Appreciate the second warning 😅✌️
Sand Oy oldin
2021 might be the year I update my PC to run Cyberpunk. I had no idea it was going to so lore rich. If they pulled off an amazing world with the Witcher books, I just HAVE to know what they do with Cyberpunk.
TheTerminator1919 Oy oldin
Looks very cool but I've fallen onto a path where I only enjoy video games for their awesome trailers and lose interest playing the game itself.
MrDumesday Oy oldin
This reminds me so much of Altered Carbon.
Alexander Shabazz I
Alexander Shabazz I Oy oldin
This game will subliminally say A LOT.
Alexander Shabazz I
Alexander Shabazz I Oy oldin
I had no clue CyberPunk was this crazily back storied.. it all aligns. Very excited for this.
Elliott Bull
Elliott Bull Oy oldin
Where is the 4 hour long version? Byf where you at!?
Eric S
Eric S Oy oldin
Thanks for the three minute lore dive. I'll skip spoilers as it looks hype enough to warrant holding out. :)
Ed GES Oy oldin
What's that thing blocking her face? 🤔
Ahmad Aleisa
Ahmad Aleisa Oy oldin
What does 30 years of lore mean ??
Chris Schelstraete
Chris Schelstraete Oy oldin
Should I watch this if I don't want spoilers? What exactly are those spoilers and would it ruin anything by watching? Obviously ive not seen the video and when he said spoilers I stopped the video to ask these questions
wolf_hunter Oy oldin
Alexander Medeiros
Alexander Medeiros Oy oldin
I need like a trilogy of novels in this universe
Cyberpunk 2020
Macwin Oy oldin
Spoilers ahead : I AM GONE ! Thanks for warning , i should stop searching for more cyberpunk stuff before release
yambu007 Oy oldin
Come again?
Jarhead20379 Oy oldin
The World of Cyberpunk book covers all this with no spoilers. Talks about the 4th corporate war (2022-2023) and important events leading up to 2070. A ton of world building like learning about gun culture in night city, weapon manufactures, cyberware, netrunning, brain dancing,police and gangs, different economic classes, and breaks down the sections of night city. It was the best $10 on Amazon I’ve spent and highly recommend this book.
Nekminute Oy oldin
K R Oy oldin
Wow complex lore. Really looking forward to this hame
Tiktok spotlight
Tiktok spotlight Oy oldin
This guy agreed with me this is a great review
Luke Taylor
Luke Taylor Oy oldin
To be honest, none of this content is spoiling anything to folks who either played the tabletop or have been keeping up to date on quality 2077 channels like Last Known Meal, Neon Arcade, etc., but this breakdown was really well done.
Eren West
Eren West Oy oldin
The cyberpunk universe seems almost nice compared to the jewish one we're suffering through now.
Clinton Leonard
Clinton Leonard Oy oldin
Lmfao didn't expect truth like this in the comments.
Eren West
Eren West Oy oldin
"The central African nations unite and create a very highly successful space program-" LMAO this lore just went from science fiction to complete fantasy. Suspension of disbelief, destroyed.
Clinton Leonard
Clinton Leonard Oy oldin
Dangerously based. I chuckled at that, too.
Bleaf ThaRuffneck
Bleaf ThaRuffneck Oy oldin
Yo guys. Will it run on a standard ps4? (not pro)
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