Crazy Keychain Laser Pointer Upgrades. 5mW to 3000mW+

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I've always wanted an extremely powerful keychain laser "pointer" so I made it happen, even if it took supercapacitors and some of the craziest laser diode tech out there.
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Senilo Stoyadinovich
Senilo Stoyadinovich 9 daqiqa oldin
Where are you selling your lasers?
David Thorn
David Thorn 3 soat oldin
I could listen to this guy talk all day.
Skyler Marshall
Skyler Marshall 3 soat oldin
Hey dude, can you use one or three watt blue lasers to kill coronavirus if you focus it out to a wide bar? How effective/dangerous is it? Cheers
Najwan A.
Najwan A. 4 soat oldin
9:53 - Thank you for sharing your answers to the physics homework!
TheJellobro 7 soat oldin
a 15 year old made a laser, and here i am, watching a youtube video
Arsya Alpariji
Arsya Alpariji 12 soat oldin
858 Stokes
858 Stokes 12 soat oldin
I am revived
Diddy Sh
Diddy Sh 14 soat oldin
He was probably the reason death star had a laser. Lol.
Alex Mueller
Alex Mueller 15 soat oldin
You are a creep
Perc420 17 soat oldin
big frikken red lazer .
mkdfineful 21 soat oldin
So educational and entertaining, but then I'm not the kind of crazy that I worry is watching along with me. Very impressed with your science and engineering knowledge (and sense of humor). Thanks !
Reality PG 3D
Reality PG 3D 22 soat oldin
I love that he is so chill while saying : ,, lf you try this you could probably die
Mini Van Toirog
Mini Van Toirog Kun oldin
He won nobel prize ?
Alan Uchiha
Alan Uchiha Kun oldin
you look like a greek god or something
Richard S
Richard S Kun oldin
This is the real life equivalent of leveling up a low level artifact to level cap in a rpg
Archie1232 Kun oldin
i have an idea to use dichomic mirros and glass to make a rambow G.U.N that wont be powerful enough to hurt people but where do i get three r,b and green lasers that have a low mw
Cagsbo Kun oldin
Hand over the next. Vid
Holton Martin
Holton Martin Kun oldin
when your robbing a house and then you hear "Hello everybody"
Dinosaur Playz
Dinosaur Playz Kun oldin
1:11 OH MY GOD
LIL_AB PLAYS 2 kun oldin
This video was posted on my birthday 🎂
FrogKing 2 kun oldin Make this but..... with powerful lasers
Nighthawk Viper
Nighthawk Viper 2 kun oldin
You've been quite responsible considering.
Nighthawk Viper
Nighthawk Viper 2 kun oldin
Nighthawk Viper
Nighthawk Viper 2 kun oldin
You know Pulse Detonation and Chirped Pulsed Amplification manifesting Point Source Field Emissions/Perterbations;
Amber The Good Witch
Amber The Good Witch 2 kun oldin
FIB: FBI OPEN UP Styropyro: Why...? FIB: We need your brains and we will supply you with materials AND you can keep making your awesome videos.
ET KH 2 kun oldin
Dude send me one of those
NarcatasCor 2 kun oldin
Yo, dude, you sound and talk EXACTLY like the voice actor of Warren from Life is Strange lol :D
Madis Nõmme
Madis Nõmme 2 kun oldin
5:10 is this how the bitcoins are mined?
its Jamie
its Jamie 2 kun oldin
I will unsubscribe your not a weeb
Zandra Rios
Zandra Rios 2 kun oldin
I have one of those i won mine on México
Epic iTunes
Epic iTunes 2 kun oldin
This dude is a genius. It wouldn't be surprising if the government offered him a job.
Diddy Sh
Diddy Sh 14 soat oldin
Honestly. If they let him publish it to UZpost, he probably would do it free just to play with their grade of toys
Roshmel Elamparo
Roshmel Elamparo 2 kun oldin
can i have one of your laser?
natã marcolino
natã marcolino 2 kun oldin
vin pelo barone
jimmy Jh
jimmy Jh 2 kun oldin
14:15- Never cross the
Mycalling621 2 kun oldin
Why are these websites selling their lasers at such a high price. You can buy a 1Watt laser on eBay/amazon for 50-60 bucks. Iv had one of these for years so I’m just curious as to why these vendors mark them up so high. Any thoughts?
n_n Kun oldin
@Mycalling621 It's greed. They want us to believe a specially made nicely crafted metal housing is worth $200.
Mycalling621 Kun oldin
@n_n you would think with this competition they would lower their prices...
n_n Kun oldin
@Mycalling621 Again, metal housings don't cost that much. They're ripping us off. You can buy a 1.5watt blue diode for something like $59
Mycalling621 Kun oldin
@n_n the only thing I would give them is the housing for their lasers are nicer. But the ones on eBay are still pretty nice so I don’t get it.
n_n Kun oldin
Well I bought my 1.1watt 445nm (deep blue) laser for $35 from Ebay and 8.5 months later and it still holds up. Most laser sites charging $149.99 for a 1watt blue laser are obviously ripping their customers off. They claim it's "more professional" yeah so is the ebay laser.
Nayrb Rellimer
Nayrb Rellimer 2 kun oldin
Do you have a channel on yet? I'm worried that youtube is becoming increasingly more draconian towards laser lackers and firearm enthusiasts.
Addi Korn
Addi Korn 2 kun oldin
dat pc had an x58 cpu on a mobo capable of tripple channel ram. those are rare.
fish man
fish man 3 kun oldin
Violence isnt the answer Its the solution.....
Kolya Pupkin
Kolya Pupkin 3 kun oldin
19:10 OMG man, you the best!!!:D btw I'm from Belarus and we have trouble in my country now with our dictator etc, but i'm not that guy (spirit).
siddharth sankal
siddharth sankal 3 kun oldin
i could not find even 1000mw laser in india 😭 if someone know the website please reply...
n_n Kun oldin
Sanwulasers, google that. It's not cheap. A 5watt blue laser would be $389-$440 plus shipping. That's 28401 to 32125 indian rupee.
E•5 years ago
E•5 years ago 3 kun oldin
I love how calmly he says "I would go to jail" like lmao
TEH TIEK HIAN Moe 3 kun oldin
I am blind now
Secretpurpleq Elipsis
Secretpurpleq Elipsis 3 kun oldin
im suprised your expertise hasnt been co-opted by the gov't
Hentiiigod X
Hentiiigod X 3 kun oldin
Dear spyropyro im going to make this but im going to take a dvd diode in a chinese lazer wish me luck
Demetrio Aguilar
Demetrio Aguilar 3 kun oldin
what happens when you combine the laser pointer with 3 car batteries........ insert death star noises
sos van eey
sos van eey 3 kun oldin
1:10 PsPsPsPs
Rocket Joys
Rocket Joys 3 kun oldin
He literally stole laser beams title 😂
VENNDERS Gaming 3 kun oldin
fbi open up!
Ross Jones
Ross Jones 3 kun oldin
SpeedTuberTM 4 kun oldin
Now build a death star
AWIRE9966_09onpc 4 kun oldin
1:10 Yea.. Like thats for sale on ebay.
Jakob Christiansen
Jakob Christiansen 4 kun oldin
Could you make a railgun?
JUS TIN 4 kun oldin
Your so damn smart
R4Pskie 4 kun oldin
Filipino's knows that it cost 15-20 Pesos 🇵🇭
Copeland Robinson
Copeland Robinson 4 kun oldin
If you use a violet laser on glow in the dark board is their a way to reset the drawing board quickly? Flash of light?
Prasanna kumar
Prasanna kumar 4 kun oldin
how can i kill mosquitos with laser, without having fear of laser affecting eyes of my cat and dog
WizziamTheGreat 4 kun oldin
simple you cant
Gavin 4 kun oldin
link your safety glasses in each vid bc most lasers dont come with any. I've ordered 3 and haven't gotten any.
24k_MXNYGL0CKS 4 kun oldin
Gustav Larsen
Gustav Larsen 4 kun oldin
Can you do a giveaway on laser glasses
Andry Hartono
Andry Hartono 4 kun oldin
How to be cool nerd
Shin Godzilla
Shin Godzilla 5 kun oldin
greenfromgreen 101
greenfromgreen 101 5 kun oldin
1:11 never seen one of this before
Nick Okaga
Nick Okaga 5 kun oldin
That was actually a pretty good sponsor segue
bllllood 5 kun oldin
"laugh hystericly" triggered by a kid :D..k styro..time to push the limits to 30000 mW :) if you find a way to lol....gotta melt dat concrete :3
Angel Reyes
Angel Reyes 5 kun oldin
billy better not get vpn:(
Robert B Seward Jr
Robert B Seward Jr 5 kun oldin
At 16:00, everyone pushes pause and runs to their cupboard to lase their peanut-butter to see if it really glows LOL. I never stop learning new things with this guy. Great presentation BTW.
light bearer
light bearer 5 kun oldin
1:10 lol
Alex Spencer
Alex Spencer 5 kun oldin
Something a bit random. But I have a 1W blue gatling style Chinese laser that can burn matches but for some reason it won’t burn through paper. Any reasons why and beg someone help.
bob miah
bob miah 2 kun oldin
@Alex Spencer youre probably seeing people doing it on flash paper like in this video
Alex Spencer
Alex Spencer 2 kun oldin
@bob miah Yeah if I put black sharpie on it will burn through it. But I see people with 1.5 -2W lasers and they burn through it and even light it on fire. Howcome?
bob miah
bob miah 2 kun oldin
it wont burn through paper because paper is white most lasers can only burn through black or dark coloured objects because they absorb the light if you colour the paper black with a sharpie you could most likely burn through it
Facebook 5 kun oldin
ينفعني فالمدرسة
drug mage
drug mage 5 kun oldin
Could you accelerate a plasma projectile with a laser through a railgun?
Nanang Najmul muhtadin
Nanang Najmul muhtadin 5 kun oldin
Halo bang
Josiel Lisboa
Josiel Lisboa 5 kun oldin
Você faz pra vender mano
Harry Pagkaliwagan
Harry Pagkaliwagan 5 kun oldin
I wish i have one like you create I realy love it.
charlesnathan saxby
charlesnathan saxby 5 kun oldin
*are we glow in the dark?*
lam le hoang
lam le hoang 6 kun oldin
How this guy still alive?
Gilbert Arevalo
Gilbert Arevalo 6 kun oldin
That big laser is really big and lightness
Anthony Bright
Anthony Bright 6 kun oldin
I am shocked the department of defense has not offered this kid a job!
jony woker
jony woker 6 kun oldin
Can you make one to be safe as e lighter .?
WizziamTheGreat 4 kun oldin
Sooraj ___ Sooraj Suresh ___
Sooraj ___ Sooraj Suresh ___ 6 kun oldin
Poda thalle oli
Tyler Morgan
Tyler Morgan 6 kun oldin
do you know why in all these Homeroom star projectors you buy on amazon have green stars? it's so ugly. I want white stars. I think itll make for a good video if you can make you're own projector to see how much better you can do
Alec 6 kun oldin
Johnny test really did follow in his sisters footsteps.
I like Minecraft and Pokémon :D
I like Minecraft and Pokémon :D 6 kun oldin
Him: talks about anything Me: he’s talking enchantement table
Daniel Tolson
Daniel Tolson 6 kun oldin
The way you disassembled that computer literally triggered me.
Casteroid 6 kun oldin
why didnt the military hire you?
Just don’t ask why
Just don’t ask why 6 kun oldin
this guys voice tho
Mark Anthony Nuñez
Mark Anthony Nuñez 7 kun oldin
Where can i buy one of this?
Doggo 7 kun oldin
top 10 weapons banned by the geneva convention
James Thiry
James Thiry 7 kun oldin
Am I the only one who thinks he's a midget
PyroTechnical 7 kun oldin
Make a strong emp
lilman227 7 kun oldin
Can I send you stuff to test?
What's 7 kun oldin
Табличка сзади на русском не влезай убьет лол
Twisterrr 7 kun oldin
I just know he’s working really hard on his new project rn. Cant wait
YakupErçetin 7 kun oldin
Arapça bilmiyorum türküm😂😂
TheUnholyFrog 7 kun oldin
Your the neighbors kid
YAMERO CAT 8 kun oldin
I don't want to play with that laser Official Yamero Cat :
bong boy
bong boy 8 kun oldin
keagan 8 kun oldin
To fix your hot spot problem go look into the mofi 4500. It's an lte router with a time to flight settings to change your Hotspot data to streaming data I use visible and use over 200gigs a month
Seneca2.0 8 kun oldin
Okay but what were the glowing rocks??
Stopitproductions SIP
Stopitproductions SIP 8 kun oldin
Why does he look like a main character in a Netflix tv teen show?
Feedizzle 8 kun oldin
Here's a challenge for you, make a high powered electric generator using piezoelectric crystals!
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