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Stig's Persian Cousin

Yil oldin

Every police interaction I've had in my Lamborghini Race Car, some great officers and some that were not too nice to say the least. Enjoy!
Table of Contents:
0:00 - "You Obviously Have A Lot Of Money"
3:10 - "I Have Another Call"
9:24 - "Got A Lot Of Miles On This Car?"
12:37 - "You Don't Like Renting Cars?"
16:25 - "Tap Tap"
19:33 - "Just Wanted To See Your Car"
Stig's Persian Cousin // SPC

Stig's Persian Cousin
Stig's Persian Cousin Yil oldin
Please stop commenting about me not having plates! The car DID have plates, Dubai plates, this is where I reside! I’m not sure why the second officer in this video considered Dubai plates as no plates but I clearly mentioned this to him in the video as well. I hope this clears any confusion for some people that keep saying I did not have plates.
NCS - ALFRED Oy oldin
this is too funny
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones Oy oldin
Cop 2 is an asshole. Couldn't bust him down so he got hostile. Cop 2 has no idea what he is doing and makes all cops look bad.
Kitty Gata
Kitty Gata Oy oldin
It’s annoying when ppl comment on irrelevant stuff like damn whos tripping off plates fckn Karens
עמנואל Oy oldin
That 2nd cop was PUSHING 😠
andrikoshellin Oy oldin
Hey man I come to Dubai often for work..You need to take me for a ride on this
Khadijah Salacop
Khadijah Salacop Soat oldin
John Law
John Law 2 soat oldin
*2nd cop* His mindset: Ahh...a Lambo w/no plates....easy money! 3:12 You're mine, I've got you right where I want you! 8:33 This didn't go how I wanted it feelings are hurt.
S P Y D A M A N 3 soat oldin
"I have another call"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Joseph Swaniker
Joseph Swaniker 4 soat oldin
The cop just refuses to be educated.
Onion 4 soat oldin
How tf that 2nd cop got that job?? With that asshole attitude
Nik Jain
Nik Jain 5 soat oldin
Typical American governmental attitude, whilst I love the American people by large, there is a certain air of over confidence in their police force and government officials.
Ryan Faircloth REI
Ryan Faircloth REI 5 soat oldin
That second cop was a total dick.
Mr King
Mr King 6 soat oldin
Money talk bro that’s how we know so far
Blake Helton
Blake Helton 6 soat oldin
I enjoy shipping my car around the world so I can spend 99% of my vacation explaining why I can't register my car from Dubai in the country I'm visiting. Fun vacations R Us
Marcus SkyWalker
Marcus SkyWalker 6 soat oldin
13:20 “this is Canadá you’re not in America anymore” damn bro let that sink in /:
quickmaz 7 soat oldin
Road trip to get stopped 50 times.... Not for me. Enjoy your car
quickmaz 7 soat oldin
I'm sure it's a cool car to drive, but to get stopped that many times.... No.
xevious2501 7 soat oldin
Well, it goes without saying that a car with no plates will be pulled over. A car with plates but from another country ALSO will likely be pulled over.. UNLESS those plates are of and associated with US territories. So say.. Hawaii Alaska Puerto Rico maybe some of the US virgin islands as well. But another country all together... well thats the sort of situation a cop is suppose to pull someone over, regardless of the legalities, because they themselves may not know if the car is in fact ok to drive with it given foreign plates. Its not something cops will come across every day.
Jonathan Celestin
Jonathan Celestin 10 soat oldin
Isn't it crazy...the most a**hole cop was in the US. Dang, Oregon cop didn't even know what in the world he was talking about. He probably never left the state lol. I think that 20 min he spent was dispatcher trying to explain to him that he can't touch you and he was pissed about it lol. Hopefully, he'll go home and do some research. The funniest part is when that Canadian cop was throwing shades talking about "this is not the US" lmaooooo...I die! lol the US has a bad rep dealing with black/brown people...well basically anything other than white. It's kinda sad. Hopefully this will change sooner than later. Anyways, nice vid! Wish to visit Dubai one day.
Luzuko Mngqibisa
Luzuko Mngqibisa 11 soat oldin
The 2nd cop need customer care training asap...
KP guitarzan
KP guitarzan 12 soat oldin
Sorry ya gotta deal with that brother- Would be nice to have a UAE barcode that ties into USA DMV--1 scan from police---gives all the proper info. ez schmeezy
The Warlord
The Warlord 14 soat oldin
Seems to me you just out looking for trouble :-)
Heldy Villareal
Heldy Villareal 14 soat oldin
You should not bring your car so you don't have a problem with all this hassle
SixthScentsfragrances 15 soat oldin
May as well alert the Vancouver police dept when you travel
Playtype 16 soat oldin
Idiocy at its finest, that’s what’s wrong with some cops. Don’t know where the second cop is from but I know in America even when they don’t know shit they will act like they know. Ego is a big problem in society.
Ranaweera Ruwan
Ranaweera Ruwan 17 soat oldin
Stupid cope..
clayt dell
clayt dell 18 soat oldin
I freak out when i see a hawaii plate, never mind dubai, you obviously get it, people are oblivious to federal or global law.
Richard Subero
Richard Subero 18 soat oldin
This video is stupid, plain stupid The second police is right you're talking about others things, no about the question he is asking you
Jerome Thiel
Jerome Thiel 19 soat oldin
Troll bait. Driving a very expensive car without a license plate. It may be perfectly legal, but what do you expect the average cop to do? This is so far outside of their experience it's not even funny. I didn't even see any really egregious behavior from any of the cops. They got let go every time, and while it sucked to be stuck on the side of the road, what do you expect when you are driving a supercar, without plates, and other perhaps suspicious behavior.
Steven Babe
Steven Babe 19 soat oldin
I don’t know how you put up with this I be so annoyed doing this all the time it would take the joy out of driving it. You are so smart telling them everything and being careful especially in America. To have to say the same story over and over. Canada seems so much nicer than USA cops. I would give up you are a saint to deal with this.
Melvin Orellana
Melvin Orellana 19 soat oldin
I feel so bad for you brotha, but good times !!
The Crypto Tengu
The Crypto Tengu 20 soat oldin
Cops have little dick energy. Just dont stop the dude and piss off fn profit grabbing whores no matter where you go in the world.
On_A _Oe
On_A _Oe 21 soat oldin
If I was a cop!! And I see a Lamborghini I won’t bother because it’s above my pay grade!! Unless you’re a cop and also have a Lamborghini🤣🤣👍
Lisa Dunn
Lisa Dunn 21 soat oldin
When the police officer says you have a lot of money but you say you don't really??? You don't have a lot of money but you take your car.. A lambo... on vacation around the world!?! We have a very different definition of having money!
MR. Buffallo
MR. Buffallo 22 soat oldin
Why are cops in the us so batshit
Mag neto
Mag neto 23 soat oldin
The first cop Howard was nice.
TruFinancial Kun oldin
8 freaking advertisements..
Aidan Gutierrez
Aidan Gutierrez Kun oldin
It took me a while to figure out what car it was, I think it’s a sesto elemento
Aidan Gutierrez
Aidan Gutierrez Kun oldin
2nd cop is a dick, I don’t like him
DJ GENIUS Kun oldin
If I have to go through all that, I would just rent cars,, its annoying
DJ GENIUS Kun oldin
2nd cop, epic!!
harry K
harry K Kun oldin
You guyz are blessed
Miguel Ortiz
Miguel Ortiz Kun oldin
Second cop stupid, fucking attitude, you don't need insurance if you have $100K in the bank
harry K
harry K Kun oldin
Wow this is so annoying you must be getting tired
harry K
harry K Kun oldin
Americans drive there cars too in our countries nothing confusing
harry K
harry K Kun oldin
2nd cop is so stupid
Stephan Cote
Stephan Cote Kun oldin
Say it loud and with confidence no one will question anything 😂
moroccan american
moroccan american Kun oldin
you have a nice vacation with cops hhhh,😂😂😂
Joe Toyye
Joe Toyye Kun oldin
I apologize for American police . Troopers are usually dick bags . Come to New Hampshire . We have all those cars here . No one will pull you over .
Irma562 Mart
Irma562 Mart Kun oldin
2nd cope is jealous he can’t have a car like that🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂
Victor Houlet
Victor Houlet Kun oldin
Fcuk you I am rich basically haha love it very smart and entertaining vid well done 👍🏻
john 12:12
john 12:12 Kun oldin
He’s just showing off how stupid he is.
Kryptic Kun oldin
1st cop (canada) very nice! 2nd cop (United states) rude!
WWIAWTC Kun oldin
Never seen a douche from Iran. They must be the coolest culture on the planet.
Stig's Persian Cousin
Stig's Persian Cousin Kun oldin
I assure you we got many.
Mathew Woods
Mathew Woods Kun oldin
Second cop is a dumb arse arrogant as fuck
Kyle Roe
Kyle Roe Kun oldin
I only drive it a when I'm vacation for a "few months" a year, I'm in the wrong job.
BonillaOfficiel Kun oldin
I wouldn’t have the patience to go through what this gentleman went.
Daniel Innocent
Daniel Innocent Kun oldin
You ask what's wrong with this guy, well number 1 he is poor and looking at what you have he can never afforded, so he's jealous. Number 2 you're a foreigner.
Joseph Kimogele
Joseph Kimogele Kun oldin
Y’all not talking about how the first cop is so mature and respectful
Juan Ca
Juan Ca Kun oldin
The second cop realized how big of a douche he was and threw everything back at the guy and fled to delete the recording to avoid criticism from his donuts eating buddies.. 😂😂😂😂
mister Cadillac
mister Cadillac Kun oldin
He should of told them u should that k me 4even stopping and pulling over 4u!!
Natewonder20 Kun oldin
Second cop is jealous and has a stick up his ass lol
Rizal Alwani
Rizal Alwani Kun oldin
i think you should just take a cab and leave the cops alone with other serious offends hahahahahaha...
nedaari1 Kun oldin
13:16 - LOL. Yea....America's got a policing problem
nedaari1 Kun oldin
3:30 - The insecure know it all jerk cop
Robin Banks
Robin Banks Kun oldin
2nd copper knew jack shit. Not confused 🤷‍♀️
Mas Calzone
Mas Calzone Kun oldin
10:00 can see on the window he was in switzerland (autobahn vignette)
Lyrical SnipeZ
Lyrical SnipeZ Kun oldin
Everyone talking about the second cop Me: best part was the last one
Francis Santaromana
Francis Santaromana Kun oldin
Ego tripping
Pianoman Kun oldin
I pulled you over just so i could check this thing out. Very Nice and can i have a Photo!
林麗珍 Kun oldin
Was it fun? was it fun for you? messing with the cops? poor them
林麗珍 Kun oldin
poor cops... they already have so much to do, and still have to make time to entertain a joker like you
林麗珍 Kun oldin
and uploading such crap on UZpost, I don't see the point honestly
林麗珍 Kun oldin
I don't see anything wrong with what the cops did to you. Honestly why did you want to do such confusing stuff for the cops to stop you? Is it so hard for you to get a normal permit or insurance? or just buy a normal car in US and drive in US....
Stig's Persian Cousin
Stig's Persian Cousin Kun oldin
Hello, you have no idea hat you’re on about. Warm regards.
林麗珍 Kun oldin
legally imported is one thing, confusing everyone else around you is another.....
林麗珍 Kun oldin
Just don't drive it on the road to confuse people!
林麗珍 Kun oldin
It was really confusing for anyone in the US, imaging if we have a US plate and drive in Dubai, won't you be confused too? come on.....
Treyvonne Carter
Treyvonne Carter Kun oldin
The cops suck for us too 😂
Gz Kun oldin
Cops every where are just doing their job. This is the driver waisting time all around the world
Word Power
Word Power Kun oldin
Well an emarti getting what they deserved.
Tarek Moussaoui
Tarek Moussaoui Kun oldin
لا اله الا أنت سبحانك إني كنت من الظالمين
Tarek Moussaoui
Tarek Moussaoui Kun oldin
استغفر الله العظيم رب العرش العظيم و اتوب اليه
Tarek Moussaoui
Tarek Moussaoui Kun oldin
سبحان آلله و الحمد لله و لا اله الا الله وآلله اكبر و لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله العلي العظيم
Tarek Moussaoui
Tarek Moussaoui Kun oldin
سبحان آلله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم
kanu victory
kanu victory Kun oldin
I am gonna reach for the dashboard? is that okay. damn, that hit me hard
i-Vtec___ Kun oldin
If videos like these keep going up, they will change the law for tourists, instead of teaching these cops the LAW!
mooakk Kun oldin
I hate the 2nd officer they tick me the hell off
ShaunD 07
ShaunD 07 Kun oldin
Third officer, I stopped you because you were in the wrong lane, you have to be a fast moving vehicle also you were moving fast in your vehicle 🤣
ShaunD 07
ShaunD 07 Kun oldin
That second officer is a dick. If it's simple to him why doesn't he understand?
Vinayak Pande
Vinayak Pande Kun oldin
This looks like way too much hassle for a road trip, even if it is only once every two years.
Ronald Dennies Jr.
Ronald Dennies Jr. Kun oldin
Man all I got to say is all these stops worth transporting the car...I think not,u spend half your vacation explaining to cops why to not fuck with you...not worth it,,
Vali's Shack
Vali's Shack Kun oldin
The second guy...he is so stupid. I don't understand why he is shouting like a lunatic. US was supposed to be civilised country :)))
naolicious Kun oldin
Bruh, when are you ever gonna ride with hot chic?
Barangay Kapitan UAE
Barangay Kapitan UAE Kun oldin
That's why I love Dubai people 😍🎣🙏
Godscountry Kun oldin
Police depts should have this information available to them. Even in the USA, drivers are repeatedly pulled over for a bunch of nothing. I'm surprised to hear police officers commenting about being rich, what do you do, you must have a boatload of money to afford a car like this. One police officer [Karen's husband ] said he didn't like the cars and people who drive them." And you shouldn't be a police officer". Since when do we walk up to someone and inquire about their finances or dislike them based on what they drive..NAZI mentality. Bottom line, you don't need to be rich or break any laws to own a supercar, racecar, plane, boat, etc. Hard work, a second job, etc might not be for everyone, but if you enjoy something" Set your goals and don't give up".
Richard Nead
Richard Nead Kun oldin
That second cop is a 100% jackass that thinks he knows everything, should be fired
matt kemp
matt kemp Kun oldin
Prick cop ..he sounds like Will Ferrell doing a cop impression on Conan
R. Marsman
R. Marsman Kun oldin
Jezus I hate the second officer
Yourgod Isfake
Yourgod Isfake Kun oldin
It would be easier for him to go to the police station in every town he drives in and let them know he is there so he won’t get pulled over so much. Then all he has to do is let them know when he is back in town and with what car he has so they know.
Claudio BGE
Claudio BGE Kun oldin
8:44 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
aberja abernein
aberja abernein Kun oldin
Police is dangerous today
CallMe_D Kun oldin
Damn, the difference in attitude of the american and canadian police is really showing
Skip Bull
Skip Bull Kun oldin
This D.P is an arrogant as*hole...
Mike Nice
Mike Nice 2 kun oldin
Fucking troopers gonna troop... Assholes
Forgotten 2 kun oldin
Why not have everything ready if they get stoped all the time
Auk Corporation
Auk Corporation 2 kun oldin
How many dumbies are there who call themselves policeman? Dude this is worrying, why they don't know what is theyre job about? What a shame, they aremore worried in fining people rather than chase criminals
Ryan Schreader
Ryan Schreader 2 kun oldin
This guy's has a Lamborghini that is one of only a few ever made making it at least double the price of a regular Lamborghini.. you really think if he flys this car from Dubai he doesn't have insurance, license, and whatever other documents he is required to have? Haha Jesus Christ
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez 2 kun oldin
That second officer is really stupid.
eddie kwame
eddie kwame 2 kun oldin
bullying at its finest mr Oregon!! mr Canada you are the true Human being!
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