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25 kun oldin

"The View" co-hosts react to footage that emerged of Black-Latino Army Lt. Caron Nazario, who was in uniform, getting pepper-sprayed earlier this year during a traffic stop in Virginia.
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ed mcclave
ed mcclave Kun oldin
POLICE wonder why police are being shot in the face SHOOT all tyrannical thugs in the face
Rene Nadeau
Rene Nadeau Kun oldin
Nice editing there. I watched the full clip and that guy was pushing for confrontation.
Keri L
Keri L Kun oldin
How about the fact that he's a human being folks.... Shut up Meghan speaking of Meghan, that girl never misses a chance to make it about her. Oh she turns my stomach
Painters Painter
Painters Painter 3 kun oldin
qualified immunity should be a thing of the past
No matter the race when they place that badge on there chest it’s like they feel they have super powers because they only get suspended or lose there jobs and go get hired elsewhere . I’m not worried about the skin color it’s just not fair if I’m a cop and a human being is asking me what’s going on what did I do I’m scared for my life . The human inside me the father inside me the new phew inside me the son the friend the co worker inside me . Will feel sad and like wow maybe I’m not doing my job correctly this guy is simply asking me question he’s asking can YOU TALK TO ME BECAUSE I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON CAN YOU JUST SPEAK TO ME. And he’s being very responsible and very calm I believe as a human being come on u can give the guy some information not handle him like he’s a prisoner of war it’s a bit to much for me and the cop needs to have his day in court and pay a Heavy fine and some jail time not tons of years but at least one year while getting educated and in do time earn his job back . If he gets it back at all it’s just not right
4 kun oldin
That cop was sick in the head. Hard to recruit people for positions that give them power over others cause you’re always gonna attract people who are looking for exactly that
Rihoko Haas
Rihoko Haas 4 kun oldin
This is sooooo upset to see. What is wrong with police.
harold smith
harold smith 4 kun oldin
de fund the police
trbcop Rrrr
trbcop Rrrr 5 kun oldin
I think the police officer should be jailed, he of all people knows the law and should be punished to the extent for his ignorance 😠 USA should be embarassed to allow this to happen everyday. Hope justice is served from 🇦🇺🇦🇺
Lord Odin father of the azier
Lord Odin father of the azier 5 kun oldin
Sarah on The View your son's next when he grows up
Shakira Namanda
Shakira Namanda 5 kun oldin
I will never go to US because of that
J K 6 kun oldin
Can we also talk about the poor old woman who was attacked by the cops. She had dimentia and was brutalized and the laughed at by the cops who did it. These cops who bully citizens should all be fired.
Paisley Lane
Paisley Lane 6 kun oldin
I don’t agree the cop was doing his job. Period
God is White
God is White 7 kun oldin
Chad Dinga
Chad Dinga 7 kun oldin
Watch the whole video people, they are showing you only little pieces of the whole video, just watch the whole video.
red rum
red rum 8 kun oldin
Did Meagan say "dealing with IUDs" lol...I never met a medic that deals with intrauterine devices..
Brian Carter
Brian Carter 8 kun oldin
He should have gotten fired and charge for assault
Bethan Krzowski
Bethan Krzowski 9 kun oldin
This is filthy behaviour this is so wrong so wrong the police institution needs restructuring entirely' their treatment of other human beings is vile.
Lupton Pittman
Lupton Pittman 9 kun oldin
SJW snowflake
Nor R
Nor R 9 kun oldin
Man I wish to god I had a man like Lieutenant man so cool an classic
Ilea Bentley
Ilea Bentley 9 kun oldin
So they traded colors white for blue not a smart choice
Dalia Mermelstein
Dalia Mermelstein 10 kun oldin
What the disgrace of a cop shouted at him tells you everything you need to know! This is why there needs to be DE-ESCALATION!!!
Chris Banks
Chris Banks 10 kun oldin
I'm going nuts watching the kkk klan doing this😭😭😭😭
Stormy Rae
Stormy Rae 11 kun oldin
This dude did not comply in any way. He had a smug face recording just trying to get attention.
Caryn Whitfield
Caryn Whitfield 11 kun oldin
Maybe try listening to the cops?!
Diana Dowie
Diana Dowie 11 kun oldin
This Police stop about money! The Police officers saw a vehicle without a plate. The person was supposed to be arrested for driving an unregistered vehicle (money). Car would of been towed (money).
Stephani Clark
Stephani Clark 11 kun oldin
Tell it Sarah!
morrison 3577
morrison 3577 11 kun oldin
Why not show the unedited video? This pos wouldn't dare show this level of slow compliance and contempt back at base. To wear the uniform he needs to grow a pair.
L Johnson
L Johnson 12 kun oldin
Amen, Whoopi!
Bezerk fpv
Bezerk fpv 12 kun oldin
ive got another one from the same police station it starts from the management
Sassa Gaki
Sassa Gaki 12 kun oldin
Police training dosnt change a racist. Meghan this is not how you should treat anyone.Army or not
OnCall Medan Community Official
OnCall Medan Community Official 12 kun oldin
Chuy Mtz
Chuy Mtz 13 kun oldin
"He did everything he was told to do"... really?
Obie Cano
Obie Cano 13 kun oldin
The Police were created to violate the rights of black folks.............and white folks know this........this is why this is such a stronghold legislatively
M Wilson
M Wilson 13 kun oldin
Gods exposing these crooks
M Wilson
M Wilson 13 kun oldin
Ty Whoopi ty for helping
M Wilson
M Wilson 13 kun oldin
No more !!!!!!! Zero bad cops an their illegal bosses should be accountable also ! Nationwide laws period USA wide
Joe Bo SS
Joe Bo SS 13 kun oldin
That dude did the same crap on a different traffic stop do your research trying to play the victim
Niecy Allison
Niecy Allison 13 kun oldin
Coward cops needs someone to fear them.
Metkel tesfay
Metkel tesfay 13 kun oldin
soldiers help people Police killed people America is racist country the American African should move to Africa
Tess Van
Tess Van 13 kun oldin
Wake up that is what you do treat not a vet but a person of colour not even a Uniform keeps them save...what a disgrace
gordo hernandez
gordo hernandez 13 kun oldin
It's racist though, I guess I'll cooperate with the police ?
gordo hernandez
gordo hernandez 13 kun oldin
For being non compliant , has a firearm in the door on his side of the car, didnt show his hands when the officer told him
gordo hernandez
gordo hernandez 13 kun oldin
They're showing the whole video on newsmax and why they pepper sprayed him
gordo hernandez
gordo hernandez 13 kun oldin
Let's all get brainwashed by the mainstream media, what do you say?
Tim VeePee
Tim VeePee 13 kun oldin
People would be passed if the LT went on his base and grabbed a high power gun and went to the cops house and blew his brains out. Then you'd be saying th3 black man stepped out if bounds. But no one says that when the cops step over the lines. Not only should the dog be fired, he should be charged with assault and charged with a felony crime to prevent him from ever being a cop again. He is no longer a cop, so now he should be charged with a crime or crimes. He was kicking the LT, that is assault. He sprayed him for no reason, that is assault. Firing is not enough. So glad I'm not the LT in the military. Him and his military buddies should just show up at the cops house and do the exact same thing to him that he suffered.
love song
love song 14 kun oldin
Police need ah training you see army lieutenant hand cap what's violation of army officer puck police officer you idiut men
Sonny albi
Sonny albi 15 kun oldin
Wtf.. look at the whole video.. you guys are SO wrong.. the cops need better training but the driver was wrong for not following orders..
Rich Pack
Rich Pack 15 kun oldin
This is not a protest, it's a riot. The treatment of the soldier is absolutely terrible.
David Thompson
David Thompson 15 kun oldin
Gut out of control
law less
law less 16 kun oldin
Everybody needs to see The full video before they say that the cops at fault here.
Bravo Simon
Bravo Simon 16 kun oldin
"Stupid policeman"
Roo Roo
Roo Roo 16 kun oldin
The man was crying because he knew he had to comply when he really wanted to beat him down.
Connie Hughes
Connie Hughes 4 kun oldin
I saw that too, I feel so bad. He complied and thank GOD, he survived.
Blessed Thanksgiving
Blessed Thanksgiving 16 kun oldin
The revenge of Cops, because Chavin is being brought to justice.
Blessed Thanksgiving
Blessed Thanksgiving 16 kun oldin
They just wants to belittle blacks.
Sean Brown
Sean Brown 16 kun oldin
Cops 👮‍♂️ are state sanctioned gangsters and thugs.
Eric Sesame
Eric Sesame 16 kun oldin
You would think that after George Floyd's wrongful death, and it being in the same vicinity, that the police would be more conscious of deciding whether or not to resort to violence. Taking someone's life is the worst that it can get, but don't they consider being arrested themselves or experiencing job loss? COVID-19 has already taken so many jobs and lives. If he has a family to feed, how will he explain this to his children? For every person in any situation, before taking action, you must know the consequences, and be prepared for the inevitable.
Maria 17 kun oldin
I agree with whoopie and they should be made to pay the damages from their budgets nor from taxpayers
Elan Hunter
Elan Hunter 17 kun oldin
What in the actual......f....k?! The man has a US Military uniform on! Wtf?
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 17 kun oldin
“You’re fixin to ride the lightning, son” I can’t with how she said that
Anunnaki Elohim
Anunnaki Elohim 17 kun oldin
your researchers obviously had made a joke at your expense and set you up to look like an ill informed idiot, ride the lightning was meant as getting stunned by a stun gun.
Anunnaki Elohim
Anunnaki Elohim 17 kun oldin
it wasn't the first time lt nazario had been pulled over and expected special privileged treatment as seen here-->
Anunnaki Elohim
Anunnaki Elohim 17 kun oldin
they say: he did everything that was asked of him, the arrogance of the officer(police) we say: he was asked to step out of the vehicle many times but he refused to step out of the vehicle so the first cop called for backup and that was when the pepper spraying cop showed up, it all could have been avoided if nazaro just simply stepped out of the vehicle when asked .(it was nazaro whom was the true arrogant officer!)
Anunnaki Elohim
Anunnaki Elohim 17 kun oldin
they say: narzaro was in uniform serving our country. I say: On November 5, 2009, a terrorist mass shooting took place at Fort Hood, near Killeen, Texas. Nidal Hasan, a U.S. Army major and psychiatrist, fatally shot 13 people and injured more than 30 others. he too was in uniform serving our country. they failed to mention that nazaro had his own gun at his side while refusing to exit the vehicle.
scott laux
scott laux 17 kun oldin
There was de-escalation. The black kept trying to de-escalate and the cop kept escalating.
Mehreena Ahmad
Mehreena Ahmad 17 kun oldin
He is an Officer of the United States Army, the biggest branch of service, in the United States military. He is held to a higher standard. Why would he risk his commission by committing a crime??? Think about it. And dont say he didnt follow orders He has a right to question. It's not like he has to be a dummy. Fyi, He is educated. And you can question unlawful orders by superiors. Now a civilian authority you should listen to but again he did not show an aggressiveness or disobedience. He was not out of line. The police officer was.
Arafat Sajja
Arafat Sajja 17 kun oldin
No wonder America lectures other countries on human rights yet their cops cannot observe basic human rights..
Bevalti Hani
Bevalti Hani 17 kun oldin
So this is the USA!!! Wow, speaking about other countries and freedom, and insulting Russia, and looking to free People around the world.
Jay P
Jay P 18 kun oldin
“You should be.” Says everything about the cop.
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker 18 kun oldin
I accidentally came here. I would not ever waste a single second of my day listened to these super privileged cry baby propaganda pushers. There very thing that is wrong with this country. People like these 5 ladies.
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker 18 kun oldin
He wasn’t cooperating. Start obeying the police orders or don’t say a word about what happens after. My goodness. Have some common sense
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 18 kun oldin
earth today..
Joker 18 kun oldin
The biggest problem facing American policing in general today is that cops are ESCELATING otherwise perfectly normal situations to the brink of self destruction .... Police should be trained to stay calm at all times otherwise guess what you shouldnt be a cop if you cant ceep youre calm for 5 fucking minutes after a routine traffic stop !! And also Police should be held acountable for the things they do much more than they are now this video is over 3 months old ! its just now coming to light and because of media pressure - they released the body cam footage and fired the officer that acted out like a maniac on that soldier . Cops defending cops the biggest problems we face today in the USA .
Aimax_4 official
Aimax_4 official 18 kun oldin
That cop need to be punished for treating people like a trash. The cop scared the lieutenant by yeliing and pointing gun to him causing him not doing anything. If he trying to reach to open up the doors car, they could though he is trying to reach gun or something. This is what makes me afraid to be surrounded by police. 😢😢
Aimax_4 official
Aimax_4 official 18 kun oldin
The 2 cop was stup**. They ask him to keep his hand out of the windows and then ask him to come out while his seatbelt was on and the cars door locked. If he trying to reach to open up his seatbelt, they must be though he is trying to reach something like a gun and bam!! They scared him by yelling and pointing a gun causing him not to do anything. Hahahah stup**😂😂
David Lu
David Lu 18 kun oldin
Can I say, I think the fact that the US is awash with guns, a lot of officers must be on edge all the time. Love from Australia
Maria José
Maria José 18 kun oldin
Fire on Racist ever wold !!!!!!
Lupton Pittman
Lupton Pittman 18 kun oldin
He went to the Jussie Smollett school of acting 🎭
Kim Sobel
Kim Sobel 18 kun oldin
Active duty LT medic . This man is a angel super hero .
Julia Ramos
Julia Ramos 18 kun oldin
The police officer has Spanish name.
Non American N-word
Non American N-word 19 kun oldin
America is such a peaceful place.💯
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 19 kun oldin
thesacrisant 19 kun oldin
Belgium here , racists and abusive cops always making the news overhere , even more than the problems we have with our own. Badges and blue uniforms in your country stand for fear , theft , violence and death. Don't join the blue thugs , it's criminal gang.
D W 19 kun oldin
Just freaking too much!!!
P. CALL OF DUTY PLAYER M. 19 kun oldin
You can serve as many years as you can, lose a leg but still be treated like this!
Debs Matthew
Debs Matthew 19 kun oldin
No one deserves to be treated in this way Military, or not but the fact that he is out there defending the Country, makes this right here sickening. These bunch of disrespectful, untrained, sad excuse of Police officers, right here ought to be fired, lose their pensions cause i find their actions to be uncalled for, totally unacceptable, cruel, and egotistic.
Mehreena Ahmad
Mehreena Ahmad 19 kun oldin
You know this is Latino on Latino. It could otherwise be police on Latino bc we know police have a us vs them mentality and a protect ur brethren subculture And ironically so do military It doesnt make sense why police officers treat their military bros like this didnt that fatty say he was former military too?
Glory Mosby
Glory Mosby 19 kun oldin
I really hope that the Soldier sue that so called cop civilly and leave him totally destitute
tangimetua Paia
tangimetua Paia 19 kun oldin
This getting serious the police are getting a really bad run and it's really showing I just heard that a 13 year old got shot by a police officer what the flip is going on America this is getting worse it's disgusting how innocent people get treated in America and the police should know better obviously they have not learnt anything .
Jane UK
Jane UK 19 kun oldin
Watch the whole video. The police spent twenty minutes or so trying to get him out of the car. He's a soldier; he should know how to follow orders.
Fazia Khan
Fazia Khan 19 kun oldin
For the people who have been trained to do a job and therefore should know better and ignore their training, the penalty for those people should be more severe
Fazia Khan
Fazia Khan 19 kun oldin
I think they believe that they are acting out a movie
Dm Deli
Dm Deli 19 kun oldin
Return the police officer for doing his job. Repremand the 2Lt for civil disobedience.
Jay Stacks
Jay Stacks 19 kun oldin
Wonder what Megan stance would have been if he wasn't an Army Vet and he was unemployed
Steve Timmons
Steve Timmons 20 kun oldin
Then “do” comply with officers directives, he continued to not comply in a blacked out suv, his tag wasn’t readily seen in a blacked out window, unprofessional by cops, fault on both sides
Divine Psychic
Divine Psychic 20 kun oldin
Lupton Pittman
Lupton Pittman 20 kun oldin
Racism? They had no idea who or how many were in the vehicle when they initiated the stop. It was dark out and it had dark tinted windows. The kid drove for a mile and a half before he stopped. He claimed he wanted to go to a well lit area. He gets to that well lit area and yet still refuses orders to get out of the vehicle. He’s a disgrace to the Army.
Mi WI 20 kun oldin
Lupton Pittman
Lupton Pittman 20 kun oldin
He’s a disgrace to the Army. Didn’t follow clear orders from police. He set up his camera and the acting started.
Crystal Petersen
Crystal Petersen 20 kun oldin
Hey I'm gonna to give megan points for not being her usual self I'm impressed.
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