Colored iMacs? Let's Talk About Apple's 4/20 Event!

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Marques Brownlee

17 kun oldin

Three major announcements at today's Apple event: Airtags, iMacs and iPad Pros!
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0:00 Intro
1:11 AirTags
4:24 Colorful M1 iMacs
10:22 M1 iPad Pro
14:19 ExpressVPN
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Rock girl
Rock girl 4 soat oldin
I love that he said Hermeeez because my affordable tongue literally refuses to pronounce it any other way lol
Gioia Mariella
Gioia Mariella 4 soat oldin
“it’s ugly” dont worry marquez i feel you
Ace Banner
Ace Banner 5 soat oldin
Pronounced err-mez
Helena 5 soat oldin
Yes I do
Ali 7 soat oldin
is their a weird sound in the background or is it just me?
Rock girl
Rock girl 3 soat oldin
i got the grape man big chin phone ad
Sound Seekers
Sound Seekers 10 soat oldin
Yes they are ugly 😝
Sean Wang
Sean Wang 16 soat oldin
As someone who gave up the entire Windows ecosystem to go for this new iMac for the first time in 29 years, I can tell you that I don't find the new iMac ugly at all.
Juiceimortal 17 soat oldin
yeah, new imac is hideous
SPTLGHT 17 soat oldin
Tim apple got high
Jack Skeletony
Jack Skeletony 19 soat oldin
that chin. ugly as hell
MrBatchy123 21 soat oldin
How come reviewers have still not received the iPad. We are all literally going to receive them at the same time. Very odd
kolim jone
kolim jone Kun oldin
I like how he says “Major Announcements” just to clarify that he really won’t be going over the purple iPhone 12 because it’s the same phone just a different color.
kamalesh Kun oldin
From which country
Theodor Tomas
Theodor Tomas Kun oldin
I agree, having no chin would probably have looked better. They must have considered it though, perhaps renders with no chin came out unsatisfactory?
skogenburzum Kun oldin
9:00 "I'm not sure why they did that." Giving all queues that a woman designed it.
skogenburzum 13 soat oldin
@kolim jone I agree, it's not fair for me to assume that. I rescind my initial comment. Clearly they're doing this to appease the original "i" products crowd, like the iPod and the original iMac and people loved those. Sorry for the offensive comment.
kolim jone
kolim jone Kun oldin
before you speak
Priyank Desai
Priyank Desai Kun oldin
I really didn't expect that you would not cover samsung unpack at all. Not everyone use Apple. You have subscriber from everywhere. 😡😡😡
VARUN U Kun oldin
It's retro styling, I love every design choice made on the iMac!
J S Kun oldin
I'm still not convinced why would I need an iMac if I can have a mac mini + better display (+ save some money?). Does iMac provide something more than the macmini + display combo?
WhenLizardsFLY Kun oldin
i got the grape man big chin phone ad
Cyrus Reed
Cyrus Reed Kun oldin
I love the new imac super cool and nice design
Michael Wickler
Michael Wickler Kun oldin
I like the iMac, including the white bezels and pastel, and the chin makes sense in that it raises the screen to a proper height. Also a good place for stickies or to grab to readjust it.
CuriouSteve Kun oldin
They're not ugly to me, but a matte black with powder tech grey or red trim/accent would've been noice.
Person Kun oldin
designed for younger
Slumped blossom
Slumped blossom 2 kun oldin
Watch when people get the iMac. They gonna fall in love, I can see it already.
Josef Andersson
Josef Andersson 2 kun oldin
Not ugly
Vlad Minsk
Vlad Minsk 2 kun oldin
These iMacs are for students and kids. Can't imagine a professionals sit in front of a rainbow colored display
Naomi Pemberton
Naomi Pemberton 2 kun oldin
You are awesome thanks for this video.
Genshin Player
Genshin Player 2 kun oldin
Your crazy bro truly respect you but the new iMac looks amazing !!!!!!
Mike H.
Mike H. 2 kun oldin
Does Apple not own a mower? Are those illegal in CA?
xblowsmokex 2 kun oldin
Ah, yes. REAL customization. Choosing from 8 colors. Much more custom than choosing from 1000s of letter combinations and 100s of emojis. Sometimes I wonder if you think before you speak
Alex B
Alex B 2 kun oldin
Get it. 4/20 kek
Freaknick 2 kun oldin
Hopefully one day iPads come with a kindof built in Mac mini, I will be the first in line to buy it. Like the design but a little to wilde colors for my taste
Opal 2 kun oldin
I like the colors. Color is never ugly.
Jordan Z
Jordan Z 2 kun oldin
the macs are not ugly.. I just wish they would add darker tones just as they have bright lighter colors.. for example, matte black, pearl white, matte pearl… just a thought..
George Chan
George Chan 2 kun oldin
lollllll I like the design thooo, went hype when I saw the new mac
Regit 3 kun oldin
I do also think the iMacs are ugly on the front, and had exactly the same thought about the logic board going behind the screen. Apple touted the thinness with that breakfast table image, which seemed bizarre as all the clear space in the image just showed it'd be no inconvenience if it were thicker. And until they let an iPad run MacOS (even if that disables touch while you use it), they will not be 'Pro'.
svendsen1111 3 kun oldin
Yep. The new iMacs are ugly. Completely agree on your thoughts regarding them, should have removed chin and had black bessels
Joshua Wilson
Joshua Wilson 3 kun oldin
I actually like the chin but wish they kept the logo on it
JohnStevens 3 kun oldin
Apple product design is not about making sense.
Cooked Panda
Cooked Panda 3 kun oldin
Initially I thought the colors were a bit too bright, but I've warmed up to them since. While I like the white, gray, & black modern look that most Apple products come in, I do like the return to brighter colored devices as well. To me they look welcoming or cheerful and they definitely have personality which sets them apart from other devices.
Heavelln 3 kun oldin
this new imac look ugly no doubt, i love the old grey and gold designs
Andrew Sturgess
Andrew Sturgess 3 kun oldin
The design of the color iMac is meant to make it feel more like an accessory / stuffed animal / makeup kit / toy car / conversation piece than a workstation because they are doing that multi-tiered psychological marketing where the pro user will think it looks like a toy and get sucked into buying a 27 inch iMac pro instead (and then down the road getting an iPad Pro as a companion of course) and the light user will think it’s cute and has lots of personality and is a super desirable object that also does all the newest computery things. It intentionally creates two opposing tribes of products so the consumer will feel an increased loyalty to one or the other. The Pro user feels “more pro” and the iMac user feels “more personal” also in this promo they were pretty heavily marketing it towards girls. Decades ago they chose Bondi blue to look friendly and affordable and eye catching, but a couple years later released the much better spec’d iMac DV SE in graphite which was essentially the first “iMac Pro” (it had double the RAM and a bigger HD than any of the colored iMac DVs and it looked dope and was my workhorse as a junior and senior when I was in design school). Also, I think the colored back thing is in hopes that customers will a) make it in-house portable since it’s now ridiculously small b) will be used in open offices and thus visible and c) the fact that the back color is way too saturated to stare at all day along with actual screen content but you secretly know it’s there.. like in the same way Nike sometimes puts bright and loud designs on the insoles of their sneakers. There ya go G.
Jason Gruber
Jason Gruber 3 kun oldin
@04:06 "We made a shiny metal one you can't take the battery out!" That might actually be a good idea! Why not swap the CR2032 battery out for a Qi rechargeable battery? Then once or twice a year you simply drop it on your phone's charge pad overnight & bam, it's ready to go for another 6-12 months, without dropping another battery into a landfill somewhere. They'd be able to seal it up better improving the IP rating.
El loco Deez
El loco Deez 3 kun oldin
lol what an apple fanboy
xflyingtiger 3 kun oldin
I kinda like the new iMacs. I like the retro colors, and I don't mind the chin at all.
Debbie Witt
Debbie Witt 3 kun oldin
the new iMacs are ugly!
Unknown Studios.
Unknown Studios. 3 kun oldin
Lol my brother needs air tags, he always looses his wallet
Evan Williams
Evan Williams 3 kun oldin
With how vibrant the colors are on these iMacs, black bezels would look so bizarre and probably off putting.
Fer Calvo
Fer Calvo 3 kun oldin
I will be fan of the new iMac when Space Gray gets available
Raphael Ferreira
Raphael Ferreira 3 kun oldin
I am not that hard of a critic.... I think that removing the chin logo was a big mistake, and I love the colors. Especially the red one. We will see. I think it will sell OK at first, and then TANK when the new larger one comes out...
Dan Port
Dan Port 3 kun oldin
The back shell of all Apple products always look the best. This is Steve jobs philosophy of relentless perfection in all the things of the device, even the things you can’t see. It’s great!
miguel zayas
miguel zayas 3 kun oldin
I actually think they look pretty cool
meeksdigital 3 kun oldin
100% agree that the new iMacs look pretty ugly. The two-tone body/chin and white bezel choices are just bizarre... Kind of seems to follow the trend of them turning their backs on pro users.
cool adj
cool adj 3 kun oldin
The airtag should have been recharge able
Gus Mansour
Gus Mansour 3 kun oldin
It’s really not ugly at all dude, you are crazy lol
Pawel Jonca
Pawel Jonca 3 kun oldin
As an illustrator, I can bet the new iMac with a white bezel will be annoying when working with (white) color as the screen's white gamut won't match that bezel. The same problem was with the older white iPads Pro.
Ibrahim Ibrahim
Ibrahim Ibrahim 3 kun oldin
If you wanna see purple iPhone? Adding more colour isn't innovation wft apple payp*gs wake up🤣🤣🤣
Cody Garcia
Cody Garcia 3 kun oldin
air maze
fazlay rabbi
fazlay rabbi 3 kun oldin
it looks like a handbag
AHMAD ALRADWAN 3 kun oldin
ٍRemind me if first colorful iMacs
Holy Quran
Holy Quran 4 kun oldin
reallllyyyyy very bad design ,,,,
Sviatoslav Davydiants
Sviatoslav Davydiants 4 kun oldin
Hermès is expensive because they are. That’s how they price their work. Don’t like it - don’t buy it. Creator have right to set any price he would like to. For no reason at all. Just deal with it.
Flamethrower Turtle
Flamethrower Turtle 4 kun oldin
Ewwwwwww apple
xaxaboi 4 kun oldin
The problem is that samsung first came up with the airtag concept apple is good at stealing and acting like they did something but still cool idea.
LUCID 4 kun oldin
Apple has been Gay-ified. It went from Gayness (color macs), to professionalism with their simplicity of colours and design, back to Gayness.
Appollochan 4 kun oldin
I think the new macs are super pretty, I love the colours and the chin doesn't really bother me to be honest.
BlackDoveNYC 4 kun oldin
I’m with you, my first thought was that I was not a fan of the chin and I didn’t like the lighter color on the front.
Blue Planet
Blue Planet 4 kun oldin
If it didn't have that giant chin and white bezel they would look super cool. Get rid of the chin and white bezels! We are ok with half inch thickness lol
Gallentean 4 kun oldin
I agree the new mac look kinda like 1990s compaq with that extruding bottom chin and white bezels.
alexthemusic12 4 kun oldin
i love your reviews , i disagree with you when you says the new iMac is ugly...honestly it takes some time to get used to, but the design is simply fabulous..and everything else looks so dated after seeing this...what stop my credit card is that i wait for the bigger screen version only...just my 2 cents..
Racheal B
Racheal B 4 kun oldin
For an upgrade of the imac, was hoping that it would be touch screen. Seems like it’s all visual aesthetics. Still prefer the previous model, definitely agree this new iMac it not attractive IMO.
K Tech
K Tech 4 kun oldin
When compared to the bad ass darth vader Imac Pro, the new imacs are just plain ugly
Robert Anthony Bermudez
Robert Anthony Bermudez 4 kun oldin
Why the fact that i cant plug a headphone jack in the usual way is "fun fact"?
Peter K
Peter K 4 kun oldin
Agree 100% with imacs. All and all not happy. Lets see the 27's!
Vam Monaco
Vam Monaco 4 kun oldin
*STOP* buying computers that lack removable RAM and storage and Apple will stop making them.
Kid flash 2001
Kid flash 2001 4 kun oldin
Nice video
RDJtv 4 kun oldin
new imac is just a enlarged ipad on a stand
Shun Been Trill
Shun Been Trill 4 kun oldin
Give one to a spouse!!!! Lmao here girl you want a new necklace. Good girl!!!! 😂😂😂
Ian Thompson
Ian Thompson 4 kun oldin
I'm pretty sure I'm only upset that there isn't a space grey option for the Mac lol totally throws off the aesthetic of my room to have all these bright colors on a computer unless it's RGB related
Anthony A
Anthony A 4 kun oldin
I’d have to disagree on the new iMacs being “ugly.” It’s the thinnest iMac ever and seems to be the fastest, with the price not being too bad, and you want to complain that it’s ugly because you want black lol.
Majd Chbani
Majd Chbani 4 kun oldin
I was going to upgrade my iMac, but, because of the white bezels, I will definitely wait. Thank you !
Leo Night
Leo Night 4 kun oldin
The wife orders the 4 pack. One for me, two for the three kids we have.
Nathan Garcia
Nathan Garcia 4 kun oldin
My little brother could make a better tech video than this dogshit
D Nice
D Nice 4 kun oldin
Nice to finally see a update from you
Thomas Woitasczyk
Thomas Woitasczyk 4 kun oldin
I would have loved to see Bondi Blue
Red Apple
Red Apple 4 kun oldin
The iMacs are truly hideous. I like colorful things, but Apple always chooses the worst colors for their devices. I'd like to see a monotone black or gray option.
Billy Joe
Billy Joe 4 kun oldin
i liked the white bezels...
Sam Edwards
Sam Edwards 4 kun oldin
iMac is that ugly. Was thinking daughter would love one. Not sure about my son. Should have had a space grey.
John Alley
John Alley 4 kun oldin
They will make good wall art in 10 to 15 years
Davido Bramwinkle
Davido Bramwinkle 4 kun oldin
7:15 No, you are not crazy bro. 100% dead on review, it's powerful, but ugly. This monstrocity is just an iPad on a stick.
Ahmad S
Ahmad S 4 kun oldin
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم السلام على من ٱتبع الهدى Remove the annoying intro music
Shae 5 kun oldin
android and windows are better
Gundo Makungo
Gundo Makungo 5 kun oldin
I think apple never releases a perfact version of their products on purpose. They release an item bit by bit adding improvements the could have done once in order to make the next so called innovation seems better than it actually is. i think they designed the computer like this on purpose so they can take the besells out on ther next model
Piet 5 kun oldin
so it was not possible to adapt mag-safe to those tile clones? wow apple.
Mena Murgor
Mena Murgor 5 kun oldin
Luggage. For the 4th one.
Catherine O' Donnell
Catherine O' Donnell 5 kun oldin
Yes my 1st impression was it was insanely ugly.
Nikolaus H
Nikolaus H 5 kun oldin
Jony Ive lost leads to fugly. THANKS for noticing!!! IMO the iPhone 12 Pro and Max were the ugliest iPhones ever made. So much so I replaced my XS with an 11 Pro instead (looking sublime). But these iMacs - very ugly as well. Yup. Call it as it is.
S C 5 kun oldin
It looks like every other computer that dell and other companies sell.
Bruce Johnson
Bruce Johnson 5 kun oldin
Nice redesign love colour but those white bezels are hideous!
Orlandoinkwell 5 kun oldin
I like it. It’s an homage to the 2000s colord I macs. Also from a practical stand point. The chin has always been for sticky notes. Not sure why we forgot that lol.
Reanetse Moleleki
Reanetse Moleleki 22 soat oldin
There's no way in hell Apple would make real estate specifically so that you can deface their prestine design with your disgusting sticky notes. For apple that alone would be reason to get rid of the chin.
Kevin Mizuno
Kevin Mizuno 2 kun oldin
@Cooked Panda yup, that chin just screams "stick a post it note on me!", also stickers would be a good way to personalize it to ones liking.....
Cooked Panda
Cooked Panda 3 kun oldin
I've heard people say this yeah, plus people like adding stickers and other personal tidbits to their workstations and it's nice they'll continue to be able to do this with the latest iMacs too. :)
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