Billie Eilish: Same Interview, The Fourth Year | Vanity Fair

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Vanity Fair has time capsuled Billie Eilish’s responses to the same questions for the last four years and tracked the now-18-year-old star's swift rise to pop super stardom. From winning five Grammys to adopting her new dog, Shark, see how much Billie’s life has changed in 2020.

Directed & Interviewed by Joe Sabia
Produced by Lily Rhodehamel
Edited by Doug Larsen
Executive Produced by Traci Oshiro
Post Production Manager, Marco Glinbizzi
Recomposition of "Everything I Wanted" by Alfonso Velez

Billie's First Interview:
Billie's Second Interview:

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Billie Eilish: Same Interview, The Fourth Year | Vanity Fair

Mr NP 2 soat oldin
What about 2021
Lucifers Russian Wolf
Lucifers Russian Wolf 2 soat oldin
love you Billie your an inspiration to do many people and your music has helped me in some darker times keeping doing you don't let hate stop you :) 12:30 first day of Biden being on power he has already done an unlistable amount of things. including stopping the wall, saved oil drilling, allowed trans people into the military, allowing them the right to restrooms and locker rooms and chose a trans woman as health assistance.
BigGigMike 3 soat oldin
You look amazing, I can't wait for the next October 2021. Pretty sure this is the reason we got a pandemic because Billie needed days off.
Sam Sankar
Sam Sankar 7 soat oldin
you definitely have to do one with olivia rodrigo and make it a series for teen stars
marshall lee
marshall lee 10 soat oldin
Me saw puppy *CLICK*
Eunice Fajardo
Eunice Fajardo 14 soat oldin
Hype Cobra
Hype Cobra 14 soat oldin
She looks like a grown women
Immanuel 15 soat oldin
🤣this got me
Miriam 18 soat oldin
She has matured so much, I really love seeing her grow and evolve into this wonderful person
Taysha Perez
Taysha Perez 19 soat oldin
Fast forward to January 21st of 2021... Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were inaugurated into the white house yesterday!
B Owens
B Owens 19 soat oldin
She seems so much more grounded.
Firebolt Fang
Firebolt Fang 20 soat oldin
This feels almost like a psychology study ! Every year new data to see how a star lives and thinks at different times in their career
jordangottago 21 soat oldin
Capital one had a strong presence in this video
Maria V
Maria V 22 soat oldin
She’s so mature now😭
Jesterrr112 22 soat oldin
Its like she has been living only to make songs and she got fascinated by the world just now
kelly ༄ؘ ˑ
kelly ༄ؘ ˑ 22 soat oldin
I still remember watching the first one
SnagsK 22 soat oldin
she is my idol, can you please tell her to notice me??🥺🥺
Jaycee Cruz
Jaycee Cruz 22 soat oldin
Not gonna lie this interview made me tear a little cause I've been a day one Billie Eilish fan shes came a very long way love her so much ❤
Epic Drone Montages
Epic Drone Montages Kun oldin
If that interview doesn't repeat in 2021, I'm gonna become the bad guy
maja prvt
maja prvt Kun oldin
am i the only one who imagined Shark was a kid?? 😅💚 i hope she'll be a mom one day, cause i think she would even be a little happier. Billie Eilish would be an AWESOME mom
Reem Kun oldin
ghostmemeboi Kun oldin
ashnikko collab girl!!
Melody Anna
Melody Anna Kun oldin
bro the back music really make me cry bcs of remembering billie's concert
Lisa Marshall
Lisa Marshall Kun oldin
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Lisa Marshall
Lisa Marshall Kun oldin
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Jeanice Smothers
Jeanice Smothers Kun oldin
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samaung A10
samaung A10 Kun oldin
LOVE yuot🥵♥️🥺
Sammi Sisemore
Sammi Sisemore Kun oldin
i look forward to this every year
Xx_Arianna_xX Kun oldin
Mihir Kumar
Mihir Kumar Kun oldin
Billie 1 Billie 2 Billie 3 Billie 4 omg there are 4 Billie
david ulayok
david ulayok Kun oldin
Laura Park
Laura Park Kun oldin
I think this is my favorite episode
Chris F
Chris F Kun oldin
Can they make a Billie Eilish signature McDonald's meal that isn't just a cheeseburger with barbecue sauce on it?
did billie dye her hair more green
Marlene Hauer
Marlene Hauer Kun oldin
Am i the only one who thinks that she's gonna cry any minute?
Nevaeh Fulcher
Nevaeh Fulcher Kun oldin
God, I love her.
Bread Loaf
Bread Loaf Kun oldin
2017 billie is a baby 2018 billie is not bad 2019 UGLY 2020 better i gusse but not that asome like me
Fin Alman
Fin Alman Kun oldin
Only ogs have watched every year
kukuriku Kun oldin
Shares her confidence with me. I literally become more calm and mature just lustening to this amazing girl
kukuriku Kun oldin
She just feels so alive. And nice. And loving. She feeps herself. I admire that endlessly
Rolph Walraven
Rolph Walraven Kun oldin
This is facking cool dawggggg
Ra’Mel Stokes
Ra’Mel Stokes Kun oldin
Jesus loves you ❤️
Aina Uly Fitria Amandasari
Aina Uly Fitria Amandasari Kun oldin
Gak bisa bahasa enggres😭
Jaze Yoo
Jaze Yoo Kun oldin
I hope she really gets the rest she truly deserves, without all of these stressful events, just...a break
Kara Rice
Kara Rice 2 kun oldin
Billie:”I did not age well” - also Billie looks the exact same
Moonzarin Rahman
Moonzarin Rahman Kun oldin
She said that did not age well which means what her 2019 self said definately did not happen at all
Pakistani Updates
Pakistani Updates 2 kun oldin
This first billie is super cute
Grace Bracken
Grace Bracken 2 kun oldin
this makes me so happy for so reason haha
SHIVANSH Mishra 2 kun oldin
The last question what would you like to Tell yourself a year ago" Better answer would be to tell the scientist to prepare the vaccine and advice George Floyd what gonna happen😂😂😍
Bavar Pro
Bavar Pro 2 kun oldin
Bavar Pro
Bavar Pro 2 kun oldin
Bavar Pro
Bavar Pro 2 kun oldin
Bavar Pro
Bavar Pro 2 kun oldin
4 years
Bavar Pro
Bavar Pro 2 kun oldin
Bavar Pro
Bavar Pro 2 kun oldin
Bil 18
Bil 18 2 kun oldin
16:13 same🥲🥲
Brooke 2 kun oldin
When she said people are losing loved ones I was like preach 😔 I almost lost my dad.
Simran Sadhwani
Simran Sadhwani 2 kun oldin
I loveeéeeee her!!! Billie is so much perfect!! Ooh god!!❤️❤️❤️
sophia ryan
sophia ryan 2 kun oldin
on oct 18th its so funny to think "ik what billie eilish is doing today!"
sophia ryan
sophia ryan 2 kun oldin
i keep rewatching this and waiting for oct 18 2021
The Realest of The Real
The Realest of The Real 2 kun oldin
Barf she's like a man her mannerism is so disgusting
Adley Cooky
Adley Cooky 2 kun oldin
The part that I'm waiting for so long.. *Do you have a boyfriend?* Billie in the future years: *"yes I have"*
Adley Cooky
Adley Cooky Kun oldin
@Voidzz Gaming yah 😔
Voidzz Gaming
Voidzz Gaming Kun oldin
lol that’s gonna take a while
CaMI -
CaMI - 2 kun oldin
i feel so bad for the who loved billie and maybe they died in 2020 and didn"t get to watch this 😪😪😭😭😭😭😭😭
WillTheThrill_22 2 kun oldin
Another worthless celebrity.
Jupiter 6 soat oldin
Kylealm trump2020backtheblue
Kylealm trump2020backtheblue Kun oldin
aesthetic vibe
aesthetic vibe 2 kun oldin
people who wants to see billie wearing a gown 👇
Wies Blaauw
Wies Blaauw 2 kun oldin
4:40 , Shark looked sooo mad her loll
Olivia Nichole
Olivia Nichole 2 kun oldin
My biggest flex is that i followed both Billie Eilish and Mr. Beast before they were poppin
Aleysha Powell
Aleysha Powell 2 kun oldin
Omg she looks so much more mechure
Valen Amarilla
Valen Amarilla 2 kun oldin
te amo
Abiha Z
Abiha Z 3 kun oldin
The entire video I couldn’t stop smiling except for the part where I couldn’t stop thinking about her struggles. 😞 lover her tho ♥️
Josiah Ruffin
Josiah Ruffin 3 kun oldin
you know and then the world kind of died I can’t with billie
Pakistani Updates
Pakistani Updates Kun oldin
Camille Camille
Camille Camille 3 kun oldin
this made me cryyyy
Claudia Huhta
Claudia Huhta 3 kun oldin
Omigosh police brutality and Biden giving us a chance respectfully shes a good singer but she isnjest wrong in my opinion
•joyfvll •
•joyfvll • 3 kun oldin
I still remember randomly stumbling on Billie because of Gacha studio 😭✨
•joyfvll •
•joyfvll • Kun oldin
@Bunny X lmao same she has like 270k fallowers at youtube
Bunny X
Bunny X Kun oldin
Thats how i found billie lol the first song was copycat shes how i found my style❤️❤️Ive watched these videos for the past four years
Weird Tyler
Weird Tyler 3 kun oldin
11:55 Billie would get cancelled by the robot community in the next 10years
Pankratos Hellas
Pankratos Hellas 3 kun oldin
Chloe Lamin
Chloe Lamin 3 kun oldin
I’m not crying. U are😭💕💕💕💕
Mango Juice
Mango Juice Kun oldin
How did you know?!?😭😭😭
that lesbian
that lesbian 3 kun oldin
When she was name different things she was trying I feel like she almost said sexualities
spo0kybunny 3 kun oldin
shes glowing wow
ᄒᄒ 3 kun oldin
I can literally see how Billie is changing
Ajungla LKR
Ajungla LKR 3 kun oldin
Imagine tis after 70 would be hours long...just to say her
CT Jayna
CT Jayna 3 kun oldin
what? she’s not “just” saying her name i’m confused
Giselle Ruiz
Giselle Ruiz 3 kun oldin
mari linares
mari linares 3 kun oldin
ethan britto
ethan britto 3 kun oldin
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Jawa 2
Jawa 2 3 kun oldin
I always day that you josh fod frinfnkjf about your future self
Erin Rector
Erin Rector 3 kun oldin
This is so good. It seems every year she gets wiser and mature. I love her perspective on life. ❤️
Julian Ageung Ibrahim
Julian Ageung Ibrahim 3 kun oldin
I Love You Shark jhahaha
anto miranda
anto miranda 3 kun oldin
so happy for her 💘💘💖💞💕💘💘💖
kacie davidson
kacie davidson 3 kun oldin
blue hair don't care
Medusa 3 kun oldin
So... could you imagine what this type of video will look like when she’ll get 50 ? x)
Hey It's Cami
Hey It's Cami 3 kun oldin
What tattoos does Billie have?
Matthew Davis
Matthew Davis 3 kun oldin
Great interview. Very interesting.
eetu565 3 kun oldin
I still don't know who she is
Dwaraka C
Dwaraka C 3 kun oldin
Then why are watching😂🤣
Isobel Oxley
Isobel Oxley 3 kun oldin
The way this is on my birthday every year is a gift!!!
Sina Bicersoy
Sina Bicersoy 3 kun oldin
I mean just look at her, she seems so meantlly strong in these last two interviews! Its such a joy seeing this and seeing her that happy with all the smiles we got to see in this interview! She grows up in front of the whole world and i think that she finally found a way for herself and she's fine with that fact! ❤
Best Hype
Best Hype 3 kun oldin
2021 ....... Coronavirus
Shed Life
Shed Life 3 kun oldin
This made me cry. Her sensitivity, maturity and wisdom are amazing. I haven't even heard her music, yet.
Leonel Melendez
Leonel Melendez 3 kun oldin
Billie is getting more mature...
La Ranita
La Ranita 3 kun oldin
When she said that she was happy for GrEtA Thunberg really got me disappointed, ngl. Like wtf, Billie.
John Vergara
John Vergara 4 kun oldin
The very one last thing that shouldn’t change is your mother’s presence in every video of this
Crsjo Pelle
Crsjo Pelle 4 kun oldin
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